11 Feb 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's Satsang trasncript(आत्मेश्वर, Ātmeśvara, Atmeshvara)

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, visitors, viewer, Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Karthas, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Kothari, Thanedar, Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Nithyananda Hindu University students, Nithyananda eGurukul students, Sannyasis, Balasanths and everyone watching live on Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Paramashiva’s message directly from Shrikailasa. Existence of Ishvaratva (ईश्वरत्व, Īśvaratva) is nothing but the decision to own up the principle of creation, principle of sustenance, principle of rejuvenation, principle of delusion, principle of liberation in your existence. Understand. If you own up, what you created, you sustained, you destroyed or rejuvenated or you put yourself in delusion or freed from delusion or from which you are liberated or liberating, want liberation; if you own up these five principles of your life, you become Ishvara for you. If you own up these five principles for ... group of people, you become Kulapati to them, Ishvara to them. If you own up for a large number of people, you become Mandaleshvara (मण्डलेश्वर, Maṇḍaleśvara). You, if you own up this same five principles for Mahamandala, you become Mahamandaleshvara (महामण्डलेश्वर, Mahāmaṇḍaleśvara). If you own up these five principles for the whole Universe, you become Ishvara (ईश्वर, Īśvara) of Brahmanda. That’s all.

Principle of existence of Ishvara is owning up. Owning up … for the creation principle you created, sustenance principle you created, destruction principle you created, delusion principle you created, liberation principle you created; just see your life. I will start teaching you from Pindanda - your life, so you understand this. Owning up is the Adhomukha (अधोमुख), sixth face. Means the unmanifest face of Paramashiva, understand. First, … understand what you created. Please understand, only if you are in the Paramashanta Svarupa, you will own up for what you created. You have created so many wonderful things, understand. The mechanism which converts bread into blood which is functioning inside your body, you created! Nobody else created, you created. You learn to the science from Cosmos and you created, understand one thing. The greatest creation in the known Universe is human body and you created yours.

Anybody who owns up that you created your body will manifest the power of altering it, healing it, updating it, upgrading it, all the powers related to altering, manipulating, upgrading, awakening, healing powers related to body. So if you want to manifest the powers related to your body, bring this cognition and own up for what you created. I tell you, … for example if you have a fatty liver. Sit with your liver and say, “Yes, I created it. What for I created? Did I … put myself in some delusion and allowed this to be created or did I actively cooporate and created this? What for I created this fatty liver?” Just see, I tell you. Owning up starts healing and I tell you, fatty liver is such a simple problem. You just need to tell your stomach, “Aye, can you burn little more, I'll give you mantra as the feed material.” You can use any mantra. You see, in Vedagamic tradition, ... any mantra described in Vedas and Agamas can be used. And use that mantra to awaken the jatharagni, fire in the stomach.

For example, if you feel strongly connected to Ganesha, talk to Ganesha, Ganapati. And tell Him, “I wanted you to be awakened in my stomach, and clean up this fatty liver issue. Please help me.” And ask Ganapati support. There are beautiful Ganapati Mantras … in Vedas and Agamas, Gana … Ganapati Atharvashirsha Upanishad. There is a beautiful Upanishad. Chant that Upanishad or listen to that Upanishad. There are beautiful Ganapati Mantras. Listen to those mantras. And use those mantras to ignite, awaken, intensify the fire in your stomach. And tell the fire, “Please clean up the liver.” That's all. Please understand, I am not lying, false promising. I am giving you a straightforward simple conscious power! It is a conscious power! Same way, if you feel connected to Paramashiva, invoke Him, chant His mantra, ask your stomach jatharagni to burn more and clean, detox the fatty liver. Same way every step, everything. If you have a problem in your heart, … if you feel connected to Dakshinamurthy, invoke Dakshinamurthy, “Oh Prabhu, please be awakened in my heart … and heal it, detoxify it.”

