18 Jan 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript(परमशिव, Paramashiva, Paramaśiva)

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, sri mahants, mahants, thanedar, kotari, visitors, viewers, Kayakalpa yoga participants, Nithyananda Hindu university students, eGurukul students and everyone sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Nlighten App, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Paramashiva's message - Paramashiva is a greatest ultimate possibility powers and boon. Listen to this word boon. It is not given based on your qualification. It is based on His qualification.

If it is based on your qualification it is salary, you earned it.

It is based on His qualification. Paramashiva is a boon.

The kind of grace and beauty and grace and beauty and powers it has brought inside. Even if it was a delusion, I wanted to stay in the same state forever.

The state was so powerful, I wanted to be there forever.

Such grace and such beauty. Feeling of ecstasy.

Paramashiva is greatest powers, boon. For example you see a fiction movie Superman, Spiderman, in these heroes in TV serials Conscious mutants and all these TV serials fiction movies when you see - if you think all this is possible or not, all this is possible and something more is Paramashiva.

It is not hope. It is fact. It is a reality. It is happening.

I am not telling stories 10,000 old stories. No. Paramashiva impacts by happening. Alive.

He is happening.

One day morning, I received the command you have to start uniting the nations to spread all these great truths. Very slowly I settled. When command came, there is no two being. When that being settles down that Jnana, maps as Vijnana and Prajnana.

So first let's make a facebook page - and lets start organizing and taking to many countries, ministry of foreign affairs, and lets make them understand we are are making to unite all the nations, for ancient spiritual sciences, and ancient scriptures, indigenous traditions, Hinduism is at least totality of 10,000 sampradayas, originally if I say at least 200,000. Traditions at least now 10,000. Living streaks of Hinduism even now, I can comfortably say minimum 10,000. Shri Kailasa uniting nations to bring animal rights. Shri Kailasa uniting nations rights of reviving of indigenous traditions. Shri Kailasa uniting nations for children rights, Swamiji doesn't it look too big. We are just evolving don't you see it is too big project. After mapping, and organizing all our activities. My Gurus already guided me from young age what we are supposed to enlightened ecosystem, and I started the work after my Guru's left the body - other than Ramsurat kumar, Raghupati yogi, my own guru sannidhanam all this, so all of them almost left the body by 1995. But they gave clear guidance, so I have to have also have trainings completed.I was only 17 year old boy by 1995. Started things in my own way. I was initially not even able to maintain the building they gave me, I gave to my grandmother. I also wanted to get trained more so I went to Ramakrishna, parivrajaka, maybe the legal body is created by 2000 to revive this Shri Kailasa we have 1999 clear photograph evidence of my activities. It is a simple individual village boy - Paramashiva's grace, guidance and strength given by Gurus - started in 2000 and now 2020 now multiple countries supporting and 200 NGOssupporting Shri Kailasa, many have NGO status with united nations almost 50 nations we have registered with united nations running around the globe - 200 are supported by Shri Kailasa. When we put all this together and organized and then we saw Oh God, whatever you can do you should start. I am giving you this example. Paramashiva says revive all the nations, a normal person I have not even evolved as a nation, you are logical, binary.

Paramashiva let's do so you should just start. Now when we present to foreign ministry to give Shri Kailasa nation, or getting associated with us -just like that are happening.Soon I will announce the diplomatic mission is established, in what all countries we have counsalte status.

Miracles are happening when I started listening to Paramashiva and started becoming active and possibility and a boon.

He is a possibility and powers and boon.

Understand, so many countries now - there are three levels - countries recognized by Unitednations, countries and territories not recognized by UN but many other countries are there which recognized by other nations, and then countries which are recognized by nation in exist in - I am telling you in all three levels, type of reception we are receiving, Paramashiva is a boon - He does not give based on your qualification. He gives based on His qualification.

Understand, nothing should stop you trusting Paramashiva is a boon, powers and possibility. Start acting. Paramashiva is possibility and powers and boon and then you will see boom, He is there making things happen. I did not even imagine (of course I don't imagine) that we will get reception all over the world - with all false illegations, attacks done to me but work we have done when we are presenting to the world, Paramashiva is working. I tell you any of you want to be part of this project, become part of this project. He is showering left, right center. He is showering, multiple nations are associating with us - any of want to be part of this project, You will be showered with boons in your life. I am seeing auspicious energy exploding through the project, Shri Kailasa uniting nations for reviving hindu scriptures, for animal rights, for yogic sciences, for gurukul education. 108 projects to be part of this, I can say very clearly, this project is living example of Paramashiva's boon. Established in Shri Kailasa. If you are becoming part of this project, you will be showered with boons from Paramashiva.

It is happening in extraordinary way. Every human being should be part of this project. Any one wanting to be part of this project please complete kailasa.org/satsang.

First we are collecting all the work we have done last 20 years and presenting to the world. Continuing further allover the world.If you start acting trusting, Paramashiva is posssibility powers and if you start acting, He showers with boons. In every level. Paramashiva's blessings and Kalabhaiarava's protection.

Understand, nothing can be compared to the grace of Paramshiva. I really want each of you to understand. Grace of Paramshiva.

Today through Shiva Deeksha I am awakening the possibility of powers, in you. Paramashiva is great possibility and powers. Dvadashanta - he is inside you. residence of where He resides and runs the universe is inside you. Today's initiation is to awaken the residence inside you. Anyone becomes active, you will showered with boons. I request all of you start diplomatic relations and indegenious nations,

But grace of Paramshiva is there on us. He is just happening as His boon. Unimaginable work. Paramshiva is manifesting. He is really making it happen.

Initiation I am going to give you - mantra deeksha, shiva deeksha, mahavakya

From this moment you are initiated,Paramashiva starts manifesting His powers and boons in you. State, space powers starts manifesting in you. Today in 100's of places, 1000's are getting initiated.

Understand, today initiation to awaken Paramashiva's possibility, boons inside you. Hold this cognition and start getting active. You will see boons being showered in your life.

I expect every human being Shri Kailasa united nations.

I request all Hindus, every one of you - I give you individual request, please come be part of this great project.

Listen now initiation. Mantra Deeksha.

First pick up Gayatri mantra card. Card which has Gayatri mantra is printed pick up that first. Because in Vedic tradition Gayatri mantra is initiated first.

Om Bhu Bhuva Suvaha Tat Savitur Vareniyam.

Bhargo Devasya Dimahi, Diyo Yona Prachodayat.

Om Bhu Bhuva Suvaha Tat Savitur Vareniyam.

Bhargo Devasya Dimahi, Diyo Yona Prachodayat.

Om Bhu Bhuva Suvaha Tat Savitur Vareniyam.

Bhargo Devasya Dimahi, Diyo Yona Prachodayat.

Next Samaya Deeksha, Shiva Deeksha Mantra

Om Haam Haum Shivaya Namaha

Om Haam Haum Shivaya Namaha

Om Haam Haum Shivaya Namaha

Om Haam Haum Shivaya Namaha

Yes, now third is Mahavakya -

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

First gayatri mantra, chant 11 times during puja.

Second, shiva deeksha, chant 108 times when you do morning puja

Third, mahavakya you chant any number of times, any time

Now sit in mandala, I will connect all to Paramashiva’s space, state, being, Sit straight - Kundalini wake up with every being - manifest Paramashiva in every being.

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

My blessings to all.

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