31 January 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitors, viewers, Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Sarvajnapeetha Karthas all over the world, Nithyananda Yogam participants, Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Nithyananda eGurukul students and everyone watching all over the world through Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

From today forty eight days, the Mandala Abhishekam will be happening. Means the … Paramashiva has taken birth in the deity. Now, supporting the whole manifestation process to be fully successfully, like a baby is born. The first few days that baby needs support for it to settle down, and start manifesting completely. That, that period, that is the period now … where the … the Archavatara Paramashiva has taken … the form … is now born, literally awakened in that deity. “Born” word is too small word. That is not right word because Paramashiva is beyond birth and death. He is manifesting in that Archavatara. So the first forty eight days, that whole deity is held inside powerful consciousness of Paramashiva so continuously that manifestation becomes very intense. So, I am actually doing that process this forty eight days, intense process. That is why no jewellery, nothing, just sitting with rudraksha. Bhasma and rudraksha, sitting in samadhi intensely and … this forty eight days the whole powerful next level manifestation of the Guru, Linga, Sangha will happen.

Actually the after the Great Pause settling, I wanted to do this Kumbhabhishekam. And … then the Shivacharyas have to advise us that only after the Uttarayanam. Uttarayana Punyakala means the, after the … Uttarayana starts, we are having a good date, uttamottama date for Kumbhabhishekam, so that’s what the reason we waited. And ... see fundamentally deity intensely receives the energy, like a lightning and holds it … and manifest continuously for the whole humanity. You see, it’s like a … if I have to talk to you in a normals social language, it’s like a lightning holder. Like a, you see, like I can get into the samadhi, one with Paramashiva and bring the whole thing to planet earth. But that deity should be able to hold it, and manifested it, radiated it for the humanity. So that is the reason beautiful dense, most dense granite … deity is made. The earlier the avudaiyar we made, too much of power manifestation, it has given crack in multiple places. I don’t know if all you guys will be able to believe. I tell them to show the video.

Such dense granite cracks to pieces. And so carefully maintained with so much of all the abhishekam, puja and everything, crack is the last thing you can imagine in dense granite but ... so many places that earlier avudaiyar has had and … that’s the reason we made the new deity with more dense granite now. More dense granite the deity is done so it can withstand the power manifestation and hold the power for quite a long time. Maybe at least next twelve years it can hold. And … before that we will, we are, I am planning for the different level of ... granite for avudaiyar. I wanted to teleport from … the other planets where the hundred times more dense than planet earth’s granite is available. And anyhow all that I'll do it and then show and, and instead of giving material for trolls. I'll give ... information after everything is achieved, umm, after everything is done.

Anyhow now understand this much that intense power manifestation is happening. This forty eight days, blessed are those who can … be part of the every day satsang and every day process. This forty eight days I’ll allow anybody who is initiated disciple to touch the Mulavar, the main deity. Anybody who has taken Samaya Deeksha or Vishesha Deeksha … can come to AdI Kailasa and touch and do one abhishekam. One abhishekam we will let you participate. And that will be a wonderful punya and … Paramashiva will be awakened inside you also. The deity is such wonderfully awakened deity, umm.

Nithya Ramani, I am so happy to see you feeding Kesho. The mother physically feeds, you will never have any problem related to food. You will not develop any wrong pattern about food. You will become overweight. Mother feeding and feeding you, brings intense completion in your navel centre. If your mother is alive and you have that kind of completion relationship with her, ... once in a while sit with her and make her feed you and you also feed her. It will be the, it’ll heal all problems related to stomach, food. I tell you, mother is not social relationship. Mother is existential relationship. See, realizing existential realities is realization. Statement I making is from the Cosmic sense. Realizing existential realities is realization. Mother relationship is not societal, it is existential.

All great civilizations or mother centric, … mother centric ... anybody who wants to heal stomach related patterns, food related patterns, food related addictions or any other … obesity, all these issues, I tell you, just have your mother feed you few days. Because, much of our problems are stomach feeling lonely. See stomach: … Manipuraka Chakra, the Mani Padma. Mani Padma, if it feels you are grounded in Mani Padma, you feel you are centred on the existence and grounded and you feel fulfilled, loved, wanted. If the Mani Padma and “I” is disconnected, that is when you feel orphan, … unwanted. Then you dump food inside the unwantedness. That feeling of orphan is directly related to Aham not centred on Mani Padma. In Tibetian Buddhism, Om Mani Padme Hum is used as a mantra. Means, “Let me be established in Manipuraka Padma.” Manipuraka, navel, the lotus. I think I am uttering too powerful truths next, next, next, next.

