26 Feb 2020- Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kotharis, visitors, viewers, Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Nithyananda eGurukul students, Nithyananda Hindu University students and all those watching us on Kailasa’s Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, Nlighten App, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today, tenth of the Paramashivaratri Brahmotsavam. Sri Nithyanandeshwara Paramashiva and Nithyanandeshwari Parashakti are gracing in Sarvalankara Amlana Mala, gracing in Vris ... Svarna Vrishabha Vahana in Adi Kailasa Nithyananda Peetham. We now offer our worship at their feet and receive their grace.

Devotional offering and arti being performed

Paramashiva’s message directly from Shrikailasa. Listen. Love is the fragrance of tyaga. Violence is the delusion … you create inside, not just in your mind even inside your very consciousness, understand. Violence is negativity trying to reach almost that state of consciousness. It’s like a, trying to justify hatred, not only logically even based on your existence, understand. Any powerlessness, negativity, violence ... logically justified itself is the crime. But, you go even deeper than logic and make your consciousness attesting it … is the worst crime you can do to yourself and to others, understand. If your mind is absolutely corrupted hundred percent, only then your violence can reach your consciousness. Means, let me describe more detail. You feeling that only if you start doing violence, you can exist, survive. That mental setup is called asuri (असुरी, asurī), rakshasa, tamasi (तामसी, tāmasī), tamoguna (तमोगुण, tamōguṇa), rakshasatva, asuri mentality solidified is you strongly believing unless you do violence you cannot survive. No. Understand.

Universe is too big. There is enough place and space for all beings. Confrontation and conflict is not prerequisite for any being to exist. And I wanted you to know, I am not teaching ... powerlessness. Especially Hindus, please understand, I am not saying, … you should just kill, get killed. Listen to my teachings deeply then you will understand, the power you will derive from pure consciousness. O Hindus, all sufferings for you guys is, you denied the ancestral knowledge of Raja Vidya, Raja Guhyam; royal knowledge and royal secret. Understand. Reactionary assumption, violence is middle class mentality, never royal. I tell you, … when somebody attacks you ... and you get agitated and react is a middle class mentality. Anybody with that mentality can be destroyed easily. A royal person who knows the Raja Vidya, Raja Guhyam; royal knowledge and royal secret cannot be destroyed.

Listen. The royal secret I'll explain to you now. Listen. Love is the fragrance of tyaga. Never ever believe in your heart violence is a prerequisite for your survival or existence. Your consciousness should not feel surrounded, suffocated by the violence and the need for violence and justification of violence. Listen. I’ll teach you exactly, precisely the context with which Krishna made Arjuna to wage Mahabharata and got the victory for the whole dharma. Understand, the greatest victory Sanatana Hindu Dharma got is Mahabharata wars - Arjuna’s victory. Don't even tell Dharmaraja’s victory, Arjuna’s victory. Arjuna’s victory. All others supported. Bhima supported by killing Duryodhana. And nobody else is a big support. Dharmaraja did not create any problem. That is the biggest support, that’s all. No, no disrespect to Dharmaraja, surely he’s Devadharma’s extension. I am not going to disrespect him, I bow down to his feet. I am talking about the war.

Listen. I’ll give you this Raja Vidya, Raja Guhyam; the royal secret and royal knowledge. Man who gets agitated, does reactionary assumptions, cherishes reactionary assumptions and reacts, is a Shudra, Chandala. In Hindu tradition, Brahmanatva, Vaishyatva, Kshatriyatva, Shudratva comes more based on your karma, your decision, not just by your birth. Listen. Listen to this very important thing. Once a disciple came to me and said about her mental depression and mood swing. Understand, what I shared with her, I am going to share with you all now. I told her, … I just saw her nadi. Nadi means that energy flow and told her, “You have iron deficiency. Physically you are suffering with iron deficiency, but when iron goes down, you have a choice to pick up which pattern you can, you should pick up and empower.” In my house, we had two grandmothers. My mother side grandmother, father side grandmother. Not directly like a father’s mother. No. The father side one elderly lady and mother side one elderly lady.

