10 Feb 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's Satsang trasncript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitors, viewers, … Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Karthas, … sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now, Nlighten App, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha, and Deeksha into Paramashi … Paramashivoham, Power Manifestation sessions. I welcome all of you with my love respects and blessings.

Please pick up your coffee. Because it’s going to be a beautiful long satsang. Best is vara kaapi. Vara kaapi in Tamil means coffee without milk. If you have, if you are fortunate enough to get a ... non-violent cow milk, you can add coffee with milk. Otherwise, coffee without milk, vara coffee; and … hot chocolate or tea. Please pick up your cup and sit, because it is going to be intense wonderful long satsang. I have my cup, Sona Kamat’s cup. Whenever I touch this cup, I remember her.

Now listen. Paramashiva’s message directly from Shri Kailasa. Listen. An entity, body or being, … forgets it is consciousness but still in the breathing space of consciousness, movement done by that entity is karma. This is one principle. Keep it. Principle two. Listen. Length when it becomes intense, … to the level to the level it cannot be experienced just as a length, it jumps into the dimension of breadth. Like a if you keep time - infinite number of lines, then it cannot be measured, understood just buy one length. It by it's very … reproduction, understand, reproduction is survival need. Anything which is alive has to be reproducing itself. Otherwise, it’ll not be alive. It’s law of life. It is one of the fundamental law of constant - Nithya, Isness expands. So the Isness of the length when it becomes infinity, it cannot be anymore cognized just by one idea of length, it gives birth to the next dimension of itself called breadth. Understand.

I'll repeat. Just imagine one thread, one meter thread. You called that as a length. By it’s nature, it is becoming multiple number of one meter thread. So, when it becomes infinite number of one meter threads - one meter, one meter, one meter, one meter, one meter. What happens? It cannot be measured, cognized, understood anymore by this one dimension called length, so it gives birth to its next dimension - breadth. So all the threads are kept. So now length and breadth is formed. Now, because of its very nature of existence as a survival need, the length and breadth - both of them are continuously giving birth, multiplying. Understand. Even if you are a Sannyasi, only when you reproduce more Sannyasis means making more people Sannyasis, you are living Sannyas life, otherwise you are not Sannyasi, be very clear. Anything by its survival Isness has to reproduce and expand. If you are a man, you are going to reproduce another human being.

If you are Sannyasi, naturally you will be producing the consciousness of Sannyas in so many people’s life and so many will be coming Sannyasi. How many become Sannyasis is the proof of your integrity to Sannyas. Understand. This is law of life. Success for a normal grihastha is what he achieves. For a Sannyasi, success is what he inspires others to achieve. So, only if you are intensely making more people Sannyasis, you are really in the Isness of Sannyas. Otherwise, maybe you will be Sannyas, not is Sannyasi. The Isness multiplies by its existence. So the length by its Isness multiplies. When the multiplication breaks a point, it gives birth to the next dimension - length and breadth. Then these two go on multiplying. They give birth to the third, third dimension means, tons and tons and billions of one meter thread kept, kept, kept ... to length, gives birth to breadth. And, length and breadth multiplying gives birth to death.

Understand this example. This is the way that dimensions manifest and give births to the next dimension. Length gives birth to breadth. Length and breadth together give birth to depth. And, length, breadth, depth together give birth to time. That is why I am saying, time is not linear. There is no past, present, future. There is only time. What you perceive now as your experience like you are inhaling and exhaling, you called as present. What you can recollect from your stored memory, you called as past. What you expect or hope inside your head, you called as future, understand. That is why I am saying ninety nine percent of us live ninety nine percent of our life inside our head, so keep it worthy to live. No shit inside the head. No shit in the stomach and no shit in the head.

