27 Feb 2020- Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, samajis, satsangis, visitors, viewers, Nithyananda eGurukul students, Nithyananda Hindu University Kailasa’s Nithyananda TV. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Devotional Offering

Paramashiva’s message from Shri Kailasa. Listen. Powerfulness, strength of your core existence is your strength, Anything else you feel as your strength as the source of you or resource for you is delusion. Only if life affirming positive, life positive pro life, sweet cute, loving, pro life attitudes and aptitudes if they infuse energy in you life force in you you are God, that strength is permanent strength. That strength is invisibility. Demonic strength not only raises your temperature, it doesn't support your consciousness. Understand. Most of the time human beings violence abusive, demonic nature very charging, spicy, exciting, but neither they are eternal nor permanent and be very clear that feeling charged up due to life negative attitude, anger violence based. It may feel like charging like excited but demonic energies are not supported by cosmos supported by large number of people, kill another life for sake of food or your survival or to establish of ego you use name of nation, religion, whatever you may use, to establish your arrogance and try to eliminate other lies is not supported by cosmos, cosmos is for life for life to happen possibilities and powers for life to happen. I will use multiple words, explain express in multiple level space of Kalabhairava is pure life.

Paramashiva pure life.

Listen carefully.

Internalize this one truth you will understand what all you should support in your personal life society, what for you should spend your time, your life, your consciousness, never ever support mand made using ideas of religion, social existence whether you kill life for your ego, for arrogance, life negative principles are never accepted, approved by the cosmos. Life positiveness is like a strong nuclear force in you. Don’t feel mass is right. Large number of people are always right. Kali yuga ironically, a large number of people are wrong.

Killing animals for food is wrong. Killing animals for arrogance, man made philosophies for anything life negative is wrong.

Life is pure positive existence.

When you are pure life positive you are leader

When you are pure life possibility you are deva, God

When you are pure powers, you are Mahadeva

I am not teaching powerlessness, I am not making you weak. What Krishna taught I am teaching that. O Hndus you have started behaving on reactionary assumptions. You started using elate culture. Revealed to us by ancestors by thousands of years of development

It is like disowning all the scientific discoveries and justifying stupid discoveries.

Many outerworld sciences technology everything after thousands of years of studies, non violence non stealing minimalist. Integrated pure life, taught by Krishna to Arjuna, Upanishadic rishis to us, that is intensely strengthening technology. You become hindu when you discover cosmic powerful cognitions of upanishads. Not just because of who your father's mother is. Not just by being born to a father, mother of Hindu. Brahma sutra veda agamas, This pure love, tyaga non violence as if weakening, loser thought current. No. If you do tyaga not involving, you will become weak. The thought current is about the consequence you don't have confidence in.

If your core love is pure beliefs consciousness, tyaga I tell you it manifests as a power beyond your body.

I am trying to convey this multi dimensional logic truth in binary language to people who are stuck in binary language. You are so stupidly stuck even words I am uttering you make your own meaning.

When I saw comments, absolutely people don't understand what I am talking about.

If you believe non violence is cosmos will, immediately you get approval for your being. He starts manifesting in you. After that all decisions you make you will always be successful. This connection to paramashiva is too simple. Not to be hypocritical. I will not try to justify it. But I will not leave without torturing me. Honestly deciding non violence, life positiveness, love, tyaga, pure non violence that is what is going to make me feel integrated to paramashiva.

When I fell in love with Arunagiri yogishwara when i used to write in my school notebook, we will use different sketch write names in different different ways - whenever I put that A I will say Arunagiri , that A symbolizes Arunagiri. One day I went and I said I want you as father and mother. I am your father and mother.

Not just casually, really you should be my father mother.

Very simple word, he said whatever I want my hand will do. Whatever I want I can manifest through your body, because of that I am your father and mother.

If your guru feels like that about you, then you are liberated.

Pure tyaaga, gives this confidence to paramashiva about you.

Your non violence and tyaaga gives confidence about you and Paramaashiva

Tyaagis gain confidence of Paramashiva. If Paramashiva feels confident about you, he can get anything done from you, you can be very clear you are the inheritor of all the good things of the universe.

Invincibility is achieved through absolute non violence

Invincibility is achieved through extreme powerfulness love tyaga

All suffering, all guilt, all pain hurting you is violence

The more you renounce violence the more you establish in love, the more you establish in tyaaga. When he gains confidence on you he showers all best things in life

I tell you just clean up all the cobwebs inside you. You have been exploited. So much injustice done to you. People cheated you. People have abused you. World has exploited you. How much injustice has been done to me, you have not suffered more than that, the social facts the internal powerful truth cognitions are different. The people may throw shit at you, you don't need to eat it.