In Hindu tradition, ... why just in Hindu tradition, I tell you in reality all these Gods are available, alive. They are all in the dimension called Isness, Nithya. They are all established in that Isness, Nithya component. I tell you, just like length, breadth, depth, time, space - Nithya, Nithyatva is the dimension. The external existence is a dimension - Amaratva. Nithyatva is the eternal existence. The Isness is a dimension, Tathata, is a dimension of the Universe, and all Gods and Goddesses … are established in that Nithyatva dimension. I tell you, … owning up ... all that you created ... whether physical health, external wealth or mental health or ... relationships, social status, conscious resources, powers. I tell you, being in Paramashnata Svarupa in the face of atrocities and injustice is a conscious power! And ... I can give you hundreds of examples.

Ability to be in Nirahara Samyama, means when that patterns are demanding food, and it is flashing the pizza photograph in front of your eyes, or you are doing Nirahara Samyama but within twenty four hours in the dream you are having a full feast! And then you feel, “ Arr, what is this? What kind of life? I am not even able to eat. What for I am earning? What for I am alive? What for? This is injustice!” Aye … you being brainwashed to eat all the shit and junk and filthy … food-like products continuously and fall sick is a real brainwashing happening to you. Nirahara is not brainwashing you, it is stomach washing you, ... detoxing you. I am only asking, go for healthy juicing … for few days. When the patterns are pushing and demanding aggressively, forcing you to eat, and you being in Paramashanta Svarupa and managing Nirahara is a power, conscious power! When the tamas, inertness, dullness, Mudevi. Should not even give the title “Devi” for it. Inertness, tamas is pushing you to the bed. And depression literally sulking and sucking your energy. You waking up and deciding to do yoga and start doing is a power!

How much ever … abuses, attacks, injustice, … pains you may feel in your life, but sitting and connecting with Paramashiva and doing puja is a power, conscious power, conscious resources, understand. You would have manifested so many conscious resources. Own up for it! When you own up what you manifested, what you created, what you are sustaining, what you are destroying, and what, ... how you where deluded and where you are still deluded and how you need to get yourself out of delusion … and where all you’ve liberated yourself, where you need to further liberate yourself - just own up! Owning up is the Adhomukha, unmanifest face of Paramashiva ... which is the revealed only to Yogis. Whoever owns up is Yogi! Whoever does not own up is Bhogi (भोगी, Bhōgī). Whoever feels others are responsible, putting the ownership, onus on others is Rogi (रोगी, Rōgī). Who does not even think about this owning up is Shogi.

When you own up, … spontaneous, miraculous, immediate transformation starts in your life. Understand. If you are tired, bored, feeling overloaded, overwhelmed - own up that. Own up that. Own up. Owning up is the secret of Ishvaratva. One beautiful thing in your life is, if you own up now even the past is create, recreated. Understand. Even the past is recreated because past is not dead as you think. Past tense is dead, but past is not dead. Future tense is yet to manifest, but future is not yet to be manifested. Future is as much as happened as past. Past is as much as yet to happen as future. Future tense is will be. Past tense was was. But past was not was. Past is. Future tense is will be. Future itself is not will be. Future is past, present, future is. Past tense was. Future tense will be. But past, present, future is Tathata, Nithyatva, Isness.

Paramashiva Jnana, the ultimate revelation … from the space of Paramashiva, just settle down and sit with Paramashanta Svarupa and look around, don't be afraid. That is the first thing. Understand, you have amazing resources as I said yesterday. Death is a conscious resource you have. You need to know once you have manifested human body, the whole science of manifesting human body is in your bio memory. You already have that technology, methodology of manifesting human body as part of your consciousness, nobody can take it away. Unless you decide human life is too much of torture - let me not create human body, nobody else can stop you creating human body. That is the beauty of Paramashiva’s existence, compassion, grace.

