5 February 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang trasncript(भूत शुद्धि, Bhūta Śuddhi)

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love respects. I welcome all the visitors, viewers, Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Karthas, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Kothari, Thanedar, … Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Nithyananda Hindu University students, Nithyananda eGurukul students, everyone watching live on Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now, Twitter and two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, one of the greatest happening in the history of modern day Hinduism is happening, the Kumbhabishekam of … Thanjai Rajarajeswaram Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjai Perudaiyar’s temple Kumbhabishekam is happening. It is historical day for Hindus all over the world. This is the largest ... granite temple which is still alive and worshipped … traditionally. Today the Kumbhabhisekam … is happening. So I’ll continue the satsang between on the exact time of Kumbhabhisekam. I’ll try to relay that live relay, so all of you also can enjoy. Side by side I am watching the live relay of … Thanjai Perudaiyar … Kumbhabhisekam. We will present to you that live happening.

Paramashiva’s message directly from Shrikailasa today. Listen. Understanding the reality of Paramashiva … not only becomes enlightenment, ... it fills your bone marrow, every organ, every state of consciousness. I tell you, I really tell you, ... if you understand the Paramashiva’s reality, ... the way He exists, ... your internal organs will start functioning with so much of energy. And listen. Understanding the reality of Paramashiva, that making your body, mind, consciousness, emotion ... radiating His existence. All these are not the new age Gurus’ “meditation technique for a stress free living err.” Relax. Meditation technique for stress free living is different. What I am talking is different. I am not saying don't do meditation for stress free living. That is okay. But, I am only saying don't compare this Paramashiva Jnana to that. When you understand the reality of Paramashiva, you become stress free, no doubt. But, don't think … the reality of Paramashiva need to be understood just for being stress free.

When you understand that reality of Paramashiva, you will have so much of celebration. Eh! What a compassionate being Paramashiva. He has given Himself in all His glory in my consciousness! I tell you, … if a poor girl, village girl is married to a very rich royal family and becomes ... queen, … she will never bother about that small small issues, like she has to get up early morning and go to temple for royal worship. She will never bother, because she knows what this life has added to her. She will never bother about doing morning yoga or morning puja. Please understand, in all Hindu kingdoms, the royal family has to attend to morning worship which is always on Brahma Muhurtam. Always on Brahma Muhurtam. Brahma Muhurtam means four thirty to six. There will be royal worship, which of course includes pranayama and everything. You are supposed to be doing the pranayama and then Bhuta Shuddhi (भूत शुद्धि, Bhūta Śuddhi). Bhuta means the space inside. That, that space inside need to be purified with the right visualization, that is called Bhuta Shuddhi ... done in a very powerful chantings and …

I have personally seen ... Trivandrum Raja doing the royal worship everyday. What a sincere being. I’ll call Trivandrum Raja more as a saint then as a king. I have seen his personal life. And … he is one of the most sincere being I have seen. Such devotion to Padmanabhaswamy. I still remember, … young age, maybe less than fifteen. Once I was taken to Tanjore Temple. My elders who took me to the Tanjore Temple, I asked them, … seeing that temple, “Thatha, >>>Tamil 12:28<<<, Thatha.” He laughed and said, .” I asked seeing the Tanjore Temple that, “Is there people to build temple like this … in the modern day, in the nowadays?” He said, “Even to maintain, we don’t have people. What are you talking about constructing?” Then he asked me in a very funny way, jovial way that, Why are you asking? Are you going to build?” I said in Tamil, Thatha.” I told that a, “Let’s tell our Sannidhanam.” Or our Sannidhanam means that time that 230th Sannidhanam was alive, Thondaimandala Aadheenam Sannidhanam. We refer only him as our Sannidhanam. “>>>Tamil 14:39<<< Thatha.” He just smiled and kept quiet, he left it. Means, I told that we should tell our Sannidhanam to build like this one temple … for our mutt.

230th Guru Mahasannidhanam was alive at that time, he only initiated me and trained me. He was very sincere about that I should become his successor. He used to tell that, “I am waiting for him to become eighteen.” He was waiting for me to become eighteen, … major so he can hand over the responsibility and … rest in Jeeva Samadhi, achieve Jeeva Samadhi and go back to Kailasa. He was a great yogi and he was … master of this yogic sciences. Great yogi and … Even 291 Sannidhanam, Madurai Sannidhanam … was a master and adept in that sciences related to higher lokas. He was able to talk to all those beings who left the body, who are in a different lokas. Like Pitruloka, Tapoloka, Svahloka, Kailasa. He will talk to all of them, and he has written multiple books about it. I’ll revive all of it and I’ll talk about our Sannidhanam, 291st Sannidhanam also. I’ll give some satsang, very detailed way. His amazing knowledge and intelligence on the higher time zones, and higher space zones.

The 230 was, 230th Thondaimandala Aadheenam, … he was very sincere, and he was very sincere in grooming me also. Then my grandfather went and told the Sannidhanam that … this fellow is asking … mentioning about me, this fellow was asking, my grandson was asking … he wants to tell you and then build temple like Tanjore Temple for our mutt. It seems the Sannidhanam started having bliss tears in his eyes and said, “>>>Tamil 16:33<<<.” He made a statement, “He will build. But we should be there to see na.” It’s like a, “We will be there to see.” That's the meaning.

