3 February 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang trasncript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitors, viewers sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, two-way video conferencing, Twitter having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Paramashiva’s message from Shrikailasa directly. Listen. Intensify your inner space … through any one of these methods. I’ll describe the methods now - just five. Continuous unbroken prayer. Or continuous unbroken ajapa japa. Continuous unbroken … Paramashanta Svarupa Dhyana. Continuous unbroken … Oneness. Continuous unbroken unclutching. Understand. I can give some more methods. First let me describe these. Use any one of these … or all of it, no problem. See sometimes ... you may feel that prayer is so deeply helping you. Do that. Sometimes completely sitting in Paramashanta Svarupa. Just letting the Universe run and you sit as Paramashanta Svarupa, Paramashiva Svarupa as a center of the whole Universe, I tell you, ... really what the life you feel inside you is center of the Universe. I tell you this is the fundamental truth. The inhaling, prana going inside you … touches the Dvadashanta (द्वादशान्त, Dvādaśānta), the space of Paramashiva, where Paramashiva resides in you; only then it takes a turn and comes out.

Understand the first sutra, ... Bhairava, Paramashiva gives to Devi. The first technique Paramashiva gives Devi, in that He says, “Where your inhaling breath, the prana going in, takes a turn and starts coming out - that turn where it takes turn is the space Dvadashanta I am residing.” So every time your prana flows and goes to Paramashiva’s feet, only with His permission it comes out. Means, the life in you is constantly happening by continuous support, management, supervision, direct ... approval of Paramashiva. Every breath you are inhaling comes out only after touching the space of Paramashiva. It touches sweet intimate good news. He’s only soulmate of you. You can marry any number of persons you want, any number of time you want. Sometimes you even marry, divorce, remarry someone else and divorce that person also, remarry that same person you divorce. All that mess up you can do. But soulmate is Paramashiva only. Understand, Paramashiva only is soulmate.

Like any different forms of chains I can wear but rudraksha is the content. All the other art work, gold, silver, copper - all that is a container. Rudraksha is the content. So, just like rudraksha is the content, that is a core principle. All other decoration, the way it is tied, the metal used, the way it is strung, and the way it is looking - sometimes like a mala, sometimes like a snake, sometimes like a different different, all that is secondary. Rudraksha is the content. Same way, you can marry, remarry, divorce or live without marriage, live in relationship or not have anybody in your life, whatever, >>>Tamil<<<. Do whatever you want. Paramashiva is only soulmate. Because, every breath touches Him and comes out. Actually if, if you know that, then every time you are exhaling, you are exhaling very fragrance, body smell of Paramashiva. Just touch your exhaling air and kiss it. Aye! It’s coming from Him after touching His body, after smelling His body. It is literally His own fragrance, understand.

Intense prayer … makes Paramashiva fully alive in you. I should tell you … this intense continuous prayer was the habit taught to me by Arunagiri Yogishwara himself. The way I fell in love with him. He himself personally gave me the instruction. I still very clearly remember, He was having the Atma Linga He gifted me; still I have, I am having, I am wearing it, actually I am wearing inside the this kandi. And, He gave me two. I don’t know, always any deity He materializes and gives, He always gives two.

Listen. Arunagiri Yogishwara himself kept the Atma Linga on my Ananda Gandha area, means below the heart, above the navel - that is the area which was kept. I could see like a laser beam that energy penetrating inside. I saw clearly that inhaling breath ... going deep

>>>technical glitch<<<

Listen. Sorry for the technical glitch. Listen. I’ll repeat now. When Arunagiri Yogishwara put that Atma Linga … in my … heart center, I should say a little below the heart, above the navel, the Ananda Gandha area. Like intense laser beam like rays, energy was going inside. He asked me to closed the eyes and see what is going on. I could see very clearly, … the inhaling prana, the breath goes in, in, in, gets … converted ... into deeper and deeper and deeper pure form of existence, life energy. See, from the breath … deeper and deeper the other components are stopped, filtered like how the dust gets stopped in the nose itself. Even the air get stopped at certain level, only the life force, prana is suck separately from the air and the prana, the pure life goes and touches Paramashiva, then comes out … as ex, exhaling breath.

