18 March 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam Satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all of with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitors, viewers, Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Kailasa’s eGurukul students, Kailasa’s NHU students, all the living and practicing Hindus from all over the world. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Paramashiva’s message directly from Shrikailasa. Listen. Being of Paramashiva … is ... a definitive ... existence. All the best things and auspiciousness you can imagine, and beyond your imaginations manifest from the being of Paramashiva. The whole existence of the Cosmos ... becomes alive, comes to exist because of the being of Paramashiva. Listen carefully. The whole science I am going to teach you, the whole alchemy process I am going to do is absolute integrity, honesty and truth based. Cosmically how things exist as it is, I am opening it up in front of you. Listen carefully. As it is I am opening it up in front of you. Listen. The multidimensions, and various dimensions existence … as it is without adulterating or interpolating or adding … any … self serving motives or goals. As it is absolute integrity to Paramasiva, I am manifesting, I am opening it up. Listen carefully, I want all of you to understand few fundamental principles. My needs are very less. I only need freedom to reveal the truth as it is without being attacked by anti-Hindu elements. Understand, I’ll give you one example. Cosmically actual Narak, Naraka or Svarga ... described by Hindu Veda Agamas and Puranas are as it exists is totally different from how the western religions described hell and heaven.

Listen. Western religion tells if you don't believe in their religion, you go to hell. But in actual Naraka, you don't go to Naraka if you don't believe in some principle. If you break the Cosmic law of karma, then you go to Naraka. Not by believing in something or not believing in something. No! So the whole Cosmical truth … I am going to reveal as it is, I need freedom for that only. All the anti-Hindu elements, see anti-Hindu elements are multilevel. Some are having a different religious ideas so they want to attack the Hinduism without realizing Hinduism is not some ideology or faith based, it’s a truth based. It is Sanatana Dharma, truth based reality as it is. Second, some of the political ideologies have vested interest against Hinduism. They can’t thrive, flourish, survive if the Hindu ideas are spread, Hindu ideas spread all over the world.

So understand, these vested interests, … they are so well organized criminal gang. They can infiltrate into any organization and destroy from inside. That’s the biggest lesson I learned in last ten years. Sorry, twenty years. They can infiltrate and act as the devotees and insiders ... even for five-six years or act, do drama for years together ... and create fake stories, fake narratives. Do the crime, and create evidences against the organization. They can do every criminal acts. I have seen oh God! What movies are showing - agents, spies, all that is too small, too little. I have seen the implants in our sangha, how they, oh God! How well they are organized and cunning in their strategies and … bring down the sangha from inside. Of course, by the grace of Paramashiva and protection of Mahakalabhairava, this time I won the game. They are not able to destroy me and they can’t destroy me anymore. It’s all done deal now. Understand.

I wanted all of you to know, Kailasa is real and it has happened. Because, I do not need much other than the simple freedom to tell the reality and truth as it is, teach these sciences as it is. And what I needed also, I have achieved it now. I have it. Everything is done. So, I am going to give all the gifts from Kailasa as a gift. I am not interested in monetizing, I am telling you really. I am not interested in monetizing. You will be surprised to listen to my next announcement. I’ll not accept even Gurudakshina, any money from any of you before the program ends. Only after the program ends, I am going to accept. So there is no fee or money or Gurudakshina you pay and then enter the program. No! Because I am not interested in monetizing. But I am highly interested in protecting the sangha, I don't want criminals.

I don't want … cunning fellows strategically, see multilevel I have seen. This double face, one side they will say, “Oh Swamiji, you are great and I am devoted to you. I am absolutely committed to you.” That side, they will go and say, “Aye, I, I get you lot of information. Wait, wait.” And then they will try to see which side is winning the game, then they will side up with that side. Using me for their social prestige. All kinds of cheap people I have seen. I am only now evolving a structure to protect myself from this cheap gang. They come eat our food, enjoy our hospitality … and they want to be a committed sannyasis, powers. See when you are committed and trained sannyasis, certainly you get some rights, powers. They want those powers but they want to be treated as guests. Hinduism has a set of principles for sannyasis, separate set of principles for grishasthas, separate set of principles. For administration, separate set of principles.

