27 January 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kotharis, visitors, viewers, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, two-way video conferencing, … Facebook live, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now, Twitter, … having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Antarita Jirnoddharana Ashtabandhana Mahakumbhabhishekam prayer starts in Adi Kailasa

Paramashiva’s message today from Shri Kailasa. Prajnana means your individual consciousness. Whatever you want to manifest in your life as per the priority - Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha, whatever, whatever. Maybe you want a very peaceful, blissful life. Maybe you want very healthy, ... happy life. Maybe you want very wealthy, rich life. Maybe you want … a life with a beautiful blissful relationships. Maybe you want a live with the complete completion. Maybe you want a life with power manifestation, manifesting all powers. Maybe you want a live with all these put together. Whatever you want, map knowledge related to that in your prajna, and start manifesting. Very simple incident I tell you, very simple.

One day my Guru Raghupati was trying to drag me out of my bed. Bed means in those days, it’s not like a bed, it’s just like a paai. In Tamil we call it paai, korai paai. And … it’s well known Pattamadai paai, Pattamadai korai paai. So that is the bed he was trying to drag me out to come and do yoga. I just made one statement, “Ooh, why other my ... other brothers and cousins and family people, all of them are not coming and doing, only I have to do?” He laughed and said, “Do you want to live like them, do what they are doing. You want to live like me, do what I am doing.” Then immediately I jumped out of that … bed. “I want to live like you only.” So I just ran behind him. Understand the simple, … too simple. We are all tantrum throwing child inside. We know what we want, but we don't want to bring that knowledge and map it on your, on our prajna.

Understand … Paramashiva … is not only rich being, very generous being! He has made the whole Paramashiva Jnana available to the whole world. You just need to be clear. And go on understanding, understanding, understanding. Bring more and more understanding. Bring more and more understanding ... about everything whether you want success in career, ... you want success in relationships, you want people to feel that you are a blissful being and you want … happy relationships. Anything you want, understand the knowledge - Paramashiva Jnana is available. You just need to map it your prajna. I was very clear, I don't want to be living like my other cousins who are not doing yoga, who are sleeping in the morning. I want to live like Raghupati Yogi … who has done amazing practices and achieved. I was very clear, so I just jumped out of the bed the moment he gave this one example.

Understand, we are all very clear with our goals. We just need to make the jnana into our prajnana so we can manifest as vijnana, reality. We all know we want to manifest powers. Then decide to have will persistence, nothing else is needed. Will persistence is all required, the only one thing. One and only one thing - will persistence. Understand. After this Great Pause, which I had for almost … one and half months, sorry one and half years. After this Great Pause, and I want all of you to know still I am settling down, not yet settled. That is why I am not seeing the human beings and giving energy darshan physically. You all need to know, actually the place where I am - politically and physically I am absolutely protected. The high level of security. Legally, politically, everywhere I am absolutely protected. I can start seeing people. I can start seeing human beings. But I am not because still body is not completely settled. If I give energy darshan now, it’ll be too much! Even the Divya Sarira (दिव्य शारीर, Divya Śārīra), the body which you are seeing in your screen radiate so much energy. The physical body giving energy darshan will be too much energy. That is why I am not seeing anyone now, and giving initiation or energy darshan. I am planning to see soon. It’s so intense and vibrating, like a reverberating.

The multiple … knowledge sources, and the fundamental principles I am mapping it on my prajna and manifesting like science of this old Hindu herbs based medicine ... and detox, and power manifestation method. The whole science is called Aushadha (औषध, Auṣadha). Aushadha in Hinduism is used for all three purpose. One, during diseases. Illnesses, diseases, physical mental, all. Second, herbs Aushadha are used to detox … and live forever, ... long life. For Acharyas, if you see our Acharyas - very rare, only few Acharyas like a, Adi Shankara and Jnanasambandar, like that few, only few have left the body early. Otherwise if you see the ... as a rule, our Acharyas have lived quite a long time. Trilinga (Trailanga) Swami, Poondi Swami, Ramanuja. I can go on giving a big list … all who crossed century, means more than hundred years.