See this whole process, He showed me clearly. It goes straight into Ananda Gandha of Paramashiva himself, understand. Every breath you inhale and exhale is directly connecting you to Paramashiva, and … Dvadashanta where Paramashiva, … the space of Paramashiva where Paramashiva resides. That Dvadashanta exists in you where your breath takes a turn. And … He taught me a very simple steps. I will repeat that simple steps as it is. He taught me in Tamil. I will translate as it is and tell you. I’ll tell you in English. First He told me, “>>>Tamil<<< Kanna, >>>Tamil<<<. The coolness of that air touching the tip of the nose when it is going in - just feel that, see that. He used the word “paarkka” - see. It’s almost like I put my, both my eyes towards the tip of the nose and started seeing how the … cool breathing, that … inhaling is happening, and that feeling in the tip of the nose.

Then the second statement He told, “Just see how it is going deeply inside.” >>>Tamil<<< Kanna. And I saw how it’s going deeply inside. The third statement He made >>>technical glitch<<< sweet, beautiful statement. Listen. First statement He made, second statement He made as if He is outside me, and He is instructing. The third statement He made, “>>>Tamil<<<,” means come nearer to me. The by third statement, he has already sucked me inside, and He is in Dvadashanta. And in that sitting - Dvadashanta, He is calling me inside. Listen. That is the spot where duality becomes Advaita, Oneness. Please listen. Deep prayer or high awareness - all these becomes … absolute Oneness at one point. It may start as duality, Dvandva, Dvaita. But finally it ends in pure Advaita. The third statement He made is, “>>>Tamil, Kanna.” I could see very clearly the that my existence is sucked into His larger existence. By the time I, my eyes are closed, I could see into the deep inner space.

The fourth statement was more like a sweet smile in the face, and like a welcoming - nodding the head. Even though I was with the closed eyes, I could see that inside. So by then, He is sitting outside, inside - that identity has disappeared. I know he was sitting, and I have become formless. Only His form exists. So I could see only Him and but there is no idea He is sitting outside me or inside me. And He was just smiling and nodding His head like a welcoming. I tell you, ... the understanding, cognitions He gave me, … He is the Nithya component of me. Paramashiva, I declare my integrity to that ultimate reality existence. Sat, I declare my integrity to that, that exists, ultimate existence. The cognition of Nithya … has happened. Understand. The initiation I am offering every week, …. Saturday, Sunday, the weekend - the Shiva Deeksha, Vishesha Deeksha, Mahavakya Upadesam; all these - purpose is to awaken … the constant component in you - Nithya component, … make you understand … that ultimately He exists. And … the moment you declare your integrity to His existence, after that anything you do like a intense prayer, connecting with him … purifies you like anything, I tell you.

Every man talks to … people outside, and continuously does internal talking. If you talk to yourself, you will create so much pain, agony, frustration inside you. If you talk to the ultimate reality - Paramashiva, you will bring so much healing, feeling connection and … the beauty of talking to Paramashiva is, constantly He will remind your higher existence, and ultimate realities. I tell you, ... if you talk to yourself even if you are successful - you are stupid man. Being a man is the most stupid thing. You are born as a man, going to live as a man, going die as a man; human being! That is a waste of life! Stupidity! Don't waste your life. But, by talking to Paramashiva constantly, you will start manifesting Him. Every small small things whether to change … the signal, traffic signal in the road or to change your career, relationship, house or to change the body in which you are living, that itself, means life and death; in every level you will achieve ultimate success, ultimate possibility if you learn to talk to Paramashiva.

I tell you, who talks to himself is a atheist, who talk to Paramashiva is >>>technical glitch<<< being. Why will you talk to yourself? Is not enough that you made your life so messy, because you talking to yourself. Anything, talk it out to Paramashiva. Paramashiva is the ultimate existence, goes on supporting you with powerful cognitions. Goes on supporting you, supplying powerful cognitions to you. If you talk to yourself, you will get only frustration, guilt, anger, powerlessness, more and more self-doubt, self-denial, self-hatred. Because you can supply only what you have to yourself! Paramashiva will supply higher and higher powerful cognitions in you, you will even forget that you existed at some part of your life. You will see like as if you are there always in His lap, and He is carrying you and running your whole life. That ultimate absolute restful awareness - Paramashanta Svarupa. The space of Paramashanta is the gift given to people who learn to talk to Paramashiva whole day. Day in and day out go on talking to Paramashiva. Talking to Paramashiva even if you fight with Him. Anything do with Him, He will intensely supply powerful cognitions in you, ... support powerful cognitions in you.