If you listen to this satsang, you will understand the multiple dots I am connecting. The navel chakra is the ground for “I” consciousness. When your mother feeds you, or you sleep in the lap of the mother, the naval chakra gives the grounding for your “I” consciousness. Your “I” feeling gets grounded in the navel chakra, and you feel you are loved, you are wanted, you are happy. And … the ideal way of eating: at least the kids till the age of seven, the ideal way of eating should be the kids should be running around and mother should run behind and feed little by little with the hand. And more you ate physically with the mother’s hand, the more your identity will be grounded in naval centre, that Mani Padme Hum. Whatever the Buddhist are trying to achieve, Tibetian Buddhist try to achieve with that mantra chanting “Om Mani Padme Hum,” that result will happen, if your mother physically feeds you. Umm. it’s one of the very powerful method.

Unfortunately the modern day Hindus have thrown it out, and stopped doing it. The modern day Hindus first of all, no mother is staying in the house. They are all in the job. The children are in some care home. And when they grow up, they put you in care home. That’s all. Breaking the Hindu family legally is one of the worst thing done to Hindus by all the anti-Hindu forces ganging up. See, … Hindu joint families are like a … Gurukuls. Even when Gurukul is broken, Hinduism is not completely wiped out because of the Hindu joint families. That is why now the whole legal system, it is against the ... families, the law is absolutely supporting … to break families in every possible way.

I don't want to comment on dowry system and all but … all my devotees who are living outside India, and in India dowry is illegal. So, all devotees who are staying outside India, in your country, if dowry is not illegal, don't be against it. Understand one thing, I am not saying … girls be sold and all that. Dowry is fundamentally giving wealth right to women. Money you bring from father's home is completely with you, and dowry should not be handed over to … the in-laws. It should be in the girl’s hand. That the way, usually in … Anyhow, lots of a … Hindu way of lifestyle is getting harassed, attacked and I cannot speak about it. If I comment on it, again there will be unnecessary huge media harass. Sometime umm … I will revive all these somewhere ... and keep it all these alive. Umm. Anyhow, we should not allow the families to be destroyed by … wrong legal system ... which is anti-hindu absolutely. Umm.

Actually even the description of the dowry … is wrong. Originally the dowry system was … See for example, whatever Sita was given by Janaka, Rama or Rama’s Kingdom will never take it as the part of them. It’s a pride. They will keep everything for Sita in Sita’s place where Sita’s residing. It’ll all be there with Sita. It’s for Sita to do what she wants to do. It’s her freedom. That is the way the economical freedom of the girl is ensured in those days. As if in the modern day the ... dowry has been attacked, abused so much. As if in the modern day, they have stopped it or what? Now the girls are looking for wealthy boys and … planning for who is the rich, high salaried individual, and getting married. What is there? And this is called planning for future.

No Hindu lifestyle was wrong, whether Gurukul, joint family lifestyle. Nothing was wrong. All false ideas about our ancestors and about our lifestyle has been taught to all you guys. We ourself in last two hundred years, ... we Hindus are made to believe our lifestyle was strong and all our sufferings were because of our lifestyle. It’s all absolute faltu. Every, every small thing … our ancestors were doing, from early morning making the kolam, that beautiful designs of rangoli outside the house … with rice powder, and applying turmeric on the entrance of the house. Why you know? Snakes will not cross turmeric. I don’t know how many of you know, if you apply turmeric outside the house that so-called entrance, snakes will never come in. snakes will not cross turmeric powder. Everything, whatever our ancestors did … had a meaning, has a meaning. I’ll revive all of it somewhere, umm, in some land. At least keep it alive for the next generation to learn and practice.

Child should be hand fed by parents. Eating with hands will heal and make the child wanted. Same way, the girl should have such deep, sweet, friendly, very friendly father relationship, then she will be so … grounded, fulfilled. Father should be the first hero for girl. And, that is the way that … healthy personalities are manifested. Umm. Anyhow, like a how … the kid is hand fed by the mother, kid gets grounded and able to manifest himself better. This Mandala Abhishekam is like that only. That … that deity is held in intense energy field, so that Paramashiva awakened. Awakened Paramashiva will settle down and manifest in the deity completely. Umm.

