13 Jan 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript(ईशान, Īśāna)

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, sri mahants, mahants, thanedar, kotari, visitors, viewers, Sarvajna peetha yajamans, kartas, Kayakalpa yoga participants, Deeksha into power manifestation program participants and everyone, sitting with us all over the world sitting through Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Nlighten App, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Paramashiva’s message from directly - listen, future can be manifested as you want. It can be planned and planted as you want. Listen to this whole science step by step.

First, listen to bring minimalistic reactionary assumptions in your inner space. Let me repeat

Minimalistic reactionary assumptions - Paramashanta Svarupa is powerfulness, eternal youth, powerfulness, reactionary assumptions, make you ugly, old, dead. Minimalistic reactionary assumptions keeps you young beautiful, alive. Withdrawing from reactionary assumptions is unclutching. Assumptions which you make abusingly explode. When you were young you must have seen someone throwing tantrum, establishing supremacy and getting what they want and unconsciously you decide this is the way of getting things done. And you associate violent, throwing weight and getting things done and you associate that with heroism. This is the most, most fundamentally

Exploitation over your system - because your uncle your dad, has thrown the weight and got how they want - does not mean life functions with that logic. Establishing supremacy through reactionary assumptions, explosive, violent, throwing a tantrum and establishing your supremacy through that abusive nature, all this might work for someone for 1 or 2, but if you binary logic that life happens this way, then you are absolutely messed up understand.

Listen, reactionary assumptions are poison planted in your system through binary logic and everytime reactionary assumptions explode in your system, you have a nervous breakdown. If nervous breakdown becomes regular lifestyle then you have a mental breakdown. We want you to know thoroughly, reactionary assumptions. Reactionary assumptions do not make you successful in any situation, even if you believe you got things done the way you want, that belief will hurt you.

Listen whenever I am in samadhi, I know this waking state is less real, when I get into this waking state, I know samadhi will be more real. Even for your business success, relationship success, principles of Ishana, principles of liberation are the most successful principles.


Principles of Ishana, principles of liberation means liberate yourself from reactionary assumptions you will solve all the problems and you will manifest best possibility - you are in terrible confusion whether to be in this job or not, whether to be in this marriage or not, almost 99% people have confusion between these two. Applying principles from liberation means - withdraw, for just 48 hours two days - I am not going to be in this job anymore. Over. Now Let me drop this reactionary assumptions which is instigating me and making me feel this job is a torture. Then when you discover, the reactionary assumptions which make you feel that job is a torture, you will understand real problems, then you will list the good things the job is offering, the suffocations the job is making you feel, in this how much is real suffocations if you just sit - paramashanta svarupa and see the whole thing and see the whole thing with liberating principles, whenever you decide to unclutch - listen if you are visitor and viewer watching this satsang, you will do this process, you will get clicks, understandings, where reactionary assumptions where making you feel suffocated where you can manifest more possibilities - if you are my disciples apply these principles of ishana in every situation you are going through. Suddenly you will have different boss, transfer with promotion with higher pay - apply these principles of ishana. Understand. With blessings of Paramashiva this is commitment I am giving to all my disciples - Jnana - knowledge is directly from Paramashiva - Paramashiva’s grace also manifest in your life. If you are visitor, this is just knowledge for you - if you are a disciple Paramashiva’s grace is there - for you and me - the powers of Paramashiva, with the grace of Paramashiva, you will manifest powers of Paramashiva. Apply the principles of liberation. Principles of Ishana. Your job, in your marriage, in your health - if you are having any sickness, health issue, I hand over myself to Kalabhairava. He is the most sweetest cute God. He may be having big big teeth, big big eyes, big Trishul you can actually go and scratch his belly and he is cute uncle God. When you go to Dakshinamurthy touch his feet. In all our ashrams, all devotees can touch his feet.

Make him giggle, he is too sweet and too cute. Lord of time - Kalabhairava too cute, too sweet. He wants to hide too sweetness, that is why externally he shows, it is like you are too much with love with kid, the kid may exploit your love and put himself in trouble. Like that only Kalabhairava. He is too sweet and too cute. When you go to kalabhairava. Make him laugh.

If you have sickness, any disease go to Kalabhairava I am handing over me to you - I am practically withdrawing from this body, I am not teaching suicide, I handed over my body to Kalabhairava.

Scan your body without reactionary assumptions, taught by society. All those reactionary assumptions drop all of it. I am not saying stop medical care, 48 hours I am handing over to you - done. Heal your relationships, heal your job, heal your career, you will suddenly change the future like this miraculously. Less reactionary assumptions is the space where powers explode and manifest. More reactionary assumptions is the space where powerlessness and poisons and toxins spread. Understand.