If you learn to talk to Paramashiva, … no destruction in your life will look as destruction, you will know clearly it is rejuvenation. If you are losing a job, you know better lifestyle, career, job, everything is waiting for you. If you are losing your home, be very clear, better place for you to stay is waiting for you. If you are losing some people in your life, you will know better people are waiting for you. Anything will be rejuvenation, not destruction. I am so sure nothing is falling apart in my life, everything is falling in place in my life because I know Paramashiva is manifesting through me. He is living through me. It is a absolute … Nithya component of me. Understand. Like just a G constant in the gravitational force of the planet earth, the gravitational force of Tapoloka is Nithya. What you cognize as the ultimate source of your life is Nithya.

If you cognize ultimate force of your life, ultimate source and resource of your life is Paramashiva - Paramashiva becomes your Nithya. Understand. Stop talking to yourself. And stop damaging yourself more and more. Start talking to Paramashiva. And start raising the quality of your existence as soon as possible. The more time you talk to Paramashiva internally, … the intense prayer - your pains are healed, patterns are completed, attachments are burned, pure unclutching happens, high awareness grows, Kundalini Shakti is awakened; Paramashiva himself becomes alive, vibrant. He reveals His independant intelligence, powerfulness, and His very presence in your life, in every sphere. Experiencing existence of Paramashiva in your life, in every sphere ... is jnanapada, enlightenment; jnana with prajnana, vijnana of Paramashiva. Understand.

When I started my public life, ... started speaking to public, … the first thing my Gurus have told me, … I should put this on record. Before putting me on the stage. Stage mean the local Tiruvannamalai Temple kind of the stone platform will be there and … where you sit and start … talking to few people who come to the temple about all the spiritual subjects. My Gurus have taken care of me so well. Three instruction ... Isakki Swamigal gave, actually Kuppammal brought me to touch the feet of Isakki Swamigal. And … told Isakki Swami that, “Today I am taking him to temple, he is going to speak.” Then Isakki Swamigal looked at Kuppammal and asked, “>>>Tamil<<<. Means, “What he is going to talk?” He was referring in >>>Tamil<<<. Then Kuppammal said in Tamil, “>>>Tamil<<<.” “Something about spirituality he will speak.”

And then Isakki Swami said, “Brush the teeth with neem stick.” That’s the first instruction he gives. “Always before going to speak, brush the teeth with neem stick.” Then second instruction he gives … extreme care. Extreme care and micromanagement of the Gurus I have enjoyed. I am the product of their sacrifice and dedication. Only when you don't have father, you will understand ... how much he means. When you don't have mother, you will understand how much she means. Only when you don't have a Guru, you will understand how much he means. I know how much my Gurus mean for me. Umm. Second instruction he gives, … “>>>Tamil<<<.” In Tamil he said, “Whatever has not become enlightened,” >>>Tamil<<< means “not become light, awakened in you, don’t tell, don’t talk about that subject.”

Third instruction, little longer. Beautifully he said in … very beautiful Tamil. I’ll repeat it and then translate.

“To show yourself as intelligent or to show yourself something original - do not compromise with the integrity, the highest truths.” That is the … that’s the most powerful teaching. The punch! Still I am absolutely integrated to that. To show that you are intelligent or to show you have something original - do not compromise with the truth of that Ultimate. That is something extraordinary. I tell you, … I am absolutely integrated to my Guru and Guru Parampara ... and all these three instructions. Even if I don't have neem stick in some places, I’ll knock the … temple, see, see this zone … whichever you remember, taste you remember and knock - that liquid will fall in your tongue. It’s one of the power. If you want the nectar, remember Ganapati and knock this point, the nectar will drop in your tongue. Anything you remember, just remember and knock this point - that juice will get into your body. So even if I don’t have the neem stick, I will do that and get that neem juice and then brush my teeth, only then come for … satsang. Because some places when I travel, I may not get the neem sticks. So …

I tell you, … with all my integrity to my Guru Parampara … and to the absolute truth, ... constant prayer, talking to Paramashiva raises the very intensity and frequency of your consciousness. Talking to Paramasiva, we evolved multiple stages. Sometimes initially, like a friend. You can talk to Him and tell all your problems, confusions. Expect Him to absolutely support you. And then you will see yes, He supports you intensely and sometime very mildly but politely … slips few powerful cognitions in you and says, “Don't you see that we should be little practical and do things practically.” Then slowly more powerful cognitions, then you will see before even delusion starts, He will clear it with intense powerful cognitions and there will one time you will even forget that you existed as normal human being.

