22 Dec 2019 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's Satsang Transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, visitors, viewers, Sarvajnana peetha yajamans, Sarvajnama peetha kartas, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Nithyananda Yogam participants, Nithyananda Hindu University students and eGurukul students and everyone watching live on Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Nlighten App, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV and Twitter, two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respect.

Today the eleventh day of the Avatar Dinotsvam. Utsava murti of Sri Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramshivam is adorned and it is adorning and gracing us with leela alankara of having the first enlightenment experience in Pavala Kundru in Tiruvannamalai. First let us offer arti and devotion and then enter into satsang.

Today’s message from Kailasa from Shri Kailasa directly. Paramashiva is beyond any form, formlessness we can imagine, visualize our extreme visualization extreme imagination capacity. Paramashiva is beyond any form formlessness we can imagine with our extreme possibility for imagination and visualization. Listen carefully.

Paramashiva is far beyond any form, formlessness we can imagine even with our extreme capability of visualization but out of His sheer grace and compassion He assumes the form of Mahasadashiva with Parashakti as He Himself described in Agamas to grace all of us in our inner space. When you raise the kundalini and kundalini hits the sahasrara chakra thousand petal lotus opens up

Then you experience that ultimate. Just now I experienced.

I want to tell all of you keeping Kalabhairava as witness keeping all my integrity absolutely straight as witness when I sat in samadhi this is exactly what I experienced the kundalini raised and touched the sahasrara chakra like a snake and kundalini started enjoying the nectar and the other being, ultimate being manifesting (other being is too small word) the ultimate being who is embodiment of all the beings, sat assumed the form of Mahasadashiva with Parashakti and blessed.

Listen carefully.

Keeping my integrity to Mahaganapati. To Kalabhairava. To Veerabhadra. To Subramanya with Parashakti and Parashiva. I can keep this as straight. I tell you just now before I started speaking when I went into Samadhi, I experienced, I saw this. Why I want all of you to understand these great sciences even if you take them as a level of hypothesis and start living them, start playing with them, working with them they do so much good, so much good. They actually raise the quality of your existence in multiple levels. Not just health, wealth. The scales with which you measure your life, your car, your promotion not just scales with which you measure your life and beyond. Ofcourse scales with which you measure your life also raises, beyond thatI tell you scales taught to you to measure life is also too poor. It is like how a poor lives a rich man he does not live rich man’s life , he lives a poor man’s imagination of a rich life.

I am telling you the quality of your consciousness has altogether different dimension. The moment you decide ability to play with inner space as you want, along with your inner space ability with any one’s inner space anywhere in the universe, understand you don’t even think all these are capabilities or possibilities. Your possibilities and powers are the real richness I tell you, even though I have not fully described the ultimate richness. I am trying to slowly evolve your consciousness and trying to take along with me, instead of your trust getting strengthened your doubts start getting strengthened - people who exploit you may be telling you you are being exploited. People who exploit you are afraid to tell you you are ultimate parashiva.

There are two gangs. There is an ordinary gang, that creates law, lifestyle, infrastructure needed for the lifestyle. People are asking me why there were no hospitals. In olden times, In Hindu India. There were no exploiting corporate hospitals. Whatever was needed, He did not system that constantly created diseases. Why you need hospital if people are taught you are gods, assumed the body, play with it as you want, why you need hospital?

From a young age, people you see lifestyle they are living and beliefs and patterns they create about your body, your health, about treatments plays a major role in your health. With all the humbleness, now 43 started, 42 ended surely I may not have gone to hospital 42 times this lifetime. When I remember that fracture I went. Like that I hardly remember, heavy metal quantity on different organs, and maybe for that check up. More I used diagnostic center, than medical facility. Diagnostic facility only I used. Through body scanning I find the exact things, where is disturbance, I want a second opinion to confirm my diagnosis with grace of Paramashiva without spectacles I can read, not just look even feel even comfortably feel 16, eternal 16 <embudi naal>/

