24 Dec 2019 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's Satsang Transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitors, viewers, sarvajnapeetha yajamans, sarvajna peetha kartas, Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Nithyananda Yogam participants, Nithyananda Hindu University students and eGurukul students and everyone watching live on Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Nlighten App, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today the thirteenth day of the Avatar Dina Brahmotsavam. Utsava murti of Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramshivam adorning the Kanchi alankara sarvajnapeetha. Let’s offer our grace and receive the darshan and continue the satsang.

Today’s message from Paramashiva. From Shri Kailasa. Directly. Jnana, Prajnana, Vijnana are Shaktipata and Shaktinipata. Listen. Jnana, Prajnana, Vijnana are shaktipata and shaktinipata. Understand this. Understand this truth. This is extremely powerful and extraordinarily powerful. You will feel blessed to attending satsang just for today’s satsang.

This is the whole science of Shakta. Whole source of system, tradition of Shakta. Basically I am Shakta. I may teach Shaivism to the whole world but in my life I achieved all great things through Shakta sampradaya. This is mula, jnana, vijnana shakta tradition.

Jnana - pure knowledge from Paramashiva Jnana mapped into our consciousness as Prajnana and mapped into our reality as Paramashiva Vijnana.

I am going to teach Jnana, Prajnana, Vijnana of Shaktipata and Shaktinipata.

Let me define the word Shaktipata, Shaktinipata.

Your bio energy - in sanskrit we call it kundalini shakti gets sealed in the body when you assume the body. And, that starts giving you experience of you - Prajnaa - Individual existence. From that it starts growing. The first action, kundalini shakti - your bio energy gets sealed in your body. If I have to visually describe - it is like a snake joyfully resting in bodha of Shiva, it is left resting in the body - it just quietly goes to muladhara chakra, and happily goes to rest to Paramashiva bodaha - she just rests.

Between the ages of 0 to 3 - the naga mani gets evolved in that snake.

The idea I exist, wakes up in your bio energy. Then it is called Prajna.

Maybe sometime catch up with this science I am revealing.

Listen intensely. Maybe modern day science will catch up with what I am revealing. Sooner the better.

Your bio energy is left inside your body when you assume the body - like a snake it goes into your muladhara chakra and rests cooly in shiva bodha. Between the ages of 0 and 3, you start feeling I exist. The time I remember me. The earlier it happens are higher consciousness. The people who never miss are yogaprashtas, Ma Prajnana, Sri Paramesha I have so many yogaprashta, Ma Yogamata - they wake up to the reality I exist just in one or two months. Ma Shambhava, Sri Madhava. Maybe later I will reveal. Some came to gurukul and parents are so deluded

Snake - kundalini is naga mani called Prajna. That is what is Naga mani of the kundalini snake. In Hindu tradition the snakes have a special kind of a gem on their forehead which is self effulgent. I want to make this point clear. Not only mystically or mythologically or symbolically your bio energy gets the naga mani I exist. I have seen snakes in tiruchengode hill develop self shining / self effulgent on their forehead. I don’t care about trolls. If you are in and around tiruchendur area by original erode manjal - turmeric water, make powder apply on huge snake carved apply do abhishekam, add in your food, apply on your face and body as aushada that snake has self effulgent inside - maybe longest snake sculpture inside - it is a deity it is Parashakti manifestation - if you are my devotee listen to what I am saying - the breeze which is blowing on ardhanarishwara itself can heal anything. That is why tiruchanur is so sacred. After I needed to settle down in body after great pause I had to settle down it is the most auspicious space. Apply the turmeric use it in your food, one food one for applying on the body. They call it kombu manjal - have the turmeric powder do abhishekam and keep. Have turmeric powder for separately for applying on skin. Listen this is one of the most powerful aushada. Snakes living in the hill develops nagamani - on their forehead, I have seen it. That is all I can say. At Least in 10 snakes.

The first evolution development happens in your bio energy kundalini snake which is feeling life from head to toe - end to end is alive. The feeling you feel I exist, that Prajna is Nagamani develops on forehead as self effulgent as shining golden diamond, like that it develops on the forehead of bio energy. Your bio energy is like a snake that is also golden colour, that is like a golden diamond of that bio energy. This evolution of the prajna that i exist - photo of tiruchanur kundalini - have darshan of it.