I had Guru. After I lost them, I know how much they mean to my life. Same way, if you had Guru and lost due to some reason. Either, whether Guru leaves the body or you leave the Guru because of your delusion. Stupid fellows. When they come, they come to transform themself. And after coming, they think ... and ... they plan to transform me! Eh, I have not called you, “Please come and help me to transform me.” You came to get transformed. Stop your business with that! They try to transform me. >>>technical glitch<<< understand. Maybe you lost the Guru due to Guru leaving the body or due to your delusion. Only after you lost, you will understand how much he means.

Every one of us are talking within ourselves. If you are talking unconsciously within yourself, you are schizophrenic. If you are talking consciously within yourself, with yourself - you are atheist, ... frustrated. Use all the depressed, dull, bored, potato couch or couch potato. Sorry. Both one and the same - potato couch or couch potato. You sitting on the couch or couch sitting on you is one and the same. Anyhow, both are not going to move. Or sometime … you sit on the couch. After sometime >>>technical glitch<<< become so heavy so ... couch potato. Anything. You can use all those bad words for the people who talk to themself continuously.

If you talk to Paramashiva, higher existence in you - continuously the powerful cognitions will starts leaking inside you, understand. Initially it’ll be like a trickling only. From Paramashiva one or two powerful cognitions will trickle. If you are worried about losing some object, losing some status, losing some persons or losing health or whatever … or you want to have something, then you start talking to Paramashiva - the powerful cognitions will start trickling in. Initially you will doubt, suspect that trickling power cognitions, “Is it really from Paramashiva? Or is it from … me, my own, from my own confused mind?” You may have doubt. Don't worry. Talk about that also to Paramashiva, “Paramashiva is it really you talking or I myself talking on behalf of you? Can you show me some sign that it's only you talking?” Nothing wrong.

Go on, go on. I tell you, ... no prayer goes waste. No prayer goes waste. Continuously He responds, sometime in the language you understand, sometime the language you can experience, understand. Sometimes He responds to the language you can understand verbally. Sometimes He responds in the, as the experience inside - a deep peace, coming to terms with the reality, Paramashanta Sva ... Svarupa. The courage and confidence you feel, powerfulness you feel - all these are responses from Paramashiva, understand. It's not that all the time He will appear and say, “Oh, my son, my dear son, this is the answer for your question.” Don't expect that all the time. Sometime He just oozes out … the response as the experience to you.

Once it really happened. I was carving a deity. I think 2003. That sthapati who was helping me, he’s still alive. Bhaktika, Autobiography Team can go and talk to him, and he will tell his experience. I was craving the face. It was like a late night, maybe twelve o'clock, one o’clock. He was holding the torch, that lamp for me, lan … Lander, Lander lamp for me. And I was carving. Because that chip that stone powder should not fall on the face, I tie the towel on my nose so that dust will not go inside. And, slowly I was carving that face. There is a clear, the dimensions we need to follow. The face, the chest and the hip and feet - all that, there is a clear proportion. So I had a … that tender coconut, the coconut leaf, sorry, coconut leaf, >>>Tamil<<< coconut leaf, which in which we mark the measurement, so I kept the … size on the face and I was checking part by part. The deity was really big size, six feet size deity, that was, that is the deity now sitting in Ohio.