Owning up: when you sit and start owning up from Paramashanta Svarupa, you will see twenty five heads of Paramashiva starts operating in you also. And you will know what to manifest, what to sustain, what to destroy and … what to put in delusion, how to get yourself out of delusion, and from what you are liberated, from which you need to liberate yourself more. That’s it. That's all! Nothing else. This owning up is the sixth face of Paramashiva - unmanifest, Avaktya, Adhomukha, Ajomukha, ... antimatter. All those words ... show the owning up face of Paramashiva. When you own up, you are Ishvara. I want all my disciples … to come to the Paramashiva’s space of Paramashanta Svarupa and own up! Yes, what we manifested? What we are sustaining? What are we ... destroying or rejuvenating? What is the components where we put ourself in delusion and where all we need to pull out, pull ourself out of delusion? What all we already achieve liberation? Where all we need to achieve liberation? Tatpurusha, Ishana, Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora.

When you own up, you are Paramashiva, you are Ishvara. If you own up your life, you become Ishvara for you, Atmeshvara (आत्मेश्वर, Ātmeśvara). If you own up a group of people, their lives, own up for them - you become Kulapati. If you own up for a mandala, zone, for their life - you become Mandaleshvara. If you own up responsibility for a Mahamandala, you become Mahamandaleshvara. I tell you, I want all my disciples to take it very seriously. All my Sannyasi disciples, take this as spiritual lesson; Gurukul Balasanths, take this as a spiritual lesson. Today, you will all become Atmeshvara for yourself. “Yes, these are all the places I manifested as Swamiji wanted. These are all the places, I did not manifest as Swamiji wanted. These are all the places I sustained myself as Swamiji wanted. These are all the places I did not sustain myself as Swamiji wanted. These are all the places I rejuvenated myself as Swamiji wanted. These are all the places I did not rejuvenate myself as Swamiji wanted. These are all the places I pulled myself out of delusion as Swamiji wanted. These are all the places I missed and put myself in delusion even though Swamiji want me. These are all the places I liberated myself as Swamiji taught me. These are all the places I missed it even though Swamiji taught me. Bring that understanding and own up.

If you own up today, you will become Atmeshvara, Ishvara for yourself today. This is the way in Kailasa. Your become Atmeshvara first, Ishavara for yourself. Then you become Ishvara for few people - Kulapati. Then you become Ishvara for a zone - Mandaleshvara. Then you become Ishvara for Mahamandala, larger zone - Mahamandaleshvara. Helping people to own up ... is making them become Ishvara for themselves. Help yourself to become Atmeshvara, and help everyone ... around you to become Ishvara for their life. And ... go on helping more and more and more people to become ishvara for their life, ... Ishvara for themselves. I tell you, ... it is the way you own up, … your life is decided. Don't think whole, …. don’t plan to be Isvara for the whole Universe. Immediately first become Ishvara for your life, Atmeshvara. Once you are successful, in few days actually you will be successful.

I tell you, it’s not that even for your own life, you should become Ishvara hundred percent. No. If you just understand that knack and methodology and cognize it, that’s enough. That same principle you can start applying tomorrow itself. Then you can start becoming Kulapati. Then you can start becoming Mandaleshvara. Then you can start becoming Mahamandaleshvara. But start from Atmeshvara, don’t plan to start becoming Mahamandaleshvara first. First Atmeshvara - owning up. Then step by step by step. Whoever decides to own up, become Gods of Kailasa. Whoever tries to put the blame on others, … manifest so much of delusion and violence - they become demons, rakshasas.


वेगः संयोगविशेषविरोधी

vegaḥ saṃyogaviśeṣavirodhī

Action and reaction are equal and opposite.

One side Gods, other side demons will exist forever. But if you sit in Paramashanta Svarupa, and start owning up, you will become Ishvara, beyond these two - action and reaction. You will become Paramashiva, … Parameshvara, beyond action and reaction.