They run riot and eat, snatch, steal, do everything inside the organization and destroy and then they go out and abuse and attack the organization . I have seen all these kinds of cheap people. I only wanted to protect Kailasa and sangha from this gang. So I am making it very clear, … I will not deny Paramashivoham Level 2 for anyone for economical reason. No! Money cannot be the reason why you should not have Paramashiva in you. No. Money is just social. But I am also very clear, … I do not want the sickened broke robber rowdies racist gang … who have deep vengeance against Hindus. The racist gang, I don’t want that racist gang to enter into the sangha and … run riot on my innocent loving space. Please understand, every time when I come out of samadhi, I am absolutely in the space of completion and radiating love, compassion, hospitality. For ages, for thousands of years now, Hindus have been destroyed because of their love, compassion, hospitality. I don’t want that to happen again.

I want to keep the Kailasa alive. I want to keep the sangha alive. I don’t want these demons and devils, rakshasas and rakshasis … enter into the sangha and … destroy the sangha, ... attack the sangha from inside and outside. How many multiple layer illegal things they have done. But unfortunately we don’t have time to fight with … all of them, because we have too important work to do. See for example, you have a medicine for Corona and ten people are about to die, will you have time to go and give that medicine to all of them, or somebody who has stolen the copyright of, patent right of the medicine? You’ll have time to go and fight them in the court? Naturally my first priority is to give that medicine and save the people. Not to go and fight with them who has taken the patent right or copyright, stolen it, and trying to make it on their own, monetize it. No, I don’t have time for that. I have to save people. I have to give this great conscious breakthrough to people.

I have been attacked too much, but by the grace of Kalabhairava, Paramashiva’s grace and Kalabhairava’s protection, … I am saved and Kailasa has happened. Listen carefully. I want all the devotees to understand, and start protecting, defending Kailasa everywhere. I do not want money to stop anyone coming and attending this program. But I want absolute commitment, integrity and commitment from people. So I am evolving a system. Unless you pay, … you don't sit, attend with the respect or involvement. You take things for granted. You abuse it cheaply. Anything comes free, you’ll use it and throw it like toilet paper. I think now the toilet paper is too value because of Corono. I do not want ... Tpeople to take this whole Paramashivoham process for granted. Same way, I do not want … people to be stopped … because of money. Because money is manmade. Listen. All this after considering intensely and sincerely, … I want to open the doors to all the beings of the Universe.

See just because few criminals and demons came and demolished, attacked, I cannot shut my door. I will continue to be hospitable and keep myself available to the whole world. Understand. It is my responsibility ... to make the whole world manifest being of Paramashiva. Same way, my responsibility to protect Kailasa from demons, devils, rakshasis and rakshasas. I am opening the doors of Paramashivoham to all the beings. Many people are asking that it is too soon, only yesterday I announced on 20th I am going to start. Please give us two-three days to prepare. Till 27th, I’ll allow participants to come inside. Till 27th, I’ll allow participants to join. But I recommend you start from 20th. You start joining as early as possible. Because everyday is going to be intense super alchemy process. Understand, fundamentally literally the being of Paramashiva I am going to manifest. Inside you, literally you will start flowering ... and understanding the whole Cosmos and manifesting the powers.

As I said this one example, in really the Narak, Naraka, there is no such thing if you don’t believe in some religion, you go there. No. You will be pushed there. No. If you break the Cosmic principles, Cosmic law, the Cosmic existence, then naturally you go there to detox yourself … and evolve yourself to the next level. Same way, just because you believe in somebody or some principle, you don’t go to … heaven, Svarga. No! If you are celebrating the Cosmic principle, Cosmic existence, you reach Svarga, heaven. Understand the fundamental truths of life. Fundamental truths of life is reality based, not religion based, not any faith based. It is straight honest, integrity and facts, and the truth as it is. I have seen people feel heroic when they abuse somebody or attack some big guy. And, just to enjoy that heroic feeling, arrogance, ego satisfaction, they abuse without knowing whom they are abusing.

