03 Jan 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript (सङ्कल्प, Sankalpa)

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, sri mahants, mahants, sarvajna peetha karthas, sarvajna peetha yajamans, visitors, viewers, eGurukul students sitting with us all over the world and everyone watching live on Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Nlighten App, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Understand the most important truth is the message from Paramashiva directly. It is too important. It is going to be the most important message and satsang so if you want to call anyone family, friends, you can call them now. You can remind them too important message.

Let me start.

Paramashiva’s message from ShriKailasa directly, consciously manifest the future by planting your conscious sankalpa, decision - your conscious will by renouncing the SDHD self doubt, self hatred, self denial - you will manifest the future as you want.

Renounce SDHD - tyaga - enatagtena …..guru samaha

It is by renouncing all our silly talks, it is by renouncing the dream you reach the jagrat, it is by renouncing the waking state you reach turiya - fourth state of consciousness. This whole delusion of self doubt, self hatred, self denial - by renouncing this you will be able to look into your future - understand whenever you even think of planning your future, you may say so much of pain that many times planned by not happening, your plans are stitching of unconscious thoughts. Take calendar year - if it is on paper, great, if not take it on your laptop take it and sit. Very powerful process just see all the months going to come. Mark all the months what you want to manifest, you want to manifest this by August, how much of pain coming inside oh many times I tried nothing worked out. Never ever you planned consciously. It was beaten by self doubt self hatred, self denial - to all my disciples I am giving the boon - my powers are more powerful than your self doubt,self hatred, self denial - stop all unconscious vague thinking. Kept calendar mark all that you want to manifest - you want to get double the amount of salary, marking that - when you are marking see how much anger frustration, impossibility, violence is flowing on you. Be very clear you never ever trusted life or your ability to change your future - even when you can manifest a simple thing which you can easily do - a few $ gym membership and build a body - pen down and see so much impossibility, I tried for the last 10 years first time when you took baby steps from that you start all impossibilities and raise the struggle and convince yourself why gym membership. Death happens when you stop breathing. Death starts when you stop trying.

Pick up the calendar, print it. It is only 12 sheet. What I received from Paramashiva. Because they have so much of anger about past failure, cursing life because of imagined failure, stop reacting when you are agitated, stop flaring up when you are feeling impossible - stop responding to yourself when you are frustrated angry. Highest renunciation is renouncing your self hatred. See Paramashiva is worshipped in Deva loka, Indra loka. He is called tyaga raja. Why is called tyaga raja? Chola king of tiruvarur - Hindus had regular communication and travel it used be lifestyle for us, even now - then we were invaded, then we were demonized, much was destroyed, most funniest thing Hindu practices called superstitious in India. Let me come to the point.

Musukundu chakravarthy went to devaloka and even helped devatas to win war against rakshasas. And even when they won the war, Indra head of devatas tell what you want, musukundu said my Chola kingdom is better than svarga - there is nothing you can give me. Indra was very ashamed, you came all the way from bhu loka and you helped me please ask something so I can show my gratitude. One thing I like in deva loka, Indra loka - beautiful deity of Paramashiva - in tiruvarur we have a temple, the deity you are worshipping I want to take this deity as utsava murti for deity in Tiruvarur temple. Indra gifts that deity to him. That deity is called Tyagaraja swami. That deity should be bhoda raja Swami - who gives all the pleasure, God of Indra loka is called Tyagaraja- if you learnt tyaga you will be in Indra loka, if you learned you will be in deva loka,

In deva loka there 4 dimensions, there is svarga which is whole dimension, then deva loka then Indra loka. Like an address. Svarga is dimension. Deva loka is like a state. Indra loka is quarters. Hindus had a whole system, even the transportation system. Whole cosmos is open to us, we don’t have aliens for us. We don’t have divorce. We don’t have traditional divorce word. For depression we don’t have sanskrit word. Nobody is alien for us. Rishis, munis, gandharvas, this type description - exist in Hindu history - our puranas are Hindu biology, Hindu history - if you glance over the 18 puranas and upapuranas, 112 upanishads, just if you glance the interplanetary, inter planetary inter time zone was usual for us. Traveling between planes was usual for us.