I strongly recommend all the devotees who are in India, at least to make one day trip in this forty eight days Mandala Abhishekam, and do one abhishekam by physically touching the deity and do it. I’ll allow all initiated disciples. And if you are away from India, in some other country, at least you can sponsor one day abhishekam, one day puja - you will get the punya, blessings and merit. This forty eight days is very powerful process. The whole ... energy manifesting will be so intense. Umm. And this forty eight days, I’ll also give lots of initiations. And … Atma Linga initiation. I tell you, … every Atma Linga is literally Paramashiva, your personal Paramashiva, soulmate. Soulmate is Atman, Atma Linga only. Real soulmate is Atma Linga.

I am in absolute samadhi. I’ll reveal all the high level truths as it is today. Alright. Let me come back to satsang. Paramashiva’s message today … directly from Shri Kailasa. Listen. Multidimensional space, zones: ... by understanding its existence, by … the ability to grasp, visualize, image, when you understand its existence; that existence just gets replicated, reproduced, ... mirrored in your system. That makes you manifest that extraordinary powers. Listen. For example, if you understand about Tapoloka where all the great Tapasvis exist and how the laws, rules, nature, ontology of Tapoloka ... in Tapoloka there is no gravity. And, in Tapoloka, anything you imagine becomes reality immediately. There are simple principles. Actually too simple. It is like a, just like a class. With two PowerPoint presentation, I can finish the whole basic laws you need to understand about Tapo, Tapoloka.

Just what is the gravity law in Tapoloka? What is the … electromagnetic laws of Tapoloka? And what is the … weak nuclear force and what is the strong nuclear force of Tapoloka? That’s all. Just that four natural force we understand here in the planet earth, the same thing if I applied to Tapoloka and make you understand. Just that understanding … and visualization, the multidimensional logic of existence is such

ब्रह्मविद् ब्रह्मैव भवति

brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati

Just by knowing, you became that, understand.

Knowledge and becoming is separate only in binary logic, this world. Knowledge and becoming is one and the same in higher dimension zones. For example, if you have a thorough knowledge about Indraloka, they will be happy to have you there, because they are all waiting. See, everywhere they want immigrants. Only in India we are suffering with population. Indian and China only doesn't want immigrants. All other countries wants immigrants, because the future. Any country who gets more immigrants are only going to be successful. No really. Only in India and China is suffering with population. All the other countries, they want immigrants. So, all the higher zones, they want as many number as possible immigrants.

Otherwise why do you think they will send their ambassador to planet earth? I am that direct ambassador of … Kaila … Shri Kailasa. I am here to enroll all of you to Kailasa, that's all. I have been sent from there, to enroll more and more people for Kailasa. Understand, they want immigrants. Kailasa wants more people to be part of the Kailasa. Not to exploit you, just to celebrate you, understand. So I am a … you can give any title you want - Consul General or a Ambassador or err … big big titles you want. This time directly I came … to enroll everyone about Kailasa, understand.

You see, all those higher space, … higher zones, if you understand the functionality of the higher zones, a Tapoloka, Tapoloka’s law of gravity. Why there is no gravity and how you can also be without influenced by gravity. What is the electromagnetic force of Tapoloka? For example, in the planet earth, here - your electromagnetic force is lust and fear. If you are terrorized or you become extremely lusty, your electromagnetic force goes to its peak. If you become very deeply devoted in your puja, you can cross the electromagnetic force which can be generated by lust or fear. Then you become master of yourself. That is why I am saying, puja can liberate you and give you enlightenment too easily that the … puja has the capacity … Atma Linga Puja has a capacity … to change your electromagnetic force.

If you understand, Paramashiva is real and when you do puja, He actually sees what you are offering. How you do Pada Puja to me, how I look at what you are offering. Like that He sees … and He responds. He is real. Just if you sit with this cognition and do puja, the whole electromagnetic force of your body crosses electromagnetic force generated by lust and fear. Then no lust, no fear can manipulate you. You will have lust and fear under your control. They cannot control you. Like that there are simple understandings about gravitation of Tapoloka and electromagnetic force of Tapoloka and ... the weak nuclear force of Tapoloka and strong nuclear force of Tapoloka, there are some more forces. I can explain. Umm. That … in Tapoloka another one thing is that all of them are very sweet and … highly intimate because there is no jealousy and nobody can own anything or nobody can ... There is no individual understanding of ownership, possessiveness.