I tell you, … I don't care about their abusing but I don't want them to destroy Kailasa or sangha, because this is too precious for the humanity. Kailasa and sangha is too important, too precious for humanity. It’s with tremendous tyaga, this Kailasa revival has happened. That is why I am so cautious and careful. See, anybody who is recommended by any SJP Yajaman or Kartha, that this person is not capable of paying but sincere seeker, please allow - that person will be allowed. Listen carefully. That SJP Yajaman or Kartha who recommend should declare their integrity to me, and to the sangha in clear written email. Any SJP Yajaman or Kartha can recommend anyone for the program, either to reduce the Gurudakshina or completely make it zero, no Gurudakshina. I’ll gladly accept. I don’t have any problem because … all of you have supported the Kailasa happening, and I am here to share with the whole world … these gifts from Kailasa. I am only finding a balance between … to keep these demons out, actually if I have made all the programs in the aadheenam paid, even nominal amount, including the aadheenavasi training, sannyas training, everything - we would have had quality people. We would not have had these implants, demons, devils. We would have had less number of detractors. And we would have been doing our work more focus.

Even Kailasa, once the address is announced and I start the public darshan, it maybe one dollar but everyday people would have to get visa to enter into Kailasa. It maybe less than one dollar … or ten cents but everyday they would have to get visa by paying maybe ten cent or one dollar. They would have to get visa, so that I avoid that detractors and implants, cheap sick broke gang … coming and gathering … and attacking internally or from externally. I am, I have evolve now perfect system. This Paramashivoham, … I don't want anyone to miss due to money, but I don't want any demons, devils, anti-Hindu gang and racist gang, anti-Kailasa gang to enter … and create any mess internally or externally. I am making it very clear.

So any SJP Yajaman or Kartha, you would have to send the clear email declaring your integrity to me and to the sanghas. With that integrity declaration, anybody you recommend, that this person is sincere seeker, he will enjoy the program, he will neither create any trouble inside or outside, or any lawfare, any other mess, he is not able to pay money, he doesn’t have money for Gurudakshina; please allow him free or reduce - anything we accept. We will immediately give yes. There will not be any problem. There will not be anything stopping because I am not interested in monetizing. I am interested in giving to the whole world. I am only interested in protecting the sangha. I don’t want people who have no interest just checking out. If you want to check out, you watch the videos and check out. Watch my satsangs and check out. I don’t have time for you to come here to the program to check out on me. No!

Program is for alchemy process where the committed sincere seekers go through the process with me. I don’t want these people to come out, come there and check out and next day disappear. Because we need to prepare the infrastructure everywhere all over the world. So I don’t want insincere people. And same way, I don’t want anti-Hindu gangsters, the rowdies, the racists, terrorists. Anti-Hindu terrorists, I don’t want anti-Hindu terrorists. See fundamentally, this Paramashivoham process is … like a core of your being … will be implanted with Paramashiva’s space. You will become pregnant with Paramashiva … and He starts manifesting in you … and you become Him. Fundamentally His being manifests in your being, it’ll be an extremely pleasant, blissful Cosmic orgasmic, … ecstatic flowering of the being and manifestation of powers. Not just state of Paramashiva, space of Paramashiva, powers of Paramashiva, the very core of Paramashiva, being itself will manifest. Paramashiva feels world is ready for this science.