Time is not linear. Time is not linear and time does not move. The measuring scales should not be equated to content. Litre is a measuring method. But you cannot say one litre milk is one litre. No! Milk - the content. Litre is measuring mechanism, methodology. So minute, hour, day, week, month - this is measuring methodology. Do not be deluded by attributing measuring methodology to the content. So I’ll use two different words “time” is a measuring methodology, “Kala (काल, Kāla)” is the content. Now, … person who understood Kala does not move. Does not move. No past Kala, no present Kala, no future Kala. Kala! That's all. Maybe at some point science will catch up with what I am saying. But all my disciples if you all understand and cognize what I am saying, that is enough for me. I am coming and sitting everyday morning and giving Paramashiva Jnana Golu Katchi, and sharing the Paramashiva Jnana for my disciples.

See the way I sit giving darshan, that’s called Paramashiva Jnana Golu Katchi. If you see my photograph in the Arunachala Sarvajnapeetha, where my Guru Parampara used to sit - Isakki Swami, Kuppammal and me, you will see two photographs. One will be like this. One will be like this. So this is the lesson from Guru - Kuppammal. She said this mudra is that you being in samadhi. That is the symbol of Arunachala Sarvajnapeetha. And you sitting like this. This is that you are ready to serve the whole world and enrich the whole world, that is Paramashiva Jnana Golu Katchi. Ready to deliver the responsibility of Sannidhanam, Guru Mahasannidhanam, to share this knowledge with the world and encourage the whole world with this knowledge. That is the … mudra, this mudra. So, every morning … I am here giving the Paramashiva Jnana Golu Katchi, and … Paramashiva Jnana for my disciples.

When science catches, understands what I am revealing, let them understand. Let me share it with you all. Listen. The second principle I was revealing, ... the measurements used to measure time, like how we have measurements - meter, litre, kilogram. How the different measuring methods are there, same way, second, minute, hour, day, ... week, month, year. All these are just measuring methods. Listen. Measuring methods should not be misunderstood as the content, content time does not move. You see in the screen now, it shows as if I am moving. But, I am not moving, just the background, backdrop is moved front and back. Same way, … for the sake of measuring, we created unit of time - second, hour, day, week, month, year. Based on that you call something as a past, present, future. Based on that you come to a deluded idea time is moving. No! No! There are some understanding all of us have. It should be called as … the social understandings, social law or law of the country. How much a social law is true only for that society. A law of the land, the country, is only true for that country.

Same way, I should say, there are something universally human beings, all human beings … accept. Maybe to that level, time idea can be accepted, like a second, minute, … hour, day. It’s accepted the whole globe by all human beings. So, you can use this to understand about time. But, don't be deluded, time is actually linear and moving. No! Just because all human beings declared, the paper, printed paper, currency has value; Cosmos is not going to believe it. It's not that if you keep bundles of currency on the banks of ocean and say, “Aye! Don't try to make any tsunami, we are billionaires. Kadal enna pannum? Thoo nu moonjila thuppidum. Thoo thuppichi. That's all. Understand, collective human understandings ... are not Cosmic reality. So … Kala is … the pure version of Isness, I-s, Isness. Purer version of Isness. See, these dimensions - length, breadth, depth, time, space; next to space is Nithya. Nithya is the sixth dimension. Then after that Nada Kala, Bindu Kala, all the other ... Totally eleven dimensions. The eleventh is the Paramashiva Svarupa, Paramashiva, Paramashivatva, Paramashiva, Ultimate, umm.

The sixth dimension, Nithya is Isness. That Isness’s purest, almost ninety percent Isness is … space. I should say eighty percent Isness is Kala, time. Alright, time is a poor word but anyhow I am using it. Kala, not the unit of time. So be very clear, the whole humanity knows only unit of time but not time itself. You may know the litre, not about the milk. Don’t misunderstand the measuring unit into … measured content. The delusion of thinking - the measured content in the language of measuring unit led to the confusion the time is linear and it has past, present, future. Forget about it. Time is, it is neither static nor linear. It is existentially functioning. Understand. It’s neither linear nor static. No, it is not static. Something which is dead, you can call it as static. It is not static and it is not linear. It is existentially alive! Like how life is alive in your whole body in all dimensions. Life is not alive just inside your body - in your every action, in your every decision and its impact on the others, world. That is why when you can impact more people, you feel more alive.