Both had that problem that during Amavasya, they will go little cranky. That the individual behaviour will be little unpredictable. And, both of them lived more than hundred years. In that old age, this is okay, what can be done and … they lived that many years and … all the other days they will be highly balanced, only when Amavasya comes that maybe forty eight hours, they’ll go little … One patti, my mother's side, when she goes cranky, she will throw all the items in the house to the street. Whoever goes in the street, she will give away to them. She will throw everything outside. The another patti, when she goes crazy, everything in the street she will bring it inside and that inside house and keep it safely. Anything in the street! In those days that municipality, the corporation of the local village, local town, they will bring pipes that to do the public works. Pipe, jelly, the concrete and bricks, all that they’ll keep it in the road only. If it is Amavasya day, any of those items are missing, those workers straight come to my house only.

My house is a joint family, large house. They will knock the door. My chittappa, uncle will go and open the door, “What happened?” They will just scratched the head, “Sir, >>>Tamil<<< Sir.” >>>Tamil<<< In my family, he’s considered a little err big family and my … father’s elder brother, my periyappa was a town surveyor, very respected person. So those guys they will be also a little afraid directly to ask, “Sir, >>>Tamil<<< Sir.” Chittappa will ask, “>>>Tamil<<<.” “>>>Tamil<<<” “>>>Tamil<<<.” He will open the door and leave it. All those workers will come straight, they know where to go. To that patti’s room they will go pick up all the things and take it back. See, even when you go cranky, you decide which pattern to pick up or straighten. One kilavi, when she goes cranky, she picks up the pattern of giving away everything, throwing everything out. The another kilavi when she goes crazy, she picks up the pattern of collecting everything and bring it back to the house.

So understand, I told her this same story and … told her. See, in our own sangha, I tell you, when Ma Pranapriya goes little crazy, she will go wild and start working like anything. She’ll become workaholic. All the projects pending, she will wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa, wa … she will go crazy and start doing everything and … Even if she goes crazy, she’s too sweet. She’ll only become more workaholic. There are some, when they go crazy, they will destroy all the projects, even the works which are already done. They will destroy it. Even if you go crazy, you should go crazy like Ma Pranapriya. Like this patti, when she goes crazy, she will only give, give things away. I tell you, even when you go crazy, don’t steal, don’t take others. Don’t take which is not yours.

I tell you … Listen. This planet earth is a preparation for you to live in Kailasa. Understand, when you go to Kailasa, you should not have cultural shock. It is just preparation place. It is probation training to be in Kailasa. Remember that! I am teaching you the Kailasa culture, culture of Kailasa. Do not suffocate your consciousness with the false ideas - violence is required for your existence and survival. No!! It is not prerequisite! I tell you, once you start believing violence is required for your existence, survival, … not only you will never be able to reach Kailasa - enlightenment, the whole existence for you will be just going lower and lower and lower. Then you will start creating that kind of a ecosystem around you. Understand. The main reason I moved out of humanity is, … humanity is not ready to understand violence, attacking others is not required for your existence. Only now, I realized why always the Rishis move out of the society.

Listen carefully. This is Raja Vidya. From this knowledge, the energy manifest in you will be too powerful. I am not talking about electricity, I am talking about nuclear power. So listen to this great truth. When you are attacked, you getting agitated is the stupid middle class mind. I’ll repeat, what I was telling my, one of my disciple, this my two grandmother story. I told, when Ma Pranapriya even when she goes crazy, she only becomes more active and workaholic. So, you also do the same thing. When you go crazy, don't pick up the negative pattern, pick up the positive and empower it. You can be the patti, when she goes crazy, she will become a great dhani, not thief. Because she believes if you give, more good will happen to you and others. So whenever she goes crazy, she starts doing that.

