02 Jan 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript (Divya Shariri)

*Paramashiva’s Message Directly From Shrikailasa:

I Will Narrate The Incident As It Happened. I Was Sitting And Trying To Rest Into Samadhi To Download, Receive Today’s Satsang Message. I Was Taking Some Classes Earlier And Dictating The Kayakalpa Processes That Happened In My System, How My Body Got Detoxed And How It Is Manifesting As Divya Sharira. Divya Sharira Means The Body Which Just Lives By The Your Divine Will. A Mature Will - Ajna - Which Comes From Paramashanta Swarupa, The Body Which Manifests The Divine Will, How You Should Look, How Others Should Feel About You, How You Should Feel About You - The Body Is Capable Of Giving Instructions To The Ground You Walk On. Natural Organic Body. I Was Giving Instructions Earlier To A Team About This Detox Process And How My Body Started Manifesting The Quality Of Divya Sharira, How The Withdrawal From Society Helped, How The Body Detoxed Itself From All Ill Effects, Attacks Done By Abusers.

*When I Was Dictating, I Made A Statement, “To Melt The Fat Sitting On The Liver, Create Intense Prayer”. Intense Prayer Is The Most Powerful Antidote For Depression. Sometimes, You Have A Very Systematic Depression Pattern, Like At A Particular Time Of The Day, You Feel Heavily Depressed And Feel Mood Swings. For Example, Some People Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed Early Morning, They Will Be Killing Themselves With Heavy Thoughts. Some People In The Evenings, Even Before Evening Comes, They Will Have Fears. For These Kind Of People, Intense Prayer Is The Antidote. At That Time Of Depression Which Is Coming Everyday. Pick Up The Sahasranama Of Your Ishta Devata And Chant. Do Not Pick Up The Habit Of Stupidly Blindly Chanting It. Pick Up Every Word, Read The Meaning In Your Mother Tongue And Cherish. Intensely Pray.

*While Chanting, Understand The Meaning Of Every Word Of The Mantra. Remember That Your Ishta Devata Is Real. Tell Your Ishta Devata, “I Am Torturing Myself With Depression. But I Know You Are Real Because My Guru Told Me. Yes, I Have Not Realized It But My Guru Will Not Lie To Me.”

*Even If You Think Vishnu Is The Ultimate, You Will Achieve The Ultimate. If You Think Mahaganapati Is The Ultimate, You Will Achieve The Ultimate. If You Think Subramanya Is The Ultimate, You Will Achieve The Ultimate. Parabrahma, Parashiva, Parashakti, Parama Padam Of Vishnu All Lead You To The Ultimate And Make You Experience The Ultimate. The Truth Of Ishta Devata Is Unique To Hinduism. I Am Revealing This Ultimate Truth And Secret With The Blessings Of Paramashiva And Kalabhairava. It Is The Truth As It Is.

*Never Ever Worry Which Form Of God You Are Connecting To. Decide That That Form Is The Ultimate. You Can Add The Word “Parama” To Your Ishat Devata’s Name. If Your Ishta Devata Is Mahaganapati, Say, “Mahaganapati Param Porule” If You Are Feeling Very Deeply Connected To Kalabhairava, Say, “Parama Porul Kalabhairava!” That’s It.

*Ishta Devata Is The Ultimate Truth In The Grand Narrative Of Hinduism, Where The Ultimate Is Revealed To You Through The Form You Love. Anyone Who Puts One Deity On You Is Giving You Kashta Devata. In Fact, Ishta Devata Is The Only Antidote For All Kashta Devatas! Which Devata You Decide As Your Ishta Devata, That Is The Parabrahma For You, Whether It Is Padinettampadi Karuppar Or Parashakti.

*If You Understand This Ishta Devata Principle, Almost 1000s Of Questions The Abusers Have On Hinduism Will Be Cleared. First, You Need To Be Clear With The Ultimate Truth And Spiritual Clarity: Whoever You Choose As The Ishata Devata Is Capable Of Giving You End To End.

