5 March 2020- Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, visitors, viewers, Sarvajnana peetha yajamans, Sarvajnama peetha kartas, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, Nithyananda eGurukul students, Nithyananda Yogam participants, Kailasa’s NHU students and everyone watching live on Nithyananda TV, YouTube live, Facebook live, Nlighten App, Kailasa TV, Hinduism Now TV and Twitter, two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Devotional offering

Paramashiva’s message directly from ShriKailasa - Listen, atmatattva is the core principle, core truth, core reality of any living being only by the tyaaga of interferences and inferences of other tattvas prithvi tattva, earth element, water element, fire element vayu tattva air element, akasha tattva space element their interferences and inferences the atmatattva yourself is awakened in you. Awakening of yourself and manifesting Paramashivatva is one and the same, I cannot say literally one and and the same, practically one and same. More atmatattva is lived manifested more paramashiva tva is manifested through you. There is nothing stops there is no gap even though both one and the same, practically one and the same. Understand, biggest problem a seeker will face in his life is tiredness and boredom syndrome either you will be bored all your visualizations fantasies will never be fulfilled. Or tiredness may involve more action for which I may not be able to stand are delusionary. You feel bored, because everything you imagined is fulfilled, you get frustrated, you get tired all these three are delusionary inferences. Somebody needs to tell you this truth with immense understanding, compassion it is only by awakening your higher possibilities state, space, powers, being it is only through that life becomes exciting, colourful, life makes it more colourful, without spiritual foundation your life is hell, monotonous, stupid, tortorous, worst than prison, extreme tortorous prison. If atmatattva can pray with its freedom, this body is an amazing vacation home, your jetta is amazon forest and your bliss flowing in mind is ganga. Every child should be given tools to play with conscious powers. I am equipping the next generation with their consciousness with tremendous confidence. You are atmatattva. You are atmatattva. You are manifesting chidambara, where nataraja is dancing. Where pure principle of the self dances in the bliss. I tell you power manifestation is empowering you with that powerful cognition when i initiate kids with shakti avishkarana, i don't leave it at third eye, try to see beyond the wall, try to see what's happening in a temple. Only shakti can help you into deities garbha mandir not siddhis. Through black magic you cannot have his darshan. Through black magic or siddhis you cannot have darshan of chidambara, start having darshan, meenaxi in madurai, arunachala in chidambara. That way the deity is dressed, how they are put draw. This all proves these are shaktis. Second. These constant manifestations give powerful cognition you are atmatattva, vayu tattva, yes you are all part of you , surely you have atmatattva surely you have fire element but you are more than that. Understanding the reality of your atmatattva is a fundamental requirement. He teaches atmatattva, atma cannot be killed, cannot be made wet by water, made not be burnt

Fundamental truth you need to know atmatattva and biggest problem seeker faces is illusionary and delusionary assumptions of the middle age crisis. Guru is needed only when you go through a middle age crisis. Stupidly you find fault with the guru. Your mind is so cunning, it can show, use interpret, the teachings to drop the guru. That is the worst thing. You use Guru’s own words, create your own arrogant fort. And miss the guru.


With tremendous compassion, deep love I will reveal this truth - all words, teachings philosophies are only to lead you to inspire you to be with embodied guru. Once you find embodied guru, guru vaak is your shastra, your scripture, your veda vaak. Your mind is so cunning it gives strategies against others, against you.

I can't relate even with me, without arunagiri yogishwara without relating to me. When I walk, it is arunagiri yogishwara is walking.

To idea of right, to idea of bad, idea of ugly, to idea of duality, to idea of oneness, anything I cannot relate with it without embodied guru’s existence in me.

It just embodies the guru's existence, made my mind irrelevant to my existence. Delusion becomes irrelevant, Delusion is irrelevant to me and my existence. My atmatattva is fully impacting paramashiva tva,


Guru Tattva, embodied Guru ensures you are consciousness manifests Guru ultimately. Ramanasri says -

Oh Arunachala when these 5 senses enter into my conscious principle, as robbers were you not there inside, how did you allow? Why did you allow it?

A guru less seeker will not even know when delusion starts. Embodied guru protects you makes you manifest paramashiva tva completely. That delusion only makes you feel suffocation. Angry young man, teenage kids tantrum, which you throw thinking their protection is suffocation, you continue the same when you are 40 with the guru.

I was and I am there but you guys don't listen to me what can I do. Understand, Guru embodied Guru, make don't get deluded with ideas of self, get the real self, tyaga intense tyaaga makes you understand Guru, only when you have kids and they throw tantrum you will understand sacrifice of your parents. My disciples taught me to be grateful to my Gurus. Everything you guys are doing to me, I have done to my Guru. Only I never abused them. I never doubted their existence. Ultimate protection I got from Paramashiva.

I tell you but my disciples taught me made me understand how much my Gurus have put up with me.

Arunagiri Yogishwara used to transmit in my head. Whole brain used to become a golden brain. I used to see only 1000 petal lotus. I used to feel golden the whole system, when he does that.

Swamiji why don't you directly transmit powerful cognitions, explaining step by step, that time you will do same to disciples that time you will understand.

Once i was transmitting powerful cognitions to a few of my kids, especially when I was transmitting to Shiva Yoga, every word I utter she will fight with me. If I don't eat idli, till you complete this initiation, I would have meant dont have breakfast, can I take chutney, can I get dosa from the kitchen, can I get sweets. By the time I finish 10,000 answers, because we would have gone off somewhere else - many time set of powerful cognitions need to be transmitted as it is. Till it manifests powers, they can't afford to waste time cracking them or breaking them.

