4 March 2020- Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, visitors, viewers, Sarvajnana peetha yajamans, Sarvajnama peetha kartas, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Nithyananda eGurukul students, Nithyananda Yogam participants, Nithyananda Hindu University students and everyone watching live on Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Nlighten App, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV and Twitter, two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respect.

Devotional offering

Paramashiva’s message directly from ShriKailasa - Today’s message is specially for participants of Leela Dhyana program, my leela, my life is one of the greatest strong nuclear force positive expressions directly on this universe. My life is not made of just a few incidents, listen how you will write a history strong nuclear forces explosion, not negatively positive explosion this whole universe you know is strong nuclear force explosion. It is based on the impact we left. The story we can pen down. The huge positive impact and continue to make the totality of all that put together my life can be described. I am a strong nuclear force and I am an explosion. I am neither proud about it. I am neither humble about it. I am neither going to hide it nor over spell decorate with words. I am straight unhideable. Huge. Positive strong nuclear force explosion on this universe. I am here to experience to make us all radiate. Paramashiva. The absolute. The ultimate conscious possibility. My words are neither poetry, nor logical, theory or philosophy to the straight heart of my disciples it is from heart to heart. Paramashiva’s heart to heart. Listen.

My guru vibhutananda puri. kuppammal , I am the explosion happened in Arunachala, she brought that explosion through mahakala bhairava temple on the banks of brahma theertham, and she said she brought through that, and kept it to settle and brought to my mother’s womb and she says both mother’s womb and father's body were prepared at the same time. That is the reason I assumed the form. And she wrote off her wealth to that kalabhairava deity. When I did not want to accept the ashram in my name legally she put it off to kalabhairava, it has to come to you only. With that declaration even now that property is the name of Kalabhairava deity, every ashtami puja for kala bhairava should be both. Still that property is happening in that name only.

Anyhow I want all of you to have darshan of Arunachala deity and Kala Bhairava deity. That replica is in Bidadi. And given to all our temples. Mahakalabhairava chakra.

Strong nuclear force - I am that expression. Only based on that effect I create on all of you, that result can be described as your story. How will you write a story of lightning?

Same way. Just only based on the impact - I call I am making Divya sharira I am making in each one of you.

Only through that collective narration on this universe can be described used to detail my story - I can give you some incidents. Every person who walks in TVM will have some story about me. They are so happy that they have some connection. Just like how I celebrate TVM, TVM celebrates me. Small rented property, 20 by 20 feet he not only has story evidence, raghupati yogi trying to make me levitate, the body was in such high frequency the photograph did not come out and again they have come sit on the ground. We have at least 3 eye witnesses. One person who took the photograph of Raghupati yogi and me, all these 3 of them are eye witness are of me levitating - you can enjoy the stories, leelas, and you should all visit guru’s samadhis. Yoga lingam, yogananda puri samadhi, vibhutananda puri samadhi. They have installed shiva lingam. There are so many other places to be seen. Associated with my life. That cave of Arunagiri Yogishwara and walk me into that samadhi and ananda gandha guha. There is one photograph of me sitting near the cave. Ramanashram where Bhagavan Ramanasri sat - the cave of Ananda Gandha Guha and continuously natural water fountain, live 365 days water fountain. Surely they used me there. As long as I lived in arunachala, because I used there and meditate for long, I should visit all those places, it will be an intensely charging experience.

The innocent straight forward heart to heart narration villagers, that is the authenticity of the stories. Understand, nothing can corrupt those villages, how much ever we hear from the media, we know Swamiji, we brought him up, every villager in TVM whether he is a fruit shop vendor, all of them have brought me up. All of them are directly involved, all of them have brought me up. It is extreme love care and spiritual ecosystem of TVM, there is a temple, Ballavi temple, from there and straight street temple, there used to make old lady who used to sell idli outside everyday she used to be read with idli and sambhar, and when I go to school, she knows my hideouts, in temple or kritaka mandapam, if I don't show up by 7:30 , 8 oclock school stars, if I don't show up 7:30 by 8:00 8:15 she will come handover idli and sambhar to me and go back. And she will have two sessions. Evening bonda she will start preparing evening sales. I don't remember having missed this even one day. Maybe you guys will be fortunate if she is still alive.

Every possibility that she may be living there because TVM people don’t die so quickly no treatment, nothing, she is using my hanky under her pillow. I have seen her mother alive, TVM people don’t die easily. They live more than 100 years. At least 100 people who lived above 95.

50 people I have seen who live 100 years. Just in tiruvannamalai. Radiating Paramashiva. Living TVM. That ecosystem symbolizes health, longevity, all the best things I am radiating teaching to the world. That very air you are breathing is an extreme blessing in your life. The ultimate blessing in your life, I will make you all experience, positive explosion, Paramashiva is exploding, as this being. Nithyananda Paramashivam.

The musicians that came, yesterday the same person played in my father’s marriage. Nothing changes. If you go to the you will meet most of the same person, nothing changes in TVM. Without any support, I know every son, daughter, who is married to whom, who is having an affair with whom, whose son is married to whom, its too sweet a place to live, especially growing up. It is the spiritual strength of that place. Should tell you, my grandfather, mother’s father younger brother, annamalai because he will walk so fast because he is fast walking. every morning he will walk to Arunachaleshwara, and go back to the office. Family business together. Then my grandfather’s son, is like a family firm. I want to tell you guys. Even on modern day, people who dedicated life to enlightenment will not have such intensity and stability in their spiritual practice in routine, powerful cognitions as part of everyday life.