It’ll all be done as per the guidance of Akasha Bhairava. whether announcing the program yesterday or the structure of Gurudakshina, everything is directly from the guidance of Akasa Bhairava. I am evolving a structure where … you know you have paid and you should be committed, and attending … sincerely. You all have given money as Gurudakshina, you should attend. You should have that involvement, intensity. Same time, I do not want people who don't have money to be stopped. So I am evolving a structure, where even Mahants and Sri Mahants, even if you are not SJP Yajaman, our Mahants and Sri Mahants, heads of the sangha can start recommending. And anybody who’s a regularly volunteering, we know them, they are sincere devotees - those people also can apply.

I am trying to make ten thousand people manifest, ten thousand beings manifest. It doesn’t need to be human beings alone, it can even be pets. Ten thousand beings to manifest Paramashiva. So we can give a superconscious breakthrough to the world. So the structure I am evolving is … before you enter to the program, I’ll allow from 20th to 27th, this seven days, anytime you can join but once you join, you have to attend to the program sincerely. You cannot go in between and come. It has to be sincere commitment. Understand, nobody will be exempted from sessions. Sessions have to be attended because step by step first the Ganapati will be invoked. Then Bhairava for purification and detox, that Mahabhairava, Akasha Bhairava. Then the various Kailasa’s beings - Nandi. Then Paramashiva himself. So this step by step process cannot be … missed.

Once you enter, you have to complete it till the April 4th. So before you enter itself, the commitment is very clear. You are either coming by the devo, SJP recommendation quota, seat - no problem. Or you are committing this is what is your Gurudakshina, you write a cheque and give, but we will not accept. We will keep that because in Hindu tradition, only after the knowledge is given, after the initiations are done, everything is completed - your Gurudakshina will be accepted. So after the whole program - April 4th, we will give the cheques back to you. Then you offer it traditionally as Gurudakshina. And if you don’t want to offer and take it back, you can take it back. I don’t have a problem. I don’t have a problem. Understand. Understand this whole game. You would have to give but I will not accept. I’ll not accept, I’ll keep it there with you only. And after the program is done, from April, April 4th I’ll be concluding the program. From April 5th to April 14th - that ten days, I’ll be available to accept your Gurudkashina.

After the program if you say, “I don’t want to pay. I am taking my cheque back, I am going.” I don’t have a problem. Because Hindus, we function based on the simple integrity and commitment. And we don’t have … no Guru binds disciple legally … the education loan. No! And no disciple cheats Guru in Gurudakshina. Understand, even Karna, he lied to Guru about his community. Actually he did not lie. He just told the fact, but he himself do not know it’s a fact. That’s the only thing he has done. See, he was thinking he was told he is born for Shudra, but actually he is Kshatriya. In a way I think Surya’s son. Karna is Surya’s son. He must be considered as a Brahmana or the son of Deva. So he is not even a Kshatriya. He’s born for Deva. So anyhow … but he did not tell what he knows as a fact to Parashurama. That’s the only mistake but he even then … did everything to pay his Gurudakshina to every Guru from whom he learned. Whether Arjuna or anyone, so understand that Hinduism does not have that education loan concept - you are bound legally. No! Everything is spiritual connection and … spiritual feeling connection.

That is why I cannot even fathom somebody coming inside the sangha and staying, getting initiated, even taking kavi and eating, enjoying our hospitality, running riot, and then going out and abusing me because in Hindu culture, that doesn't exist. In Hindu tradition, that doesn't exist. We are absolutely devoted to the Guru Sampradaya, Guru-shishya Parampara. In the modern day, not only the racists from outside Hinduism, even some people inside Hinduism started picking this up as a heroism without knowing that this is not heroism. It is too much of Cosmic karma. So the whole program is going to be conducted with integrity to Paramashiva … and Akasha Bhairava, … Mahabhairava. I don't know how many of you understand the structure, the Gurudakshina structure. I’ll explain and put it in detail email and spread it to all of you.