Understand, fundamentally the reason for this kind of strong health and stamina. Understand this body has gone through so much. I really feel grateful for this body. It has done so much hard work and still continues to do. Even that little period when it was detoxifying and cleansing the body, purifying the body, it was resting in samadhi, such long things in samadhi I am keeping everything ready now, to share one by one, listen so much work has been done by this body, the funniest thing the body does not feel tired, does not feel tired. Even now it is pretty,

<tamil> I can start. Doesn’t feel like forty. The exact enthusiasm, energy with which I started my public life with which my Gurus had blessed me, with the same excitement, physically mentally, to restart the whole thing. Somebody has done so much damage abusers have done. Damage is idea is true, only if you can feel tired and bored and you are calculating and this much and this much is destroyed. Aye, I can start from scratch again. For a person Parama Ananda, Parama Tripta, Parama Santosha grace of Paramashiva there is no damage done by abusers. I can restart from scratch and revive whole Shri Kailasa on planet earth.

Reason for ultimate health and excitement and saw my Gurus and my elders how strong healthy, balanced extremely health it is from them I learnt. Night 1am my grandfather will come workplace, wholesale grain shop, they will buy from farmers and sell to wholesale shop, called mandi, tarasi mandi?, listen, night 1 o'clock he will come back and wash himself, take almost half bath, wash below the knee and sit and chant the Devaram and for at least half an hour for 1 hour and then fall asleep, and then get up at 4:30 and take a bath and go to temple, and whole day day time no sleep. And he was not poor when he was doing this. All his kids have grown up and settled they were all living from his earnings, but amazing I tell you people whom I have seen in my life in my young age has set a trend of what is health, living with healthy elders is the best way to live without hospitals. That great service was done to me by my elders. I tell you, the ideas of possibilities and powers can be really understood if you raise the quality of your existence, I used to wonder why there is not much talk about depression, mental disorders in agamas, then I realized there was no depression in those days, there was no mental disorders.

There are two gangs. There is a gang - first they show you are a human being, they show you have mental disorder and why celebrities are supporting depression and why they are supporting depression is ok, you should educate that person to be ferocious with himself instead of and youth girls and youth boys are told it is ok. No it is not ok. Do not give seed to mental disorders and mental problems. Youth of world wake up. The people who want to dump you with chemicals are dumping want to teach you false ideas, with researchers, medical trials, scientific researchers, feeling depressed, just 48 hours go to nearest shiva temple, eat bilva prasada, apply bhasma, sit in peace, connect with Paramashiva this idea of depression is absolutely false. One gang knowingly is constantly putting you down.

One small gang, I cannot tell gang, few people telling you you have higher possibilities and powers you are lower and you have more possibilities. Immediately the demon gang, that possibility, this problem who teach you mental breakdown is possible they create doubt in people who are trying to create higher possibility, <by action shows how doubts get created>

Meena Joshi was telling, meena joshi are you online? She was telling I should clear all doubts about tantra - we need practice or promote any sexual activity related methods or techniques and absolutely no sexual activity how many times I make it clear, these types of doubts will never go because people who create doubts are powerful infrastructure, if I live 1000 years, 999 years 365 days full evidence is provided, one day leap year that day he would have practiced tantra. One day is missing.

Understand, the demonic infrastructure, which is creating doubts in you is too huge, and people start getting doubts which has no solution other than raising the quality of your existence, there is no solution. If 100 times you doubt whether you are having depression or not and read some on google or and I challenge you will be convinced you have depression. Once you diagnose onepoint, within 15 days you will diagnoze other points, and immediately be convinced you need medical attention.

If love is associated with food, if love is associated with medical care, you are heading to destruction. The people who are trying to create are demonic infrastructures. All deluded ideas of right and wrong is established in you. So whoever feeds you. you feel that they love you. Whoever tells you to be with less food, really loves you.

Sotakurkaranu ne love life nasamapurichara

Love should not be associated.