*And Changing The Ishta Devata During The Course Of Journey Is Perfectly Alright. Hinduism Does Not Say You Cannot Change The Ishta Devata. Till Yesterday If You Were Worshipping Rama As Your Ishta Devata And Today You Have Decided You Are Going To Worship Kaali As Your Ishta Devata, Decide, “O Paramporule, Till Yesterday I Was Worshipping You As Rama, From Today I Wish To Worship You As Kali. I Want You To Merge The Superconscious Form Of Rama Into The Superconscious Form Of Kali!” That’s It. Nothing Has Gone Waste That You Need To Start From Zero, No! This Ultimate Principle Of Ishta Devata Will Unite All Hindus.

*I Decided I Will Start Giving Moola Mantra For Any Ishta Devata You Choose. I Used To Do This In 2001, 2002. These Days, Only In Samaya Deeksha, I Give The Shiva Deeksha Mantra, But In Many Of The Mandala Processes, I Use Shodasi, Etc. This Ishta Devata Principle Is The Ultimate Grand Narrative Of Hinduism. Cherish, Connect With Every Sahasranama.

*Depression Makes Your Liver A Fatty Liver; Fat Starts Settling On Your Liver. The Intense Participation Of Your Liver Into Your Body Is Drastically Brought Down By Depression. Prayer Melts The Fat On The Liver And Makes Your Liver Intensely Participate With Your Life And Makes You Healthy. To Be Blunt: If You Want To Look, Beautiful, Do Prayer. Prayer Will Intensely Activate The Liver. The Liver Will Get Strongly Involved With Your Health. Whenever The Liver Starts Getting Involved With Your Health, The First Thing That Will Happen Is Your Skin Will Become Shining, Your Nails Will Become Bright And Your Tongue Will Become Tasty For Yourself. So Pray Intensely.

*I Was Dictating These Details To My Small Team Of Disciples. I Made A Statement: “The Toxins, Poisons That Had Settled In The Intestine Got Cleaned And Detoxed By Samadhi.” These Guys Starting Taking This As Notes, Organising It As A Course And Started Raising Doubts And Questions. One Question They Asked Was, “Swamiji, You Said Intense Prayer Reduces Fat On The Liver, And The Liver Starts Rejuvenating Itself. What Can The Normal People Do To Detox Their System, If Their System Is Filled With Poisonous Toxins And Chemicals.”

*The Power Of Prayer Happens Especially When Somebody Trusts The Master. You Praying On Your Own, Developing Your Confidence By Reading Books, Etc, Is Surely Better Than People Who Don’t Pray At All, Like Atheists. Lowest Are The Atheists Who Don’t Even Want To Cognise That God Exists. Next Are The People Who Develop Faith On Their Own By Reading Books And Listening To People. Higher Than That Is When You Develop Trust On The Guru, And Develop The Feeling Connection, When The Guru Tells You, “Paramashiva Is Real, And Your Prayer Is Heard By Him And He Responds, Either By A Small Cute Smile On The Lips, Or By Seeing You Through The Edge Of The Eyes, Or By Deep Patience, Or Tatastu. Some Way He Responds!” When Guru, With Whom You Have Feeling Connection And Integrity, When He Tells You And You Start Prayer, That Prayer Will Have The Effect 10 Times Stronger On Your Physical System. Soon, I Will Do Medical Trials And Scientific Conditions And Prove These Layers I Am Claiming.

*In Devaraja Sampradaya, Kings Are Considered As Incarnations. They Will Select The Incarnations And Worship Them As Kings. The Kings Like Rama, Krishna And Sundareshwara Are Incarnations. In Those Days, The Royal Elephant Was Intelligent Enough To Smell The Fragrance Of The Enlightened Being Who Is A Powerful Nuclear Station. They Were Trained With A Lot Of Mantras And Spiritual Sciences. The Training Of The Royal Elephant And Horse Was Never Done Through Normal Fear And Greed. A Fresh Garland Would Be Given To The Royal Elephant Which Will Carry It And Go Around The Kingdom And Find The Right Enlightened And Most Awakened Being, And Garland Him As The Next King! These Traditions Existed Till The Hindu Kingdoms Existed. Those Kingdoms Will Have The Word “Dev” In Their King’s Last Name. In Cambodia And Thailand, Still This Devaraja Sampradaya Exists. In These Two Places, Even Today, The Moment The King Is Coronated, He Is Considered As God Or Incarnation.