So, I was carving and taking the, checking the measurement whether that measurement is proper. I checked the face and then went up to neck and chest, hip, and went up to the feet. And still I was getting the, that Lander was continuously following me. Maybe … ten or fifteen minutes. After I finished the measurement, I put the … that leaf, that tender coconut leaf, and removed the towel, and looked and said, “>>>Tamil<<<.” I just said that the “Eh, come on get tea.” Understand, only then I saw that fellow was not sitting there. He has already gone. Then from where the light was coming? Who was holding the Lander? For my disciples I am clearly telling you, I was intensely talking to Paramashiva and asking Him, “Please come as you exists. Let the samudri lakshana of this deity match with your samudrika (सामुद्रिक, sāmudrika). Please, please, reside in this, so you can manifest and bless the whole world.” And that is the way I was talking and measuring every inch, every part. Whether Lander was physically moving in the sky or my eyes have developed the ability to see in the dark - all these analysis let that atheist do, trolls do.

To my disciples, I wanted to tell you guys, Paramashiva held the Lander at least for that fifteen minutes after he left. One of the most measurement proportionate samudrika lakshanam matching to Paramashiva deity is, the Paramashiva in Ohio. The samudrika lakshanam matching … was done with lots of effort. Because I want to set a standard, how our temple deity should be. There so that we can make … later on we can just make replica. Even now I am telling you, the Venkateshwara in Los Angeles, Meenakshi in San Jose, Paramashiva in … Ohio, Dakshinamurthy in Houston - all these we have taken a mould. The cement mould off all that is still in Bidadi. So whenever we make new deities, we call the sthapatis and show these as the model. This only we show as a model … for the measurement, and samudrika lakshana. Samudrika lakshana means the way where all the leg, hands are twisted and where all they becomes they are straight, the flow, body language of the deity. Paramashiva in Ohio is literally embodiment of Paramashiva. He himself carved himself. He himself carved himself.

I tell you, … continuous talking within you with Paramashiva continuously will cause miracles in your life. That's all is power manifestation. Go on be talking to Him. Nothing wrong in fighting with Paramashiva. Nothing wrong. Go on fight internally. In two-three days, you will see all your violence will melt down. You will become Paramashanta Svarupa. You will become such embodiment of sweetness and peace. Even people who are living around you will feel the smell of your friendliness and fragrance of the peace you are radiating. I tell you, ... see, understand this one. One of the most fundamental principles of Siddha tradition is intensifying your ability to digest. If the power to digest is awakened, intensified in you - no disease can come. No disease including cancer, heart problems, nothing can come. Ability to digest anything.

Because, your whole system creates lots of chemicals, hormones, multiple things needed for you to exist. And in that, there are many things need to be cleaned after the work is done. That cleaning can be done by jatharagni (जाठराग्नि, jāṭharāgni) inside you. Not only digesting the food, even detoxifying yourself can be done. Converting the bread into blood and energy, and detoxifying - everything happens by the jatharagni in your stomach, in your navel, in your Mani Padma, the Manipuraka Chakra, navel center, naval chakra. Talking with Paramashiva within you intensely kindles that jatharagni. That jatharagni becomes Paramashiva agni. I tell you, ... try this. Any of you have a digestion problem, decide to talk to Paramashiva intensely for three days, I guarantee - the whole digestion problem will solve. Three days, go on be praying and talking to Paramashiva. Tell all your problems, all your complains. You can ask anything you want. Go on be asking intensely.

I tell you, … the beauty of prayer, constantly talking to Paramashiva … see, prayer comes with the connotation you have to be begging with Paramshiva. Hinduism says, just talk to Him. It is not necessary you have to be begging. You can even be fighting. Nothing wrong. Because even to fight, if you start relationship with Paramashiva, it will end up in such sweet beautiful flowering of Oneness. Nothing is wrong. Just connect with Paramashiva. I tell you, when you start connecting, start talking, … start intensely relating like whatever is happening outside you, just tell Him, “See, this stupid fellow stolen my money and ran away.” “See, this fellow harassing me.” “And see, with so much effort I am coming to your temple, but see the traffic signal, now only red, and it’s showing ninety seconds I have to stand. Why don't you change it?”

Go on be telling Him everything happening in your life like a live relay, live report. Nothing is wrong. I tell you, … this relationship will make you vibrate … in very frequency of Paramashiva just in few days. You just know the moment you remember, He is there. Even before you remember, He is there and He is making you remember Him and becoming Him. >>>Tamil<<< He will remind himself to you, and He will remember Himself to Himself, and He will stay within Himself, and He becomes Himself. The intensity, frequency, the vibration, you will start existing. If I teach this one habit to all my Gurukul kids, I will feel that I have done the best to my kids. This is the most sacred secret teaching I can give you.