Listen. Kala is existentially alive. When length grows exponentially gives birth to breadth. And length, breadth grows exponentially gives ... birth to the dimension - depth. When length, breadth, depth grows exponentially, it gives birth to the dimension - Kala. And length, breadth, depth, all of them grow exponentially - they give birth to space dimension. The third principle, listen. First principle is explained, is some object, body, being, entity still in the breathing space of consciousness but forgot its conscious nature. Movement of that body, being, entity … is called karma, first principle. Second, listen. Kala does not … have linear movement as we all understand as past, present, future. Time travel is simply possible for any being who prepares himself consciously. I’ll make my Kayakalpa Yoga participants to do time travel and prove it. If I do it and show you guys will not, you will say, “Oohh, you are Paramashiva, you are enlightened.” Nithyananda haters will say, “Oooi! He is doing some next drama, next level drama, chik mac chak jak jak magic, chik magic, chik I don’t know all .... I’ll make you guys do it. Umm. I’ll do it. I am going to do. I am not going to keep quiet and ... I have not come down to planet earth to keep quiet. I have come to reveal the truths of Kailasa, Paramshiva’s blessings, umm.

Come on, listen. The third principle, second principle when I explained, I ... revealed few more principles like anything which is “Is” has to multiply. It’s a … very existence of Isness is multiplication. The quality of the Isness is Ananda, and the quality of Ananda is sharing. Understand. The quality of Isness - Nithya, is Ananda. Anything which “Is” in you always celebrates its existence. Somebody was asking me, “What is exactly Isness Swamiji?” Other than your body, what you think as “Is,” see you think your body, you are your body. And there are something more you think you are. Because many time when you feel depression, you feel you are your mind. Excited, you feel you are your mind. So it is not that you feel you are only body. You feel many things are you.

Other than your body, whatever you think as you - that is called your Isness, and that Isness … in its core is excitement, bliss. And, anything which “Is” and which is bliss … expands its existence. Even when you are depressed, you are enjoying your depression, understand. Be very clear, you are enjoying your depression, you may have your own reasons. Listen to this one truth. Enjoying your depression, you will reproduce more depressed people. If you are enjoying your Isness, you will reproduce more Isness. If you are enjoying your Sannyas, you will reproduce more Sannyasis. That's it. Isness celebrates its existence. And anything which celebrates its existence reproduces by its very nature. Next.

Listen to the next principle. Listen intensely. Listen deeply. Death is nothing but … a power given to every consciousness … to reboot itself … by delete-control, ... by self-cleaning mechanism when the load of patterns, sufferings, depression, unconsciousness, negativity becomes too much. Listen. When the load of negativity, patterns, illusion, unconsciousness becomes too much on your system and your consciousness is not able to move your system in inspiring, excited, its original natural way - it is called depression, mental disorders. Your original natural way is Isness, Tathata (तथाता, Tathātā), excitement, bliss, Ananda, multiplication, reproduction, enriching. Understand. Your original state of existence is Nithya, constant, that Tatha, Tathata, Isness. It celebrates itself - Ananda, because it is alive and celebrates itself, it enriches, multiplies itself. This is your original nature. Anything which is not allowing this to happen is pattern. And when the load of the pattern is more than your ability to move your system, your body, your mind - that is called depression or mental disorders.

Now listen. When the load becomes too much or you need to move to the next dimension - for all these purposes, you need control-delete mechanism. You need rebooting ability. That is what is called power of death, understand. From today ... in Kailasa, in Nithyananda Sangha, we should never utter a word death. We should always say, “He manifested power of death.” We should not say, “Somebody is died.” No! “He manifested power of death.” It’s power, understand! When the load becomes too much and you are not able to handle, you need a break. The break you give it for yourself is death. For some people it is a retirement, for some people change of place, for some people promotion! See somebody would have lived the life so beautifully, there is no pattern, nothing to worry but he needs promotion - Videha Mukti, next level enlightenment. So then he needs this delete-control button, reboot button. So understand.