The whole Tapoloka belongs to whole Tapoloka … citizens. And … so naturally the whole understanding is tyaga (त्याग, Tyāga), sacrifice. See, when you know everything belongs to everyone, nobody will be interested in possessiveness. You will be only interested in taking care of others - giving, giving, giving, tyaga. Umm. The whole Kailasa, that is the way I am planning to create. The whole pride should be based on tyaga. Tyagi should be the elite of Kailasa. Umm. That is that the … law of ownership in Kailasa. Tyagis form the elite … of Shri Kailasa. Not the weak. See, weak people possess. Strong people own. Tyagis create a space for everyone to flower without possessing or owning. Understand, weak people possess, screw everyone. Strong people own and include everyone. Tapasvis neither possess nor own. They create a space where all of us can flower beyond owning and possessing. Beyond possessing and owning.

So this should be tapas, tyagis should be the … elite of Shri Kailasa. Actually I wanted the whole Shri Kailasa to be … great tyagi sannyasis and sannyasinis. And even the grihasthas, with the extreme tyaga, … sacrifice. Whoever vibrates with the sacred principle of tyaga, I tell you, tyaga is one of the force, power. My whole life I am able to handle all these attack because of tyaga. I can give up anything. I am not attached to anything. This whole Bidadi, I built it with so much of hard work, but I don't even miss it. I am only planning how to make that more and more useful for the whole world. That's all. Because I built it for all of you, not for me. I am not missing. Only when I am even wanted to tell this word, I am even remembering the idea of what is something called missing.

Ramani, you have to feed by hand, not by spoon. Ramani, you have to feed by hand. The electromagnetic force of your hand should touch the mouth of a kid. It is not by spoons. Spoon doesn’t emm ... I want all you guys to understand, eat by hand. Food need to be touched by hand and eaten. Umm. Especially temple prasadam and all, you should never eat by spoon, should only received by hand without even moving it into a vessel, you should eat from hand directly. Umm. >>>?<<< should temple prasadam, umm. Others can eat by hand.

Let me come back to … satsang, umm. By understanding the gravitational force principle, electromagnetic force principle, weak nuclear force principle, strong nuclear force principles of Tapoloka - you start manifesting that same principles and consciousness in your being. It becomes your realization. I tell you, knowing the reality becomes realization.

ब्रह्मविद् ब्रह्मैव भवति

brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati

Because, the higher space zones, there is no gap between the reality and realization. The whole principle itself, ... reality is realization. There is no delusion. That delusion component is missing … in the higher planes. In Tapoloka, there is no delusion. So … if there is a guard, everyone realizes that guard. If there is Paramashiva, everyone realizes that Paramashiva, and that “if” doesn’t have a meaning there. When … you understand these principles ... with the and you see in this planet earth, understanding does not become you becoming that. Because, you have so many SDHD, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial and all these problems. Even if two-three times Paramashiva proves He exists, you will say all that two-three times is coincidence, “I think I need more convincing prove.” Umm. All that is planet earth’s binary logic. But in the higher space, zones, reality is realization. See understand those principles, ... your heart also starts becoming like that.

I tell you, listen. Listen, listen to these great truths. This is too important. Either look within or look without means on the Akasha. In the night time try this, the little summer night time, so that you don't feel cold. Or you don’t even need to come out of your home, even sitting inside the home the window, you can do this. Especially if you have a lar … vast mountain view or ocean view. Just sit, look intensely through the outside. You know that Kailasa exists, the Dvadashanta (द्वादशान्त Dvādaśānta), Shri Kailasa, Paramashiva’s space exists. By intensely looking externally into that space - Mahakasha (महाकाश, Mahākāśa), or intense looking inside - Chittakasha (छित्ताकास्ह, Chittākāsha). Either Chidambara, Chittakasha or Mahakasha - in both place, both ways; it’s actually not both place; it’s both ways. You will find Dvadashanta, Paramashiva’s residing space.

Either looking intensely into Chidambara - inside, … if you have a very sweet love for yourself, looking inside will be easy. See, all your thoughts are because you are beating yourself. If you have a deep love for yourself, you can sit peacefully inside you and deeply look. Either look in or look out, … but both deeply with this understanding, “Whatever is there in Kailasa, if I even understand that, sup … that become my realization.” Only in planet earth, understanding and realization has a gap called delusion. But in Shri Kailasa or Chidambara, in both level, there is no difference between reality and realization, information and enlightenment. Listen carefully. Because of delusion, the information does not become enlightenment. Information becomes enlightenment ... only when there is no delusion.

