28 January 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitors, viewers, Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Karthas, Sri Mahants, everyone sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, Twitter, two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Paramashiva’s message directly from Shri Kailasa. Whether the ontology - knowledge about the existence of Paramashiva, or eschatology - the ultimate conclusions of Jiva, Ishvara, Jagat. Jiva - being, Jagat - Universe, Ishvara - all pervading. Whether the ontology about Paramashiva Jnana, eschatology of Jiveshwara, Jagat, or epistemology of Pasu, Pati, Pasa, or axiology of everything like art, culture, traditions, ethics, lifestyle of Paramashiva Jnana. Understand, this is the ... conclusion. Listen, listen. Whether the ontology of Paramashiva Jnana - existential ... branch studies, metaphysics; ... eschatology - conclusive, … the realities after the death or the ultimate; epistemology - the nature and methods and limits of human knowledge like Pasu, Pati, Pasa; Jiveshwara, Jagat; axiology - the ethics, moral, lifestyle, Dharmashastras, arts, music, dance of Paramashiva Jnana - these whole thing … is kept as open source. And ... a simple authenticity is enough for you to download and manifest. Listen. See fundamentally, I am for serious seekers, not for window shoppers. I am for serious seekers.

Only a serious seeker can grasp Ramana Maharshi, Aurobindo, Osho, Paramahansa Yogananda, ... all these people. All of them who impressed me, inspired me, moulded me, polished me, the source of my inspiration, my existence - all of them are made for very sincere serious seekers. Nobody can understand Ramana Maharshi in two day program. Nobody can even think of meeting Aurobindo by staying in his ashram even two years. There are many people whom I met, … they say, “Two years, three years, we stayed in Aurobindo Ashram, we have not physically met him.” There are some people who say ten years he stayed and we have seen him only three or four times during his birthday he gives them. That's it. Same way, … nobody can grasp, understand Paramahansa Yogananda by one day or two day program. All the people who moulded me are for very sincere seekers. I am basically ... version for very serious, intense sincere seekers.

The statement now I made … this statement is the source for power manifestation of Akashic Records, understand. Today I am in a different space because the Paramashiva’s grace, we are worshipping Ganapati and the blessings of Mahaganapati today we are starting the

Listen. The whole knowledge source of Paramashiva Jnana is openly available. It means what? You only need integrity … to Guru, Paramashiva. If you are, if you have integrity, you’ll know both are one and the same. I am wearing this snake purposely to drive all the loosus out. The moment they see this snake, if you feel, “Wow! Such a sweet, nice. I don’t know who made it. Look so nice on Swamiji.” You are my disciple. You are integrated to me. If you feel, “Oh! He started wearing snake and all now to show he is Shiva!” Then get lost. The snake has done the job of driving you out. Done. That’s all. That’s all. That is the purpose of this snake. The moment you see this snake, if you feel, “Wow tsk! Who has done this? Look so nice on Swamiji.” Then you are absolutely disciple. And, you are integrated. Come on, you can enjoy now whatever I am sharing.

Listen. Paramashiva says very clearly, the whole knowledge is open source ... including Akashic Records. It’s all open source. Simple integrity to Guru: it’s actually simple. It’s not complicated. Meena Joshi put one post, “Oh, simple integrity doesn’t seem to be as simple as it is.” It is as simple as the word “simple” means. That's it. It's too simple. We go on complicate. We always think binary logic is the simple thing and the real reality existence is complicated. Actually existence is simple, binary logic is complicated. See by and by, we get so deluded. Delusion looks very comfortable. I have seen in my own life one guy who used to shave my head regularly. Till I came to Adi Kailash, I used to keep my head shaved. For very practical reasons, maintenance is easy, that's all. Because I used to be wandering here and there and sleeping in the streets, and under the trees, and begging and eating.