Yes people, maybe responsible throw shit at you, are responsible to eat it. I am telling you from the smallest level of not getting day to day issues or ideas this person has anger on me, he is destroying my family, constantly presuming assuming and constantly deluding yourself thinking about enemies and you think they have too much power and they can do anything to your life. It is not true. You really need one drop of water from an AC machine. Not machine guns to kill your enemy. One drop water to wake up/ after seeing best sacrificing devotees people who try to act devotees, i have seen best of devotees, quality of devotees, strength and sweetness of the devotion of the people, reluctant to name because I know he will always feel shy if i name him. It is not that social level, economic level consciously how much he understands me and devotes his life how much they cognize and how much they work to make that part of their life.

I tell you having so much wealth and being able to get anything they want to eat and sincerity with which they do nirahara. Not only they can get what they want but with sincerity they start adopting that is the scale with which i measure people devotion.

I have seen absolutely delicious devotees. Ramesh Ramani even when I remember them, they are delicious to me. I don't name them because they feel shy and what is this swamiji is praising us. Srikants wife she works day in and day out she works just to give money to me.

I don't count that to measure her devotion. If I tell her do nirahara, i know the absolute sincerity in small instruction, I have seen some extreme devotees, and I have seen extreme devotees, try to poison me or destroy sangha - after seeing spectrum of devotees, devotion, to all my people, how arunagiri had confidence that whatever he want he can get done through this body, he is 100% he is the absolute stuff he is the pure will manifesting one and only one manifesting through this being, how he had confidence on me. I have so many people on whom I have the confidence. To all those devotees, I give you this as my secret teaching, decide love and tyaga to be core strength of you. That is pure energy directly manifest multidimensional best things in your life,, when you are leaving the body, you will know 14 dimensions. What a best thing swamiji has done to me. Wow what a best thing swamiji has done to me. Swamji did not leave you, he kept me so straight to this 14 dimensions to this paramashiva logic if i make you feel when you leave the body, i feel my job is done, my integrity, with that integrity i tell you inside the core, do not cherish vengeance, you are pure consciousness you believing non violence is actually fragrance of you, violence is not prerequisite or success or any pressure when core starts believing this and start syncing you become such big being. I can give you any powers just like that. How much anger people carry.

Listen listen actually when something is getting intensely getting downloaded this few minutes taking time happens

Listen to this satsang also 2 3 times more what is good in tapoloka, what is good in bhuloka. This bhuloka i am explaining

I will describe what happened between me and arunagiri yogishwara

I will give gist in english

I was sitting with arunagiri yogishwara, he was explaining about prithvi tattva, and alignment of tattvas. You will understand many things. If you understand this conversation,

I will translate also.


Once the pandya kingdom was facing poverty due to lack of rain. All the four countries, chola, all 4 countries (pandya chola) were going through a very tough time.

The Pandya kingdom was ruled by all four.

At that time, pandya was describing all the four. There was no rain. Life lines got affected and all four got affected. Agriculture, elephant taming producing enlightened beings all four were affected by rains. There was a unique explanation given to me by my Guru. Its rainy season the minds of the beings are so calm, fresh and alive that is why the rainy season is dedicated to enlightenment in all sanyasi life. Tondai was sanyasi grooming and transporting to other places. Then he was sent there and taught principles of sanatana hindu dharma. Both words are staunch are shaivite hindu words. Kanchi mandala hinduism life. For all four rain is required. But lack of rain all are suffering. Pandya goes to Paramashiva, immediately paramashiva appears and asks what do you want, all the four nations are suffering in poverty please bless. Mahadeva gives 66 sutras on sexology. You will be shocked, problem is not having rain and paramashiva gives principles of sex and sexology. Fortunately, pandya took the teachings within 3 days rain started, within 3 weeks earth rejuvenated. The earth, water, fire inside us gets imbalanced outside us also gets imbalanced. When they brought chastity suddenly all tattvas got balanced nature wealth richness prosperity started happening. In your personal life, social life career life in everything you are atmatattva. Your life principle is responsible. Conscious principle is responsible. Now all of us, who are sincerely integrated to me, even if 10,000 of us decide to align atmatattva to paramashiva is deciding the pure non violence as the core principle. Satya, aparigraha basic core principle. Bringing non violence will take care of everything else. When you bring no anger towards yourself and towards others, if you bring whole atmatattva life positiveness starts flourishing you are such a big blessing to planet earth. We just need a handful of non violence. Non violence from the context of paramashiva. How can I be silly? Your whole atmatattva reflects that. I want 108 people as kailasa vasi from that space. Holding the space physically around you. I can just give paramashiva to you all. Understand, already I revealed Jnana vijnana space, paramashiva powers knowledge and experience paramashiva being to all of you. Tyaagi who can do tyaaga is violence. Violence towards yourself, and towards others. Do Prana Pratishta continuously I already chose in whom I am going to manifest each of these gods. I made a big list already. Who is going manifest being of each of these gods and goddesses. I just need 10,000 people radiating pure tyaaga wherever you are, 108 people around me physically in kailaasa. I already made the list. For my balasanths. For my sons and daughters. Ma Skandamata. Through Skandamata body devi skandamata herself. Maheshwari for Ma Shambhava. Ma Bhairavi for Ma Shivayoga. Paramashiva himself manifesting I just need 108 beings atmatattva to paramashiva towards yourself and towards others. Kailaasa is my first priority. Violence is not a successful strategy in this bhuloka. Even this planet earth's success violence is not a success strategy.