So no, do not need to have ... you don't need to have delusion which stops information becoming enlightenment in that space. The higher space zone because there is no delusion, the information becomes enlightenment just even if you are informed. Here … with this understanding, if you look out into the Mahakasha, Mahakasha is the … space you can see with your intense eyes, like a if you look at the stars and try to look beyond stars. The “I” which is using your e-y-e, eye which is using your e-y-e, eye is capable of penetrating beyond the stars and see the Mahakasha. You need to know that. I don't care about that trolls. Trolls can troll about it. But I am telling you all my disciples, understand the “I,” your existence which is using through this, using this eye, e-y-e can penetrate … the Mahakasha and see Dvadashanta, the Paramashiva’s residence, residing place. We are capable.

And Paramashiva has given that capacity to us and … See, we are hardwired to have Paramashiva’s darshan. Paramashiva is not a sadist guy that He did not equip you or with, He did not give you enough tools and He is only giving you the desire to have His darshan. No, no. He give all the tools, all the equipments, everything needed for us to have His darshan. Then He is giving the desire to have His darshan. And then He is giving the knowledge to have His darshan. And then He is giving initiation to have His darshan. Then He is giving inspiration to have His darshan. Then He is enlightenment itself to have His darshan, understand. So He is not sadist. He is extremely loving being. Umm.

I feel weird, I feel as if I am talking to myself now. I am sitting in all of you and then talking to myself. Anyhow, I will talk. And there is no nothing called weird for me because I have seen all the weirdest things so I can, anyhow I’ll tell.

Listen. So, because in this higher space, zones, there is no gap between information and enlightenment. If you look at the higher zones - Mahakasha, through open eyes if you try to penetrate … this Mahakasha … and see the Kailasa ... and remember this cognition, that zone where the information becomes enlightenment directly. “Let me open myself to that zone. Let that zone mir … mirror itself into me.” Sit with this cognition. If you are looking inside inside, inside what you feel as “I,” that is Dvadashanta where Paramashiva is sitting, residing. So look inside that Chidambara where Paramashiva is residing. For you to look inside, you need a deep love for yourself. Because if you have love for yourself only you will not have guilt, pain, DHD, beating yourself.

All that you will not be doing, you will be able to penetrate deeply into Chidambara. If you penetrate the Chidambara also, ... you will manifest the same powers. If you penetrate the Mahakasha, see … Chittakasha is the space inside your consciousness. Mahakasha is the space … outside, umm. Any one if you penetrate, … you will understand that gravitational force, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force principles of Shri Kailasa, Tapoloka, any higher zones. Initial usually you will understand only Tapoloka. Directly you will not be able to reach Kailasa. That is too big, too much. But even if you understand Tapoloka, you will start manifesting powers. With that clarity and that trust, that strength, you can go up to, you can go easily to Kailasa, Shri Kailasa.

Anyhow … when you understand … the fundamental principles exist in Tapoloka, the higher space zones - that understanding, that realization is like a you bringing Dollars and Euros into Indian currency. When you come with the Dollars and Euro, conversion rate is such that you have large quantity of Indian money, so you can, that’s why people feel you are very rich when you are coming back from US or UK, Europe or UK and they think that US or UK, all over in the road Dollars and Euro are laying down, you just have to take it and pack it and guni bag and bring to India. Indians always feel that NRIs are too rich and they expect you to do everything for them, especially … if some of your brothers family is in India and you are in US earning in US and UK, they expect you to take care of them completely. Because they feel that the … whole US road is filled with Dollars and Euros, you just have to bring guni bags from India, and just dump all these dollars and pack it and seal it and send it in the ship … for them. Umm.

Anyhow, when you go to that space zone, and understand this information, enlightenment is one and the same, and grasp those principles when they are map in your prajna, in your inner space - you manifest so much of electromagnetic force, so much of levitation force, a strong nuclear force of this planet - you do power manifestation. That's all. I am telling you exactly what is happening in me now. Just I am in the space of Kailasa, Paramashiva, and He is just mapping Himself into this body. And so much is manifesting. It is holding that Archavatara in Adi Kailasa, that Swaymabhu Linga and the avudaiyar and the peetham now we installed, that whole deity and that whole place and that whole space is radiating intensely all the multiple forces, powers, state, space, powers, being, superconsciousness of Paramashiva. And that is doing all the auspiciousness.