So to keep … maintenance is easy, I used to shave the head. In Adi Kailash also we had a barber who used to come and shaved the head. In Bangalore city, I was staying at that time in Bangalore city and Adi Kailash was not built so we were like coming and going. In Bangalore city he used to come and shave the head. Local villager only. He is so addicted to alcohol, if he doesn't drink, he will, his hands will be shivering. I can't stand alcohol smell. This alcohol smell, petrol smell and all, I can't stand. My smelling sense is very highly powerful! I can smell somebody from three-four hundred feet away. Can be sitting on top of the Ananda Puri … in my quarters and smell somebody who is entering into Raja Sabha, and tell this guy is entering into Raja Sabha. Three-four hundred feet I can smell. Not as power manifestation, as natural body’s tendency. Because the smell has become very sensitive and powerful due to pranayamas, multiple pranayamas and spiritual practices. I have done more time pranayama than the time, amount of time I breathe normally.

You see my life, the amount of time I breathe normally and amount of time I have done pranayama, the amount of time I have done pranayama is much more. More than fifty one percent at least. Of course, then not, after that automatically it become pranayama whole breathing. So … I can't stand this alcohol smell. Once I told him, “Can you come without drinking alcohol and shave my head? At least when you come to shave my head, can you come without alcohol?” He said, “Swamiji that is dangerous. If I come without alcohol, my hand will shake. I’ll make lot of wounds in your head, I may even cut your ears.” I said, “Don’t. Come on enough. Let me stop shaving.” I stop shaving from that time. That's a story of my hair, my jata. Understand, … he was so addicted, … without alcohol, his hands will start shivering, he can be balanced. Same way, we get so addicted to delusion. Delusion seems to be normal state. That is the most sickening, sickening, sickening. Listen. That’s a right word “sickening.” Don’t allow the delusion to become a lifestyle or style of your existence. No. Understand.

I have seen … some of the disciples of Aurobindo … without doing any spiritual practice, just by reading and understanding the states he describes, have reached that state. Nothing, just such deep love for Aurobindo. I have not opened up all about my relationship with Aurobindo and Aurobindo mother, and my feeling connection because anything I said about them will be so heavy, so intense. Even if I utter the words describing his philosophy, … it will be difficult for all of you to catch. I was just one hour away from Aurobindo’s place. Literally all those ecosystems were all around me. Ramana Maharshi one side, Thirukovilur Gnanananda Swami, Poondi Mahan, Aurobindo, Thondaimandala Aadheenam. That time Paramacharya was also in the body. He was also alive. Kanchi Math and all these ecosystems, just maximum one hour-two hour. That’s all.

I think Pondicherry maybe one hour or two hour I think … by vehicle from Tiruvannamalai. And Kanchipuram must be only one or two hours again. And Poondi. Poondi Mahan, he wa … he did not have, he left the body 78 itself, but his samadhi, his ecosystem, the disciples whom he created, all of them are alive. Or Ramana Maharshi, I have never met Ramana Maharshi physically. Of course, he gave darshan. That is different. Physically he left the body much before but his whole ecosystem was alive. Same way, Aurobindo. The whole Aurobindo ecosystem was alive. All of them are for very serious sincere seekers. But ... such simple method, I have met some of the great beings … who achieved the ultimate just by understand the Guru’s words. It is all about simple understanding.

Now, if I have to put it in a very simple word, … it’s like how the Microsoft puts all their software open source, and you connect with internet and you just press download. Even Google, Google Earth, all those how, how they put all their apps free download which is press download. Same way, the whole Paramashiva Jnana is available as open source - ontology, eschatology, epistemology, axiology of the Paramashiva Jnana. Connect with the internet connection call Guru bhakti, integrity to Guru, and press your Third Eye with the Atma Linga. That is the download. That's it. Durrrrrr … go on, things will get downloaded. You just need to have confidence, little bit of clarity what is downloaded and what is vomited by your own SDHD. That take, that can be segregated within one or two days, forty eight hours it may take maximum, because just pick up some incident. How it is going to happen, how it is going to end? Ask the Third Eye and naturally Third Eye will give you one answer and your SDHD will give another one answer. Note down both. Which one works out, you will know. Which is SDHD, which is Third Eye.

