07 Jan 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript (मरण स्मरण Marana Smarana)

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, sri mahants, mahants, thanedar, kotari, viewers, visitors, Kayakalpa participants and everyone, sitting with us all over the world and deeksha into power manifestation program participants for everyone sitting through Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Nlighten App, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Paramashiva’s message from ShriKailasa today - happening of physical death, happening of physical dying and becoming, happening of new body and happening of future all this happens in the same frequency and cognition under which

If you think, very immature powerless way, many time matured cognition, about death, past future lives powerful enlightenment.

Being digested and manifested - listen carefully.

Enlightenment does not need any spiritual practice. This is directly from Paramashiva. It only

How can Paramashiva say you don’t need any spiritual practice? Nothing to do with it. They are only to detox your system and keep you receptive so that when Guru goes ….. Language of binary logic. The people who want to keep you as a slave, most of the so called countries are large scale prison you just concur with system - you go to school, take up a job, pay your bills, by the time you think about death in a very superficial way - about birth in a very superficial way - birth in a very superficial way - about past in a superficial way - about the future in a superficial way - you will live a very superficial way. Life is not about what you do. Life is all about what you experience about life.

Listen carefully/

Anyone experiences the cosmic legal opinion about life, about death, about the past, about future, lives very intense life - I tell you - Just now I made a statement.

Life is not about what you do. I meant not about your career, the money you make, the brand you made for yourself. It has nothing for all that - for what you are known not known, car you drove, dresses you wore and kind of furniture you used, all that is lifestyle related. Lifestyle is different from life.

Early morning when you wake up - your birth, your death, your past, your future - Last few days I was explaining about building the future, about building the future planned - planning not just planting the future - <glitch>


Listen carefully. Listen sincerely.

Sorry for the technical glitch. And I want to upfront complete with participants with LA, San Jose, and Jersey city.

We may not have the DTA.

I want to finish revealing the akashic records. Very great truths. Later on when you have free time - listen to this satsang it will enlighten you like anything.

Your death, and your past - your birth and your future all the four are enjoyed by you by the same prism you see all these four through the same prism, glass, that is called Prajna, your individual consciousness. If you feel your death is going to take away a lot of things from you and you are hypnotized afraid don’t know what to do - same thing you will feel exactly about your past.

If you feel threatened overwhelmed about your birth I don't know where I will be born, I don't know what kind of parents I will be surrounded by 0 you will gave save feeling about your future.

I know that whatever I am integrated that cannot be taken from me. If I am integrated to Paramashiva - your SDHD does not have power over to steal your consciousness. Everyday you have done sincere shiva puja, lived joyful sattvic life. Suddenly your SDHD cannot take away your whole powerful cognition you had. Maybe it can cloud but not take away about your powers.

Life has nothing to do with what you do. It is what you experience. Your powerful conscious understanding you know what death swamiji will come and take me - I will have private time with him, if you feel that way- there is no fear in you - maran, smarana, what it kindles in you - your natural organic existence. Marana, smarana what it kindles in you is your natural organic existence

If you complete marana, smarana, you will feel so much powerfulness about your past,

Concepts, ideas, about past will naturally be reflect about your past.

Please understand today what I am talking is very high level - satya loka truths I am mapping it for all binary logical mind- the multi dimensional truth - I am mapping it is binary logic mind. I am mapping it ultimate truth - trying to map the ultimate truth into your binary logic. Just dont hate me, don't abuse me. I will make this understanding your truth. If you come along with me, I will make your brain capture this truth.

First thing capture, sit straight. Be attentive.


