12 Jan 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript (नटराज, Naṭarāja)

*I Am Going To Reveal Paramashiva’s Message On Multidimensions Of The Universe. The Space I Am In - The Nataraja Space I Am In, Is A Feast For Disciples Today! Every Statement I Am Going To Utter Is The Direct Message From Paramashiva. I Am Mapping The Whole State Into Words.

*For The Devotees Who Declare Your Integrity To Me, Everything I Say Is Going To Be An Experience For You. I Am Going To Reveal The Multidimensional Logic Of The Cosmos. Surely Binary Logic Cannot Understand What I Am Trying To Tell. Binary Logic Is Not Mature Enough To Capture Cosmic Reality.

*Nataraja In His Cosmic Dance, Is Creating The Principles Of Creation With One Hand And Sustaining The Principles Of Sustenance, Rejuvenation, Pulling Out Of Delusion And Liberation With The Other.

*Through One Hand, He Is Manifesting The Principles Of Creation, Sustenance, Rejuvenation, Pulling Out Of Delusion And Liberation. Through The Other Hand He Is Sustaining. And He Is Not Just Sustaining What Is Created, But Sustaining The Principles Of Sustenance! And The Leg Which Is Thrown Out Is Giving Liberation To The Principles Of Creation, Sustenance, Pulling Out Of Delusion. And He Doing All These Without Stress And That Too In A Cosmic Dance! Connecting With Paramashiva, Nataraja Is The Ultimate Meditation.

*Human Birth Is Ok If You Can Have The Darshan Of His Form, Because Only Human Body, Human Consciousness Is Capable Of Cognising This Whole Thing.

*Devatas Cannot Cognise Delusion, They Do Not Know The Joy Of Pulling People Out Of Delusion. Planet Earth Is The Only Cosmic Airport Where You Can Move To Liberation. If Devatas Want A Space In Kailasa, They Have To Come To Planet Earth. Only Here They Can Experience All The 5 Aspects Of Paramashiva And Reach Kailasa.

*Even If You Just Meditate On What I Am Talking - Paramashiva, Paramashiva, Paramashiva, Shiva, Shiva , Shiva...

*Only From This Space I Can Talk About E=Mc2 . Zero Cannot Be Equated To Anything Other Than Zero. E - Energy, Is A Different Dimension Aspect, So There Cannot Be Any Equation Dimension Evolved For Energy Other Than E Is Equal To E. That Is It! Binary Logic Has To Be Evolved To Understand This!

*Energy Is The Reality Of Multidimensional Logic. Just Because You Don’t Accept Multidimensional Logic Or Multidimensional Reality, You Cannot Break That Down Into Binary Logic. A Binary Logic Based Mathematical, Calculable Possibility Cannot Be Equated To Anything Which Is Multidimensional Reality.

*Energy As Such Is Multidimensional Reality, Chit Shakti. Such Energy Cannot Happen From Any Source Other Than That Which Is Independently Intelligent And Swayamprakasha - Self Effulgent, And Living.

*Force Can Happen Between Two Matters. The Earth Pulls Something Down, So Earth Can Have A Force On Something. This Can Be Grasped By Binary Logic.

*A Simple Example - (While Demoing With A Small Oval Hair Band)

‘o’ Is Pure Paramashanta Of Paramashiva. ‘o’, If It Turns Into This (Twists The Band And It Forms The ‘infinity’ Symbol), Becomes Infinity! The Moment Paramashiva Out Of His Free Will Decides, ‘let Me Become Many To Celebrate My Existence,’ The ‘o’ Becomes Infinity! You Cannot Equate Anything To Zero Or Infinity. Only Zero Can Be Equivalent To Zero. Only Infinity Can Be Equivalent To Infinity. The Free Will Which Decides ‘let Me Become Many To Celebrate My Existence’, Is ‘parashakti’.

*You Cannot Try To Define Zero In The Language Of Infinity, And You Cannot Try To Define Infinity In The Language Of Zero. They Both Belong To Different Dimensions All Together.

*Zero, The Moment It Is Expressed Becomes Infinity. The Logic Of Zero’s And Infinity’s Existence Cannot Be Equated With Any Equation. I Am So Happy Einstein Is The First To Touch The Bhava - The Zone Of Matter And Consciousness. He Is The First To Grasp It. I Am Respectful To Einstein

*There Are Tonnes Of Honest Sincere Scientists Who Have That Beginner’s Minds. They Are The Seekers Who Are Really Integrated To Seeking, For All Of Them, What I Am Revealing Can Be A Great Inspiration To Further Discoveries, Inventions And Researches.