Understand the important quality of Third Eye is whenever the download happens, deep sweetness will be there in your throat, and this whole body will feel like a nectar. Give me extremely ecstatic. Extremely ecstatic. There will not be conflict or confusion whenever the Third Eye downloads. With SDHD you will know exactly how it feels. All the time tantrum throwing, calculating, beating yourself, and checking, trying to play gambling with yourself, “If it happens, I’ll accept Paramashiva. If not, I will reject.” All these bull bull, jill jill, chik buk. You know it is SDHD. This too simple. As simple as I am uttering especially for my initiated disciples. If you are initiated and received the Atma, and you are still integrated to your initiation. That is only one point. If you have not abuse, you are integrated to you. If you have not abuse Guru, Sangha and Linga. Guru, Linga, Sangha, you are still integrated, you can always declare your integrity back and come back to the integrity and start downloading. That is why I am saying, integrity to Guru is not a favour done to Guru. It’s a favour done to yourself by yourself. It’s not just a favour, it is a power!

Anybody who dies, leaves the body in Varanasi, they get enlightened. But Kalabhairava will make sure only whom He wants will, he will allow them to leave the body in Kashi, Varanasi. I have seen people who live whole life in Varanasi, just for one day trip, ... some small chota mota stupid desire to have a Jalebi, they will go out of Varanasi, or some son is sick, father is sick, some err … that, some attachment. One day trip they will go and they will, they will die there. Oh Vishwanatha! All this attachment to son … destroys life. Attachment to the next generation.

ट्यागे नैके अमृतत्व मानसुहु

tyāge naike amṛtatva mānasuhu

Mantra beautifully says, “Neither by the putras, nor by the wealth, nothing can give immortality other than tyaga.” Somehow, Kalabhairava will dealt, ... delusion happened and the tyaga will be taken away and gone, over! I have seen this happening. And same way, sometime people who are highly integrated, … just for a small trip to have darshan of Vishwanatha or Kalabhairava, they will come to Kashi and leave the body there! I have seen that also happening. I have seen both. Kashivasis missing last mo … moment in Kashi. First time who are coming to have darshan of Vishwanatha, one day trip, two day trip, leaving the body in Kashi and getting enlightened. Understand, ... simple integrity … breaks all the delusion. It can just break delusions. It can make you manifest … extremely powerful truths.

I tell you, … this multidimension of the Universe, all these are true. I am not telling some stories. All these are true. One great thing is that with the grace of Paramashiva, I am politically free to tell the truth of Hinduism as it is. I don't need to be constantly in fear, “Oh, when I reveal this truth to the world, how will the society react? How will the media react? Will they file a new false case on me?” And all those fears I don’t need to have. That’s one greatest blessing Paramashiva has given and Kalabhairava has given. I can go on be telling the truth as it is. I tell you multidimensional is truth. Listen to this. I'll tell you this simple thing. It may look too funny and … they may even file a supa … the superstitious law, that under that some stupid case, I don’t even know. But anyhow … now Paramashiva is protecting me and Kalabhairava is protecting me so I don't need to be afraid, I can tell the truth as it is.

Simply, listen to these simple lines. Night time when you are falling asleep, take the Atma Linga. Put it on, declare your integrity to Guru, Linga, Sangha. And put the Atma Linga on your Third Eye. Just chant Mahavakya intensity inside your Third Eye. Decide any subject or any knowledge you want to download, and make a strong sankalpa. Till you fall asleep, keep the same way. Usually if you tie your Atma Linga with the bag or Atma Linga holder, so when you fall asleep also it can, your hands may fall, Atma Linga may fall but it’ll be in your neck. That’s all. Should not fall on the ground, should not be disrespected, but it can be hanging in your neck. That is perfectly alright. And, just fall asleep. That’s it. Just do this for two night.

Next day morning when you wake up, what is the subject you want to download? And what all the ideas now you have about that subject after you woke up. Just sit and pen down. Just two days if you manifest this power, you will gain so much of confidence and understanding. I tell you, you are consciousness! You are Paramashiva! If somebody tells you, you are a human being, they are the real superstitious ... dash-dash-dash-dash-dash. I know very small bad words - poramboku, panni, panadhi, because I am a village boy, only that much I know. You add all detail bad words in the dash. Nathari, mudevi, panni, only these small, small words I know. So you better … take the choicest bad words and fill it in that.