The third principle today I am revealing is, death is power. Not suicide. No! Death like Paramahansa Yogananda, like Vellalar, like Ramana Maharshi. That is power. Like Sri Ramakrishna, like Swami Vivekananda. That is power. Understand. Even suicide is the control-delete button pressed wrongly. It is like a, instead of pressing the control-delete, you press some button and retrieve the whole thing, the whole load. So instead of load becoming less, it just multiplies or like a file multiplication, some corruption, virus. And instead of one terabyte, now you get billion terabyte load on you, and … system collapses. That is what is suicide.


Yes, listen. Just coffee break. Sometimes people tell me that, “Why don’t you sip your coffee while satsang goes on? Why you should freeze the screen and then sip and then start?” From the young age, my grandmother has taught me a habit - unless you share with everyone, you should not eat. Even now before eating, I will always ask, “Aye, did you all have your food? Did you all have everything?” So, I can't make sure that all of you had your coffee. So, that's the reason I don't drink coffee in front of all of you. I freeze the screen and sip coffee and then start the satsang again.

Now listen. I am revealing too many fundamental principles from Kailasa, Kailasam Jnana, Paramashiva Jnana. Listen. Many people asked me, “Swamiji, how to … understand, internalize, cognize deeply what you are revealing, and maintain … this same cognition in the day to day life?” I’ll give you two understandings, understand. Initiation: after every session, the initiation, that fifteen-twenty minutes of meditation - sit. That will make this whole thing from inside me to inside you. Never miss that initiation - twenty one minutes, that is the greatest gift. Actually that is the content. All the words I am uttering in the satsang is container. It’s only a container! That twenty one minutes of initiation, that is the content. Receive it, don't miss. That's one. Second, how to keep that cognition inside ... permanently in the head alive, living it, manifesting it? It may look very funny. Have long jata, you will be able to do. Have long jata. Like if you roll your jata and keep, it should be equivalent height of your face.

That is the way Paramashiva’s face is described in … the Agama, the … deity making - Shilpa Shastra science. See, normally a middle level temple, … the deities they make, the size is like a eighteen rice is one unit face, and the same eighteen rice one unit is jata. That is the way the deities are made. So, your face height, … that same height should be if you rotate your jata and keep. That height of that jata. No … many people may think how jata can? That is what is the truth. Long hair is associated with powerful memories, and cognitions being kept alive from the time immemorial in all tribes all over the world. Go to any tribes who are not destroyed by the MNC religions. There are only two traditions in the world - indigenous enlightenment based traditions and MNC religions - multinational company, multinational corporate centric religions. So I am not going to classify and show you which is indigenous enlightenment based traditional, and which is MNC tradition. No. I am not going to do that. I am only saying go to any of the indigenous enlightenment based traditions. You will see this dreadlock, long hair will be the lifestyle for them.

Time immemorial, all enlightened traditions, enlightenment based traditions, know the secret long hair and jata has a power to retain powerful cognitions inside your head. That's all. Why? How? Logic? I’ll explain later. You can see this deity, the Dakshinamurthy above me is painted properly as per the Agama lakshana. So one measure face, one measure jata, and … three measure shoulder, one measure hip. These are the measurements. Usually for a, any mid-level temple that deity measure is eighteen grain, eighteen Thanjavur ponni rice. Kaaveriyaal vizhaindha muzhu ponni nel. 18 nel oru unit. (The whole rice grain cultivated in the banks of river Kaveri. 18 grains is one unit) Mid level temple will use only that size of the deity. Of course, bigger temple use bigger deities. No doubt. Tiruvannamalai and all is a gigantic deities. Madurai, of course Madurai Utsava Murti is little small but other deities are gigantic and umm.