So, the herbs are used for detox. And the Aushadha herbs are used. I should say herb is the word used when it is raw. Aushadha is when it is processed with right … mani and mantra methodology and sounds. Then it becomes Aushadha. The Aushadha is also used for power manifestation. Just by Aushadha, I have seen my Gurus transmitting powers to me. Just by Aushadha, they raised the frequency in which I exist. And they will just transmit, transform my frequency and transmit enlightenment experience. It’s too much. It’s too much actually. I have seen this thing done by my Gurus. And I want you to know one important thing. The Hindu medicinal system is absolutely no side effect. It has multiple internal branches. We call it Siddha, Ayurveda, but actually the fundamental science is one and the same. If it is practice based on the different zones, the different words are used. That’s all, nothing else.

I have studied at least hundred medicines. Literally exactly same in Tamil Nadu Siddha tradition, and Kerala Ayurveda, Calcutta Bengal Ayurveda, and UP Ayurveda, and Gujarat Ayurveda. At least hundred examples I can give. And I was wondering why the different name. It is just the language, local language, the medicines availability - based on all that, there are differences. But now all that problem is solved. Everything can be translated and everything can be made available everywhere. So we can be very clear that core principles, there is no difference. It’s like a … in some countries, the same company, same pharmaceutical company medicine may not be available, so they will give an equivalent of that medicine. Same way only like … in some places that Arugampul may not be available, so they will use a different grass which gives the same result.

The materia medica, … the core principle of materia medica is same. But the application may differ from place to place because in those days there was no … way to transport the medicine overnight from one place to another place other than Hanuman lifting the whole Sanjivani (संजीवनी, Sanjīvanī) and taking it for Lakshmana. So understand … whether these Aushadha principles and sciences I am downloading and mapping are a great ... Science of Kayakalpa, or the power manifestation in multiple levels, or the knowledge of the Cosmos, Brahmanda in every field - ontology to axiology. In every field, … the way I am mapping the Paramashiva Jnana into my prajna and making it into vijnana, I discovered few basic secrets.

First secret, Paramashiva is not only rich, He is generous, extremely generously. He makes everything is open source for Him. He doesn't hide. Understand if you are sitting inside a remote forest, absolutely no access to anything, but you are having strong will that you want to get enlightened. Somebody will come and drop the enlightenment, Living Enlightenment book inside your window. It will be sitting on your bed next day for you to open and read. Or you see me in dream … and giving Kailasa website ID address. Understand, Paramashiva is not only rich, He is generous. He makes everything available for everyone. And, if you decide to map … in your prajna what do you want and manifest it as reality for you, He supports you, supports you, support you, supports you in every possible way. Understand the logic.

If you are a president, I cannot be president is politics. The politics functions in a different logic. But for enlightenment, the Cosmos does not function in the political logic, understand. If I am Paramashiva, I mean you are Paramashiva. I am showing you the possibility. I am conscious of my Paramashivatva. Because you also have consciousness, you have Paramashivatva, you can become Paramashiva. When I declare, “I am Paramashiva,” I am not claiming exclusivity. See this politics based thought current, whether a politics based aggressive activists or the politics based religious principles or politics based ... terrorism - all these gang always thinks in the language of if one person is president, other person cannot be because that is the way politics works in the society. The humanity, the binary logic - yes or no. But in the Cosmos, Cosmos is not binary logic based. It is multidimensional logic based. The principle of Cosmos is totally different, understand.