First I have to connect with key holder of cosmic archives, who keeps all visualizations secret, chitra gupta, key for whole thing, then yama dharma the lord of iyama, then kalabhairava till I invoke these powerful cognitions your mind needs to be patient, without diverting. Then by the time i explain all this, I will be missing chitra gupta, so sometimes in samadhi, oneness to transmit whole bunch as is. Once they receive then they themselves know navagrahas have a source of - they are the central processing unit. Whether 27 nakshatras 12 rashis, 9 grahas this you will understand moment kalabhairava opens in you. Till you reach it will take so much time for me to take you there. I feel very comfortable taking you top to bottom when many questions will get answered yourself by yourself.

Only when I am feeling grateful for my Gurus, I can never get angry with any of my disciples. I have tasted tyaaga in my embodied guru’s. Their sincerity and honesty I want all leela dhyana participants, arunagiri yogishwara, raghupati yogi, kuppamal, issaki swamigal you should ask them tyaaga, more than anything else when I stand in front of them, I melt only remembering their tyaaga, Space for which arunagiri yogishwara exist he is so compassionate and patient, he is siddha purusha, I still remember, every inch they have done in spiritual and physical plane for me to blossom to flower because i tasted tyaaga with embodied gurus, i have learnt extreme patience and tyaaga, like how i realized my guru’s tyaaga knowing me you will become me. Krishna says in Gita. When I realized tyaaga of my Guru’s how protective they were, in every small thing, making sure, I get enlightened, I manifest Paramashivatva completely, that tyaaga when your kundalini is awakened so much detox happens, that time you behave stupid when all detox is happening that is time you need to be protected, held for enlightenment. The moment you get embodied guru, that is all ultimate safety. Your mind is cunning enough to twist any teachings arrogant philosophy and miss Guru.

Especially Leela Dhyana yoga participants. When you stand in front of my Guru;s samadhi, Arunagiri Yogishwara, yogananda puri, vibhutapuri, annamalai swamigal, fortunately Annamalai Swamigal have jeeva samadhi, fortunately 10 14 of my Gurus have jeeva samadhi,

Guru bhakti will directly make you manifest Paramashivatva. When they feel disconnected, when they remove jatta, they feel non veg, drink alcohol, you are deluding destroying I have nothing to gain or lose you having alcohol, not having alcohol, I am flooded with memories of Guru;s tyaaga, powerful cognition, I have to describe in one word all my Guru’s life tyaaga paripoorna tyaaga, extreme patience, each one had with me, many of my disciples taught me to be grateful to my Guru;s from multiple angles. Some of them do the work, this whole leela dhyana goes to bhaktika. I tell you the same way, my disciples, how much of Tyaaga and patience my Gurus had with me, if I have to create disciples of my caliber, I have to have patience of my caliber of Gurus.

Some of my disciples have taught me real Tyaaga. Mythrik Patel, the whole day he will drive only to give kailasa. No other happiness. Nothing. He doesn't touch money other than his food. Prasanna. Ma Devaroopa. I really love you all, you guys taught me depth of tyaaga by your positive action, made me melt, I have around 7 people, some of them feel shy.

You guys taught me tyaaga, countless tamil nadu village woman you guys are 1000 times more than any kailasavasi. Depth of tyaaga, I should tell this incident. Once in TVM I was doing decoration for ganesh chaturthi, she was mixing in the mixer, somehow her finger got caught. Not one second of powerlessness. I felt like I was inside her.

She was so sweet, I did not even bother to stop and continued the decoration. I am not insensitive. First thing, I would have rushed to her with bangalore, after a few mins I saw I continued my decoration, hats off to our oneness, I tell you it is the depth, that makes me overflow. From govt, what ration they get, I make sure that rice is cooked and I eat. It is quality of tyaaga and being with which they are bringing. That rice which they bring while walking and bringing. Tapas as ashraya dosha. I make sure I eat that.

Then I should tell about Bhanu, in kumbh mela there was a storm, the whole tent collapsed, Bhanu who paid for all thing, they spent all the money, she not only stayed back and cleaned whole thing physically next working 5-6 days, sick and broke gang they left cursed me and ra away, Stole the sangha. That bhanu not only spent for her nor she blamed anyone. She physically started working. That only time I screamed at Bhanu don't do this.

Almost 5-6 days continuously till i stopped her, many of my disciples taught me tyaaga, by their core existence. I am not telling in a negative sense, she showed me the taste of how much patience my disciples have with me.

Next 5-6 days I have seen cleaning continuously - ma shivapriya way she was working O God. They all taught me tyaaga.

Anyone has any fracture, physically happened, pray to ganapati - he will completely heal you. The same deity is still there in Pudhavai adheenam.

Anybody wants to heal related to physical parts of the body, he will heal it completely. Anga murtiye ganapati.

The embodied guru gets you out of delusion, due to your delusion you will feel protection as suffocation, embodied Guru can only save you make you manifest paramashivatva, completely.

I bless you all.

With this I bless you all let’s all radiate, enriching, causing, state, space, powers, being of Shri Kailasa of Paramashiva - Om Nithyananda Parama Shivoham. The eternal bliss Nithyananda, Be blissful.

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