*Someone Has To Map What It Is To Human Language. Humanity Cannot Be Kept In Dark Any Longer. Truths Need To Be Told To Planet Earth. What I Am Trying To Convey Is, The Multidimensional Existence And Truths,

Just By Grasping, Become Our Reality. For Example - If I Reveal A Science About How To Become Weightless, And Just By Grasping And Cognising It, You Manifest That Power And You Play With Your Weight, Only Then You Have Received It.

*So Basically, To Understand Anything Beyond Binary Logic, Man Needs To Mature The Way He Exists. That Is The First Fundamental Understanding Humanity Needs To Know. When You Start Maturing The Way You Exist, Just By Grasping The Multidimensional Truths, You Will Start Manifesting Powers. That Is What I Mean By Conscious Living.

*Satya - Integrity, Is One Of The Aspects Of A Mature Consciousness. A Mature Consciousness Loses The Cunning Strategy Derived For Certain Benefits - What Is Called The ‘kulla Nari’ (Fox) Strategy!

*Asteya - Non Stealing Happens When The Respect On The Items, Stolen For Pleasure, Grabbed, Drastically Collapses. It Collapses In A Mature Being. That Is When Asteya Becomes A Lifestyle.

All This Is Conscious Maturity.

*At The Age Of 5 - 6 You May Be Enjoying A Toy Car Or Toy Home. At The Age Of 21, 22, If You See Your Child Enjoying The Toys And Dolls, It Is Ok. But After 25 If You Are Still Continue To Enjoy Just Toy Cars And Dolls, Then Something Is Seriously Wrong, Because When Your Body And Mind Mature, Your Taste Must Mature To A Real Car, Home, And Real Life Partner.

*In The Same Way, When Consciousness Gets Mature, You Start Enjoying The Taste Of Satya - Integrity, Taste Of Asteya - Non Stealing, Taste Of Aparigraha - Minimalism. Minimalism Is An Amazing Power. It Is Not A Law Forced On You. It Is A Kind Of Existence With Which Your Consciousness Gets Mature.

*When They Illegally Arrested Me And Put Me In Prison, They Tried To Tease Me. I Was Not Lying Down, I Was Just Sitting Constantly In Samadhi Literally In Padmasana For A Few Days. They Teased Me, “Without A Bed You Can’t Lie Down!” They Gave Me A Small Paper In Which Tiles Are Packed. In The Place Where They Kept Me Illegally, There Were Tiles That Were Packed And Kept For Cutting. They Said, “Oh! You Are Missing Your Bed!” I Said, “No, Even This Paper Is Too Much For Me!” Minimalism Is The Ultimate Luxury A Man Can Yearn For! The Consciousness Prepared For Minimalism Is The Ultimate Luxury A Man Can Yearn For.

*’lakshmi’ For A Man Is ‘a Consciousness Matured For Aparigraha’. You Know That Some Items In Your House, You Would Have Not Touched For Years, But Your Consciousness Will Not Allow For It To Be Given Away Or Donated. That Is What I Call ‘cluttered Consciousness’.

*A Cluttered Mind Keeps A Cluttered Home. If You Have Not Used Something For The Last 6 Months, And You Won’t Be Using It For The Next 6 Months, You Have A Cluttered Mind. Maturing Consciousness For Minimalism Is A Power.

*Each Conscious Maturity Manifests The Quality To Map, Receive Reality And Truth. If You Have The Mind Ready For Minimalism, Then Automatically, You Won’t Be Tired To Do Yoga. You Will See That Yogis Who Are Excited To Do Yoga, Will Always Live A Minimalistic Life. A Luxury Man, How Many Ever Trainers He May Have, Even To Stretch Himself And Do 10 Surya Namaskars - He Would Have Given His Whole Life.

*There Are Some Rare People, Who Have Everything Around Them But The Consciousness Is Mature For Minimalism.

*This Truth Of Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility And Enriching, Of Satya - Truth. Asteya - Non-stealing, Aparigraha - Minimalism, Ahimsa - Nonviolence, Brahmacharya - Purity, Are All Different Levels Of Maturity And Power Connections That You Receive From The Cosmos.

*Nothing Can Destroy You Even If You Just Understand These Principles I Am Teaching. Death Cannot Take Away Anything From You. If You Understand This Principle, Death Will Feel Like An Examination That You Passed. Like A Boy Who Succeeded In His Examination, Exactly That Is The Mood You Will Have When You Face Death With These Great Powerful Truths.

