29 January 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitors, viewers, sitting with us over the world … through Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you my love and respects.

Paramashiva’s message from Shri Kailasa. Listen and understand. The greatest news is today's message. Listen. Even when you think you are deluded ... or even when you think you are in incompletion or lower than perfection, your identity cannot have independent existence other than being rooted, source and centred in Paramashiva. A leaf or a fruit or a flower of that tree, even if they are deluded, they are different from the root, they cannot be alive, existing away from the root. Root is the source on which they are all rooted! Understand. Paramashiva is form, formless, beyond form and formlessness. Paramashiva is form, formless, beyond form and formlessness. Does not mean He is away from from forms that exist. He is ... form, formlessness, beyond form and formlessness, and all the forms that exist. That is the completion. Paramashiva is identity, identitylessness, beyond identities and all identities that exist.

If you feel you are identity, you, you exist. You are rooted in Paramashiva ... with all what you think as your plus point and what you think as your minus point. And with all your confusion, chaos, sometimes what you think as plus point in the morning time, you think that same thing as a minus point in the evening. You don't even need morning and evening, so many hours to get confused. Half an hour is enough. I have a great people who can get confused in three minutes. Just three minutes before anything they say, is the best of them. Within after three minutes, they by the end of the sentence, they will use the same thing as the worst problem of theirs. One sentence is enough … to show their whole loosuness and crankiness. You don't even need two sentence to prove their self-fighting. One sentence is enough.

Listen to this. Listen to this. All the Navagrahas are inside you. Sometimes you feel you are like Sun. Sometimes you feel you are like a moon. Sometimes you feel you are like a Rahu. Sometimes you feel you are like a Ketu. Sometimes you feel you are like a Shani. Sometimes you feel you are like a Guru. Sometimes you feel you are like a Shukra. But all of them are part of you, understand. Nothing can exist away from Paramashiva. Meditate, cognize this one truth. I tell you, this is the first principle of existence. The first thing need to be taught to a child is, “Aye, sweetie, kanna, you are grounded in Paramashiva ... which is the Universe, which is God, who exists as a hill, as a tree, as furniture on which you are sitting, and our sweet pet dog, and the tree outside our house, a huge rock in our backyard.” This is the first thing we should teach a child.

Your identity can never be away. I tell you, any child who learns this truth as a first thing, will get enlightened. If a child learns this truth before it becomes physically mature, starts building his identity strongly, that child will manifest all powers. If any child learns this truth at least before the age of twenty one, and builds himself his life, her life on this truth will never go loosu, cranky, mad. Will never be a curse on planet earth, will only be a blessing on the planet earth. End of the day, we all should be a blessing on planet earth.

I tell you, ... grand narratives of some society don't decide you are a good man or a bad man. The Cosmic narratives you trust, cognize and function, that decides whether you are a good being, Devata or demon. Understand there are many demons who sit as a head of the media ... or has a tremendous influence over the media, who can buy media or social media, and promote them self, and build their brand and image. But be very clear, the narratives of media, narratives of a society does not make you good or bad cosmically. The Cosmic narratives you cognize makes you good or bad cosmically. Cosmically being good or bad is the first priority. Because the society, ... media, if you don't pay money, they will tell you one thing in the morning. You pay money by evening, they will change the whole thing. They will change even within ten minutes, why evening?

Paid media means paid narratives. Listen, understand carefully. Man who escapes from society’s narratives ... achieves mukti, freedom from society. Man who escapes from the narratives of the land, small small groups, small small ideas and identities, he is liberated from all of it. Man who escapes from the society’s narratives, ... understands the delusion of the collective society’s unconsciousness liberates himself from all delusion, maya. Align yourself to the Cosmic narrative, you will achieve Paramashiva and Shri Kailasa. Power manifestation is a simple logical flow of Cosmic narrative. It is not miracle. Because you are too much deluded by the sos ... social narratives, power manifestation either looks as impossible or miracle even if it is possible.

But I tell you, power manifestation is as simple, as natural, as sweet, as basic as your breathing. As simple, as natural, as basic as breathing. How your breathing is simple, natural, basic survival, power manifestation is that easy for your consciousness for you. Understand this first Cosmic narrative. Your identity even when you think ... you are body, you are man or woman, you are Tamilian, Telugu, Hindi, Fran … French, English, Spanish or you think I belong to this religion, that religion, this caste, that community, this nation, that nation; any identity you cherish, you nourish, you support ... whether you nev … nourish, cherish, support one identity or multiple identities or chaos like a sometimes you accept twenty identity on you, sometimes you don't accept any identity on you, sometime you accept some thirteen-fourteen and which are conflicting, contradicting; any stage you are in - you are rooted, r-o-o-t-e-d, rooted, grounded, centred on Paramashiva.