Listen, the first evolution happens to your bio energy - is it develops the naga mani - prajna - I exist. Whenever you feel that you exist, that waking up becomes like a self effulgent yellow diamond on your bio energy kundalini - your prajna is naga mani of kundalini snake. What I am describing visual representation of actual happening. When you assume the body - the kundalini is left in the body - kundalini is energy. Within the 0 and age 3, the identity I exist wakes up on you. That is naga mani shikwa mani develops as golden diamond develops bio energy snake’s third eye. When that starts that is when life starts - the perception files the good bad logic or nayika vaishika logic you evolve as lessons of your existence your prajna starts feeling your existence. Prajna means you start feeling I exist - now that I exist starts developing male / female, good, good in something so these upadhis, identities, ideas, patterns starts getting evolved in and around you - when you get the prajna mature, that happens by age of 7- that is the time you start developing your will. This is what I want. This I don’t want. This is not the way I will not be. Will starts getting developed at the age of 7. When you are born your bio energy is left inside you.

Before the 0 and 3, between the 0 and 3 you start experiencing prajna jagrata - prajna feeling - or you feeling prajna that starts happening between 0 and 3 - that develops on your golden forehead as kundalini snake. By the age of 7 that prajna develops the will - ajna - right, wrong, do, don’t you start developing ajna of about your existence, will. By 7, you start developing ajna with ajna your body also starts getting matured. It becomes physically matured in modern day before 14. Originally it used to be 21. My kuppammal - vibhutananda puri she became physically matured after she completed 21. She decided - she was born yogini she decided I don’t want - she just turned her kundalini - she decided to have her physical life. She consciously chose to have physical maturity. Without any sickness it is possible. The more physical maturity is delayed, the more health conscious being will be. The earlier it happens ok, but delaying is best.

At Least after 16. Listen carefully.

I really want all of you to understand this truth - science of shaktipata and shaktinipata. When kundalini shakti develops prajna and ajna than physical maturity starts. First evolution is Kundalini shakti - it develops ajna - it gets physically matured before 14. Most healthy kids who can push physical maturity after 21. At least let me put it on record this is how it used to be in vedic times.

When I use the word physical maturity - male body is being capable of becoming dad, father female body becoming capable of mother,

That is the next thing that happens - physical maturity happens. That is when you start falling in love. The capacity of romance triggers inside you - kundalini shakti.

Ability to handle a relationship in your life for many that doesn't happen till death, for some people it happens - it depends on individual flow of life - that is one of the evolution of kundalini shakti - the kundalini that I exist, prajna developing the will, ajna then getting physically matured this set of experiences to your bio energy is common flow - listen carefully. When you father a child, physically - that is the next level of kundalini energy breakthrough - it is not release of body fluid, life from your body fluid- it should become life - only then your kundalini reaches next maturity level. Either it should reach sahasrara or it should produce another life - these two anything has to happen. Producing another life is usual flow that is not important, whether you do or not your bio energy is capable of reaching sahasrara.

You using your visualization - mental capabilities, imagination, everything and concentrating and imagining and doing meditation and doing dharana and karana is called yoga.

Whether or not visualized perfectly or not, whether I am able to grasp 25 heads or not, He is real - it is not that through my japa through my concentration - through my focus - through my attention he is real - catching it and waking it up to the truth - once you wake up and how many of you struggle to capture and hold this visualization in your inner space - whether you are able to visualize or not, He is real. He is there in your space.

Whether you doubt or trust, you have self doubt, trust or you are complete, whether you are struggling in spite of your ability to focus or concentrate or imagine Him He is real - beyond your imaginations He is real when you catch that when that clicks in you - that is called Jnana. That is it. I sealed it. Understand.

If I am not able to imagine visualize Swamiji, is he not there? He is there - He is here. Independent of my capability Paramashiva is real - Paramashiva is real, He is there in Sri Kailasa I can tell I am not able to concentrate to hold your whole form - my Prajna is not that matured to reflect that being in me - appear in me - manifest in me - bless me.

Understand when you capture this one truth - He is real whether I am able to visualize, fantasise, do pratyahara or not, He is real. That is called Jnana Samadhi. Jnana. When that clicks, then that Jnana - then that start getting reflected.

Listen carefully, if this Jnana clicks even once in your life - that is called initiation. After that even if you leave the body - you will only be reaching to Kailasa for further decisions. Your lounge will be Yama loka or hell. Even once initiation happens - Yama duta cannot come and pick you up. It is true. With all my integrity I tell you.

Listen carefully. The various evolutionary stage of your bio energy - first it evolves as I exist, I exist by the age of 3, then develops I want this that, by the age of 7, manifests physical maturity roughly before 14. Psychological maturity by 21. Natural flow of evolution. At one point it just stops the capacity of reproducing in your body. Moopa. And then it just goes back to root of spine to rest and leaves your body is death. In this at any point in time in life, if you had initiation - then it goes and touches the sahasrara chakra, based on spiritual practice - it stays on sahasrara or various conscious levels or you absolutely get enlightened or you go to kailasa for further transition based on the quality of your existence during your lifetime.