Let me explain the third principle completely. Then I’ll connect the whole thing and reveal the message. Listen. A being who mastered this science of rebooting, manifested the power of rebooting first is Yamadharma. So Paramashiva gives him the boon to enrich the whole world with this science. That is when he started giving this to every being who is conscious, and suffers unnecessarily beyond a limit. Every death Yamadharma causes because of his extreme compassion. For some people it’s a rest, for some people vacation, for some people breakthrough, for some people transfer, for some people promotion; whatever may be, end of the day, it is extreme compassion of Paramashiva. His compassion manifesting through Yamadharma, He gives death. Understand.

Now, I am coming to the principle, the main message. You need to understand all this three, then you will understand the revelation I am going to do now. Listen. This is the principle … of existence: load of the karma … crossing the limit of length, breadth, depth, time, Isness in your space … leads you to make the decision of invoking control-delete, reboot option called Yamadharma allows the death manifest in you as death power manifestation, which … is relief or retirement or rest or vacation or change of location or promotion, but never a curse. Listen to this satsang ten times. Every word I uttered, you will realize it. Thousands of questions you have about existence will be answered. I want this satsang to be the syllabus for anybody who has questions about existence, … wants the real answers. Understand.

This satsang is introduction to Hinduism. Introduction to existence as per Hinduism. Introduction to Hinduism as per existence. Introduction to Hinduism and existence to all of you. Introduction to Hinduism as per existence. Introduction to existence as per Hinduism. Introduction to existence and Hinduism to you all. Just listen to … this satsang three principles and the fourth revelation connecting all these three principles. You can apply this definition of karma which I gave, whether in gravity theory, Newton's first law or ... in your enlightenment quest or good karma, bad karma, papa, punya, what is karma - anywhere you can apply. This is the universally applicable fundamental sutra, the core sutra, core principle.

Ganaha Sutra from which Newton took his first law.

Even in that sutra, the word “karma,” you apply the definition I have given today.

All practicing Hindus should be proud of you belong to indigenous enlightenment based tradition. Understand. Whether you belong to a Shaivite from … Kanchipuram, or … Shaivite from Kashmir, or Madhva Brahmin from Udupi, or Iyengar from Srirangam, or Iyer from Thanjavur, or Vedanti from Andhra, or whatever, whatever - we all belong to indigenous enlightenment based tradition. That's one of the connecting narrative of Hinduism, indigenous enlightenment based tradition. Understand. There is something called collective narrative, grand narrative, connective narrative. Which I am describing now is connecting narrative, ... indigenous enlightenment based traditions. Pachamama in Bolivia and Pachaiamma in Tiruvannamalai is same. Enlightenment based tradition where the greenery is worshipped as Parashakti, Cosmic feminine energy. Pachamama in Bolivia and Pachaiammal in Tiruvannamalai - the same Goddess. Understand. Indigenous enlightenment based traditions.

There is a question, “Swamiji, when someone dies, their death, their death affects the people who are living. Many times they experience suffering. How should we look at this?” Understand one thing. You should look at this in multiple angle. One, … you have a right to be attached ... as long as someone is alive. But you don't have a right to stop somebody's promotion, transition ... because you are attached with them. And, you don’t have a right … to abuse somebody by possessing, not letting them do their journey, or … throwing tantrum in front of the reality. Understand, I tell you one thing. Everyone, even when they are alive and there is a relationship, living relationship, … there will be good-bad, right-wrong, suffering and joy. Surely they would have given lot of joy, love, everything. No doubt. Somebody giving good to us does not mean we will not allow them to do their further journey in their life. No! That is extremely abusing. It's like a asking some, asking that fellow, “Aye! You are my slave forever. You, I will not even allow you to die. Come on, serve me. Go on giving me joy and doing what I want.”

Yesterday only I revealed one important truth. If death does not exist, planet earth could not have survived the greed of human beings. Even with the death existing, we have destroyed the planet! Last time when I came to planet earth, and now … when I see, oh God! What you fellows have done?! It’s only three hundred years. My body which is resting under the Banyan Tree in Adi Kailash … is only three hundred years before. The Tree itself is too old. That is from time immemorial, it exists there. My body was planted three hundred years before. Three hundred years before, I had a body. I had two bodies. It was operating in two bodies at a time, like a one will in two bodies. I was actually planning even this time to evolve few beings like that - one will and multiple bodies operating. Still I have not yet … manifested that. I’ll do it. I am going to, this time I am going to do multiple, not just one, multiple, umm. Anyhow … last time I had two bodies and that two bodies are only sitting under the Banyan Tree. It was only three hundred years now.