In the society if you are a president, I cannot be president. But in actual Cosmic reality if I declare, in the Cosmic reality, I am declaring, “I am Paramashiva,” it means you are also “Paramashiva.” You just need to wake up to that reality. It is totally two different, absolutely different logic. That is why I am saying, when I say, “I am Paramashiva,” I am not claiming any exclusivity. I am saying you are also “Paramashiva,” I am actually including all of us. I have seen this sweetly with our Gurukul kids. Still I remember our Gurukul kids, if I just give one gift or a sweet to one kid, I have seen the whole all the kids will enjoy as if I have given to them directly to each one. If I had one kid, all the kids will enjoy ... as if I hugged each one of them. I have seen this happening in energy darshan. I have participants almost become like a meltdown and and become like a sweet Gurukul kids. In such sweet space they get into. Every time when I hug somebody, they feel they are hugged.

I tell you, ... inclusivity is the fragrance of Oneness. Inclusivity is fragrance of Oneness. When I say, “I am Paramashiva,” I mean you are “Paramashiva.” When I can be, why not you. When I am saying, “I am Paramashiva,” I mean you are “Paramashiva.” When Guru says, “Aham Brahmasmi,” He actually means “Tat Tvam Asi (तत् त्वम् असि, Tát Túvam Ási).” When Guru says, “I am that,” He actually means “You are that.” So when Guru says, “Tat Tvam Asi, you are that,” you should understand as “Aham Brahmasmi, I am that.” When Guru says, “Paramashivoham,” He means “Paramashivatvamasi.” So when you hear that word “Paramashivavamasi,” you should know, “Paramashivoham.” When Guru says, “Paramashivoham, I am Paramashiva,” He means “You are Paramashiva.” When you hear that from Guru, “You are Paramashiva,” you should know that you are, “I am Paramashiva,” means inside you, “You are that.” Whoever is inside you, what you feel as “I,” “I,” that is “I am Paramashiva.”

I tell you, … nothing else is required other than this basic clarity … and will persistence. Aye, I tell you, even Yama could not do anything to a sixteen year old boy, Markandeya. He’s just sixteen year old boy, Markandeya. He held himself with Paramashiva, with his will persistence which was more stronger than the Yama’s pasha, Yama’s rope. Yama has a pasha, rope through which he can get any life out of any body. Prahlada’s will persistence was more stronger than Yama’s rope. I tell you, listen. Do not plan always for failure, “Ha, how do I know whether I have any will persistence or not?” Come on! Start manifesting will persistence from now! Start manifesting powers from now! Go on counting your success. Stop beating yourself with your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. For that, your enemies are there. Why do you want to do your enemies job? If you stop doing your enemy’s job, your enemy will not be successful over you.

This is the punch of today’s satsang. If you stop doing your enemy’s job of beating yourself down, your enemy will not be successful with power over you. You allow part of you, actually you become sleeper cell for your own enemies. Why do you want to repeat all those hate speech what they are doing inside you? Be very clear, it is hate speech used. Right understanding and drop! Don't allow them to beat you down. I tell you whether is self-hatred, self-denial or self-doubt, it is your enemies’ sleeper cell inside you. Have strong will persistence to make SDHD irrelevant. Irrelevant. Continuously manifest powers! I tell you, manifesting powers will … burn all your SDHDs. Even if it takes one or two days for you to manifest - it's okay. That is the right direction. Decide my Guru has told me, “I am Paramashiva,” so I am going to move … first my Universe as I want. Then I’ll move this whole Universe as I want.

And I tell you, ... all of us being Paramashiva and manifesting power will only bring a beautiful order in planet. There will not be any chaos. Don't worry at all. Don't worry. There will not be any chaos. All of us cognizing we are Paramashiva and manifesting powers, we will all be connected to a beautiful powerful source intelligence Paramashiva, which is absolutely orderly. Absolute order! So understand. Each one of you … declare your Paramashivatva, ultimate reality, and declaring your supremacy over all the delusions and self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial every day. Understand every day is new day. Today declare your supremacy over the delusion. Tomorrow if the delusion comes back, again declare your supremacy, “Hey! I am declaring my supremacy. I till I forget something called delusion exists, I will declare my supremacy.”