Now, in sanskrit, the word kundalini is roughly translated as bio energy in English - Mopa is tamil word, where your kundalini decides not to engage in physical reproduction action anymore. Male decides not to become a father. Female decides not to become a mother anymore. Happens person to person different ages. Now listen this is the punch line.

Guru, incarnation of Paramashiva or representative of Paramashiva or both who is capable of triggering your kundalini shakti just by His presence or look or sound or touch the 9 methods any one triggers your kundalini shakti awakens it and makes it reach the sahasrara and explode is shaktipada, shaktinipada. That is why - when I awaken your kundalini shakti - you go through experience of whatever can happen from birth to death gushes through you.

It triggers the high quality of feeling that you exist, that is why a large quantity of oxygen is inhaled, the body becomes light and starts jumping. Body starts levitating. And the puppy love and extraordinary romance is triggered you don't know why you are so happy - your heart is triggered you raise in such ecstasy you feel you are in puppy love that ajna explodes and love explodes, literally body goes through all the stage I described at one go. In an overwhelming way and Parashakti beautifully manifests in you - understand

Sakuna brahmam is parashakti

Nirguna brahmam is parashiva

Nirvikalpa niranjana paramashanta svarupa - formlessness beyond in any form formless you can imagine is saguna brahmam. Rain of amrita from sahasrara flowing through your body is mahamayi - understand she showers and makes all the various stages of kundalini experience happen in your body - intense physical experience of cosmic union and absolute merging yoga- with paramashiva.

This whole stage by stage - the evolution by bio energy happens just by shaktipada of incarnation of Paramashiva. Who had the same experience by Paramshiva. Manifest paramashiva through His body. And gives you the same experience of kundalini shakti. This is shaktipata, shaktipada. This is not dependent on space or time.

Yes janma semarnat just by remembrance he can release from janma bandhamo - smarnat mukti - understand when I physically touch you crown center it is called shaktipada. Just by physical presence - it is called shaktinipada. Whehter shaktipata or shaktinipata effect is the same.

Shaktipata or shaktinipata effect is the same.

Shaktipata is like wire. Shaktinipata is wireless. Physical touch is not required. It just manifests. Listen my kundalini awakening is heart washing. My kundalini awakening is heart washing you just discover your love - lotus is the symbol of eternal relationship - rose is a symbol of eternal relationship. That is why whenever you raise in love - lotus blooms. Hydaya kamala. Hydaya Kamala opens up.

Listen. Even if I am far away the effect of shaktinipata in your body will be same because Paramashiva is not bound by time or space or distance. You can be now sitting and watching where you are - neither you know how thousand of miles away you are - open your hall, I maybe sitting - where I am sitting where you are sitting does not matter shaktinipata creates same experience in you - if you want to call them for today’s initiation - paramashiva shaktipata. Let them all join shaktinipata now. All the effects of kundalini experiencing prajna (me) and ajna (I want this, I want that) kundalini experiencing prema (pure love) kundalini experiencing physically matured (yoga with paramashiva) and kundalini exploding in various stages just can be transmitted by mere will - it is called

From today Paramashiva starts mystical work with all the committed devotees. Whoever wants can complete and redeclare and guru disciple connection and start becoming part of great Paramashiva process of raising shaktipata and shaktinipata - shuddhadvaita - paribodha anubhutam.

Call friends and family to experience shaktinipata. Call all of them and enrich and enroll them in ekailaasavasi.

Visualize space of Sri Kailasa, Sit close your eyes declare your integrity, Chant intensely. Hold him as much as you can, you will experience intense shaktipata and intense shaktinipata now.

*Meditation begins

Wake up in all of us - kundalini

Parashakti wake up and reach the crown center

Let Paramashiva manifest through me and explode all of us. Let Paramashiva manifest through me and explode in all of us. Enlighten all of us. Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

Just by listening to this great truth you can become enlightened. So listen intensely. Listen intensely. Chidambara pragnya receives reflects, manifests the pure Paramashiva and expresses as reality Vijnana in every aspect and dimension of life.

Let Paramashiva manifest through this body. Let Paramashiva explode in all of us.

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Om Nithyananda Paramshivoham. Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

With this I bless you all. Let's all manifest state, space, powers of Paramashiva.

So, listen now just relax in space of Shaktipata in a very relaxed way rest in Shaktinipata - chanting the mahavakya internally. Rest in Paramashiva. Bless you all, let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Be blissful.

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