See sometime, … not sometime, many time devotees make me melt by their devotion. Some of my devotees ... I can name a detailed list - Maitrik Patel. He drives truck but every penny he earns is literally mine. Somehow he just composed the whole thing, maybe he keeps few dollars for his food. Otherwise he works only to give it to me. I can name the long list. Lakshmi Devineni. Some people do business only to fund me. Nothing else. They have no personal ambition. Just to fund, “I have to fund Swamiji.” I can give you the long list. I don't want this opposite gang to harass them. That is why I am not telling all the names. They melt me by their devotion and commitment ... and standing as a pillar, strength.

Just the day before yesterday, we got a huge prime property in Fiji. I don’t know how many millions of dollars worth. That person came and said that, “I wanted to donate this to Swamiji.” it’s not that he is a well known long time devotee and all that. When we asked him, “Who you are?” and all that, he said, “I have met Swamiji only once. But I am following his satsang and all the discourses for last ten years. He has given me so much in my life and supported me and enlightened me. I have decided … the best thing in my life, the best thing I have in my life, I made in my life; I wanted to give it to Swamiji. I wanted Swamiji to make a embassy of Kailasa here.” Of course, we are going to do that work. All that is different. But he made me melt by his devotion and commitment.

I tell you, all the devotees who made me melt by your devotion and commitment, … if I have to give you some secret, sacred secret, sweet important teaching to show my love and my gratitude to all of you for standing up with me, take this teaching, this is what I’ll give you - continuously, intensely go on be talking to Paramashiva. Even while you are typing, doing your business, doing all the things - go on be giving a live report to Him inside. It’ll become actually a lifestyle, charyapada. And you will see everything becomes so sweet. All the fear is sucked out of your life. There is no toxins. Absolute existence, all that confidentlessness, powerlessness, anxiety, “Oh, what will happen here? What will happen to that? What will …?” All that will just be completely sucked away from you, taken away from you, burned away! The jatharagni will be intensely burning, that fire in the stomach will be intensely burning.

What Vallalar a great Saint says, “>>>Tamil<<<” means, a stomach should never be full or loaded, heavy. No! Neither stomach should be heavy, nor heart should be heavy. Stomach should not be heavy by food. Heart should not be heavy by depression. That state of … Paramashivatva … will be intensely radiating in you. I tell you, Paramashiva is residing in you is not a technique that you’ll remember and then aft … by continuous remembrance He’s awakened. No! It’s a reality whether you remember or not, He exists. If you remember he will manifest it. That’s all. It’s a reality! You want to use it in your life day to day life or not is up to you.

Intense prayer, intense unclutching, intense ajapa japa of Mahavakya continuously. Just understanding the reality - Paramashiva is in your Dvadashanta, Ananda Gandha. He is inhaling and exhaling. Every breath goes to Him only then comes out. You are alive because of Him. He is the life of your life. That's a good news. Most sweetest news. Remembering this powerful cognition and inhaling and exhaling as Paramashiva. I tell you, this all will make you intensely active in your life. Don't think all this will make you dull. No! Your worries make you dull. Worries never make you active, they make you aggressive. Aggressiveness is different, activeness is different. The peace makes you active. Worries and depression makes you aggressive, not active. Understand.

Intensity of your existence and the frequency, vibration of your existence, if that goes up - everything you want in your life starts manifesting as reality. Everything you want to manifest in your life becomes reality. You can use any one of these - intense constant prayer, intense constant ajapa japa of Mahavakya, intense constant cognition of Paramashiva is inhaling and exhaling inside you, … intense unclutching; any of these or all of these! Sometime you can be unclutching. Sometimes you can be sitting in Paramashanta Svarupa, just Paramashiva is inhaling and exhaling inside you. He is acting and reacting. There is no your personal reactionary assumptions alive. Only He is actions and reactions are alive in you. Your personal reactionary assumptions is violence. If you surrender them to Paramashiva, … Paramashiva manifest Bhairava and He protects you, and He silences all your enemies, and He guides your life. If Bhairava manifest and does the job of protecting you, you will not get the Karma, Karma Chakra. You will be protected but you will not have the Karma Chakra.