Listen. Listen. When you feel injustice is done to you mentally, you are mentally sick. If you suffocate yourself twenty four hours, there is lot of injustice done to you. It is Atmahatya (आत्महत्या, Ātmahatyā). You’ve killed yourself. You destroyed the Atmatattva (आत्मतत्त्व, Ātmatattva) in you! Do not do that mess! I tell you, ... listen carefully. I am giving you some of the royal secrets. I know … for a middle class mind, binary logic, it will be very difficult to digest what I am saying. Eh, listen, I am talking after being beaten left and right, so many ... assassination attempts. It is not that people try to kill me is some secret or I don't even need to provide evidence! All Indian national channel showed live that Nithyananda are being pushed into his bedroom which is a thatch hut, that traditional way sannyasis live. In that thatch hut, he is being pushed, door locked outside, everyone knows there is no other way out to run away and petrol bombs are thrown, and that whole hut burning. This whole thing is shown live! Live reality murder show ... in multiple national channels.

I tell you, after going through the whole thing, I am telling you, violence is not a compulsory ingredient needed for your existence. Live shows!

Listen. It’s not that I need to give evidence. The enemies who attacked me, they have created all this evidence. With pride, they are describing … “We are rid of this Nithyananda.” and you can see in those videos, if you zoomed in in those videos and photos, through one window, one brahmachari is screaming to open the door. You can see he is breaking the door trying to get me out and save me. All the police, media persons standing there and doing a live show. The police is not allowing even my sannyasis to come and save me. Never we were able to file any complaint or FIR. It's not one attempt, multiple attempts. But I tell you, … anyone who gets agitated, does the reactionary assumptions based action is middle class. They expected that I will react and it is easy to trap me and destroy me.

But I am clear about my life's purpose and mission. I am carrying one of the most important valuable gift I need to share with humanity. I need to exist to share this great gift to the humanity. Understand. How many times ... my car got blocked and murder attempt. How many times, even if they suspect that I am going in the car, they will attack that car. In these kind of attacks how many times my sanyasis suffered. How many of the aadheenavasis we lost, kailasavasis we lost. Understand. You need to know, after going through all these, I am telling you this truth means, you are my dear, my own, my beloveds. Only to the dearest people, you will tell the highest secret. I am telling you the royal secret. You guys are the people who give me food love, love, all the best things of my life, so I’ll be honest and loyal to you all. Listen to this royal secret. Do not allow your consciousness to feel suffocated with the idea injustice is done to you. It is delusion. It is not fact! Other than highest reality - you are Paramashiva, nothing else can be fact.

Everything else is, listen, is like a you dreaming a confused, mixed dream. Like … you feel you are already seventy years, but you are with your girlfriend whom you had in your college but never got married. And with that girlfriend, you are going to do some, some of your examination. And for that examination, your present company boss is not giving you holiday, vacation. Then your grandson goes and fights with your present company boss, and gets you the vacation for you to go and write your examination with your college girlfriend in the college. How you will laugh at this dream as absolute illogical, absurd, weird! Eh, how can this match even chronologically? Now I am seventy, and I had a boss when I was fifty, and I wrote my examinations when I was twenty two, and I had the girlfriend when I was twenty two. How can the seventy year old man have his grandson come, grandson who is born ... when I was sixty? How can this fellow come and fight with the boss whom I had at the age of fifty, and get me the vacation for me to go and write my examination at the age of twenty two with my girlfriend?

How that dream is absolute … absurd, weird combination of different facts into one false narration. And, make to feel like, “No, no, no, you see, I had this boss at the age of fifty. This statement is right, fact! And I am now seventy, this statement is right, fact! I had this girlfriend at the age of twenty two, this state err ... this statement is fact! I wrote this examination at this age. This err ... statement is fact! Just all these fact statements when they are connected and put together, it must be fact! Understand. This is exactly ... that delusion, delusion of existence. I should say delusion of your existence, not … the actual existence, the factual existence. I tell you, listen.

I begged and eat from all of you. I’ll be loyal to my annadatas (अन्नदाता, annadātā). Listen to this one truth, you will manifest powers. Listen. Never allow that idea - injustice is done to you. If you allow that, your enemies are successful, they destroyed you. Over! After that they don’t need do, to do any work. They have put the cancer in you. They have put the poison in you. You will be dead today or tomorrow, any one day. They can feel relieved that they have done their job and they can go and poison others. Listen. Anybody who consciously does not feel suffocated by the idea - violence is the necessity for your survival. You are called sadhu. This is the definition of sadhu. Anybody who feels sex is not that basic requirement to excite you - you are a sannyasi. Listen. Sex maybe a physical excitement … act, but it is not fundamental requirement for your Ananda, or the experience of exalted … states of consciousness. Understand.