I tell you, there are thousands of problems you had, apply spiritual solutions and those problems have not only became irrelevant, you even forgot them! Remember all the success, and gain your trust on Paramashivatva. I have seen each one of my disciple, how they transform. How they bring the best to their beings. That is why even after they leave the sangha, they can't forgive themselves and forget the beautiful days, time they spent. Many people again and again message in the Facebook, “Best time of my life is the time I spent with you in the sangha, Swamiji. Whether my best health or best … friends and relationships or best enlightenment or best power manifestation, best satisfaction and fulfillment, everything.” I tell you, … tons of wonderful things are done … by getting the Paramashiva Jnana and mapping it into your consciousness and manifesting as a reality.

Have confidence and integrity to work >>>technical glitch<<< Paramashivatva. Intensely manifest. Intensely manifest. Intensely manifest. Do not allow SDHD to take over. Do not allow SDHD destroy your existence. Do not become the sleeper cell for your enemy. Understand one thing. Politics is violence because it is all about excluding others and you becoming top. If your are president, I cannot be president. But Cosmic reality is not that. Cosmic reality is if I am Paramashiva, you are Paramashiva. The whole logic is different. All these people abuse me, harass me, all of them also, the biggest problem they have is they are trying to bring the political logic and superimpose it on my statements. You see the trolls, … how they are so angry about when I am declaring, “I am Paramashiva.” Hey, fool! When I am declaring, “I am Paramashiva,” I am not declaring anything like exclusivity! No! I am declaring your possibility!

They are so angry that I am claiming something superior. No! I am not declaring supremacy over you when I am saying “I am Paramashiva,” I am only declaring your possibility. This need to be understood to understand the core science of Advaita, Paramashiva Jnana, … the Cosmic reality. Understand, humanity is messed up. I use a decent word. Use the other word … (silently mouthing of that word), you know what is that word. I have not uttered but you heard. Humanity is absolutely messed up. The so-called ... society has messed up the whole thing.

Listen carefully. Fundamentally when Paramashiva declares He is Paramashiva, He is not declaring … exclusivity. He is declaring your possibility. He is extremely compassionate. It's the most compassionate declaration. Understand, it’s the most compassionate declaration. All of you should declare this truth to everyone. When you declare you are Paramashiva, you are declaring the possibility for everyone. You should manifest your Paramashivatva, you should go on be supporting, helping everyone manifest their Paramashivatva. That's all is the mission of Shri Kailasa. That's the only purpose Shri Kailasa exists. Understand, the only reason I started reviving the Shri Kailasa, think from 2000 we had all the legal documents, and photographs and other documentations available to us. The work I have done, documented and …

Understand in 2003 when I went to US, we have a video recorded satsang where I am talking about how the Kashmiri Shaivites are persecuted. And I wanted to create a nation for Kashmiri Shaivites to feel safe. Basically the Siddhanta Saivam, Adi Shaivites and Kashmiri Shaivites are close connection and relationship and … And, I wanted to create a nation where the Kashmiri Shaivites feels safe and they are able to practice the Kashmiri Shaivism without being harassed, abused. I tell you ... the persecution of the Kashmiri Shaivites, not only the persecute, prosecutors are responsible. Even internally, they were not given enough support and protection by other sampradaya Hindus. I feel, we all should have been more compassionate and loving and caring and protective of our Kashmiri Shaivite brothers.

Same way, when Sri Lankan Hindus are persecuted. When I went to Canada first … First time when I went to Canada, that is the first thing I started talking to my disciples, I want to create a nation for Sri Lankan Tamils to be safe, practice Hinduism, Shaivism … safely with their … religious freedom. Because I know how religious persecution, political persecution feels. Being persecuted because of your … religious identity. And especially politics is being used by some of the religions and atheist philosophies. In Tamil Nadu, very cunningly the anti-Hindus hide behind atheists. Tamil Nadu atheism is only anti-Hindu. They don’t talk about any other religion. It's only about their just against Hinduism, that's all. There is no other philosophical depth or anything. Go on abusing Hinduism and attacking Hinduism, destroying Hinduism and every, anything related to Hinduism. That's all is their philosophy.