How I measure my devotees not based on money they give. If they give money, ok making more infrastructure for people. The honesty with which they feel truthfulness of my teachings and imbibe it. When they are feeling hungry in the morning, and they are rich enough to get any breakfast but swamiji told today nirahara so today fasting just gives me tea. The core commitment and devotion in their personal life. That is what scale with which I measure, swamiji devotion. I need to make my being as a fresh flower. Vengeance on others, vengeance on life is shit. Clean the shit. Only then paramashiva can sit. That clarity and core connection, devotees devotion. Actually for me for making kailaasa to flourish i just need 108 beings who want me to put paramashiva being. Simple attachment, simple being with paramashiva.

One stupid fellow, this one dumbo is trying to prove sri prabhupada is not a traditional sanyasi. What a great being srimad prabhupada he is directly krishna himself. Krishna himself blessed planet earth as prabhu pada and he is not a great sanyasi. What is he talking

Instead of stupidly wasting time on foolish fellows, even to study what prabhu pada has contributed needs 3 janmas to understand what prabhupada has done. All of you should learn to respect all great hindu gurus/ you don't need to disrespect them to show devotion to me. Same way you may have guru bhakti to me, but you should have basic respect to all sampradayas. Don't keep quiet thinking if one sampradaya is getting attacked fundamentally i am ready to manifest being of paramashiva. This is a basic immediate requirement. I just transmit paramashiva to 108 people wherever they are. The kind of positive explosion will happen. We will remove spiritual poverty from planet earth.

Spiritual prosperity will happen to planet earth.

With grace of paramashiva it has happened, it is successfully happening. Auspiciously happening.

See when people attack me absolute false rumors digital lynching, you are teasing your swamiji left and right understand it will look like escaping hiding now. I have something great to contribute to planet earth. I cannot use diamonds which I brought from kailasa to play this silly game. I can't afford to waste my life time energy trying to prove myself. I have to do real work transmitting real work. Paramashiva being into all of you. Let me do my work. I am looking at 10, 000 people from wherever you are. One thing I expect, you become pure non violent tyaagi. Continue wherever you are, your lifestyle routine. 108 people become sanyasi physically committing to their whole life. To hold paramashiva in their being.

10, 000 wherever you are. 108 where I am.

With the grace of paramashiva, it is already done. Only want to take sanyas, absolute tyaaga to hold paramashiva.

Go to guru, who doesn’t need to compromise and who will not compromise. The only Hindu guru to teach Hinduism, nor internally sampradayas hitting at each other. External attacks and internal conflicts to hinduism and apta pramana and sakshi pramana go to that guru.

He will be an incarnation liberating you beginning your journey with Paramashiva. Many times guru are political and socially and compromise on hinduism. Paramashiva’s grace he freed me from all these pressures to keep hinduism alive in pure form.

Ramana maharshi answers in the beginning you will be attracted to multiple gurus when you reach arunachala you will know.

Talk to me who is existing in you, in my own voice, in my phonetic you will hear answers back dialogue happening.

Parashakti, decided it is time to manifest Ganapati who will guide and lead all shiva ganas. So she was making the body from that being from her own muscle memory and bio memory. But being is not fully conscious so it did not know who is father, mother - aye i have come here to add bio energy to you, you are potential, but being was conscious and was just trying to throw simple tantrum he has to now cut the head and forcibly add bio energy. It is the most non violent Paramashiva made. He just removes some parts. Put the whole thing into it. Made him the head of all the shiva janas. Simple surgery, surgery cannot be violence. Conscious surgery is not violence. First tumor removing and transplanting surgery.

Understand, Krishna really waited for Shishupala to wake up and come to the non violence and enlightenment align himself back. Shishubala went to extremes, he started building violence and non violence of the scale. So to be non violent to be humanity he even then gave long rope to shishupala and gave enlightenment to shishupala. If krishna wanted, shishupala could be kileldm he cut in the breathing space, most compassionate liberation in his breathing, felt at the feet of krishna, life got absorbed both are absolute non violent acts

Now process


Now with grace of paramashiva, paramashiva Himself will manifest through all of us with ashta bhairavas and bhairava is inside us. Sit straight.

Sit straight with your atmalinga

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

I pray to Paramsahiva - let Paramashiva manifest through this being me and manifest in all of us, OM Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

Keep the atmalinga on the root center of the spine. Root of the spinal cord. Root of the muladhara chakra.

Process begins

Move the atmalinga to swadisthana below the navel center

Move the atmalinga to manipura chakra

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