Enlightenment is all about how you decide to feel about you. If marana, smarana triggers (remembrance of death) uncertainty, fears, feeling terrorized and shaken your whole life is useless. Depend to spend time for yourself and evolve a matured being for yourself. The biggest asset for yourself - a mature, happy when you remember vacation - I am going to have vacation in kailasa - how long? If Marana Smarana gives you relieved your cognition about past also will be very light. You can feel the past is hell. You can feel the past is heaven. Both can be supported with enough facts. ...Enough facts to come to the conclusion your whole past was heaven. Paramashiva beautifully reveals - kaala is time, that wheel - whenever you have indigestible intolerable negative possibility some people can tolerate anything in their life - anything but not poverty. Some people can tolerate anything but they don't want to handle losing husband. No problem of jail, no fear of poverty, no fear of feeling kids- they just can't handle morning without a cup of coffee. Something that triggers you, lows your prajnana, just imbalances your prajnana that is what is the bump your kaala chakra to roll quickly. Marana Smarana will point what is it that makes you lose your prajnana.

There are some people who are ready to lose anything but not anything the house they are living.. Some people who are ready to lose anything but afraid of getting imprisoned. They have no fear or jail, poverty, they can’t think of losing the spouse. There is some trigger point - out of your Prajnana - Marana Smarana triggers that.

You all should do Marana Smarana trigger that pain point and heal it once and for all. What can be done? Nothing can be done. Puss has to be taken out. Even if you collapse for 2-3 days, it is ok. Any one who faces marana smarana - gains a very powerful prajnana. Powerful prajnana is beautiful asset.

Most beautiful part is consciousness - powerfulness you raise, remembrance of your death. What is triggered in you - you should go through that, you should build consciousness - build pratyagatma chaitanya.

It is a knowledge for an onlooker. For all my disciples, I am giving you a boon. You boldly do marana smarana - you will not fall into depression, what is the pain point you have which is stopping your maturity. Even if you fall into a fever, it is okay. When you do marana smarana - my devotees never perishes, neither you will die, nor you will be destroyed.

Marana Smarana which will strengthen your inner space.

Remembrance of the death- I will fall in love with you guys. Come to terms with Marana Smarana - If you want your Guru to be in love with you - build a matured being with Marana Smarana,

Oh God - there are so many things why remember about death? If some accident happens, some parts of collapses, all that - when you do the marana smarana - bhishma ashtami is 2nd february, first thing nothing wrong will happen to you. All my disciples will make you more beautiful - it will make you very actively involved in life. All kinds of fears will raise -these are all possibilities, all your fears are more like drug addiction - that delusion coming down. Not fact fact.

This is the boon I am giving my disciples - there is a certain level of toxins in your body- that level decides panic attack, as long as toxins left in the body anybody can make your shiver. The greatest Paramashiva’s grace I have is nobody can frighten me. I feel my mission is more important, nobody can frighten me is the greatest blessing PAramashiva has given me.

Nithyananda Brand - Shock everyone. Make it happen. From the time I was born, I will shock everyone.

Kuppamal must have died 1992, 1993 - anyhow let us find out the exact date when she died, surely when I was a minor, much earlier than 1995, college is over. I remember Kuppamal passed away first year, second year must be 1993 and anyhow nobody nobody in Tiruvannamalai thought I will continue my journey after my Guru passed away. Especially they passed away so young. They put me in sarvajna peetha, they finished all the spiritual responsibilities, everything when I was around 10, 12 then itself they finished one by one, one by one, even before Issaki Swamigal left the body finished all that was ritualistically needed. I am like a 15, 16 year old boy. 1993 I must be 16. Nobody thought I shocked everyone, I shocked the people - one gang thought he will not be successful, so understand <glitch> Thondai mandala sannidhanam he was asking advice for what should be done. All these we have documents and evidence, and we have direct evidence. Sannidhanam is very happy I am born in his community. He will do a lot of good work, teach him vedanta also. Should teach him Vedanta also. All that was direct advice given by Paramacharya.