So it is like this, you know you have spent so you have to be sincere. People who can’t spend get the recommendation from SJP Yajamans and Karthas. Then they participate free of cost, free of Gurudakshina. No problem but everything is cleared before you enter the program. But even then I will not accept the Gurudakshina. It’ll be really kept. After the program is done - April 4th, April 5th we will distribute all the cheques back to you. Then you decide whether you want to offer as Gurudakshina or you don't want to offer. It is up to you. Because I wanted to evolve as a system where my compassion and hospitality … is neither stopped, nor abused. It’s like I cannot stop my compassion and hospitality. I am here to give, to give, to give. But I also need to protect the sangha … and Kailasa from all these abusers, attackers, cheap demons, devils.

Forgive the enemies and devils but don’t forget them. Forgive them but don't forget them. If you forget, you become fool. I may forgive the demons, devils, … abusers, anti-Hindu terrorists, gangsters, rowdies, criminals. I may forgive them but I can’t forget them. Because we have to protect the Kailasa. I am going to keep and revive all the Hindu principles, even in Gurudakshina, in everything. I am going to keep these principles alive. And protect … myself and Kailasa. I am evolving the system … such a way, for each country, based on their local laws. We are evolving a system.

This whole Paramashivoham … is intense Cosmic happening, not just any program. It is like literally Paramashiva meeting you, you meeting Paramashiva. After the Great Pause, I am opening up with committed people. Understand, morning satsang ... I only let you listen few words which can be shared in public. Paramashivoham is where I am going to open … to the committed people, to the committed seekers. Today again, I’ll connect all of us to Paramashiva. With the grace of Paramashiva, to Paramashiva and Mahabhairava, to clear all the obstacles, and prepare us for Paramashiva to manifest. See understand, Paramashiva is actually alive, living, just like how you feel your being. He is not just the totality of some qualities, some live kind of energy. No! He is all of that and alive, living, independently intelligent; who is, who has likes, dislikes, tastes, whatever you consider as alive, being alive, having all those qualities in a super scale. He is a living being, who is moving the Cosmos and source of the Cosmos. He doesn’t have likes and dislikes like you, but He’s more alive than you. He is living, vibrating, ... radiating.

See unable to trust you, and unable to trust anyone around you - both of them are connected sickness, conscious sickness, feeds each other. When you are not able to trust others, you will not be able to trust yourself. When you are not able to trust yourself, you will not be able to trust others. This a sickness feeds the other, one the, one feeds the other. You are able to trust yourself is called peace, shanti. You are able to trust others is called bliss, happiness, ananda. Here, you will be able to trust yourself and Paramashiva, the whole Universe. Whenever I see you will be able to trust others, you always think you are like a child, small puppy baby, weak in the hands of others. No! That visualization, imagination, that you are weak when you trust others is wrong. You trusted others when you are a baby is different. But that is like a powerless, … no option trust. But the real trust is the trust you have with Guru.

Even when you have multiple options and choices ... and you know he loves you, and he has a best for you, much more than what you can think, his being can manifest in you much more than what you can think - that is trust, integrity. That integrity is what I want as Gurudakshina. Whoever has that integrity, I can make Paramashiva manifest in you. Listen to this carefully. Ability to trust the Guru, knowing that he is my visionary, he has great vision for me than what I can imagine, and he has a great love for me than the love I have for me, and he is capable than me to manifest best for me - having this trust on Guru and surrendering is integrity. I expect this as a Gurudakshina for manifesting Paramashivoham in you. So see this part again and again and again, then you will understand what I am trying to convey. So we’ll have the process to connect with Mahabhairava after a break.


Listen. When Paramashiva manifest in you, the tremendous love, compassion, joy you radiate, … not only it becomes eternal, … you just know you are going to be here forever. You are indestructible. And … that immortal indestructible conscious confidence starts manifesting in the body also, through the body also. With the grace of Paramashiva, I’ll connect now all of us with Paramashiva and Mahabhairava to remove all the obstacles for Paramashivoham, being with Paramashiva happen in all of us.

Initiation starts

Initiation ended

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

I bless you all. Let’s all radiate the State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness, and ShriKailasa of Paramashiva. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Living and Radiating that State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness of Paramashiva, Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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