If banyan tree’s leaf, fruit, seed, all of them think they are separate from the root - their are deluded. Even if they exist in different forms, they are grounded, rooted, they receive life force, they exist because of the root. So, even when you are deluded, … even when you have all your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial; some people think they are the, they are PhD in self-SDHD. No, really. Some people think they are really PhD in SDHD. They think, “Aye, aye, I am Masters PhD in HDHD, SDHD.” Some people even think that they are research scholars in SDHD. Even if you think you are the, you need to be given the Nobel Peace Prize for your SDHD, ... you are rooted, r-o-o-t-e-d, you are rooted in Paramashiva. When you cognize this Cosmic narrative, ... all your delusion gets routed, r-o-u-t-e-d, destroyed. Understand.

You don't need to realize you are rooted in Paramashiva - that is a truth! You don’t need to realize you have a backbone, you have a kidney, you have a liver, you have a intestine - that is the truth, … if you understand the Cosmic narrative. See every day my morning satsang is different, different Cosmic narrative. Just like I wear one day rudraksha like a Kottu[?] Mala. This is called Kottu Mala in tradition. Ten thousand beads will be there in this. And, it has to be tied, … the various chakra like a seven chakra, the upper chakras, so this is called Kottu Mala. Sometimes I wear as Gauri Shankar Kandi. Means the twin rudraksha. And sometimes I wear Panchmukhi Rudraksha Kandi. Various ways I may wear that rudrakshas but finally it is rudrakshas. Different ways. Same way, various words I may use, it’s ultimately deep compassionate revelation of Cosmic narrative. Understand, tremendous compassion.

Paramashiva feels for every being, and wants to pull them out of delusion ... manifest as Dakshinamurthy, Guru, Paramaguru and ... He initiates everyone. Understand. When I was doing the prana prathistha, connecting with Adi Kailasa Banyan Tree, and Swayambhu, … I saw clearly how deeply the Paramashiva is rooted in compassion and overflowing with compassion and joy, existence. Extreme compassion. Extreme compassion, and deep sweet existence. Extremely joyful, extremely enlightening, extremely blissful.

Suddha, (शुद्ध, Śuddha), Svayamprakasha (स्वयंप्रकाश, Svayamprakāśa), Chaitanya (चैतन्य, Caitanya), Paramjyoti Svarupa (परंज्योति स्वरूप, Paraṃjyoti Svarūpa), Nishkala (निष्कला, Niṣkalā), Niranjana (निरञ्जन, Nirañjana), Niramaya (निरामय, Nirāmaya), Nirvikalpa (निर्विकल्प), Nirguna (निर्गुण, Nirguṇa), Paramashiva Svarupam, Paramashantam. How exuding compassion. Life, alive. Life.

Paramashiva’s grace, I bow down to Mahaganapati, and took His blessings and all the prana prathistha process I was doing, I saw how Paramashiva manifest into that deities. It is like a ... that life energy oozes out and fills that deity, because of that compassion as a lubrication. Compassion as a lubrication. What an extreme sweetness. Actually because of compassion only, He takes Archavatara, means form of deity. And He takes Avatara, in the human body as Guru. Because He wants to liberate. I tell you, when every single being celebrates his consciousness, and the logical flow, logical conclusion of you celebrating your consciousness is power manifestation. I celebrate you when you manifest powers and celebrate that cognition you are consciousness. I tell you, ... the only reason I don't flare up even when so much of injustice is done to me and to my sangha, to my sannyasis, to every my disciple, devotees; I have a hope ... that one day you will all wake up to the truth - you are consciousness and you will manifest powers and with the grace of Paramashiva, I know it’ll be done. It is getting done!

>>>Tamil 24:16<<<

A mother feels complete … when she hears her man, her son is enlightened, ultimate. “Sanron[?]” word is Tamil word for enlightened, Jivan Mukta, fulfilled being, highly revered being. Sanron the exact Tamil word means he became the pramanas - sanre[?]. His lifestyle becomes pramana for everyone. That is what is the exact meaning of the word sanron. Sanre means pramana. His lifestyle becomes pramana … for others. When somebody achieves the state, mother enjoys son achieving that state than when she gave birth to him. Same way, I celebrate when you manifest power than the time I initiated you. Initiation is like giving birth to you. You manifesting power is like, you have become sanron, Sakshi Pramana … for this grand narrative of the Cosmos.

Cosmic grand narratives does need to be believed, just to be cognized. >>>Tamil 26:08<<< When your life becomes pramana, your mother celebrates more than the moment she gave birth to you. Every moment … this strength Paramashiva manifesting in me, this joy, this hopes, hope, keeps me alive, keeps me going. I tell you, that keeps me going. I tell you … the honest true Cosmic grand narratives I am revealing it to you all, just internalize them, chew them. You will manifest so much of possibilities and powers. When you know, even when you are confused, deluded, frightened, terrorized, you are rooted in Paramashiva, Paramashiva is the source of your existence, immediately all the delusion will disappear. When you know you are rooted, r-o-o-t-e-d in Paramashiva, your delusions will be routed, r-o-u-t-e-d. R-o-u-t-e-d means destroyed. Your delusions will be destroyed, ... if you know you are rooted in Paramashiva.