The reactionary assumptions, I tell you for my disciples I give you one more commitment with grace of Paramashiva, with blessings of Paramashiva, for example - if you have a problem in your job, in your career, you fought with your wife, wife’s parents, you made a big mess. You made a big mess. Now when you apply this liberation principles - If you are visitor, viewer you will have internal understanding but you will have to complete with the boss, and you need to make them understand that you are changing and you need to build a new life with them. You need to trust you are changing.

For my disciples you just apply liberation principles inside - transforming your boss, cleaning up the whole mess you made. You want to complete with your boss, start a new way of relating, you have decided consciously. Paramashiva is inside your boss also. With grace of Paramashiva for everything you have done, I commit with you Paramashiva is responsible for making them understand you are a new person, that you start fresh. You don’t have to feel like I have to give up my ego now. You will suddenly see their reaction is different.

Listen carefully, whether it is in your job, family, health body - your body is nothing but life. You will have a liver problem. Your job is a mess. If you have stomach issues, your job will be a mess. Reactionary assumptions are inside you and making your life mess. Before they make life, team, wife messy - they make your body mess. Don’t curse your spouse and boss and teamily - be very clear all your reactionary assumptions sit inside your system and first make your body mess and make career, profession, externally, mess. When you work on reactionary assumptions and apply liberating principles and clean them up - your body will also be healed, your spouse also will be healed, everything in multi level cleaning happens.

Understand I may be a little difficult to understand and digest. I am honest truth. Nithyananda maybe difficult. Time consuming. Chew and digest and internalize. But I am honest integrated truth and sweet like sugarcane and haritaki when you are continuously consuming - Haritaki and sugarcane -

Haritaki will initially not know the taste - if you consume little water, in some time you will start enjoying the taste.

I maybe sweet only when you consume you more - I will heal you and liberate you. Understand. Apply the principles of creation, sadyojata, principles of maintenance, principles of rejuvenation, principles of pulling out of delusion, principles of liberation in every issue - if you sit in Paramashanta svarupa, withdraw from situations, whether health office career problems, or family problems - decide I am liberated, decide, don’t divorced - I am not going to live with her anymore, I am not going to live with him anymore - now apply principles of liberation, what all is causing pain in me due to reactionary assumptions. As long as reactionary assumptions sitting in my liver, I will start fighting again. Understand, all my disciples should be in Paramashanta svarupa in any situation - this is my administrative secret, only to wake up the person I will raise the voice -

Anyone who is closely worked with me, I only give prayaschitta. Time to recover. Tapas you need to perform to recover. Never punishment. When someone does something wrong, when they realize, they immediately raise and moved to the next level.

Understand all my disciples, should have aparigraha minimalistic, reactions lifestyle - assumptions which make you react, for that you should be minimalistic for anything

The reactionary assumptions are not sitting in others head, others bodies, and destroying your life. Sitting inside your system and desotroying your health, wealth, career, family, teamily everything including your ability to manifest powers.

One more thing when you associate your reactionary violent burst as heroism not only to show on others - you are going to show that on yourself continuously which is more dangerous for you than others. Everytime you show your violent reactions or too much of assumption based reactions. It is literally having electrocuting your system, terrorizing your system, electrocuting your system is not cute. Less reactionary assumptions - more paramashanta svarupa, more powers.

Less reactionary inner space is more beautiful, more peaceful, non toxic and non carrying on your body. I have seen people who assume and react never raises as leaders. People who live in Paramashanta svarupa and handles only situations that comes in front of you and I tell you you will have such amazing life. Rebuild, rebuild, your future. Paramashanta svarupa - Paramashanta svarupa, withdrawing from reactionary assumptions is unclutching.

Bring peace to yourself. When I am saying multidimensional logic, the Nyayavaishika of cosmos, when I am saying infinity is infinity - when I am saying binary logic cannot decode existential reality - when I am saying you can plan your future and plant your future - manifest your future, all of that is same. The methodology I am asking you to practice is paramashanta svarupa is liberating principles. Decide, I handed over my body to Mahakalabhairava. Let me see what are reactionary assumptions, suffocations, insecurities, diffculties I caused to myself due to reactionary assumptions. Then creation principles can be applied. And maintaining Paramashanta, destroying all the reactionary assumptions, pulling yourself out of assumptions associated

I bless you all to manifest the state, space, powers of Shri Kailasa. You can start the power manifestation today. Everyday Anmartha puja, Nithyananda yoga, Power manifestation, Lifestyle of Paramashiva. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Be blissful.

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