My grandmother - my mother’s father, my father’s mother brothers and sister. My mother’s father and father’s mother are like internally they will marry. Any person you meet will be related to me in 5 ways. It is not that too much of spiritual practice, all that can be described but powerful cognitions they carry, my grandmother i had heart attack 6 o clock morning, and inform swamiji i am going to die today, she went to temple, have her darshan, she did everything, had her own cooking, No falling sick. Nothing, She left the body. The way you leave the body, decides the way you live. How you live. Still I remember. Every person in that local village. If you come and touch you come and walk into the house first, usually widows are not considered in tradition. My grandmother was not considered a widow, she was considered yogini. Everywhere i have seen, every house, everywhere just because of her powerful cognition and feeling connection she had with arunachaleshwara, each american county, theme of your county if you see in TVM narrative of whole village is arunachaleshwara everything. Deity name is arunamalai. Mr. Arunamalai. Deity name Arumalai Ayyar. Theme of the whole village if you go to every home, there will be one annamalai. Pick up a ration card there will be one annamalai, arunachalam. One name will be there in each card of TVM. Because the narrative is there.

I can tell with all my confidence, without these four names. That is the narrative theme of the whole village. If we are born, worship is offered to Arunachala, moksha deepam is offered to Arunachala, if moksha deepam is offered we know someone has left the body. All should sit in jeeva samadhi, issaki swamigal, kuppammal, we have installed deity on his samadhi, isakki swamigal jeeva samadhi and kuppammal jeeva samadhi all three are personally installed by me we should have darshan with all three jeeva samadhis. Talking about me and TVM. It is the subject of the heart. It will go on and on and on forever.

And you should also visit Arunagiri yogishwara jeeva samadhi. Issaki swamigal, kuppammal. Visit all jeeva samadhi. And also mandapam where acharya abhishekam was done for me. This will go on and on and today I just gave this introduction. Day time, evening we can have one session where I will sit with you all and have coffee Bhaktika you should make local dishes, kanchipuram idli, they make it in bamboo basket time, make local dishes, i think you can call my mother, and can take people permit, my mother health permits, she can tell local variety of dishes and feed everyone for them to have taste of TVM. I give you boon, don’t wear any form of footwear, i tell you, you will be so charged, radiating TVM. When I lived in TVM, I never ever carried shoes, if you talk to my mother she will tell.

All the toxins got in the body - whole thing will be detoxed you are my personal guest I will really not torture, if I am telling you it is really to do so much good to you. Trust me and do it. I will take care. I will hold your feet, even if you small small wound, it will only detox your body. All the best things we had. You decide. I am not going to force. There is special smoke they will create. Same person, during the meditation process, I will get the same people, don’t know how many thousands of years, 2-3 years before we did in TVM, same family came and did. And provide the same taste of everything. Lemon piercing. Everything we will organize. When you are in my form, you are all my guests, even if it is little, not comfortable I will do only good to you. That smoke that sound, if you have lid system, cleaning system that gets ferociously awakened with sound, it does so much cleaning and when you walk on fire after that - I will provide the best caring experience taste the whole TVM, some intimate stories which I can’t describe in public, stupid dogs will write stupid abuse. I will describe my relationship with my Guru. Very sweetly as it happened. Who cares about stupid dogs. I am happy about it. Relationship with Gurus and such intimate. I am very happy about it. We indians. We don't kill kids with psychiatric drugs. If we are throwing a tantrum, we give just two slap. They are brought to understanding and simply they behave properly. And we don't do round about and calling that care. We lived a happy life.

Fortunately no cosco. Destroying indian culture, Science of bringing up Children, How my gurus brought me up. Taste TVM in every way. All you guys should know I am personally guiding, who should come to receive you guys, everything I am personally managing, if there is something not up to scale, otherwise she is very sincere to make all you guys experience Arunachala. She is committed. I am so happy about it. I will do everything, I also told her to get archives items, whatever I received from gurus, we lost a lot of things, in 2010 we lost a lot of things, I told bhaktika to get and show you guys. See and enjoy. I have so much to tell you guys.

I will tell them to organize abhishekam in arunachala temple all you guys can enjoy temple prasadam, so much to tell.

Make Leela Dhyana 10 days.

I will cancel all other programs when Leela Dhyana is happening. Embodied Guru. All other programs are built on tattva. This program is built on embodied Guru. Living Paramashiva.

Next program is 10 days. And no other program. Only morning satsang and Leela Dhyana. When people are not going to site seeing I want to sit with them.

Make var coffee, it will take away all sleep.

There is a special recipe that will have two layers of brass pot. And no milk is added. And no milk is added.

At Least one meal in Udipi hotel. That place is sacred. At Least one lunch. That person is sacred. You should know such pious people. Integrity to profession. I have been with them. Not even one small cheating they will do. They will not compromise in ingredients. Professional integrity and honesty.

Only by narrating the stories I lived with them, my Guru Bhakti does not disappear. My cosmic oneness with Guru, My personal love with Guru is waves - waves exist with ocean. How I miss Arunagiri Yogishwara, telling my life with them, myself it is personal love. Literally they fed me my breakfast. I tasted their fingers along with idli.

Today’s living embodied Guru. If you want mind to manifest Paramashiva, just have principles. If you want body to manifest Paramashiva, live around him, taste him, serve him.

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham

With this I bless you all let’s all radiate, enriching, causing, state, space, powers, being of Shri Kailasa of Paramashiva - Om Nithyananda Parama Shivoham. The eternal bliss Nithyananda, Be blissful.

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