Webinar : Powerful Hindu Feminism

A typical woman's role includes juggling various pressures related to career, family, children, and other social interests.  In all this, her personal desires and interests typically get suppressed or postponed.  Especially in some cultures it has acquired religious, and cultural sanction and taken on stronger flavors of relegating the rights of women as a gender.  Struggling through and with all these is NOT required, if we know the methods to integrate all these dimensions harmoniously into our lives.  And it makes one feel POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL.

The knowledge from the only ancient, living civilization reveals the secrets suppressed from public knowledge.  Learn the time tested and working knowledge now, revealed in it in original, undiluted exposition to understand empowered living is inherent to all beings, all genders.  

Tune into to another must see webinar where the essential nature of successful families and successful husbands are related to women living at this zenith of empowerment. 

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