*You Can Choose Even Any Of Your Pitrus (Ancestors) As Your Ishta Devata. In Hindu Tradition, You Can Choose Your Own Father Or Mother Or Your Annadatta Or Your Guru As Your Ishta Devata And Even If They Are Not Enlightened, You Will Get Enlightened Just Because Of Your Sincerity.

*There Is A Story Where Shravanakumara Chose His Own Parents As Ishta Devata. King Dasaratha Killed Shravanakumara And Gets The Curse From Shravanakumara’s Parents That He Has To Suffer And Die In Putrashoka. That Is Why Dasaratha Dies Alone Inspite Of Having 4 Sons. Bharata And Shatrughna Are In Kaikeyi’s Place And Rama And Lakshmana Are In The Forest When He Dies.

*If You Cognise That “My Ishta Devata Is Real” And Intensely Pray, Your Liver Melts The Fat And Intensely Starts Participating With Your Life And Your Skin Starts Shining. The Liver Is Responsible For The Colourfulness Of The Body. The Deekshanya In Your Eyes Becomes Intense.

*When I Was Dictating These Principles, “The Toxins And Poison Layer Settled On The Intestine, Got Peeled, Cleansed, Detoxed And Flushed Out Of My System By Resting Constantly In Nirvikalpa Samadhi,” The Question Was Raised To Me, “What Can The Normal People Do To Detox Their System, If Their System Is Filled With Poisonous Toxins And Chemicals.”

*I Put That Question Inside Me And Fell Into Samadhi. I Wanted Paramashiva To Reveal The Answer To Deliver As A Satsang Message. I Was Happily In Paramashanta Space, In Samadhi, Enjoying The Space Of Shrikailasa. Suddenly I Saw: A Feather-like Touch But Thunder-like Force, A Feet Landed On My Chest. The Touch Was Sweet Feather Like, But Its Power Was Like Thunder And Landed On My Chest. I Just Knew, It Was Kaali’s Feet! It Was So Sweet, Darkness Covered By Darkness, I Felt The Conscious Alive, Living Darkness Energy, Darkness Of The Cosmos, From Where The Big Bang And Black Hole Originate, The Living Darkness, Not Dead Or Negative Darkness. I Just Knew, “Aye Kaali!” I Saw The Rotating Tongue With Extreme Bliss And Ferociousness. The Tongue Rotates With Such Bliss Laughter.

*Try To Stretch Your Tongue. If You Are In Male Body, Visualise Kaali And Chant “Om”. The Sound Will Roll Under The Tongue. If You Are In A Female Body, Stretch Your Tongue, Chant “Hreem”, And You Will See It Coming From The Throat. That Is The Bija Mantra - “Om” For Masculine Energy And “Hreem” For Feminine Energy. The Ecstatic Ferocious Scream Is Kaali. The Ecstatic Ferocious Scream Will Invoke Kaali In You.

*All My Sanyasis, Kayakalpa Yoga Participants, Kailasavasis, I Have Given You Guys A Safe Please - Beautiful Kailasa For Any Spiritual Practice Where Nobody Will Be Threatened By You. And Screaming Is Not A Crime. Only Make Sure That Others Don’t Get Frightened. So Visualise Kaali With The Hanging Tongue Rotating And With The Extreme Ferociousness, Scream ‘om’ If You Are In Male Body, And ‘hreem’ If You Are In Female Body. If You Feel You Are Both Genders, Scream Both - Om And Hreem. Scream Atleast 42 Times. Do This For One Month. This Is Called “Kalika Sadana”. Especially If You Are A Shakta, Do This And You Will Have Darshan Of Kaali! Visualise The Ferocious Form Of Mahakaali, With The Tongue Rolling, Loud Laughter, Bliss, Ferociousness, Where That Laughter Becomes A Scream. I Saw Her Exactly Like This Today!

*If You Are A Male, Lie Down And Do This. Kaali Will Land On Your Chest. Your Chest Will Feel Her Feet. If You Are Female, Stand Like Kaali And Scream.

*Maybe The First Day Do It 21 Times, But If You Have A Safe Place, Do It Even 108 Times. I Will Strongly Recommend, In Between If You Feel Dry, Sip Castor Oil Rather Than Water For Hydrating Your Tongue. For Cleaning Your System You Can Drink Water But Castor Oil Will Make The Mantra More Powerful.