I tell you, you are consciousness, a, an energy which can produce a semen which can produce a life, which can produce a egg, which can create body is in your body, in your system! Don't you understand, you are consciousness? All the mess you created in your life, the whole thing is only one percent of your powers, ninety nine percent of you is powers. Only one percent is all the problems you are facing. And you are so stupid, you are putting your face on the wall and thinking that only that wall exists. I tell you, … play with this kind of power manifestation casually. Even if you have a breakthrough in one or two powers, you will have so much of confidence you are consciousness. And start celebrating you are Chit. You are Chit Shakti, consciousness. Life is all about getting the confidence you are Chit Shakti. You are consciousness. That’s it! That confidence will burn the whole SDHD and the old way of existence will just disappear in you. You will even forget how you existed. How you existed.

Somebody told me the other day, I think Bhaktika was telling me, she forgot there was a time … where I was not part of her life. She met me only after maybe when she was twenty five or something. She met me only in 2002. Naturally she had a big chunk of her life before meeting me. Must be at least twenty five-twenty four years. She says, “I don't even remember there was a period, there was a time I don't know you. It has become just completely this erased, deleted from the memory.” I tell you, ... even once you get the confidence you are consciousness and start celebrating you are Chit, Chit Shakti, … the whole past will become irrelevant. It will not make any sense anymore. If you feel, “Oh God, Swamiji told me this so many times. I missed it. Am I going to miss now also?” If you have that self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. Don't worry. I am going to tell this again and again. I am not going to keep quiet. I am more powerful than your SDHD. Till your, you give up on your SDHD, I am not going to give up on you. So you have my insurance, Guru insurance. The ultimate insurance. Life insurance to insurance.

Now try. If you fail, don't worry, I am here. I am going to be telling this again. Again and again, I am going to tell this till you catch it, … till you make it. Your little sincere, you don't even need to miss. I will, I myself will make it for you. Today I might have spoken less words because I don't want to … Whenever I ha ... I am in the samadhi, I just know, “Aye, aye, aye, be careful when you are uttering words. Fools are listening. Stupid fellows are listening.” But I have to talk to my disciples, I have to tell the truth to my disciples. It is too simple, I tell you. This as simple as I gave the instruction now. Before falling asleep, take the Atma Linga. Put it on your Third Eye. Chant Mahavakya. Decide which subject, knowledge you want to download. Next day morning wake up and whatever you remember about that subject, pen down. Do this at least for two days. Choose always subject which you don't know anything about, absolutely have no idea. Like that subject if you choose then you will understand how much is downloaded and it is manifesting. You will gain confidence you are consciousness.

I tell you, whenever you celebrate you are consciousness, you become Devata, God. I am here only to see you celebrating you are a God. That’s it. Job is done. Whenever I am declaring, “I am Paramashiva,” it’s absolute compassion to remind you about your possibility. You are Paramashiva. As yesterday I said, let us translate “Paramashivoham” as “I am also Paramashiva.” So nobody gets hurt, nobody feels hurt, nobody thinks that it is exclusive right. I have seen always whoever includes people win in life. Whoever excludes people fail. If you include me as part of you, I will make sure you are successful. In every level ... people who include like Ram, how He included Guha. Then next Sugriva. Then next Hanuman. Sorry Hanuman, first the Guha, then Hanuman, then Sugriva. Then Vibhishana. He won. Won the game.

Go on including, including. I only exclude people who exclude everyone and try to destroy everything. Only those demons I exclude. And that also I don't hate you. I just say, “Okay, you be away, don't destroy sangha and Kailasa. Destroy something else.” And they destroy themself. So understand … today go and practice this. Through the damaru sound, I already initiated all of you. Just go and practice. That’s all. After a break, I’ll start the process. Let’s start the process after a break.

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