Same way, when I was taken to Guruvayur and Thiruvananthapuram - Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The way … that temple was running, that Guruvayur Temple - night they do something called Sriveli Utsavam. The whole temple will be lit. Maybe hundred thousand lamps, ghee lamps. And, Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the way it was cleaned, and that tradition was respected only with the dhoti you can enter, no upper cloth. And the way it was maintained, the way it was running. The sanctity, vibrant sanctity! Gosh! When I went and stayed in the palace, I understood the amount of time and energy and dedication Raja puts for … running the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Amma! We have photographs of me visiting Tiruvandrum. As a child also, as a kid also, we have photograph - me with my parents standing in front of Padmanabhaswamy Temple. And, now of course after the public life, king has personally invited and I went and stayed in palace for a few days. Umm. Extremely humble being. See I am sitting on the throne, he is sitting on the plastic chair. Extreme humble being and devoted being … and sincere. Tsk! Respect to that tradition, and sincerity. Extreme sincerity, respect to the tradition.

Let me come back to the subject. Listen. When I experienced Paramashiva, I only felt like a poor village girl, got married to the royal family and become queen. It was like ... absolute transformation. I am giving you this social example so you understand. The resources at my disposal in the field of consciousness … multiplied billion times, understand. Resources at your disposal in the field of consciousness, is million times more useful, more valuable than any resources of the external world. Life is all about having access to more resources. Whether you call it money or relationships, contacts, social influence, political power, whatever, whatever. Life is all about expansion of resources. Unfortunately, society teaches you the resources of the outer world is the purpose of life. I tell you, human beings are deluded, thinking that resources of the outer world - the money, currency, wealth, relationships, social influence, the resources of the outer world … is so enchanting, deluding.

Human beings forget to understand, the resources of the inner world, resources of the superconsciousness is billion times more powerful and useful everywhere. Understand. If you manifest one power of moving the matter through consciousness, that power comes along with you when you cross Svargaloka, Tapoloka till you reach Kailasa. But the currency you make spending your whole life will not even come the moment you cross Bhuloka. What Bhuloka? Even if you cross from one country to another country becomes useless, you have to do all that conversion. What, what do you call that process? Understand, the currency conversion you have to do. But conscious resources, I tell you, … the ability to sit in Paramashanta Svarupa when anger, violence, lust, all of them come inside you and try to justify their existence; you just sit as Paramashiva ... without giving ... space for them, without empowering them, without allowing the reactionary assumptions to take over you. That is one of the conscious resource - being in Paramashanta Svarupa. Even when you feel, literally with the facts that so much injustice is done to you! Sit with Paramashanta Svarupa.

I tell you, it’s one of the conscious power, conscious resource. You will see properly all the negativity, injustice melting down. Consciously you achieve what you need to achieve more and more, ... auspicious happening, right things happening, beautiful things happening. I tell you, ... conscious resources are more useful and more powerful for your very life is the good news I have. That great news is earning conscious resources are too easy. Understand, I am not brainwashing you when I am uttering this word, I am heart washing you. That confidence and that joy, bliss … you manifest, … the love and compassion … you manifest with the conscious resource, the way you don't get deluded and ... keep yourself … in the space of Kailasa, Paramashivatva. I tell you, … actually from today, I wanted to expand on this electromagnetic forces and principles - gravity, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, some of the, some more dimension, the principle forces of Kailasa ... I’ll start doing.

It’s also auspicious day. From Kailasa, Paramashiva himself is blessing, gracing. With His grace the beautiful Kumbhabishekam of Thanjai Perudaiyar Temple, Thanjai Brihadisvara Temple is happening, and I am praying to Paramashiva, Mahadeva, Paramashiva Shambho … Paramporule, Paramashiva Paramporule with your grace, let the Kumbhabishekam happen auspiciously. With your grace, let this be a great blessing … for all the Shaivites, Hindus and to the whole world, and to the whole Universe. Even Rajaraja, the king who built the temple, … he’s in Shivaloka, in Shivaloka Padavi; from there he’s seeing with all the joy and fulfillment that this grand Kumbhabhisekam happening. It is actually, historical day for Hindus all over the world. This temple is called as Dakshina Kailasa. Dakshina Meru and Dakshina Kailasa. Means, south Kailasa.

With the grace of Paramashiva, due to the grace of Paramashiva, beautifully, auspiciously the Kumbhabhisekam of Tanjore Brihadisvara Temple successfully happened. It’s such a joy to see these grand happenings. It’s a surely historical day for Hindus. So further rituals are happening. Now they will be doing Kumbhabhisekam to Mulavar, Perudaiyar Brihadisvara Swami and Brihanayaki Parashakti. On this day, let’s pray to Paramashiva. Let Him bless us … to make this same kind of temple for Him to radiate His glory and presence - state, space, powers, being, superconsciousness, Kailasa, Paramashiva in Adi Kailasa, and many more places. First we’ll make, we will do it in Adi Kailasa, and in many more places, many more Kailasas. It’s such wonderful happening. Brihadisvara Swami Kumbhabhisekam will be happening now. Now the first they do the … Kalasam. Means the tower, tower Kalasams, then they go and do for the Mulavar. Now the ritual for the main deity will be happening. So … all of you enjoy. Continue to enjoy … the live relay. I’ll continue the satsang … in further satsangs.

Wedding blessings for Ma Shivarupa and Sri Shivarupa, and for the whole family. Blessings, be blissful. You will all be with me, I will be with you all.

So, with this … I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Living and Radiating the State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness and Shrikailasa of Paramashiva, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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