13 March 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript(Pacchai Pattini Viratham)

Course Title:Pacchai Pattini Viratham

YouTube Title:Healing Problems Humanity Faces Is Our Spiritual Responsibility

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nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, … all the living and practicing Hindus from all over the world. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.


Paramashiva’s message directly from Shrikailasa. When love is triggered in you, if you cooperate with that energy flow and start acting, it’ll become tyaga. When tyaga is triggered in you, if you start cooperating with it and start acting, it’ll become love. Understand, here the master key, the key point is when they are triggered, active - start cooperating, working. Beautifully Paramahamsa Upanishad says the moment you feel that tyaga, without the fear of failure - renounce. And if you fail, it’s okay! Only if you renounce hundred times and fail from your renunciation and tyaga, you will be successful hundred and first time. Nothing great happens without effort. Nothing is wrong in failing. Something is seriously wrong in not trying.


I tell you, a failed sannyasi is million times greater than successful middle class mediocre grihastha. Because, the depth with which he is attempting for tyaga. The depth itself is too big. It’s like in Indian village they say, “Eight pass, ten fail.” Surely ten fail is much bigger than eight pass. Because the very class is different. In any level, in any level, larger attempt for higher tyaga is best. I tell you, doing tyaga of the mood swings is the highest tyaga. Doing tyaga of the mood swings: Nithya Puja helps the renunciation of mood swings. Everyday morning at six o’clock, you have to sit for puja. Then what happens you know? Your mood swings become irrelevant. You see, always your mood is set. The trend for your whole day is set in morning, early morning when you wake up. So the moment you wake up, you know you have to do yoga and you have to do puja. Then your whole day is set to the best trend. Then naturally your whole day has to be best.


I tell you, this Nithya Yoga and Nithya Puja is the most powerful way to renounce the mood swings - tyaga of mood swings. Whenever the gas starts in the stomach, usually early morning when you wake up, that is the time stomach will be full of gas. The gas in the stomach makes you forget the higher ideals of your life. You can check in your own life. I tell you, renouncing the mood swings is the most pro life decision you will take. That is one of the most pro life decision. Anyone who is integrated to the spiritual routine, will not even know something called mood swing exists. Mood swings will become irrelevant to you. I tell you, Coronavirus will be irrelevant for any practicing Hindu Indian village. Because, this is the season. This is the season for the dangerous viruses to spread. And this is the season in all south Indian villages, I know for sure. All south Indian villages, there is something called Pachai Pattini Viratham, that traditionally it is believed Parashakti herself observes this Nirahara Samyama.


It’s a literally Nirahara Samyama. Just … the buttermilk and panakam. Panakam is the jaggery water. Only these two is drunk … and no solid food. Please understand, Devi herself, Parashakti does this fasting ... from Masi Magam. Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, that is the mother source temple of all Mariamman. Like all Nataraja Temples - source temple is Chidambaram. All Shiva Temple, the Shiva Linga, if there is a Shiva Linga deity - source temple is the Tiruvannamalai because that is where the Lingodbhava happened. All Nataraja - source temple is Chidambaram. Like that all Mariamman Temple - the source temple is Samayapuram Mahamariamman, Samayapuram Kanatha. In that temple, … Devi herself starts the fasting, Nirahara Samyama - Pachai Pattini Viratham. From Masi Magam it starts. She is given naivedyam only the … panakam - jaggery water and buttermilk. Nothing else and I think, maybe coconut water. Just these two-three liquids are only offered as the naivedyam offering for Her. No solid food is offered as naivedyam. It’s called Pachai Pattini Viratham.


Parashakti herself does this viratham. It means the whole village follows. Not just that, that village, every village follows. What they do? Exactly what is recommended for Coronavirus in the modern days. Just you do Pachai Pattini Viratham, that’s all Corona is irrelevant to you. Jaggery water, buttermilk ... and adding neem in your life means keeping neem leaves outside the house, keeping neem leaves near your bed and lot of turmeric in your bath and in your food. Means, in your juices. Turmeric, neem, jaggery water, buttermilk. The whole Pachai Pattini Viratham, ... if you observe, that is enough - Corono is irrelevant. And I also wanted to announce, this the formal announcement from Kailasa. All of you please obey the instructions from your governments, your country, law of the land. Because in many countries Corono is really becoming a serious problem.