Owning up is the master key. Owning up is the word. Owning up is the sutra. Owning up is the Adhomukha (अधोमुख), Ajomukha, Ajatamukha (अजातमुख, Ajātamukha), unborn face, f-a-c-e, p-h-a-s-e. The face of Paramashiva should be translated as f-a-c-e, face; p-h-a-s-e, phase - both. It is the face with the identity, phase of the dimension, existence - both. That a beauty of Paramashiva. He is identity and dimension - both. The dimension’s identity is face of Paramashiva. When I say Ishana, it is the liberating f-a-c-e of Paramashiva, liberating p-h-a-s-e of Paramashiva. Face and phase - both. So understand. Ajata, unmanifest is that decision to own up. Even if you have so much of fear, guilt, incompletion, shivering, overwhelming to own up. Own up for that also. Decide to own up. Much of your fear, shivering, anger, anxiety, overwhelming is not really is there in your head. Just a cup of coffee, it’ll all melt down.

One day Kadukkai Podi, a good stomach wash, castor oil - suddenly you will see ninety percent of your fear has disappeared. Ninety percent of the time now you are active, alive! The quality of life has changed! I tell you, detox … your system, own up for your existence, so much of … suffering will reduce. So much of joy will be manifested. I tell you, the principles of creation - love, Parashakti, all the motherly qualities - love, even all the five Yama. Like … Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Aparigraha, Brahmacharya. Yesterday one of my daughter was telling me that … “Swamiji, Yama is now my new friend. Yama and Kalabhairava are helping me.” What a sweet cognition, I was so happy. I tell you, when you understand Yama is your friend and Guru, you will understand Kathopanishad (कठोपनिषद्, Kaṭhopaniṣad). Just like how Nachiketa related with Yama as Guru. Relate with Yama. Yama and Yamadharma is one and the same.

Yamadharma man … maintains the dharma of Yama. Understand. Non-violence is such a power to manifest what do you want in your life. Aparigraha, living with minimal things is such a power to manifest what do you want. Asteya, non-stealing is a power to manifest what do you want. Asteya, Aparigraha, Brahmacharya, Satya - all these are powers to manifest what do you want. The more and more you add these five, more and more you create, manifest. More and more you manifest joy, you manifest bliss, you manifest enlightenment. And I tell you, ... when you add more and more non-violence, you will be very even strategic in handling the enemies who are trying to attack you. You will know very clearly where to stop them and you don't waste your time in unnecessary fighting. You only know, alright, stop there. That’s it. Umm. Do your work, live your life. I will live my life. I am not interested in you. Just carry on. Past is past. You go and you live your life. We live our live. You know where to stop them, understand.

The non-violent strategic way of dealing even with your enemies is Brahminical, … is the Brahmanatva, Chanakyatva. Never picking violence as a weapon. Just go on only responding to the level where they need to be kept away, where you can do what you need to do to the world, understand. If you know what for you need freedom, what is the purpose of your freedom and maintain that. Just make sure you are completing your mission and your enemies don't interfere in that. That much you will be able to easily handle beautifully if you sit in Paramashanta Svarupa and … add more and more Ahimsa, non-violent component in your thinking. A non-violent strategic thinking … knows ... how to go on be manifesting … what you need to manifest. See I understood very clearly, what is my purpose of existence, and what for I need freedom. What is my freedom? Even the idea of freedom, the definition differs. I don’t need a freedom to go to a mall. Because I am, I am never going to go. Even when I was revered, respected, received and shown around the world’s largest mall, I came out empty handed.