The core suffocations you feel forms like a … ecosystem around your Atmatattva, consciousness, and that attracts that same kind of a mass around you, understand that! Even though so much of violence is thrown at me, … I never did anything to anyone, any wrong, I have not done any wrong to anyone. But so much violence is thrown at me just to make me fall into that rut! One of the greatest blessing I received from Paramashiva, the greatest protection I received from Paramashiva, the greatest protection I received from Kalabhairava is, I did not fall into their rut. I did not decide to believe violence is a prerequisite for my survival, violence is needed for my survival. They were not able to convince me of that. That is the break, biggest protection Kalabhairava is giving me, given me, giving me, giving me. He taught me clearly … that He is alive. He runs this whole Karma Chakra. You do not need to feel violence is fundamental requirement for your existence. I tell you, anyone who understands … the dharma of Kalabhairava - He’s alive and you do not need violence for your survival need is Hindu, is Sanatana Dharmi.

Listen. Listen. Listen to this further extension. This understanding makes you strategically strong, powerful. You know strategically how to keep yourself safe, and do your mi … mission for which you happened, and how to make your enemies irrelevant in your life. I tell you, Hindus lost this science and leaders who have this science. That is where the whole problem is. We also started following that same stupid theory of eye for eye. No! Non-violence from the right context really gives you power! Not the non-violence which comes by powerlessness, “So nothing can be done. So let me die.” No! Non-violence which comes from the clear Atmatattva, “I am Paramashiva. My existence is Paramashiva. How can I react so silly? Let me do what need to be done.” But, violence is not prerequisite. Universe is too big. Every being has a space, place.

I tell you, your cognition about the space is too important. The strong core beliefs you create, forms aura, karmic body, sukshma sharira (सूक्ष्मशारिर, sūkṣmaśārira) of you. That sukshma sharira goes on attracting that same kind of people around you. And, if your sukshma sharira is powerful even if the demons, devils come and try to hit at you - they can't hit you, they can't do anything. They just get kicked out. You continue to live as Paramashiva. They’ll never be able to reach you, attack you. Listen. Invincibility is … knowing the dharma, the Cosmic law, the law of the Universe, Brahmanda. And, the Cosmic law will be realized in your brain only with the lubrication of love and non-violence. When that Cosmic law penetrates you, okay visualize the time as Kalachakra. The Kalachakra is penetrating all of us in this moment. Now! Now! Now! You are touching the Kalachakra now. And the touch ... if the love is lub, love is the lubricant, if you carry that lubricant inside your heart, that Kalachakra touching you will be a smooth, sssssuuu ... Happy moment.

If you are carrying violent powerless cognitions, every time the Kalachakra touching you, you will be agitated, angry, violent, boiling, powerless. I tell you, … one guy goes to a doctor and says, “Doctor, my whole body pain.” Doctor picks up this guy’s … ring finger and makes, puts that on his left hand, ask “Is it paining?” “Yes, doctor.” And the chest, “Is it paining?” “Yes, doctor.” On the right chest, “Is it paining.” “Yes, doctor.” On the face, presses, “Is it paining?” “Yes, doctor.” On the head, “Is it paining?” “Yes, doctor.” And finally doctor says, “Your finger has a fracture.” Understand. If you are carrying violence in your heart, your finger has a fracture. So every moment Kalachakra touches you, you will have a deep pain, deep powerlessness. That means the poi … enemies have already poisoned you. You don’t need anymore enemies to destroy you.

I tell you, the royal secret. Reacting … to enemy requests is you see, millions of people sent enemy requests to me. What is enemy requests? They will just try to make fun of me, attack me, abuse me. Casually, “What is there? What can he do?” If I react and attack them back, abuse them back; I am intelligent enough to give strong, very strong response to them. But if I give, I have accepted their enemy requests, now the Karma Chakra will start. A royal person keeps the enemies minimum, as low as possible. I accept only friend requests. No enemy requests accepted here. I put a big board, “I accept only friend requests. I don’t accept enemy requests.” Like many people, they remember me sweetly, very beautifully and they share their love, they sent friend requests. I am, I want to spend my life only loving the people who are loving me. For that itself, I don’t have enough time. Then where is the question of hating the people who hate me. So I do not accept enemy requests. I put a big board. And I only accept friend requests. And if some friends turn into enemy, I just unfriend them but I don’t bother about them.