So, please all of you … obey your country’s laws. Whichever country has banned large gatherings, please cooperate with your country’s government advice. I wanted all the disciples to know that they should follow your local government’s advice, and announcements related to Corono. I heard that in USA and Canada, some other countries the … governments have announced that no large gatherings. Please follow your nation’s, your government’s, your country’s advice and recommendations and announcements … as a precautionary steps. No need to panic but have all the precautionary steps taken. I wanted to announce in … all the Kailasas will follow the local government’s advice and announcements and requirements related to Corono. And I also recommend devotees and disciples not to do any international travel.


And I want all over the world all devotees to take up Pachai Pattini Viratham for Mahamariamman. Let us pray to Mahamari … to bless us and protect us, and heal the whole world from this Corono problem. I think, let us do Pachai Pattini Viratham, take it up very seriously. Parashakti herself is doing. So along with Her, let us all do Pachai Pattini Viratham. I’ll get the precise procedures done in Samayapuram and share it with you all. And afterall, we have all done Nirahara Samyama multiple times, so it is easy for us. Let us all do Pachai Pattini Viratham along with Samayapuram Mahamari, and pray to Devi to heal the whole world, and … clear this whole Coronavirus problem. And continuous Mahavakya chanting from your own home. Let us do live marathon relay of Mahavakya chanting and healing, and Pachai Pattini Viratham all over the world … for Mahamariamman.


Let’s install Mariamman in all our temples, homes. Installing Mariamman is very easy. Just you need to make … a turmeric paste and with that … simple form, you can make with your own hand and invoke Mariamman in that and start praying ... if you don’t have a deity. If you have a deity - great. If not, at least do this. I’ll give a detailed procedure as it is done in Samayapuram. Let’s all start Pachai Pattini Viratham to heal the whole world. Not only protect all of us from Corono, to heal the whole world, because we are Kailasavasis; we need, it’s our spiritual responsibility to solve any problems humanity faces. Any problem humanity faces, Kailasa … has a spiritual responsibility to solve it. It’s our spiritual responsibility to solve any problem … planet earth is facing. So this Corono is too big a problem planet earth is facing right now. So let’s do Pachai Pattini Viratham, and solve the whole problem through the grace of Mahamari, Parashakti.


Surely Parashakti can heal this whole thing and clear the whole Corono problem. Samayapuram Mahamari can heal all this Corono problem. Let’s all do Pachai Pattini Viratham. I strongly recommend all disciples, devotees, sannyasis, Kailasavasis … to avoid any international travel. I think, this really becoming serious. Not only I recommend you obey your country’s rules, advice and recommendation, please avoid travel, all travel, international travel. And … let’s all do Pachai Pattini Viratham and … pray to Parashakti, Mahamari, solve this whole Coronavirus issue. Not only we will be protected by the grace of Mahamari, Parashakti, the world also will be freed from this problem. If we observe Pachai Pattini Viratham, Corona is irrelevant for us.


In south Indian villages especially Tamil Nadu and Karnataka - every village will have one Marikamba Temple, Mariamman Temple, Marikamba. In Karnataka, they call it Marikamba. In Tamil Nadu - Mariamman. And … West Bengal - Shitala. Even in Kerala is called Shitala. Every village will have Mariamman Temple. And … up north, She is called Shitala Mata. Down south - Mariamman. Umm. Multiple names - Isakki Mariamman, Mahamariamman, Thandu Mariamman. She’s my Kuladevata also. Let’s pray to Her and do Pachai Pattini Viratham. Not only we are protected, the whole world is protected and healed from this … Coronavirus problem. Everything recommended in the modern day, if you just Google how to avoid Coronavirus problem in your life, whatever instruction comes - exactly all that is done in Pachai Pattini Viratham from the time immemorial.


I think our Rishis and Munis have been adept and master … in every field whether health or keeping the society safe and in every field. To all the varitham, puja, spiritual techniques, religious rituals, anything they designed is highly scientific and directly useful to the life. I’ll get the detailed instructions from Samayapuram, … how it should be followed. All our temples, please do. Let’s have Pachai Pattini Viratham. Umm. And Mahavakya chanting … and healing the whole world. Mahamari, Parashakti will shower Her grace. We pray to Her to shower Her grace and protect all of us.