I, I want to tell you, this really happened. One of the world’s largest mall owner is my disciple, where they sell from the table, pin to helicopter, everything. And he took me around the whole mall. And I was the chief guest for his one of, one wing inauguration. He was inaugurating one wing. And the mall was already running and he was inaugurating one wing and he took me to inaugurate. Invited me, I went and we have photographs, everything. We will … present it in the social media and … He took me around and … maybe that was one of the ... longest time I have ever spent in my life in any mall. Six hours I walked around. It was such large mall. And I walked around. End of the trip he said, “Swamiji, anything you want it’s yours. Please choose, pick up.” and I told him, “Honestly I am telling, nothing seems to be any way, even not only useful, relevant to my life.” He said, “Swamiji, please … don’t tell me that. It’s pride of our mall. Please have something.” I said, “Please understand, I am not disrespecting you or your love. Nothing seems to be relevant for me.” because for my existence, I know what I want. Of course, if he had this rudrakshas, I would have surely pick up from the mall saying, “Hey, give me these rudrakshas.” Because it maybe relevant for me. I wear and I am giving satsang. But nothing was relevant to me … to my existence. Absolutely being clear about your existence.

And not accumulating anything which is not relevant for you is Aparigraha. I am not saying, don't acquire what is directly relevant to your existence. Have a comfortable life. Just decide not to accumulate things which are not relevant to your life. That's all. You will have Aparigraha. The first step of Aparigraha will start happening, if you just disown what you really don't need to run your life, your existence. “Oh, some day it may be needed for me.” That is where … the delusion creeps in. Delusion creeps in. What is not needed for you, decide to disown. I just know, what is the freedom I need. I don't need freedom to walk around in the mall. I may need freedom maximum to walk in the beach in the evenings in Paramashanta Svarupa, in the space of Paramashiva samadhi. Being in the samadhi, if it is the time ... when the moon will be bright, like a from Dvadasi (द्वादशि, Dvādaśi) of Shukla Paksha to Panchami of Krishna Paksha. Dvadasi is the twelfth day of the Shukla Paksha, and Panchami is the fifth day of the Krishna Paksha.

This may be, this side few days, this side five days and that side five days or maybe little more than … ten days. It, it’ll differ from month to month as per Hindu calendar. The Shukla Paksha - Dvadasi and Krishna Paksha - Panchami, this ten days maximum. That ten days, I may want to walk in the beach in the night time. I may need freedom for that. In the evenings, I may just be sitting in samadhi in the beach, I may need freedom for that. And then morning, I’ll come and sit and give satsang. I may need freedom for that. I just know what is my freedom. What is the freedom I need. So I choose my life that way. And I plan my life that way. So I feel I am absolutely liberated, free. No one can touch my freedom, my liberation. I create the liberation I wanted. I create the life I wanted. I sustain the life I wanted. I destroy the things which I don't want and rejuvenate and manifest as I wanted. I pull myself out of delusion wherever the delusion tries to be pushed on me, or wherever the delusion gets engaged or entertained. And I liberate myself more and more the way I want. So I own up, I become Ishvara for my life. And I teach everyone to become Ishvara for your own life. Understand.

Each of the creative aspects of life, ... love added to your system … leads to enlightenment, leads to liberation, leads to more and more joy, bliss. You need to know ... life as such is beautiful, absolute Paramashiva, understand. Whether the air you are breathing in or the people happening in the life is absolutely beautiful. You just need to know what you need to manifest, what you need to sustain, what you need to rejuvenate, what you need to pull out of delusion, what you need to liberate. That's it. Owning up is key. I will make this principle, truth as a reality to all my disciples and devotees who declare their integrity to me today. This is my gift to my disciples and devotees. Who declare their integrity to me, I will make this as your experience. Sit straight with your Atma Linga in the hand. After a break, I'll start the process. Now … we’ll have a break. After a break, we will start the process to achieve Ishvaratva, Paramashivatva.


Yes, listen. Understand this truth. Change in your life can be drastic, absolute, the transformation can be spontaneous and complete the moment you own up. Owning up is Ishvaratva. Now, sit with the Atma Linga in your hand. By the grace of Paramashiva, I’ll connect all of us to Paramashiva and Shrikailasa, and make all my disciples, devotees who declare their integrity to me, to experience Ishvaratva, Parameshvaratva. Sit straight.

Initiation starts

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

Initiation ended

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

With this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Living and Radiating the State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness, Shrikailasa of Paramashiva, Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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