*I Am Happy I Am In A Safe Space Where I Can Reveal These Truths Without Being Persecuted. Otherwise, Someone May File A Complaint, “Nithyananda Told Men To Scream “Om” And Women To Scream “Hreem”, And My Wife Screamed And I Got Frightened. Nithyananda And My Wife Conspired….” And What Not! I Can Reveal All This Without Legal Harassment And Without Getting Arrested. And Once It Happens, During That Time The Sanga Will Be Disturbed With Devotees Having To Go Through Much Fear And Insecurity. That Is Why I Withdrew From Society. Now I Can Go On Revealing These Truths.

*Shastra Pramana For The Above Truth: In Bhagavad Gita, 7th Chapter, Verse 21 Says, “Whatever Form The Devotee Wishes, I Assume That Form For His Faith And Sincerity.” So With Any Form, You Reach The Same Ultimate.

*Each One Considers Different Things As Their Freedom. For Me, If I Have The Freedom To Reveal Paramashiva Jnana And Paramashiva Vijnana, That Is My Freedom! I Chose That As My Freedom. I Don’t Consider Anything Else As Freedom. So Listen!

*I Felt The Extreme Feather-like Touch, But The Power Was Like Thunder! The Whole Consciousness Opened Up! The Whole Ananda Gandha Opened Up. Meditate On This! How Can This Be - Feather-like Touch And Thunder-like Power?! Just Imagine (Don’t Do, Only Imagine), If A Live Wire Touches Your Chest So Lightly, But The Current Passes, Then What Happens To Your Body!

*First, I Saw The Feet, Made Of Living Darkness, Conscious Darkness. In Bhava Only I Saw The Form Manifesting, Then I Saw The Face With The Long Tongue And Bliss Laughter And Fire. It Was Not An Ordinary Fire But Was Like Millions Of Suns Coming Out Of The Mouth With The Sound “Om And Hreem” As The Scream! Meditate On This. Listen To This Satsang Again And Again. If You Can, Google A Picture Of Kaali With This Ferocious Form For The Meditation.

*The Most Powerful Aspect Of Hinduism Is That It Has The Gurus Who Can Connect You With The Gods! That Is The Problem Of The Anti-hindu Elements! If I Only Stood For Things Like Yoga, Stretching The Body, Some Pranayama Etc, The Anti-hindu Elements Will Not Be Threatened By Me. Since I Go On Repeating How To Connect With Gods And Affirming Sanatana Hindu Dharma Every Day And Telling You That I Am Seeing The Gods And You Can Also See Them, Which Is The Core Principle Of Hinduism, Since I Am Reiterating This For Millions Of People, It Agitates The Anti-hindu Gang.

*One Gang Thinks: He May Not Have The Experience, He Is Just Telling Stories. Another Gang Feels The Same Way But Says, “After All He Is Telling The Truths Of Hinduism And Making Money, So Leave It, It Is Ok, Leave Him In A Corner. But One Thing Is Sure: The Way I Go On Affirming And Confirming The Core Truths Of Santana Hindu Dharma Is The Real Problem.

*If You Are Just A Vedanti, You Can Be Easily Absorbed Into The Other Religions. If You Are Just A Yogi, You Can Easily Be Digested By Others. But Nithyananda’s Version Of Hinduism Cannot Be Digested By Other Religions Because I Again And Again Confirm The Existence Of God As Described In The Vedas And Agamas, And Unless You Experience It, You Cannot Describe The Way I Described Kaali! Even Intellectually Visualising And Describing Is Impossible Unless You Went Through It. I Challenge All My So-called Detractors - Anti-hindu Gangs: Even In Imagination You Cannot Describe In This Way. It Is The Most Subtle And Impossible To Imagine Visualisations! Let These Anti-hindu Gangs And The Gang Inside Hinduism Which Is Against Me Know This Clearly.

*There Is One More Gang That Has Read Shastras Which Thinks, “He Is Talking The Same Thing For The Past 40 Years With Video Recording For 20 Years. He Cannot Describe Such Nuances Without Experiencing.” This Core Group Is Increasing. I Am Seeing Comments In Facebook, The Comments Of Such People! They Are Saying, “Only Some One Who Has Lived And Experienced These Nuances Can Describe This. Let Us Raise Ourselves With This.” These Are The Real True Seekers!