By age the time I was 10, they put me in Sarvajna Peetha- they started training me - hardly 12,13 year old boy, sitting in front of Arunachala, paramashiva gulukakshi. With Rudraksha malas, that is Shivajnana Gulukakshi. They have put me in the throne- that mentioned record, guru parampara, isakki swamigal - handing over of the tradition -

Listen nobody ever thought I will make it. The grace of Paramashiva - I made it. Nobody was able to make me shiver. I tell you Marana Smarana will free you from all fears, you will be creating right strategies. IF you don’t have fear inside, you will be absolutely loving yourself - you will see what exactly external attacks happening. Fear is nothing but internal fight.

Fear is sleeping cell of all your enemies because I don’t have sleeper cell I am going on winning. These attackers abusers cannot imagine conceive or think, what is he going to do. They cannot even think, my strategies, they don’t have sleeper cell inside me.

Only Paramashiva biggest blessing in me - there is no shivering in me. Absolutely focused on goal. Sometimes even if it looks like, because I put my mission as a priority.

It is not that Vasudeva was afraid of donkeys, he has to safeguard Krishna. Mark this. Enemy sleeper cell inside your consciousness is your fear.

Remember fear consciously you will change the quality of metal of which you are made. The ultimate alchemy, Jnana Rajavadam will happen.

In the love of the Guru, especially when I am telling you - for all my disciples, I am asking you to do Marana Smarana. I really love you. With my support and assurance and deep love, you will altogether heal.

Some Places you will feel I will be there to support you - whatever you feel, whether you feel I have given knowledge or I have given energy or Oh swamiji will dump me, not bother about me, losing biggest support of life- do marana smarana, I will never give up on you, even fear of losing me is one more fear, not reality. The amount of fear, is the only amount of toxins, nothing to do with reality or facts. How much possibility is there to see snake ?0.000000% but how many people see snakes in dreams, waking and when scrolling on facebook, you will not touch that photo of facebook, in touch screen -

Marana Smarana alters the material you are made of, Marana Smarana will liberate you from so much stupidity and junk you are visualizing.

Life is not about, life is about experience

Life is what you do for others not what you feel about yourself. Binary logic waiting to become folly logic. Man who eats 3 times a day, waiting to become obese and diabetics - for death- same way, listen,

You will do all kinds of imagination of healthy body - lifestyle and then when it comes to doing it everything is forgotten.

Marana Smarana will take tons of frustration, feeling unloved, ungrounded, what will happen to me, how will I evolve, a deep feeling that you failed your life, your life failed you - that is the biggest crisis - sleeper cell of enemies inside you is fear.’

Second statement I made life is all about what you do to others. Drop the selfishness and plans to protect yourself. Become a workaholic. Nothing wrong. Helping people have right things. Even that - that is enriching. Become a workaholic. You will see you will become altogether different metal. Marana Smarana will destroy selfishness. Powerlessness, selfishness are one and the same. Person who is powerless will be so selfish. Life is how you feel experience about you.

Life is about what you do for others.

When I said first statement, having powerful cognitins.

If you have powerful cognitions, you will not be thinking about yourself.

Active and contributing to others' lives - enriching the whole world happens - marana smarana.

The greatest boon is Paramashiva - because he is the embodiment of Marana Smarana. Ishana - shiva is embodiment of Marana Smarana. He goes on giving giving - makes you different metal altogether.

Too important things - you please watch this satsang 3-4 times.

It’s different dots I am connecting.

Powerlessness, fear, selfishness - powerless man will be selfish. He will feel loaded about the past. Terrorized about past. Can’t handle about small change. Terrorized about future. Future will be glorious only with wild wild change. Man who is enjoying wild and wide changes - almost last 1 year I stayed in 1 room - suddenly I am ready and excited for world tours. If Paramashiva grace requires me to sit and give satsang, I will do for many years. I will do that and I will do this with no problem.

Neither addicted to glorious life nor closed life but ready wide wild changes of the future - this is what is guts, courage for new births, courage for the future. Be ready for wide and wild changes. Always will bring your auspiciousness.