I tell you, … I have seen the extreme spectrums of love and hatred. I have seen the extreme spectrums of love and hatred. I have seen the people who are ready to sacrifice their life, just to get one cup of coffee for me. They are ready to do anything. I have seen the people, traitors, if they just get one cup of coffee, they are ready to sell me. I have seen the spectrums, extremes of love and hatred. With that rich life, I am telling you this truth. Inside in your core, do not allow the idea - violence is prerequisite for your existence to suffocate your Atmatattva, conscious component of you. See, conscious component of you, only I call it as Atmatattva, conscious principle. I should say conscious principal principle of you - Atmatattva. Do not allow your Atmatattva to be sapa ... suffocated by the idea - violence is a prerequisite for your existence. No! No! If you understand this one truth … and you will start manifesting tyaga and love, I can give you all powers. Now you are a God. I can give you all powers.

These demons and rakshasas, asuras, who are trying to attack and abuse. They try to spread rumours that mandalas have negative energy. The mandalas I am giving have negative energy. The kantha mala has negative energy. All, to all of them I challenge. I already threw this challenge and again I am challenging. If you say it is having negative energy, just bring temple prasadams like Arunchaleswarar Temple, Ganga water from Vishwanatha’s abhishekam and … Samayapuram Mariamman kumkum. Bring all of that and sprinkle and see the mandala will work more powerfully. If there is negative energy, if you put all these prasadam, the negative energy will disappear. There is no negative energy. It’s a pure positive energy. That’s why when you bring this temple prasadam and put it, it works more powerfully. The positive energy gets more awakened. If it is negative energy, I will not tell you to bring all the temple prasadam and put it. I know it is positive energy, that is why I am telling, bring temple prasadams and put it.

None of these abusers, demons, devils, rakshasas have answers for this logically. Because they don’t have a logical answer. It’s only a hate speech, spreading hatred. And I tell you, as long as those mandalas are there with you and kantha mala is there with you - that demons, these negative rakshasas cannot influence you. You are protected. They want to remove the Guru’s protection, so all the black magic, negative energy, demons can attack you. They can destroy you. I want to tell you, all those people who threw the mandala out, who removed the kantha mala, who consciously threw away everything related to me - see your life when you had me as part of your life and when you are not having me as part of your life; compare and see. And decide. Decide for yourself. Compare and see and decide for yourself. Throwing away all the mandalas, all the spiritual products I gave you, spiritual … sacred objects I gave you … takes away the Guru’s protection. Then all the negative energy, demonic energy, demons can rule you, can control you, possess you. That is what those demons and rakshasas are doing to you. Wake up!

If you are a sincere seeker, … just get temple prasadams - Rameshwaram, Kalahasti, Tiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram, Madurai, Chidambaram, Ujjaini Mahakal and Kalabhairava from Kashi, Vishwanatha from Kashi, Annapurani from Kashi, Puri Jagannatha. Bring all those temple prasadams and sprinkle, spray on this mandala, and keep them with you! See, if you put that temple prasadams on that mandala, naturally if there is any negative energy, it’ll go away. There will be only positive energy. So keep them with you! You will have Guru’s protection. If you throw them out, you remove the kantha mala - listening to the demons and rakshasas, there is no protection for you. They will destroy you. That is what they want and that is why they are brainwashing you. All those fellows … who told you not to wear the kantha mala, are the representative of demons, satan. Demons and satanic, devils. That is why I am giving open challenge. Go and bring prasadam from all the temples and put it on the mandalas. If there is some negative energy as the demons and devils claimed, it’ll go away! Then keep the mandala there with you. That’s all. Apply the jnananjana of Arunachaleswarar Temple on your kantha mala, and wear it. If there is negative energy, that will go away. You are now protected.