I tell you … But all this is because … they all think life can run by excluding, but the Cosmic reality is life can run only by including, extreme love and compassion. Non-violence is the basic principle of existence. I tell you, ... bring non-violence in your thinking, your lungs will start taking more prana inside, energy inside. You will feel so alive, living. And you will manifest powers. Bring non-violence and exclude the non-violence and inclusivity. See inclusivity is the fragrance of Paramashiva’s love. Understand, inclusivity is fragrance of Paramashiva’s love.

In 2003 … when I just started building one ashram, my vision was very clear. I want to build, make a place where Kashmiri Shaivites, Sri Lankan Shaivites, Tamil Nadu Shaivites basically Hindus anywhere persecuted will have a place, safe place where they can study, practice the whole … knowledge of Hinduism. I tell you, Hinduism has so much to contribute to the world. I know, if a little bit of attention and energy is poured into the core principles of Hinduism, the world can be such better place, whether socially, politically, spiritually, economically, medical field, physics, biology, chemistry, cosmology. In every field a little understanding, energy put to the core principles of Hinduism, the principles revealed in Upanishads, in Vedas and Agamas. When if little attention is put in that direction, … the quality of every being, not just human being, every being will just go up in the planet earth. The very, the quality, the way you exist will go up!

I tell you, ... the purpose of Kailasa is that only. My own Guru, Arunagiri Yogishwara … clearly revealed the vision … for the whole Shri Kailasa to me. Maybe I am taking little time to manifest that vision into reality, and I am doing it. With Paramashiva’s grace we are doing it. With the grace of Paramashiva and protection of Mahakalabhairava, we are achieving it. But I am very clear, what need to be done. And I am manifesting. Understand, ... in every level, Paramashiva Jnana is inclusive, inclusive, inclusive. The love …, life, inclusivity, bliss, peace - all these words is the fragrance of Paramashiva’s space. When you manifest powers, … when you are sitting, giving a strong command, conscious will, Satya Sankalpa - your whole being will start getting completed all that incompletion - anger, SDHD, everything will pop up and meltdown, leave your system. Your whole being will get integrated.

Whenever you are integrated and powerful, you can see clearly how you are inclusive. You radiate love. You radiate joy. You radiate ecstasy. You radiate enlightenment. You radiate experience of intensity, I tell you. The way my Gurus radiated enlightenment, I was pulled towards them. So for each one of you, I tell you, the way you radiate enlightenment, people will be pulled towards you. That's the best way of enriching. That’s the best way of enriching. Go on manifesting powers and radiate. Then people will know Hinduism has stuff, it need to be protected. Especially the spiritual component - the power manifestation science, the core principle knowledge ... need to be protected, need to be kept alive.

The principles of life, understanding about existence ... in every level, go on manifesting in your life. Go on working intensely in your life. Go on aligning yourself to those truths. Nothing else can … destroy you other than you becoming the sleeper cell of your own enemies through self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. The ultimate Paramashiva is not only rich, He is generous. Understand. A real rich man will always be generous because he has so much confidence he can manifest that richness. When a poor man becomes rich, he will always be miser, understand, because ... he doesn't know the logic of richness. Logic of richness: richness can continue to exist as richness only if you allow your currency to be current. Listen carefully. By holding never anybody can remain rich. Only by allowing the currency to be current, you can be rich. Poor man who does not understand the existential principles of economy, existential economic principles, … remains as miser after becoming rich. A real rich man understands, it is generosity keeps the richness alive as a rich. Not being miser. Paramashiva knows … and He is the source of this existential principles about economic, existential economic principles. He is not only rich, generous. Paramashiva Jnana is available to the whole world. Just map it to your consciousness, what do you want and start manifesting. Start manifesting. That's it! That's it.