As I said, nothing falls apart. Everything falls in place. Falling in place - absolutely integrated to Paramashiva. Marana, Smarana, Shakes and makes you drop all the dust, rust - whole toxins melt down. When toxins melt down, you will not feel past, any being feeling hope about the future, should feel past good has happened, has happened. Nothing wrong has happened. Everything enriched me. Someway or other. That kind of feeling when you have about your past - marana smarana has attained completion. You become altogether different metal. Huge size deities. If you have installed diety - you have to put mercury under the deity. Energized mercuries - one process is just by energy it becomes liquid to solid, one more process is going on adding gold, at one point it becomes so saturated, no more gold will melt into that mercury. It will be altogether different metal. If you add Marana Smarana in your being, remembrance of death- so much shaking shaking finally you will become different metal - you will feel past was an amazing blessing. Then you will have guts and courage. Then you will get joy. Greatest renunciation delusion that past was wrong, past was a load. In present you are so mature, and shivering with death and ideas of death and panic attacks of change. Life is for those who celebrate change.

You may think how can marana smarana be related, manifesting my future, you need to understand. What you feel about your past, is feeling you have about your life. If you feel sweet about life you will start contributing to people’s life. Deep inside me, I feel so cared attended first by my Gurus, by devotees- that gives me energy for all of you for your future. I am very clear, I am working for all of you day in and day out. I will be constantly be working, enthusiasm, excitement, most sweet loving caring past is a blessing, and whether it was great or good. There was nothing wrong. That kind of completion - people who have that kind of completion the life and the world and I can easily make them manifest Kailasa. Easily make you manifest powers. If you feel the time was great, good things only happened, nothing wrong happened - today I tell you when you are filled with sexual hormones, prim level lust or fear both can shake you - when sexual hormone is released either lust or fear can shake you. In the dream if you see restroom, it is not restroom. If your bladder is full, you will manifest whole restroom in your dream, if your hormones are there - reasonless cheap lust, and make act function - when that hormones are released, I tell you - life is all about powerful cognitions. Life is about contribution you doing for others.

Actually, nobody cares about your fear you feel. People in front of you, sorry for you, all that, that side they will turn they will forget and they will enjoy. Fear is not cute. Emotionally shaken. So I tell you reduce the fear, physical component - don’t give the fear the psychological fear, toxic shit sitting in lower intestine. Fear is nothing but toxic shit sitting in your lower intestine. All you need is marana smarana. Marana Smarana Detox.

All my feelings love responsibility for all of you remembrance. I should never ever contemplate suicide. You can’t think of suicide. It is not thinking about suicide. Facing the fears triggered about death. Listen carefully.

Deep integrity and groundedness. So much to reveal from akashic records.

Today I have spoken with much force. Too many things I have shared. Today whatever I have spoken, internalize, future is nothing but what you feel about the past. What you feel about past is only going to manifest future. If you feel terrorized, shaken, harassed, you are going to reproduce the same thing in the future. That is why I am saying - do not try to imagine tell others past was worst. After few days you forget it is a lie and start believing it is true.

Your life has nothing to do with what you do it is all about how you [consciousness] experience your consciousness

Life is all about contribute to others, not what you [selfishness] feel about yourself.

If you understand these statements, you will understand I am revealing the same truth. Both statements mean the same thing. I want all of you to do Jeevartha Sadas.

I want all of you to break the fears, toxins. Fear is first physical toxin. Don’t believe what the stupid society taught you. Fear is physical toxins sitting in your lower intestine. If you clean, you will never feel past was harassment. You will realize that.

Second, when you feel the past is great - fear of death, you will not be afraid of changes. Being who is not afraid of changes, enjoys glorious future. That is cosmic truth revealed.

No need to do separate spiritual practice.

Manifest all these great truths.

For all my disciples, today’s process is my personal gift. Just with my breathing I will just drive away the fears. For my disciples, I am giving you the boon - I am spending my time only for disciples, I will start spiritual process. Destroy your fears.

Let’s start the process.

I bless you all let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Be blissful.

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