The Guru, Linga, Sangha, all are beautifully flowering and raised to the next level of consciousness. Now all of you are going to have a intense benefit, blessings. Especially this forty eight days is going to be such big positive breakthrough. Permanently itself is a big breakthrough. This forty eight days, you can visibly see the way it is getting raised. Umm. The Guru, Linga, Sangha, all three. All of you if you have received the Atma Linga from me, keep it, always try to wear it for next forty eight days. It’ll be constantly vibrating, pulsate, umm. Because the whole Shri Kailasa is manifesting in Bhuloka, in planet earth. Umm.

Whenever I feel like I am talking to myself, I express all the truths as it is without feeling intimidated. Or without feeling, “Oh … should I speak about it or not? Should I tell this or not?” I don't have that intimidating feeling and I just tell, “This is what is happening. You grasp and understand and get enlightened, that's all.” Information and enlightenment becomes one and the same. Umm. So … so whoever has gone to Kumbhabhisekam, I think many people from outside India also has gone to Kumbhabhisekam. That Mahadeva Swarupa and Ramesh Ramani, all of you touch the deity and do at least one abhishekam before you leave Bidadi. Umm. Before you leave Bidadi, at least do one abhishekam. Yesterday I saw many people went to umm … Bidadi doing … And I wanted to tell that Bidadi Temple also allow people to touch and do abhishekam. One abhishekam in that six Kala Abhishekam, any one of the abhishekam. All the initiated disciples can come and do. Umm. Maybe we can allow any one abhishekam. Umm.

Umm. After the break, I'll connect all of you with the Paramashiva through Mahakasha and Chittakasha, both. You can … just the informations about Shri Kailasa becomes enlightenment. Information about the higher space zones becomes enlightenment, umm. It’s very easy, actually there information is enlightenment, there is no delusion. Here because you guys are stuck with the delusion, enlightenment becomes very difficult. It’s like a … here relationship becomes like a mother-in-law. There it’s only mother and daughter. Here it becomes like a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law. Umm. Okay, come on, now after a break, I’ll initiate all of you and lead you into the process. Just get your Atma Linga and sit. Let’s start the process. Umm.


>>>technical glitch<<< where you see endless or the whole sky. You can sit in your veranda and see the whole sky, anything is okay. Ability to see endless, if you have that kind of place, you can go and sit there, and see the endless. If not, you can look inside - Chittakasha. Either Chittakasha or Mahakasha. See intensely with the decision to have darshan of Paramashiva. With the grace of Paramashiva, I’ll make sure now all of you have darshan of Paramashiva. Umm. Come on! Please sit straight. Look into Chittakasha or Mahakasha. We’ll start … intensely.

Initiation and meditation starts

Look intensely.

Om Nithynanda Paramashivoham. Blessings to all of you. I sincerely request all of you to watch this satsang at least three-four times. Because ... only if you watch, you will understand all the ideas I am trying to explain. See, trolls who want to troll and abuse does not need to watch second time, because they watch second time, understand they will not be able to troll, they will not be able to abuse. But the real followers, seeker should watch the satsang at least three-four times because you would have missed many things.

For example I was talking about this dowry. Surely I am dead against the dowry harassment. But I tell you, the whole narrative, narration given to common public about dairy, dowry is wrong. Today what we are hearing is a narrative about dowry. Originally what was dowry, both are two different. The narrative we are hearing about caste system, narrative we are hearing about dowry - everything is wrong. Actually narrative we are hearing about Hinduism and Hindu history itself is wrongly presented, absolute fabricated false, ... distorted ... history only we are reading. That is only presented to us today.

I tell you, ... Hindus have franchised their education to miss, missionaries, franchised their history to communist. They have franchised everything. Then how do you think they will do justice to Hinduism? Even what you hear about Sati. The narrative you are hearing is not real right narrative. Kunti was alive. Kunti why she did not jump into the fire? Sati was never a compulsion. Sati was never a compulsion. Kunti was alive and ... We have tons of stories. Umm. So I want all of you to watch the satsangs at least four-five times on ... only then you will understand what I am trying to convey, umm, what I am trying to tell.

So, with this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, living and radiating the state, space, powers, superconsciousness, being and Shri Kailasa, Paramashiva, Nithyananda Paramashivoham, Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda.

Thank you. Be blissful.

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