Understand, don’t eat at all. I am saying the level of food needed for the body and the idea the level of medical care for healthy that very idea is poison. You have been told you have to eat three times. I cannot imagine somebody can be alive eating three times. Actually I should calculate, 7 times, then I should eat 6 times. Not only should be 1 meal / day it should be less if you calculate the whole week. Treat your body with a lot of love. Hydrating, heavy items on it, hydrate it - dump it with real herbal juices. Chewing tulsi leaf, neem leaf, bilva leaf, simple lemon juice, simple orange juice, simple organically available haritaki, castor oil - people tried to tell me castor oil dehydrates. No it does not dehydrate, it kicks out all toxins and shit. Actually you are habituated with shit in your stomach. When it is kicked out, you feel light, oh so weird.

I sincerely not to associate love to food and care to false ideas of mental ideas and disorders and yes you care educate people to be ferocious internally, do not sympathize with false ideas of depression. Recently, psychiatric doctors decided to call all mental patterns as disease. Understand this simple truth, the false ideas of disease, false ideas about health, false ideas about medical care, understand it is a very powerful lobby they go on intensely creating mass scale doubts and they create doubt on anyone who tries to raise you beyond doubts. I tell you. How systematically from time I am born and now and how systematically our indigenous medical care is eliminated from India through multiple methodologies. It is not care, it is absolute corporate money interest. Understand o humanity, not just ordinary low level health, the very way you exist, the way you walk exist, cognize about other people all together different possibility exists, each one of you radiating paramashiva. One of my team members, I told if you are tired, remember you are paramashiva. The tiredness will disappear. All of us are Paramashiva. All the Paramashiva’s coexisting happily is ShriKailasa. If I am Paramashiva, you are also with Paramashiva this is logic you are trying to fight with me, how can I be God.

If I am god, if I am having human body, if you also have human body, you are also God.

Actually, Krishna uses the title Mahadeva. Sri Nithya Mahadevasvarupananda - Mahadeva Saroga Mukti.

If you claim you are Paramashiva, I am proud of you.

All of you put facebook post, I am Paramashiva, I am Parashakti - enjoy life and radiate. I will be happy. If you say you are Paramashiva, I will be happy. I will send you my love. Understand dealing with life with binary logic with nyaya veshika is absolutely different. If your binary logic becomes your educational system, there is where possibility of enlightenment ends. Understand, all my gurukuls should teach nyaya and veshika, logic of multidimensional existence. I tell you, I will give you one small story - somebody came to Raghupati Yogi, Yogananda Puri - that person has eye problem, his eyes are becoming blur, then he said asked that person take coconut shell and urinate and bring, and then he gave boiled rice and then he said stop eating and he gave herb and water, but the patient does not know what medical is happening. My guru is famous herbal vaidya. After 2 weeks he is perfectly alright, and eyes are completely and I was shocked, I asked him Swamiji you gave medicine to clear liver. The permanent cure for eye problem is fat in liver getting healed and no binary logic can connect. That is what works. Because the logic of life is not binary logic. Fat in the liver melts, you get involved with life - cleanses all your 5 senses. I said wow. Involvement with your life heals 5 senses. What a nyaya! Understand nyaya, you can understand all the great, liberating darshanas, vision, how the maya matrix is spinned. How sake of money - false ideas are promoted. How in every department falsity is promoted. That is maya matrix control. How truth is mapped into your consciousness, the methodology of that Pragnyaya are called darshana - nyaya, Patanjali organized the whole yoga, undoubted way we can say Patanjali is extraordinary. Vyasa organized vedas, like that. Listen.

All ideas of weakness, and doubt, when you accuse somebody instead of giving all evidence you say he should give evidence that he is innocent, even if I give all 1000 years, 999 years 365 days video recording and then I have to prove that last year was not a leap year. Understand, fundamentally the quality of your consciousness how you relate with you, and how you relate with others, need to be raised till that raises you will continue to struggle with self doubt, self hatred, self denial with guru doubt, guru hatred, guru denial. Because people who create doubt in you are huge infrastructure, only then you will be under them.

You can say the same thing with me - alright just see who is raising your quality of consciousness who is liberate you with every idea and who is binding you. When I am telling you to reduce solid food and take juice i am not opening a juice shop, raise the quality of consciousness, existence, reducing the dependency on binding principles, controlling strategies, doubt creating conspiracy - understand even If I ferociously try to teach you - insist on something I will be directly liberating when I am ferocious you can see sincere mother in me - dont eat outside, don't get addicted to abusive SDHD just destroying your life just just just you dont even know what you have done all day - but day has passed.