In this three hundred years, … what do you guys have done? Almost half of the animal population is … gone! And eighty percent of the trees is gone! Almost sixty percent of the forest gone! What have you guys done to planet earth? If there is no death, … planet earth will not be alive. Understand. Just giving birth to kids is not … producing next generation. Keeping the planet earth for them is what is the responsibility of building the next generation! Let us build the next generation responsibly. Kailasa, Shrikailasa … and all the organizations functioning with the spiritual guidance of Shrikailasa … should do two things for responsibility building the next generation. One, grow organic vegetarian food and make it freely available as much as you can. Influence, inspire lobby every country, in every society, to make the food free and vegetarian and organic. Natural agriculture and the food free. This will save … the planet earth on the fast destruction we are causing to planet earth … can be stalled, the speed can be brought down.

Listen. If we are going in hundred kilometres speed … to destroy the planet earth, complete annihilation and destruction, the speed can be brought down to just ten kilometre if we make this one rule - as many countries, as many places as possible. Let us set the trend. All our ashrams, temples should do organic agriculture, organic goshala and make the produce free. Freely make it to anyone, first come first serve. That’s all. There is no poor and needy and all that, first come first serve. This is my vision. All Sarvajnapeethas, … all ashrams, all Sarvajnapeethas, … all universities, all Gurukuls, all our sangha all over the world ... should do these two. One is … make organic agriculture. And goshala, Veda Agamic style and make that food freely available - one. And also … influence, inspire every government follow this model - first.

Second, listen. Make every human being understand ... you become what you eat. Understand that. Quantity, quality, ... timing, ... all that involved in the food matters for what you are going to become. Goal and food are directly connected. If you are asking, “Gola!” Means you are drinking Cola. If you are regularly drinking Cola, you may ask, “Gola!” Understand. All … all over the world people have donated large patches of land to our sangha. I sincerely request all the ashrams, aadheenams, Sarvajnapeethas, temples, to start these two. One, do organic sattvic agriculture, and organic goshala, make it free, first come first serve.

In the grain based economy, the beauty is you cannot store more than one rainy season because all the rats, insects will eat it away. And, in my sangha you cannot kill the rat who comes for food. No! You can't kill insects who comes for food. You can't kill anyone who comes for food. Unless he is a threat to the people or property directly. Even if he is a threat to property, you cannot kill, only leave him >>>technical glitch<<< In Kailasa, whether you kill a ant or fly or a mosquito or human beings - murder charge. There is no, “Oh, killing only human beings is murder charge.” That is bloody human supremacy. It’s human beings declaring supremacy over planet earth and waging war on animals by the faltu cheating law, cheating lies - “Only if you kill a human being, muder charge.” So killing anybody, any other beings, animals, dogs, cows, all that is not considered as murder. No! In Kailasa, in Shrikailasa, … killing any being - fly, bee, mosquito, killing any being - murder charge.

Make this organic sattvic agriculture and food - free. Next, ... educating the whole world … food matters for your goal. The quantity you eat, the quality you eat, the variety you eat, what you eat and the timings you eat and the way you eat whether with the spoon or finger - everything matters for your life. And all these decides what you are going to become. Listen to that. If Shrikailasa actively takes this responsibility and does, we will really build responsible next generation. I want to inspire thousands of my Sannyasis, Aadheenavasis, if you have already committed your life for Kailasa, take my word as Guruvak and command. Start growing organic agricultural products, food, vegetables, grains, rice, everything organically, natural way as per Vedagamic tradition, and start making it freely available for first come first served.