Large rituals are happening in Bidadi campus … for prana prathistha and all other … Kumbhabhishekam related rituals. And prana prathistha mainly. Intense power manifestation, actually all the deities I have installed till now in all over the world, all temples, even if you have taken the Bhoga Murti which I energized - all of them are now getting energized. The prana prathistha is happening through this body, whatever deities I have energized till now, all of them are having prana prathistha now again. So you can say tomorrow not just … Adi Kailash Temple Kumbhabhishekam, all over the world, all the deities I initiate, I energized; for all the deities tomorrow is Kumbhabhisekam. So you can all get organize. Tomorrow do abhishekam, Maha Abhishekam in all temples. Organize yourself grandly. After the Kumbhabhisekam in Bidadi, … have Maha Abhishekam in all temples all over the world.

Whether the deities in Mauritius or deities in Los Angeles or deities in Ohio, deities in Houston, deities in San Jose, or deities in London, deities in Italy, deities in Slovakia, everywhere - all of them are having prana prathistha, energizing process. Oklahoma, everywhere all the deities we made … prana prathistha is happening. So from morning nine o’clock itself - Mritsangrahana, Samhita Homa, Huti ... and Purnahuti. Evening six o’clock - Vigneshwara Puja, Punyahavachanam, Ankurarpanam, Rakshabandhana and lot more. Acharya Varanam, Kumbhalankaram, Kalakarsanam, Yagasala Pravesam, Kala Pujas, … Ashirvad Samayayaham, Asthashaktriya Yantra Stapanam, Astabandhana Samarpanam, Tattvarchana, Sparsahuti, Purnahuti, Deeparadhana. All that will be done in the evening six o’clock. Large amount of rituals are happening - quantity and quality. Rituals happening everywhere. Watch on Nithyananda TV … and Nithyananda Nithyanandeshwara Temple Facebook - all of them are showing live. I think today all the aadheenavasis also can go live with their Facebook pages, showing what is happening in Adi Kailasa. All of you enjoy and celebrate this Kumbhabhishekam happenings.

Let me come back to the subject. The grand narrative, Cosmic grand narrative I was talking about. One of the unique thing with Paramashiva Jnana is, ultimate truths can be useful to handle your day to day headache. You can map the ultimate truth and your day to day problems will be solved. Cosmic narratives cognize makes your day to day balance sheet better. That is exactly the definition of Paramashiva Jnana. Cosmic narratives cognize, see now what I said is one Cosmic narrative. Even when you think you are deluded, disturbed, terrorized, depressed, you are r-o-o-t-e-d, centred, filled inside and outside by Paramashiva. When you understand this, your delusion will be depression, disturbance, physical, mental disturbances, disorders, incompletions, all the negativity will be routed, r-o-u-t-e-d. This one Cosmic narrative.

Like this, multiple Cosmic narratives exist. So, each of this multiple Cosmic narratives are like a flowers. Each of this Cosmic narrative is like a flower. Each Acharya collects few flowers and makes a beautiful garland. That is what called Advaita Sampradaya, Visheshtadvaita Sampradaya, Dvaita Sampradaya, Shuddhadvaita Sampradaya. Different different sampradayas are nothing but collection of grand narratives, Cosmic narratives. Collection of Cosmic narratives is sampradayas. If each narrative is a flower, garland made out of this Cosmic narratives is sampradaya, tradition, order.

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I'll lead you all into the process of manifesting your future today. All the initiated disciples will manifest powers. Powers of manifesting the future after the break. So, we’ll have a break then start the power manifestation session for future - planting the future.


Now … let’s start the process, … Paramashivoham Process. Sit straight. Remember, understand, cognize, you are Paramashiva as you exist. You are Paramashiva as it is. You are rooted in Paramashiva, grounded in Paramashiva, Ultimate existence as it is. Enjoy and celebrate you are Paramashiva as it is. Chant the Mahavakya intensely. Take the Atma Linga and keep it in your hand ... and relax into this cognition you are Paramashiva as it is. And enjoy the cognition.

Initiation starts

Let Paramashiva manifest through me, through this being. And connect all of us to Paramashiva, space of Paramasiva, Shri Kailasa. Shiva!

Initiation ended

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Now … keep the Atma Linga on the calendar, future planting calendar, understand. The calendar in which you are writing your future is not future planning calendar, future planting calendar. Keep on future planting calendar. Whatever you wrote and move the Atma Linga through consciousness. Atma Linga should not roll. It should move. With the blessings of Paramashiva, I bless you all. You will all be able to successfully manifest the power and plant your future and manifest it as you want auspiciously.

So ... I welcome you all again to enjoy the Kumbhabhishekam in Adi Kailasa of Paramashiva, Swayambhu Linga Devasthana, Swayambhu Jyotirlinga Devasthana. Evening six o'clock Indian Standard Time, there will be ceremonies and rituals. Whole night there are rituals of replacing the avudaiyar, the yoni peetham of Paramashiva. And … tomorrow early morning, Prana Pratishtha, Ashtavadhanam and then Kumbhabhishekam.

So with this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham. Let us all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living the state, space, powers, being, superconsciousness … and Shri Kailasa of Paramashiva. Paramashivoham. Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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