Don’t get destroyed by demons, devils, asuric powers. I am a rare manifestation. Anyone who misses me, especially after coming, getting connected and misses me - you will not be able to forgive yourself for your delusion and violence. Understand. You will not be able to forgive yourself. I am here to liberate you from your binary logic. Not to behave as per your binary logic. I am multidimensional logic of Paramashiva. I will neither behave as per your binary logic, nor I can be understood by your binary logic. I am here to liberate you from your binary logic. Don’t try to bind me into your binary logic. My level of integrity is different. My level of authenticity is different. My level of loyalty is different. My level of honesty is different. You can’t even understand that. Use that electricity and enrich your life. Don’t try to say, “Oh, I first understand the logic by putting my finger, my hand into it.” Then up to you, what can be done? Use it to enrich your life. Don’t try to abuse it with your stupid logic, binary logic. I am not even electricity. I am a strong nuclear force and something more.

I tell you, … tyaga is a superpower. It makes all the pains of your life irrelevant. All the incompletions irrelevant. I tell you tyaga can cure even if you have cancers. When you decide tyaga, it can cure any physical, mental disorders. It can attract huge wealth around you. It’ll give you so much of energy to relate happily with thousands of people. Happily relate with thousands of people is a wealth. It’s a wealth. Understand. After going through so much I am talking ... about non-violence, love, tyaga. I am saying don't even allow inside your inner space. Don't allow this belief ... violence and vengeance is required for your survival. It is not! Not allowing this false belief, violence and vengeance is required for your survival is ahimsa. Not allowing this false belief, only if you snatch and steal from others you can be rich and luxurious. Not allowing this false belief is asteya. Listen to this definition. You need to fake love, strategically behave with others to get what you want from others - this is the delusion. Have, not having this delusion is brahmacharya.

I will honestly share me with people. And whoever has that level of honest sharing of themself with me, let them be with me is a pure brahmacharya. You need to be strategic and exploitative and show love without having love is the basic requirement to keep - it’s a false belief, delusion. Honest and loyalty is a power. Honesty and loyalty is power. Having this clarity, not allowing the delusion you need to seduce people strategically … to get what you want - not having this delusion about seducing is brahmacharya. Your core beliefs are too important. Because they attract the life, people, incidents, places, happenings in your life. Your core mass decides what kind of mass it is going to attract around itself and what kind of ecosystem it is going to become.

Last few months I am insisting on all these principles because I am ready with some one of the, some of the great gift. More than power manifestation, something I have which is very secret. To share that with you all, I am preparing all of you. I am going to share as the first batch only with hundred and eight people. Just hundred and eight people. That hundred and eight only … I am collecting now. Understand. More than power manifestation, I have some unique gift. But, for you to receive that gift, you should become like a God. Gods will not have violence. They’ll be extremely having tyaga, but they’ll be very powerful. I want to give you that powerfulness, that power. Only if you become a Tyagi and non-violent, I can transmit that to you. I cannot give that technology of atomic powers to a terrorist. No! He will destroy the planet earth. No! I can give only to a mature beings. I am just collecting hundred and eight matured beings. That is why I am insisting and preparing last … few months intensely to the core original Paramashivajnana.

All of you who are still connected to me, … you are all survivors of this worst Hindu persecution, Hindu holocaust. The survivors of the Hindu holocaust. Understand, the attack need not be always killing physically. Consciously destroying your possibility is also … actually that is worst attack than physically killing you. All my disciples and devotees are survivors of the worst Hindu holocaust, conscious holocaust. Survivors of all the lies, abuses, scandals, hate speech, negativity. I am just collecting … hundred and eight people - first batch. Because this transmission is beyond the four hundred and sixty three powers. It is something beyond that. I am just collecting those Tyagis. I want Tyagis who are absolute Tyagis … without ifs and buts. No ifs and buts - Tyaga. And I guarantee Paramashivatva in you … beyond your imagination and expectation. Beyond even power manifestation science. I am just collecting that hundred and eight people to whom I can transmit this as a first batch. No fee for this program. Whatever you have is mine. Whatever I have is yours. That is the deal. You say, “Swamiji, I and mine is yours.” I say, “Aye, I and mine is yours.”