In all the properties, devotees have donated for Kailasa and different organizations which is guided by the spiritual principles of Kailasa, there are many organizations not directly, legally connected to us but … spiritually they follow our principles. There are some organizations secretly follows. If I stop my satsang in particular sats … verse in particular Upanishad or scripture, their discourse also will stop on the same script, sutra. And I’ll not tell more details. For example, if I am talking on this Upanishad and on 18th sutra I’ll stop. There also it’ll stop on 18th sutra. If I start again, … after few days, they will also start. Okay, fun apart. Leave it.

Listen. All my Sannyasis, Kailasavasis should take this as priority. do agriculture and goshala, and whatever is produced … should be shared freely, first come first serve basis. You set a trend, model, inspire the governments, bigger organizations to follow this. And second, start educating the whole world about the right food. And I am so happy to announce this Thaipusam Day, we served lakhs of meals in India and Malaysia, in multiple locations. In multiple locations, ... in Malaysia and Tamil Nadu … annadhanam is done means sharing food is done. And also in Thanjavur Brihadisvara’s Kumbhabhishekam, we share not only food, even Bhagavad Gita book.

Let us take this responsibility … educating the whole world, ... to teach the right knowledge about food … and growing food organically, sattvically as per Vedic tradition, sharing it freely to the whole world.

Kailasa in Malaysia, in Batu Caves Murugan Temple, Batu Malai Murugan Temple - they served sattvic food for sixteen thousand people and panakam, the sattvic drink. Drink of that jaggery and water, it’s like a natural organic energy drink for rejuvenating. In Vedic Agamic tradition, it is use the ... for rejuvenation, for hydration, umm. Kallumalai Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Temple, Ipoh - panakam for two thousand hundred people. And, Subramanya Swamy Temple in Sungai Petani - panakam was offered for two thousand hundred people again. In Balathandayuthapani Temple in Penang, panakam was offered for three thousand three hundred people. Subramanya Temple, Kela … Kuala Selangor - seven thousand people have been given annadhan. And, Johor Bahru Thandayuthapani Temple - thousand three hundred people have been given annadhan.

And, Swaminatha Swamy Temple of Swamimalai, Tamil Nadu - thousand people have been given annadhan. Subramanya Swamy Temple of Thiruthani - two thousand people have been given annadhan. Balamurugan Swamy Temple in Hosur - seven hundred people have been given annadhan. Baladhandayuthapani Swamy Temple in Palani - five hundred people have been given annadhan. Balamurugan Swamy Temple, Thiruparankundram - hundred people have been given annadhan. Senthil Vel Murugan Temple, Tiruchendur - four thousand people have been given annadhan.

And … in Malaysia, … there are many other temples where panakam is served, panakam is served for four thousand five hundred. In Johor Bahru and Kuala Selangor - three thousand six hundred. And … in Balathandayuthapani Temple, Penang - three thousand three hundred. Kallumalai Temple - two thousand hundred and I think in Batu Malai Caves, Batu Malai Murugan Kovil - four thousand five hundred.

So happy to see in multiple locations … so many beautiful service, activities getting done. I sincerely request the whole … sangha, whoever is following the spiritual principles of Kailasa to do this as the foremost priority work. We are also sharing these details and the photographs, videographs of these activities in a Facebook page called >>>technical glitch<<< Shrikailasa Uniting Nations for Hunger Free World. In the Facebook page we are sharing … these details, you can enjoy, get to know more about the charitable activities done by Shrikailasa. After a break, let's have a break and then I'll start the initiation.

I’ll installed it as a cognition and experience in you. With the grace of Paramashiva, by the grace of Paramashiva, due to the grace of Paramashiva, I’ll connect all of us to Paramashiva and Shrikailasa. Let's start.

Initiation starts

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Receive the Atma Linga, keep it between your hands and sit straight.

Keep the Atma Linga in your hand. Atma Linga in your heart chakra and hold Atma Linga with both your hands.

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. With this I bless you all.

Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Living and Radiating - State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness and Shrikailasa of Paramashiva. Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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