There is a definition of delusion:

Shivajnanam meghashyam - where you don't even know how day, week, life is passing. Nothing is done. But day is over. It is the worst depression. That is what I called delusion. That is layered depression. You don’t know you are depressed. That is the problem you should be working. What you have done, no you don’t know. Sometimes like this my day goes. This is what I call delusion. Understand. Be ferocious with your delusion. Be ferocious with your delusion. Dont be stupid. Don't think people who sympathize with your negative side are doing good to you. People who are teaching you to be ferocious with negative side are doing good to you. One thing I can tell you all types of false accusation, people are trying to do to me, I can stand in front of Kalabhairava and say prabhu as much as possible, I have done absolute good to them. Standing them I can make this statement. With all my integrity - I can make this statement. With all my integrity to Kalabhairava. I used to tell, even sanyasis brahmacharis meeting - aye listen even if you leave after sometime, you should know the time you spent here is best way used to build your body, mind and consciousness - just for that sake I will not let you waste your life, in laziness, tiredness, chronic fatigue, it is like a 7 layer burger, if you put all that one above the other - multi layer burger, whole thing is finally called delusion. People drink coke in this size cans. My Gurus used to have sura kuragai. Bottle gourd, in that they will keep water and sometimes even ask devotees will ask to make bottle gourd juice and ask them to drink for 48 hours. I have seen only this water and herbal juice drank in that level - if you drink coca cola in that level, what will happen to the quality of your mind, existence - one fellow came to meet - he told vibhutananda puri - tell him to go to have castor oil and then tell him to come.

Issaki swami asked what is his problem, very rare when he is teaching me that also vibhutananda puri will read there if there is a doubt with powerful cognition he will open his mouth. That man came to Isaaki swami some complaint some fight, after his stomach got cleaned, he tool blessings and went. Swami told <tamil> That fellow who has shit in stomach, will have shit in brain - don't make them talk.

I tell you people who create doubts in others and put them in bondage are demons. That is the definition of demons.

What quality of consciousness you are having, coming near the person, and going out and spreading absolute lies as time to authority to ill. REal victim is consumer who consumes this poison and person who is shown as accused. Finally I am the victim of whole gang. Real victim is shown as accused.

Still I am not able to understand the theory of brainwashing. The funny thing is they start telling lies, first they themselves don't believe then they start believing that maybe I was brainwashing.

Let me always be at your feet. Let me completely be with you. Dangerous place planet earth made by this deluded gang, spreading delusion so wildly such large scale. Parashakti, Mahamayi, Paramayi is my kula devata. Samaya paraman is considered mul nataraja temple. All shiva lingas, linngotbhava arunachala will be there on west side. Like all temple mariamma is mother the formula. She liberates all delusion. By liberating people from delusion she can be protected.

Listen to the quality of your existence, the multiple possibilities and powers, understand when you manifest multiple possibilities and powers your quality of existence goes to a peak, when you become a traitor, breaking a trust which you made not only you break, you brainwash and even you stop believing yourself anymore. Even you won't be able to talk constantly talking about what you are talking. 20 years it is video recorded. Thanks to vision department everything is getting uploaded in large quantity - you can expect all videos are getting uploaded. In those days, when I was explaining I would have used their names, we usually don't release those videos, that is not public consumption - that is internal understanding, for our internal understanding during adheenavasis issues I used to discuss and educate, even though spiritually rich, paramashiva is protecting me, grace of paramashiva all those videos can be given for public. Spiritual insights into every social issue and political issue - you can learn the eternal values the jnana, the ultimate satyas of paramashiva getting mapped into day to day problems issues. Get solution for day to day problems and issues. If you try to lie about somebody's life, and create doubt in others and slowly convincing yourself about your own lies that is the worst way of existing - you are already in hell. Instead of raising the quality of consciousness on planet earth you are destroying your possibility - with this you start punishing yourself.

Meena Joshi ultimately I can clear the doubts as many times as I want. Doubts can be cleared only if they decide to raise the quality of consciousness, not otherwise.