*Energy Is Existential Reality, It Is Multidimensional Reality. Nothing Connected To Binary Logic Can Be Used For Equating Energy. You Cannot Even Put ‘=’ Symbol For Infinity. You Cannot Even Put ‘=’ Symbol For Zero. And You Can’t Even Say Zero Is Equal To Zero Or Infinity Is Equal To Infinity.

*It Is Like This: A Poor Man Who Becomes Rich, Will Not Live A Rich Man’s Life, He Will Live A Poor Man’s ‘fantasy’ Of A Rich Man’s Life, But Calling It A Rich Man’s Life. A Rich Man Is One Who Has Worked For His Richness And Knows The Science Of Sustenance. When Man Manifests And Creates Richness, He Understands The Science Of Rejuvenation, Delusion, All The Complications And Knows How To Liberate Himself From That. He Is Not Imprisoned By His Richness.

*A Man Who Is Imprisoned By His Richness, Still Has Insecurity And Incompletions About Richness In Any Form. Then You Are Only Living A Poor Man’s Fantasy Of A Rich Man’s Life.

*If A Rich Life Is Giving You Liberation And Complete Completion, And You Live Knowing How To Create, Sustain And Pull Yourself Out Of Delusion, And Get Out Of Complications, If You Are Completely Complete About Your Richness, Then You Are A Rich Man!

*Whether It Is Your Richness, Or Your Aggression, Or Your Strategising Mind, Or You Are Undersexed, Or You Are Having Sex, Or You Are Oversexed, Or Having The Cunningness To Manipulate, To Grab And Steal - All These Are Different Levels Of Conscious Immaturity.

*If You Are Attracted Towards Cunning Manipulative Strategy And The Benefits They Bring, Then You Miss Satya. If You Are Mature Enough To Be Attracted Towards Satya, You Will Automatically Drop This Cunning, Manipulative, Strategy And The Exploitative Benefits That You Think You Will Get. The Brain That Enjoys Satya, Is Like Glass Coated With Mercury. The Brain That Loves Satya, Mirrors The Cosmic Reality As It Is.

*If You Taste Aggression, If You Associate Aggression And Heroism, It Is An Absolute Immature Brain, Consciousness And Existence. If You Associate Paramashanta And Heroism That Says, ‘wait, Do Not React,’ Then You Taste Ahimsa. A Mind Which Has A Matured Taste For Ahimsa - Non-violence - Reflects Powers. The Consciousness That Is Mature Enough To Cherish Paramashanta As Heroism, Its Patience, Non-reaction, And Paramashanta, Its Non-violence As Heroism, Is A Power.

*Don’t Think You Are Exploited If You Are Non-violent. Cosmically It Is A Power. For Whatever It May Be, If You Are Agitated, Become Violent, Then Anything You Earn By Becoming Violent, By Getting Aggressive And Associating Aggressiveness With Heroism, The Whole Thing Is Just Ash.

*Only To Remind The Brain Not To Associate Itself With Heroism And Violence, We Apply Ash On The Forehead. Anything You Earn By Getting Agitated And Showing Violence As Heroism, That Whole Thing Becomes Ash. Sit In Paramashanta. Stop The Stupidity Of Associating Heroism With Aggression.

*Real Heroism Is Paramashanta Swarupa: “Nothing To React. Let Us Do Things Properly. Nothing To Get Agitated About.”

*Satya And Cunning Strategy, Is The Traitor’s Mind Of Shakuni. The Cunning Strategy Mind Is Nothing More Than Ashes. Realising This And Enjoying Satya Is ‘maturity Of Consciousness’. The Ability To Play With Logic And Cunningly Strategising Is Not Glory. It Shows The Immaturity Of Consciousness. It Is Called ‘consciously Retarded’ Or ‘consciously Handicapped’.

*Like How We Say ‘physically Challenged’, ‘physically Retarded’, ‘mentally Challenged’, ‘mentally Retarded’, The Same Way, We Have A New Term: ‘consciously Retarded, Consciously Handicapped, Consciously Challenged’!

*Asteya - Non-stealing And Not Grabbing Without Any Logic Or Dharma, Is Conscious Maturity.

*Third, Aparigraha - Living With Minimalism And Sickness Of Richness Is A Conscious Maturity. ‘grabbing’ Is ‘consciously Retarded’.

*Next Is Non-violence - Ahimsa - Versus Aggression. Violence Is Fantasised As Heroism. It Is Aggression Misconstrued As Heroism And It Is Absolute Immaturity. It Is A Consciously Retarded State. Anything You Gain By Aggression Is Ashes. It Is For Realising This That We Apply Bhasma On The Forehead. A Conscious Maturity Is Paramashanta Swarupa.