I tell you … miser man can never live or maintain his richness. And violent man can never be energetic intensely. No. he maybe aggressive for short time but cannot be energetic consistently. Only non-violence, inclusiveness, friendliness, intense love supplies consistent energy. I tell you, … non-violent man even if he screams, it’ll be all about making you alive and living! Violent man even if he gives you a gift, it’ll all be about either to convert you or destroy you. Understand. Non-violence may sometime make you aggressive but will never supply constant energy. Listen carefully. Violence, sorry, understand the statement properly. Violence may supply aggression little bit, may make you aggressive little bit but never supply the constant energy. Only non-violence, ahimsa, love, inclusiveness can supply intense energy consistently to you. And I am declaring, “I am Paramashiva,” I am declaring your possibility. I am not declaring any exclusivity.

Maybe I can change the word “I am also Paramashiva.” Let us all use this word. Paramashivoham: let us translate Paramashivoham into English this way, “I am also Paramashiva.” So all misunderstandings can be avoided. “I am also Paramashiva.” Then this proves very clearly ... everyone is included into that. Neither we can reduce the ultimate truth, nor we can ... allow people to misunderstand. Ability not to dilute the ultimate truth, and not to allow people misunderstand and giving right understanding without dilution is called Saraswati. Saraswati means giving the right understanding without dilution. So, let's translate in this way, “I am also Paramashiva.” Paramashivoham means I am also Paramashiva.

Understand, … we need a place to keep this whole Hinduism's pure spiritual science alive without political interference, because the logic of the politics is different and logic of the Cosmos is different. That is the reason I have decided to create the Kailasa Nation and revive the enlightened civilization Kailasa. The political logic never understand Cosmic reality. Cosmic reality cannot be destroyed because of the political logic. We need to keep the Cosmic reality knowledge somewhere alive, that is the reason ... we are making the Kailasa happened with the grace of Paramashiva. With the grace of Paramashiva and the protection of Kalabhairava, we are making the Kailasa happen. Purpose is this. We need to keep the pure enlightenment science as it is without influence or impact of the political logic and politics, and political thought current. We can’t politicize pure spiritual truth and Cosmic reality.

Today, we have Vishesha Deeksha Process ... all over the world. Many people are receiving Vishesha Deeksha. So before entering into the process, we’ll have a break. After the break, we’ll have Vishesha Deeksha Process.

Yes, now … let's enter into Vishesha Deeksha ... Process. Today I am going to use thiru kailaya vathiyam, the ... powerful sounds from Kailasa. I am going to be playing by myself. I am going to be playing the thiru kailaya vathiyam by myself. Create that intense sounds. So … to put you all in samadhi with the grace of Paramashiva, I'll connect all of you, all of us to Paramashiva and Shri Kailasa. Take the Atma Linga, keep the Atma Linga in your hand. Chant the Mahavakya intensely. You don't need to close your eyes. Keep your eyes open. Let's get ready.

Swamiji starts the initiation process

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, Kundalini, Kula Kundalini … Parashakti wake up, Paramashiva is calling wake up. Raise to the crown centre. Paramashiva, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

Keep the Atma Linga on the top of your head, Sahasrara Chakra and hold with both the hands. Keep that Atma Linga on the Sahasrara Chakra, top of your head … and hold with both the hands. Kundalini with the grace of Paramashiva, Kundalini wake up and raise to the crown centre.

Initiation ended

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. I bless you all. Let's all manifest the state, space, powers, being, superconsciousness and Shri Kailasa of Paramashiva.

Essence of today's satsang: let us map the highest knowledge to our consciousness and manifest continuously.

Listen. We have to live because we are born. We have decided to live, ... let us do something great ... superconsciously to ourself and to the world. Manifest powers and manifest Shri Kailasa for the world. Manifest powers for ourselves. Manifest Shri Kailasa for the world.

So, with this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing … the state, space, powers, being, superconsciousness and Shri Kailasa of Paramashiva. Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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