But if you start jumping and reacting out of your reactionary assumptions, you will be waging unnecessary useless wars. You may not even win in the war. And even if you win in the war, the Karma Chakra you create … will be constantly keeping you engaged in the war! That, understand that. See the worst thing with war is, whether you lose or win, you are the loser. Because even if you win, it’s not going to end. The opposite gang is going to >>>technical glitch<<< keep the vengeance, anger. And it is going to be planning something else and the Karma Chakra goes on! Which is not necessary. So if just surrender to Paramashiva, unclutch and be in Paramashiva as Paramashiva, Paramashanta Svarupa, He just knows He manifest as … Mahakalabhairava, … clears all the negativity, enemity. And He plays His own perfect strategy. And, not only He clears … the enemity, the enemies, everything, there will not be any Karma Chakra for the continuous fights and wars. He knows how to protect you and He knows how to keep the enemies away. They may get engaged in something else and they will forget you. Understand. You can live your life peacefully with more and more Paramashivatva, and doing the real work you need to do to the world.

All of us are here to contribute … to your own consciousness and the collective consciousness of the Cosmos. Whether you are stitching shoes, polishing … boots or … running a nation, … running a kingdom, any job you are doing or not doing anything - finally, ultimately we all have come to contribute to our own consciousness and to the consciousness of the Cosmos, collective consciousness. If you start living in the space of peace, of Paramashiva, Paramashanta Svarupa, ... remembering the reality He breathes, inhales and exhales in you … with the eternal bliss and peace, … when that becomes Nithya in you - … the very quality of your existence goes up. See that taste what you considered as joy, bliss, that very quality raises! You become beautiful to yourself and to everything, everyone around you. You, you become too cute to yourself, you yourself will start feeling, “Oh, I am so cute.” And everyone around you will start feeling, “Oh, he’s so cute.” That feeling you feeling cute within you about you, and everyone around you feeling you are cute for them too - that is the fragrance of Paramashiva oozing out of you, that joy Paramashanta Svarupa. Even if you scream, people will feel like you are like a child throwing tantrum. Not any vengeance, poisonous … Even you scream, people will see that care and love and concern you have.

Today I’ll initiate all of you into all these five. Intense unbroken continuous talking to Paramashiva, I’ll call this in Sanskrit - upasana (उपासना, upāsanā). Means, sitting with Paramashiva, all the time you are with Paramashiva. In His personal office, you got a permanent chair … next to Him. Go on giving a live report about your life to Him. Second, intense … continuous ajapa japa. Constantly whenever you remember … see, sometimes after few hours of prayer, you may feel there is nothing to report now. Then start ajapa japa. And after sometime ajapa japa may look monotonous. Sit as Paramashanta Svarupa, Paramashiva inhaling and exhaling. All these will just change your very consciousness and it will manifest intense strong nuclear force in you. I, I tell you, the Paramashiva who is sitting in your Dvadashanta, inside the Ananda Gandha - it’s a strong nuclear force. It just even one bit oozing out, it’ll just burn the whole life and make it Kailasa for you. All kinds of power manifestation happens in you.

Remember the strong nuclear force of Kailasa in you, Paramashiva sitting in eternal bliss and smiling with the saumya face, inhaling, exhaling through your body, every breath goes to Him and comes back. Understand that. Every breath goes to Him and comes back. And, intense unclutching. Absolute sweetness will be felt in your body when you are sitting unclutched. I’ll initiate all of you into all these five, and … today we have Vishesha Deeksha also. All the Vishesha Deeksha participants, I am initiating all of you with Atma Linga, and all these four - everyday watch satsang, everyday do puja, everyday do yoga, everyday do power manifestation. These four. So, I’ll start the process, Vishesha Deeksha Process. The by the grace of Paramashiva, through the grace of Paramashiva, I’ll connect all of us to Paramashiva and Shrikailasa. After a break, we’ll start the process. All the participants who are supposed to receive Atma Linga, please receive. And if you already have one, please take it in your hand. Get ready for process.

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. My blessings. I bless you all … to radiate the state, space, powers of Paramashiva. Now … blessing to Vaishali Verma. Birthday blessings for Ma Vaishali Verma.

So with this, … I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Living and Radiating the State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness, and Shrikailasa of Paramashiva, The Eternal Bliss, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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