I am so happy that yesterday, all the participants of Oneness with the Avatar did fire walking. Aye, all you guys understand that Tiruvannamalai, all the participants who did fire walking, I guarantee you will not have Corono problem. Coronavirus will not affect you at all because that fire walking time, that small small blisters you get … just shoots up your whole immunity that power. Power to protect yourself from any virus or any problem. It’s actually a powerful technique. It’s a very powerful technique followed in those days, especially during this season. If you see actually this season, everywhere … all over Tamil Nadu, they will do fire walking. Because that protects you completely. And now no virus, nothing will affect you. Every person who walked, did fire walking yesterday in Tiruvannamalai Aadheenam, especially that is done very traditionally, systematically. If you had even small blisters and even if you did not have any blisters, you are protected already from Corono problem. You will not be affected at all. Corono will not work on you. It will not affect you. And, don’t worry, it’s a … traditional way of making you immune. Actually it’s a traditional vaccination process. I don’t know how many governments will believe me. But a, any country if the fire walking is allowed, please have fire walking.


I think in India, in some states, we don’t have a problem. In Karnataka, it is called, considered superstition. So Karnataka, they may not allow. But any state it is allowed, please do fire walking. I strongly recommend all my Kailasas, ashrams, temples, if fire walking is allowed in your state, in your country legally - do fire walking. You can get the manual how to do. It’s eleven feet length ... the burning live charcoal on which you are supposed to walk with the traditional powerful music which activates your lymph system - that mukulam we call it in the back of the neck. This music will feel like it is hitting the back of your neck and your whole detox system will be awakened, in that peak altered state of consciousness, you should walk on fire. Not just like that you will walk. You will first awaken, trigger the detox system … and then walk on the fire, eleven feet fire pit. And anywhere it is allowed in your state and your country, if it is allowed - please do fire walking.


I sincerely recommend all devotees in India. In India, I think surely in Tamil Nadu it’s allowed because Tamil Nadu even few days before I saw in Tiruchengode, they have done fire walking in Ponkaliamman Temple in Tiruchengode and our devotees went and did annadhanam. Maybe Bhaktika can organize next two or three weeks, every week - Friday, Friday, you can organize. All over India, people, our devotees can come and do the fire walking. I commit with you guys if you do for one fire walking, you are absolutely protected from Corona. Pray to Mahamariamman and do fire walking. That’s it. It is like a traditional powerful vaccination. Fools are those who go on abusing the Hindu tradition and methods without knowing the importance. Pray to Parashakti, Mahamari, do Pachai Pattini Viratham, do this traditional fire walking - you are absolutely protected from Coron, Coronavirus. No need to panic. Traditional vaccination: traditional, natural, organic, no bad side effect vaccination is … the Hindu fire walking.


So any country where the Hindu ritualistic fire walking is legally allowed, please do it. I strongly recommend. Even that lemon piercing, see … even that lemon piercing is a very powerful way of making your system immune. So everytime that needle pierces, your system is terrorized and triggered. So that whole system becomes fully alive and active, and starts protecting itself. Awakening the immune system ferociously happens by that lemon piercing. Anybody if you have done more than eleven lemons, be very clear, be assured you are protected. Eleven times is the maximum time your system can continue to cheat you. Lemon, eleven lemon piercing if you have done - done! You are protected. These are all very … typical powerful, traditional way of awakening you.


I tell you, listen, listen to this word very carefully. Non-tangible experience of powerful cognitions, I’ll repeat, non-tangible experience of powerful cognitions is constantly denied by anti-Hindu gang to make Hinduism illegitimate. Even some of the so-called modern day crypto anti-Hindus, you see, the anti-Hindu gang uses the Hindu masks. They act as if they are Hindu intellectuals, like a Max Müller how he was trying to translate Hindu Vedas, Upanishads. But his purpose was not to promote Hinduism, to make Hinduism illegitimate. He was using the mask of Hindu scholar. The Max Müller vamsa is still alive in India, I tell you. I don’t want to name them. But there is a big Max Müller’s vamsa, Max Müller’s DNA, Max Müller’s >>>Tamil 31:02<<<. M-M-M-M-M, that should be their initial. That “M” has a multiple meaning - Max Müller Machinery Marxist and …