*The Delayed Gratification In Fear And Greed Is What I Call Paramashanta Swarupa. In That, Neither Fear Can Make You React In Violence, Nor Greed For Pleasure Can Make You React In Lust.

*Delayed Gratification Means ‘consciousness Comes First’, Conscious Maturity Comes First To Handle Fear And Greed Presented In Front Of You, Not Your Reactive Patterns, Non-violence, Aggressiveness Misconstrued As Heroism. Otherwise, It Is A Conscious Immaturity, Consciously Retarded.

*Purity - Brahmacharya Is Conscious Maturity. It Is Purity Versus Undersexed, Oversexed, All Incompletions Related To Sex, Pleasures. Whether You Are Undersexed Or Oversexed, All Incompletions Related To Pleasure Is Conscious Retardedness. Brahmacharya Is Conscious Maturity.

*Each Of This Is Conscious Maturity Which Manifests The Powerful Cognitions And Powers. The Multidimensional Truths I Am Revealing, You Can Mirror, Capture And Manifest As Powers If You Mature Yourself In These Five.

*These 5 Are Not Bondage, Or Restrainment, Or Vows - They Are Powers! Conscious Maturity Of Your Taste, When Your Taste Matures, You Grasp The Ultimate Reality. Then You Will You Understand That You Cannot Even Say Infinity = Infinity, Because When You Say That, You Are Trying To Develop Binary Logic For Multidimensional Reality.

*Multidimensional Reality Cannot Be Mathematised, It Can Only Be Enjoyed! Spirituality Cannot Be Politicised, Cosmos Cannot Be Mathematised, Sacred Cannot Be Scienticised, The Rare Cannot Be Rationalised.

*Integrity Is Conscious Maturity. Authenticity Is The Maturity Of Your Kundalini, Your Bioenergy. Responsibility Is The Maturity Of Your Consciousness. Enriching Is The Flowering Of Consciousness. The Taste For Healthy Food Comes From A Mature Mind Which Thinks, Consciously Plans For A Healthy Long Live.

*Don’t Ask Stupid Questions Like, “I Know Someone Who Is A Teetotaler, Who Never Eat Non-veg, Suddenly He Falls Into The Ocean And Dies, What Will Happen?’ It Is A Case Of Exemption. Exemptions Are Exemptions Because They Are Exemptions. Don’t Try To Bring Exemptions As Logic To Break The Rule.

*Every Time You Consciously Decide To Live An Enlightened Life, You Will Wipe Off All The Unconscious Karmas - The Failures You Had Till Then - Your Whole Past.

*When Karna Does Daana, He Doesn’t Keep Anything For Tomorrow, To Do Charity Tomorrow. Whatever Is There, He Finishes It For That Day. That Is The Beauty Of Karna. Same Way, If You Declare Consciously, ‘let Me Live An Enlightened Life’, Your Whole Past Karma Is Removed. Otherwise It Gets Pushed Into The Bank Of Sanchita Karma, Your Bank Of Karma.

*Today I Am Initiating A Large Group Of People Into Samaya Deeksha And Vishesha Deeksha. I Request All Of You To Read My Bhagavad Gita Commentary And ‘living Enlightenment’ Book. Second, I Am Initiating All Of You Into Charya Pada - Enlightened Lifestyle. I Am Initiating You Into Kriya Pada Through Nithya Puja. Recharge Your Elctromagnetic Energy Through Nithya Puja. Third, I Am Initiating You Into Nithya Yoga - Aligning Your Bioenergy With The Cosmic Bioenergy - Paramashiva. Fourth, I Am Initiating You Into Jnana Pada - Manifesting Paramashiva Intensely. Start Living This Four - Charya Pada, Kriya Pada, Yoga Pada, Jnana Pada.

*Live These Four With Integrity, Authenticity And Take Responsibility To Enrich The Whole World With This Four. Shrikailasa, The Only Hindu Civilization, Is Created Only For This Purpose. The Only Hindu Nation, Shrikailasa - Paramashiva Is Reviving, Kalabhairava Is Protecting Only For This - To Make Humanity Manifest The State, Space, Powers, Being And Superconsciousness Of Paramashiva.

*I Want All Of You To Read This Article (Tinyurl.Com/Scmp.Article

). I Am Not Saying E=Mc2 Is Wrong, I Am Only Saying There Is A Gap.

*Let Us Enter Into The Atmalinga Mandala Process. Keep Your Eyes Open Because Then You May See Me Walking Around Where You Are Sitting! Vibhooti And Kumkum May Also Materialise. Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

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