I gave me and got you, who is intelligent Arunachala? So that is the deal. There is no fee. I am working on that, collecting that hundred and eight people. No ifs and buts. Namaḥ means me and mine is yours, not mine anymore. Namaḥ! I am just collecting that hundred and eight people who are ready to say, “Namaḥ.” And ... awaken them, … transmit this being of Paramashiva into them. For that you need to be absolutely mature, non-violent. I tell you, … when people abuse you, if you start abusing back, you are a cheap Chandala. If you say, “Okay, let me not abuse them and let me not create more karma.” You are middle class … Brahmana. If you understand, “Aye, all publicity is good publicity. There is nothing called negative publicity.” You are Kshatriya, leader. If you understand, “I am Paramashiva. Neither people abuse me know me, nor people praise me know me. Both of them are in different kind of delusion. What is there for me to react? People who praise me, “Alright, let them have real love, start feeling connected and get enlightened, receive Oneness with me and raise.” People who abuse, so let them have their karma. Let them attract what they want in their life.”” That’s it. That is Paramashivatva! I think I have defined it very clearly.

When people attack you, if you react - you are a Chandala. Your life is gone. When people attack you, “No, no, no why to react, to create Karma Chakra? Let me keep quiet.” You are a middle class Brahmana. When people attack you, if you understand, “Aye, there is nothing called negative publicity in the world. All publicity is good.” You are a Kshatriya, leader. You know how to transform even the negative publicity into your favour to fulfill your life’s mission.

Understand. And … understand. I am not able to control the laughter. Let me finish it in a few minutes and then continue. Because I know the reactions of demons, devils, seeing this video. And, next how many days they will be in depression I know. And they can’t ah, hhhher … what to do? I tell you, this is one secret I want to tell all my disciples - never ever have that emmm … that level of stress inside you. That is equivalent to hitting your head on the wall every time. Don't! It is hitting your head from inside! Understand. You getting tensed because of your enemies … is hitting your head from inside. It is like your enemy hitting your head on the wall. Why are you letting your enemy successful? Don’t! Stress is your enemy’s sleeper cell inside you, destroying your life continuously - don't allow it. This is for my disciples.

And anyhow, if you are not my disciple, you will not be able to understand this teaching. You will not follow it also. You will think I may have some cunning strategy even in this, inside this teaching and you will not follow it and you will suffer with your violence. That’s the way life goes, what to do? Alright. Listen! If you understand neither the people who abuse you knows your real existence, nor the people who praise you or support you knows the real existence completely. But the people who praise you and support you has a possibility to get connected to you and experience Oneness with you. With this clarity if you sit, you are Paramashiva. That's all. That’s all. Have the context that you are Paramashiva. And, from that space always act and react. When you drop all the silliness, you will manifest power, love, tyaga.

So, let me answer your questions live after a break.


Question 1: Yes, now let me answer your questions. Vara Venkat is asking, “How to activate intelligence in autism kids? Some have intellectual disabilities too.”

Swamiji: Listen. The only way to activate intelligence in autism kids is, Third Eye awakening. We have healed successfully hundreds and hundreds of autism kids through Third Eye awakening, and applying jnananjana, and our Gurukul training. Best bring them to Gurukul. Have Third Eye awakened. That's it. Next.

Question 2: Anantha Sadyojata Shivam is asking, “What is difference between tyaga and unclutching?”

Swamiji: Tyaga is conscious decision to unclutch. Unclutching is the conscious decision to do tyaga. Unclutching is the action awakening the chemistry of tyaga. Tyaga is the biology which awakens by the chemical action of unclutching. Understand. Today I was explaining two stories in the satsang. I was telling to one of my sannyasis, “Your iron level goes down, you feel weak. When you feel mentally weak, consciously you choose to pick up tantrum throwing patterns.” Actually when you go mentally weak, you can even get agitated and pick up and start doing more work. When the body goes little low and tired, you can either pick up tantrum throwing patterns and fall into depression, torture yourself, torture others, or you can become aggressive, active, violent. Not violent, aggressive and active, and become workaholic. You have a choice.

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