I want all of you to understand, I am unadulterated voice of Hinduism. Unapologetic voice of Hinduism. Unpolitical voice of Hinduism. User friendly version of Hinduism. Most practical science of Hinduism. Most purest addition of Hinduism.

See this satsang again try to understand every statement I uttered. Unapologetic being and voice of Hindus. Very traditional makeup and jewelry I wear and how comfortably I am carrying- I am wearing rudraksha, the gold is added to show unapologetic and pride with which rudraksha need to be treated, gold is only container to hold content called rudraksha. In society big big containers to keep gold. See my life. I am wearing rudraksha jewelry. I am not wearing gold, I am wearing gold to add pride to rudraksha. Gold is only container. Rudraksha is content. Shift the whole understand.

Why is Swamiji is wearing gold jewelry? Why Nithyananda wearing gold jewelry? People wear gold to add pride to themselves. I am using gold to add pride to Rudraksha.

The society you keep very valuable containers - and protect gold. See cups are made in gold. Means container. Content is Rudraksha inside. To give that shift, unapologetically Hindu.

I am wearing gold as a container, content is rudraksha. I am proud of Rudraksha not gold. Even the ring, it is rudraksha is the gem. See, Even if the other gems are used rudraksha is main gem. Unapologetically Hindu.

I am proud of my Hindu tradition. Humble but very proud. I am making everyone wear royally. Hold all this with pride on heritage. The way your yajnopavita on your chest is the pride of the heritage. Traditional dresses mari sar, wearing styles, hosivam the way you hold traditional heritage pride. Unapologetically hindu. That is why all anti-hindu forces are hitting me with valour. I am not bothered about, this time attack is after international media. First of all fugitive is lies. Just spreading the lies. And all kinds of lies. Rape accused. I am exonerated by US courts. We have enough evidence, what you mean calling sangha as a cult. Multiple courts have declared we are proper hinduism. All cult reports were rejected by the court, absolutely. People are trying to run the nation from their views. Self opinionated - literally run the country from their studio. They feel they are Gods. and behave like gods. Self Styled. Self Appointed god man, judge, authority just from studio they try to run the whole world.

Fundamentally, hindus are minority, and any democratic country is under international influence. Ecosystem of all democracy is international. As per international system - Hindus are minorities. Who is having the land is different, who is having ecosystem is different. Media drives everything in India. Till who gets convicted whole thing is driven by media in India. That ecosystem in India is not in the hands of Hindus. I don’t know when Indian Hindus are going to wake up. Neither in the hands of Hindus, nor Hindu sympathetic. Whole ecosystem, international ecosystem hindus are minorities we are absolutely disorganized. Jews may be small number - we are not organized. We are not yet built our grand narrative where we can happily exist and holding that grand narrative alive. We have not yet built think tank which is building all components of Hindus. The lawfare on Hindus, even Hindus have not woken up to that reality. Lawfare on Hindus.

<power glitch>

I tell you in India why they feel false cases you know they also they cannot convict, they can detract and keep that person engaged for 20-30 years from 2010 from same cases, I am exonerated in the US. In India - they know it is more for destroying the work I am supposed to be doing. Destroying my mission. Not to be doing real work I am doing. Constantly accusing me. Stop people reaching out to me. Stop me reaching out to people. That is their purpose, so I have to withdraw from society. Filing false cases. Karnataka CID and openly putting advertisement for some victim come come, in newspaper, TV, facebook - you have victim, you will search for accused - what kind of investigation? This is lawfare, straight example of lawfare. Cooking up after months. I am not telling lies, it is a fact. We have all documentation. I am not rape accused, I am victim of lawfare. Victim of multiple assasnation attempts and law fare and persecution. Exonerated by same charges filed by the same person in US court.

