Ma Nithyananda Mayi Swami is a Hindu Activist and Feminist,

Adi Shaiva Minority Tradition (ASMT) Monk, Educationist and Humanitarian 

Ma Nithyananda Mayi Swami, Senior Monastic Leader, Nithyananda Sanyas Order, describes herself as a simple Hindu monk. She is a key leader and pillar of progressive Adi Shaivite Minority Tradition (ASMT) of Hinduism and is the embodiment of chastity, integrity and devotion. She lives an exemplary life of a

renunciate monk, dedicated to serving humanity.​

Dharmic Mission

Ma Ananda Mayi dedicates her life to the upliftment and empowerment of all beings especially women and girls. True to her monastic vows, she advocates peaceful, non violent methods as well as the use of Hindu spiritual technologies as described in the sacred Hindu scriptures of the Vedas and Agamas. Her tireless devotion to uplift the survivors of violence, religious persecution, sexual assault and rape has brought relief and inspiration to tens of thousands of women and girls in India.

Ma Ananda Mayi believes that global peace and the evolution of humanity is possible only when sexual violence and objectification of women entirely ceases and all genders are embraced equally by society. She strongly advocates that when a woman herself becomes powerful and empowered only then there will be stability in the social fabric of our global community.

Work and Achievements

Ma Ananda Mayi Swami works tirelessly to bring about positive empowering change for women. She has been an ambassador for various NGO’s and women organizations such as ‘Ability Foundation’ (an organization for the differently abled), ‘The Banyan’ (an NGO for mentally ill destitute women),

‘Prevention of Crime and Victim Care’ (helping women who are victims of Domestic violence), ‘Better Chances’ (alternative support for mentally challenged women), and various other organizations including ‘Sahodaran’ (the first Indian NGO for homosexuals).

She has also been at the forefront of advocating hands-on help and assistance for war veterans and their families including treatment for mental disorders such as PTSD. Ma Ananda Mayi teaches Hindu spiritual techniques and through example that and Inner peace leads to global peace, changing our inner space will lead to change in the outer world.

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