Same deity still exists. It sits in Tiruvarur. Don’t miss seeing these 6 forms of Paramashiva - 1. Tiruvarur thyagaraja swamy, 2. Merul sadashiva brahmendra sambal jeeva samadhi bilva tree there is a body which is grown out of his bio energy, bio energy there is bilva tree

3. Palani adawali swami deity - it is able to save itself, original deity of moolavar, 4. Original body of Ramanuja, traditionally it is there, it is embalmed and it is there, it is sitting in srirangam, ramanujam sangam, sakshat body used by Ramanujam - sitting in Srirangam. It is not carved. 5. Very important and very sweet - venkateswara of tirumala during abhishekam because that deity was not carved, he just himself stood in his narayatva, it is not carved, it not anywhere you will see any evidence that it is carved. It will have one corner that it is carved, maybe symmetry will miss. Venkateshwara swamy is swayambhu. Bhagavan himself stood. Just became deity. 6. Main moola lingam of arunachala during abhishekam. These 6 directly radiating paramashiva, absolute.

Tyagaraja swami in tiruvarur

Bilwa tree standing on sadashiva sambhal samadhi

Adavali swami - made of pure parapasha

Ramanujam sitting as it is in srirangam

Venkateshwara swami the original deity as it is standing in tirupati

Mahalingeshwara - first linga happened on planet earth.

These 6 anyone should see. These 6 directly represent paramashiva. Ramanujam is paramapadam - space of Mahavishnu.

Understand why god of deva loka is called tyaga raja - at least he should be called bhoga raja, or yoga raja.

Tyaga - the most difficult thing to renounce is self hatred. It makes you delude between humbleness and self hatred. Self hatred is you are less. Humbleness is thinking about you less. Self hatred is constantly thinking about you but very low. Self hatred person will never be really be humble. Show himself very humble but not humble. A real humbleness will be out of powerfulness. Society deludes you - makes you mistake humbleness as self hatred. And ask you to always be in a state of self hatred. Self hatred is not humble. Most difficult thing to renounce is self hatred. So much of self hatred, self denial self doubt. When you think of the future, so much pain, suffering - why should I face because of that pain you don’t plan and then you face failure. You force failure to come to you in your life - the most difficult thing to renounce in your life is SDHD. Dheera courage is moving SDHD out and having vision for this year.

I am very clear- Shri Kailasa will have embassy in at least 44 countries. I am not going to be bothered about why I have not manifested - i will see why I have not manifested, plan strategically.

If the sweet doesn’t sprout, becomes manure and grow. It will enrich the earth. Understand, because of your failure and frustration, fear and failures doesn't want to face one more pain. Then what are you hoping for? Accidental future will not be great - all accidents will be failing. It is only consciously manifesting. You are given power, you are expected to be an adult and plan and manifest your future. If not don’t blame anyone - get calendar print out now, few minutes I will start the process now. I will give deeper elaborate understandings. Stay tuned I will teach you the process.

Pen down all the hopelessness, resistance, anger to even think about your future. My whole future is in somebody else’s hand. Pen down all of that. Consciously I am moving all of that out of my life. Next one week I will help you, train you support you and make you manifest your future. I want you to get monthly calendar.

All the resistance to do this conscious planning of your future, pen down those patterns. Memories of failures, frustration.

Pen down what all you want to manifest by which date exactly. Start.

Let’s start the process for today. Let’s start.

I bless you all. Let's all radiate state, space, powers, being, superconsciousness, enlightenment ecosystem, enlightened civilization, Shri Kailasa of Paramashiva

Bless you all, let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Be blissful.

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