All these anti-Hindu gang using the Hindu mask and attacking Hinduism, these guys try to attack the soul of Hinduism. And they don’t understand all these traditional practices and its values. They try to attack the spiritual soul of Hinduism. And they openly say all the Hindu practices are black magic, Aghori - superstitious. You see the superstitious law whether in Maharashtra or in Karnataka, directly hitting at the soul of Hinduism. And unfortunately, the Hindu intellectual dias, Hindu intellectuals are convinced that all these are superstition! Anyhow before they ban fire walking in Tamil Nadu, please finish it. I want to recommend all our devotees to do the fire walking before they ban it in Tamil Nadu. I don’t know when they may ban. Any day they may ban. Because all Hindu practices are getting banned day by day … in high speed. So, Bhaktika arrange it every Friday, next two-three Fridays arrange it, so whoever wants to save themself from Corono, this is a powerful natural organic vaccination for Coronavirus. Any practicing Hindu, living Hindu if you trust me, … all Hindus who trust me - please go to Tiruvannamalai Aadheenam, do the fire walking, and have the lemon piercing. It is a most powerful natural organic, no side effect vaccination for Coronavirus, and do pachai pattini viratham. I’ll provide all support free of cost.


In all our ashrams, I’ll provide all support free of cost for pachai pattini viratham - I’ll provide the diet, procedure, everything. But you cannot do fire walking in Karnataka, they will arrest you. It is considered, it is illegal and superstition in Karnataka. So … but you can do fire walking in Tamil Nadu. Umm. The pachai pattini viratham description is, Parashakti, Mahamari, She herself takes up the Nirahara Samyama, fasting, for the welfare of the whole humanity for twenty eight days from the last Sunday of the Masi month. Usually will be February-March. During these days, no cooked food or preparation is offered as naivedya. Only some liquid, like a coconut water, panakam - jaggery water. Only those things are offered … as a naivedyam for Devi. And after completing this pachai pattini viratham, Devi showered … in >>>?<<<. Means, She’s showered with flowers. People go and shower Her with flowers and offer gratitude. A very beautiful ritual where Parashakti does the fasting … to inspire everyone.


Alright, I’ll also join with all of you. So from today, let us do the pachai pattini viratham. Like when Parashakti does, all the devotees are inspired. I’ll join. I’ll start. When I join, all of you guys will be inspired. Let me do pachai pattini viratham to protect and heal the whole world from Coronavirus. To heal the world and protect the world from Coronavirus, let’s offer our devotion to Mariamman and do pachai pattini viratham, umm. Whatever Devi is offered, only that diet I’ll also have for this pachai pattini viratham time. Let’s start praying to Devi. I think, it’s already started in Samayapuram. Maybe we may have missed few days, we will add that in the end. We’ll add it, umm, and do the offering to Parashakti. So we’ll get you the detailed instructions how to do the pachai pattini viratham. Whoever wants to join pachai pattini viratham, please send your emails to Kailasa mail ID - [email protected]. I’ll send you guys some special gift … with the blessings of …


With the grace of Parashakti, Mahamari, we will successfully complete the … pachai pattini viratham. And, not only protect all of us from Coronavirus problem, heal the whole world and protect the whole world from Coronavirus problem. With the grace of Parashakti, I declare within this twenty eight days, by the time we complete the pachai pattini viratham, the whole Coronavirus problem will be healed and solved. It’ll be cleaned from planet earth. So all this twenty eight days, … let’s do the pachai pattini viratham and have fire walking in all our aadheenams. Especially Tamil Nadu where legally allowed.


I think Jyortika can organize in Chennai. And, Chennai - Trishulam also they can do pachai pattini viratham and fire walking. Salem they can do. Rajapalayam they can do. Even Madurai they can do. Madurai we have a property. We can do in Madurai. And … there are many ashrams, we can do pachai pattini viratham, and fire walking in Tamil Nadu. Madurai, Chennai, … Rajapalayam, Salem. Pattanam we can do. Hosur we can do. Erode - Tiruchengode Aadheenam they can do, umm. In Malaysia if it is legally allowed, in Malaysia also we can do pachai pattini viratham and fire walking. We have many properties in Malaysia. I don’t know about Mauritius. Mauritius is legally allowed, you can do in Mauritius also. And … all aadheenams next two-three Fridays, please do fire walking and pachai pattini viratham.


So now, with the grace of Parashakti, I’ll connect all of us to Parashakti and initiate all of you, all of us into pachai pattini viratham. Come on, take the Atmalinga, keep it in your hand, sit straight. Let's start the process.

Initiation starts

Initiation ended


Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

With this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Living and Radiating the State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness of Paramashiva, Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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