I need to withdraw, because I need to do the work I need to do. If they would have not poisoned, after 2010 at most 10 years I have not done any work. If I was given little peace outside and not poisoned, legal, social, media assasination attempts, I feel Paramashiva is now protecting me - Kalabhairava is protecting me I can do all the real work I need to do to the world, why are they continuing with case now, no one knows. It is false, it is exonerated, here we are under pressure of media. IF nation is run by media, then accept that boldly. It seems in Gujarat, police were telling media is pressurizing we are doing, then let the world know media is running the country. Let the world know that. False case on Nithyananda will ever be a blackmark on Karnataka CID and his officer and he has brought big disrespect to whole department integrity by begging him some victims come, save our face, some victim come, he has brought disgrace to whole department integrity. I don’t know the names of officers, but whoever has done, after they begged also nobody came - then they told court we don’t have any evidence. Who got raped? Nobody knows. Some abuser was telling we never know he is a womanizer, if 10 years you lived around him how can something be hidden for 10 years - neither accused knows who is raped, neither police knows who is raped - media driven ecosystem. Absolute delusion - who drives that ecosystem no one knows - just somebody for TRP, personal vengeance, or some other land deal, extrotiona, blackmailing, I am against the driven media against ecosystem. I am not against India. I am against media driven ecosystem. The earlier Hindus wake up - good for you guys.

I am not talking about whole Karnataka CID _ I am talking about the officer, he is bringing disgrace to whole department, I am asking specific person by bringing disgrace to whole department, for you to save your face you will sacrifice my mission to humanity - that is why I am saying persecution - it is neither investigation, nothing to do with law and order. Neither law and order as per book, or as per reality. Never have I heard a case where a person is arrested, call him accused and telling ad anybody victim, please please come come.

Let me clear this doubts once and for all - I have withdrawn from society to do my real work I need to do - I will not allow this media driven ecosystem to destroy the great superconscious of reviving sanatana hindu dharma - Hinduism this great Paramashiva space- Shri Kailash I will not allow. I will not allow media driven ecosystem to destroy grace of Paramashiva of reviving enlightened ecosystem of ShriKailasa - that is why I withdrew to do real work I am supposed to do.


Let's start meditation process. Connect with Paramashiva. Chant the mahavakya. Today I am going to initiate after the meditation, I will initiate for few minutes to settle down. Connect with Paramashiva intensely.


My blessings to all of us. Let's all manifest state space powers of Paramashiva

Essence of today’s satsang:

One if I am God, you are also God. Nyayika.

Second like, if you are God, how can I be God? Western binary logic.

Media driven ecosystem, not even media - I am not against India, I am not against Bharat or any political party - I am only questioning media driven ecosystem and I will not become victim for media driven ecosystem - Paramashiva is protecting, Kalabhairava is protecting me, with this I bless you all.

Alright, now I will continue with initiation after few minutes. Stay tuned I will be back. Stay tuned.

Yes please listen.

Listen to this intensely. I will initiate all the participants and everyone.

Listen to this 3 statements. I am giving you passcode to Paramashiva. Connecting you to Shri Kailasa.

Sit Straight. Even if you are already initiated. Sit in this mandala process. More and more shakti will be awakened in you.

First, gayatri mantra. Listen and repeat along with me.

Om Bhurv Bhuva Suvaha Tat Savitur Varaneiym, Bhargo Devasya Deemahi Deeyo yona Prachodayat.

Om Bhur Bhuvasvaha tat savitur varaneyim bhargo devasya deemahi deeyo yona prachdayat.

Om Bhur Bhuvasvaha. Tat. Savitur. Varaneiym. Bhargo. Devasya. Deemahi. Deeyo yona. Prachodayat.

Next, Samaya Deeksha mantra. Shiva Deeksha mantra. Listen and repeat.

Om Ham Haum Shivaya Namah

Om Ham Haum Shivaya Namah

Om Ham Haum Shivaya Namah

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

With this, I bless you all of you and connect all of you with Paramashiva and Parashakti and Shri Kailasa. Sit Straight. Sit in mandala. Intensely connect all of you to Shri Kailasa and the space of Paramashiva. I will connect all to Paramashiva and to Shri Kailasa sit straight and chant mahavakya intensely. I will connect you all to space of Paramashiva.

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

Let Paramashiva explode in your third eye.

Keep focus on crown center. Let Paramashiva explode in all our crown center. And manifest state, space powers and superconsciousness and enlightenment ecosystem - Shri Kailasa,

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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