*”Parama” Is The Atmosphere Of Kailasa. So Anyone Who Exists There Is Also In This Parama State. Whether It Is Paramashiva, Parashakti, Paramasubrahmanya, Or Parama Ganapati, They All Exist In This State Without Any Conflict. This Cannot Be Understood By Binary Logic. It Can Be Understood Only By Nyaya Vaisheshika - The Multidimensional Logic Of Hinduism. Binary Logic Says, “If You Are God, How Can I Be God.” It Works Only In Microsoft, Inside Computers. Nyaya Says, “If You Are God Then I Am Also God.” Nyaya Vaisheshika Works In Macrosoft!

*Kalika Purana Uttara Tantra, Chapter 60, Describes Kaali As: “Devi With The Rolling Tongue, Having A Soft Feather-like Light Body! So My Atma Purana Has Been Acid Washed With The Shastra Pramana! It Is Not Any Mental Breakdown! I Did Not Read This Before My Experience Of This Morning. Just Now After I Revealed My Experience, My Disciples Have Found This Shastra Pramana!

*When Kaali Landed On The Chest With That Feather-like Touch Like A Thunder, Her Feet Did Not Even Bend The Hair On My Chest Due To The Pressure Of Load Of Her Feet. And The Truth Got Revealed: Initiation From A Guru Who Achieved Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Is Equivalent To Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Even If You Are In The State Of Upasana, Means Practicing Prayer, Puja, Feeling Connection, Talking To Paramashiva Etc, The End Is Going To Be Nirvikalpa Samadhi Because The Guru Is In Nirvikalpa Samadhi. And The Journey Itself Is Considered Nirvikalpa Samadhi Because The Person Who Initiates You Has No Past, Present Or Future And Because He Has Initiated You, Your Intestine Gets Healed And All The Toxins And Poisons Leave Your System.

*I Don’t Have Anger Or Incompletion With Anyone. I Am Here Only To Connect You To Paramashiva. Anyone Who Declares Integrity To Me, I Will Request Paramashiva And Parashakti To Re-initiate You And Give You The Experience. Those Who Are Already Initiated, Those Who Are Yet To Get Initiated, And Those Who Got Initiated But Missed It And Want To Get Reinitiated, I Bless All Three Groups And Pray To Paramashiva To Accept All Three Categories With Tremendous Compassion.

*Essence Of Today’s Satsang: Your Upasana - Prayer, Struggling Period, Spiritual Practices, Trying To Have Feeling Connection, Trying To Deeply Prayer, Trying To Declare Integrity, Trying To Do Puja Sincerely - Creates The Same Effect Of Nirvikalpa Samadhi On You If You Are Initiated By A Guru Who Has Achieved Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Because He Has Initiated You, Even Though One End Is Your Guru And The Other End Is Your Delusion, Even If Your Delusion Has Its Past, Present And Future, Because Your Guru Does Not Have Past, Present Or Future, Even During The Upasana Period, Just Because He Has Entered Into Your Being And Initiated You, Your Upasana Is Considered As Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

*In Yin Yang Symbol In Taoism, One Part Is Your Guru And The Other Part Is You. Because Your Guru Has Pervaded You, Even If You Have Past, Present And Future, And He Has Only One Thing: Enlightenment, Your Three States Lose Power Over You And The One State: Enlightenment Has Power Over You. The Effect Of Nirvikalpa Samadhi Happens In You Because The Person In Nirvikalpa Samadhi Has Pervaded Your Inner Space.

*Meditate On Kaali - The Ferocious Form With The Tongue Hanging Out, With Blissful Laughter, With The Living Alive Darkness Which Is Her Form And Her Blissful Ferocious Scream Of “Om” And “Hreem” Which Is Her Presence! Her Body Odour Is The Smell Of Jasmine Which Consumes Even The Smell The Smashana - Where Bodies Are Getting Burnt And Fat Is Getting Melted. This Is Like Rejuvenation Declaring Its Supremacy Over Death, Like A Mother Delivering Life Declaring Her Supremacy Over Death. Let Parashakti Connect Us All To Shrikailasa.

*Listen To This Satsang Many Times And Do The Process Slowly And Intensely. When You Chant The Sahasranama, The Idea Is Not To Finish Chanting Quickly The 1000 Names But To Internalise Each Name Slowly. Same Way, Do This Process Slowly And Intensely

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