20 Jan 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript(Nyaya and Vaisheshika, Ontology)

I welcome you all with my love and respects.

Paramashiva's message directly from Shri Kailasa - ontology, eschatology, epistemology axiology of Paramashiva Jnana and Paramashiva Vijnana

Beautifully Paramashiva has delivered grand message, grand narrative through this four words.

What is meaning of these four words, as per Paramashiva Jnana and Paramashiva Vijnana.

Ontology is science that study nature of existence or being as such. Branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of being as such. Sat the existence being studied, understood, realized, with Nyaya and Vaishika principles. Nyaya is multi dimensional logic. There are lot of intellectual pandits that confuse Nyaya and Vaishika cannot take you to enlightenment. It is support to take you to enlightenment. Multi dimensional logic is grand support to your enlightenment. By itself they themselves is not promising enlightenment. Even the Hindu pandits were brain washed by anti Hindu elements. They have started destroying components of their own system.

Nyaya and Vaishika has independent system. Without them no one can achieve enlightenment - without vaishika and nyaya.

Multi dimensional logic is only logic. Nyaya and Vaishika is great gift to scientific, metaphysical world. It is the biggest gift to the logical community.

Every scientific theory, mathematical problem I will give one more solution, theory through Nyaya and Vaishika.

Mathematics like Ramanujam. Listen, understand intensely.

Nyaya and Vaishika methodology of understanding the nature of existence, or being as such directly leads you to Paramashiva Jnana and Paramashiva Vijnana. Metaphysics actually Paramashiva Jnana mapped on consciousness with multi dimensional logic Nyaya and Vaishika - Ontology is usually defined as branch that studies being as such.

You exist now, with kind of vibrations, feelings, understandings what you think as you - your perceptions put together. If alterations and adjustments and corrections are done in what you experience as you - whole reality of you changes.

Ontology the metaphysics of nature of existence and beings need to be studies by logic of multi dimensional logic of Nyaya and Vaishika.

If you are blissful and cognizing Paramashiva sitting in your inner space and oozing out Paramashiva Ananda which fills your brain your system and oozes through you - you will win lottery.

Step by step trying to make ontology into reality mapping the Paramashiva Jnana into your Prajna, making it your Prajnana then mapping it your Vijnana.

Cognize your existence, core as Paramashiva.

In Raurava Agama, Shivajnana Botham meditate Paramashiva as you - your core consciousness, Paramashiva is eternal bliss, extraordinary bliss. The bliss oozes out as intense energy.

Nyaya and Vaishika are supportive of all the sastras - Nyaya Vaishika Vyakarna Sarva Shastra Upakarana.

Logic and grammar helps you to experience ultimate.

Listen to this great truth.

Ontology, it is like meta physics of beings, escatology is like the system of doctorines concerning final matter as dead for future.

Epistimology that studies methods, limits of human knowledge.

Ontology of Paramshiva Jnana - If you decide to change your inner space, your outer reality changes drastically shockingly. In metaphysics miracles is simple science. You can cause it.

Paramashiva ontology - there is only cause and effect - you change your inner space, you manifest miracles. Everything that manifests just falls so beautifully around you. And you continue to be in space of Paramashiva ananada - supernal effulgence of Paramshiva. Start tasting, beauty of quality of Paramshiva - anybody who get taste of quality of Paramshiva will get liberated. Eternal love, real ananda. Extremely alive.

Bliss of Paramashiva is gold. Make that as logic of your life.

That logic that gives you the push to wake up and to do things, that intuition that you respect everyday that part of you make it out of Paramashiva's bliss. Always remember Paramshiva and Paramashiva's oozing as reactions and assumptions - best things are happeing in your life. Best things are done by you and done to you.

Understand, can shake the existence of Paramshiva in you - but by remembering it, making your logic out of that Gold making Pramashiva logic in you - your actions and reactions become so beautiful inside and outside.

Cognize, sit in samadhi, he is residing in you as eternal bliss, joy, joy, paramshanta svarupa - Nithyananda Svarupa, just cognize this. With this cognition you change literally reality of your life.

Sit as Paramashiva as eternally 16. He describing Himself. The verbal selfie. Verbal selfie about Himself is the Dhyana sloka in agama. Description in other puranas are photograph. Description given in Agama is by Himself. He is eternally 16. Meditate on Him. Cognize Him with Oneness. Your body for become healthy. Whole day meditate you are Paramshiva, you are eternally sweet 16.

With same yoga, you will see 20 times more result.

You will build it. You will manifest it. Every level apply ontology of Paramashiva Jnana. This is science of power manifestation. Apply Paramashiva Jnana antology in your day to day life. This happening in day to day life is power manifestation science.

Whether, it is changing the nature of your reality, existence by changing the nature of your conscious existence. Understand. Paramshiva resides in you - he is eternal reality. That cannot be changed. He is eternal reality.

By connecting and declaring consciously - all blissful people will be show off.

Just declare oneness with this space of Paramshiva. Your skin will start shining. Anyone wants to be charming, graceful, meditate on this powerful cognition. Paramashiva Shodasapcha udam gantham, Paramashivoham.

When the conscious existence of you is changed, the ontology of you gets a breakthrough.

The reality and existence of you gets a breakthrough.

Understand I will be absolutely integrated to knowledge and reveal truths to you all.

I will be integrated to Pramashiva Jnana ontology.

In every level, apply the fundamental truth- conscious breakthrough, conscious breakthrough power manifestation, conscious breakthrough is easy, immediate, does not need 12 years. With the feeling connection with Guru, oneness, Guru and Paramashiva, super conscious breakthrough causing miracles and power manifestation is immediate. It is not time consuming process. You need simple integrity.

I am integrated to Paramashiva. I am integrated to Guru. With this cognition, O Paramashiva you are real, I cognize you are inside my cognition - you are my eternal bliss. Oozing out. Filing my bones with bliss, Visualize Paramashiva is volcano of bliss. The molten stone that comes out - the melted stone that oozes out. Paramashiva lava is bliss. Your boons are melting in the bliss - lava of Paramashiva. Cognize bliss lava of Paramashiva. Lava oozing out is Nithyananda. It is melting your bones. Everything is melting down. Everything is melting down. Eternal bliss lava. Paramashiva is volcano. Lava is oozing down is bliss. And that lava is melting your identity. Paramashiva alone exists. With this super conscious breakthrough, you will make miracles happen, manifest powers.

All of you who are getting initiated today, all over the world - I initiate all of you - just four instructions:

1. everyday attend satsang. Satsang is like life, if you are alive and never missed satsang, when you leave the body your life will be satsang. Everyday watching satsang will inspire you and enlighten you. Watch live satsang daily.

2. Do shiva puja daily. 5 minutes. Recharge yourself. Even 5 minutes. Bliss is good puja.

3. Initiate all of you into Nithyananda Yoga. At least once a day, 20 min - 30 min

4. Initiate all of you into power manifestation, chant mahavakya, declare Paramashivoham and have miracles happen in you.

I will start the process after the break, of Visesha deeksha.

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