6 March 2020- Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam's satsang transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, visitors, viewers, Nithyananda eGurukul students, Nithyananda Yogam participants, Kailasa’s NHU students, especially Leela Dhyanan participants and everyone watching live on KAILASA’s Nithyananda TV, KAILASA’s YouTube live, KAILASA’s Facebook live, KAILASA’s Nlighten App, KAILASA’s Kailasa TV, KAILASA’s Hinduism Now TV and Twitter, two-way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects

Devotional offering

Paramashiva’s message directly from ShriKailasa - Listen, first thing before today’s message there is an instruction from Paramashiva directly in TVM, there is a Arunachaleshwar deity, plague annaimanaiyaar, there was plague during British period, there was plague breakout, those days those shiv acharyas they were so connected to Paramashiva, they asked for help they installed a deity and did pujas and rituals and whole plague was removed. The whole of India was saved from the problem. Plague Arunachaleshwara. I feel we should go and do abhishekam, puja to the deity. It is a small Arunachaleshwara. So do abhishekam and special puja for that so that the whole world will be revealed from Coronavirus. This is instruction from Mahakalabhairava, do it.

Paramashiva’s message directly from Shri Kailasa, tyaaga is kept alive by ecosystem, ecosystem is tyaaga alive one keeping the other alive you are liberated and made to manifest paramashiva tva. Tyaaga keeps the ecosystem Shri Kailasa alive wherever you are and Kailasa keeps tyaaga alive. Listen to this intensely.

What is fundamentally kailaasa ecosystem, it is just deities that radiate intensely power of Kailasa, and seekers who are interested in manifesting power of paramashiva. That’s all. Deity which connects you to Paramashiva and devotees that want to be connected to Paramashiva. Everything else Paraphernalia - good library, good goshala, all these are additions. Core component is deity and devotee. Listen carefully.

Listen, like Dharmo Rakshita Tyaago Rakshito Sangha Rakshati Rakshatiha

Understand, carefully every day the Tyaaga you do, please do not eat white sugar, it is not good for health or enlightenment. It creates toxins in you, constantly keeps you in panic attack. In young age when you develop sugar, you develop fear. In old age, you develop fantasy. Neither as youth should be frightened nor old age in fantasy. Many people are asking Swamiji why bad people don’t die quickly. They need to see hell. Mind is wild addicted to sex and fantasies. White sugar gives pleasure to your tongue and after it goes inside it becomes a demon, burns it from inside tapa, kama, unsatiated, addiction to the skin pleasure, is invoked by toxins developed by white sugar in your system. If you decide to sacrifice sugar, that is called Tyaaga. If you have a team of people who decided to sacrifice sugar, I have seen enough of addiction patterns how it affects the human brain and your possibility. If you are diabetic, you are legally poisoned by society. Whether legally or illegally don't allow delusion of society to kill you, destroy you. I tell you. Listen carefully.

When you have a group of people who decided to get rid of delusions of society, you create an ecosystem, tyaagi, so even, unknowingly, you will not be feeding poison in the society, you will not be feeding poison in your body and mind. I tell you. Whether you want to achieve, highest state, in the field of health, wealth, knowledge, for example even if you want to become the best lawyer where many lawyers get together to meet and talk to each other. Where many doctors get together, meet that is why go to a large hospital where many doctors are there, the standard will be very high. Anywhere in any field, best things are achieved, if you want to learn, things quickly without reinventing, my Guru told me you should go to Ramakrishna mission and learn from BAPS they gave a few names, and I said why, why should I go to some other organization and gurus. It will be wasting time in reinventing.

In tamil cook every item on your own and taste, it will take years and they know good bad, right wrong and go to that ecosystem and learn in a short time. And surely I benefited. If I am running this Kailasa today, and people who cherish Kailasa today even my enemies agree that I am a great administrator. When my enemies troll me, it is deep victimhood they have, they are only crying, what I have, what they don't have, forget about it, next.

Listen carefully. When you protect Tyaaga, Tyaaga protects you. People who decided to do tyaaga, they form a beautiful ecosystem, helping each other, I tell you. Ecosystem is mandatory if you are a real seeker. There are many seekers who do window shopping. Understand if you are a plastic seeker, society and social importance is priority you don’t need sangha, just whatever you are talking about, and now I give you permission you can take it. I don’t want to have, I am like a ganga, take it. But if you take blessings of Ganga water, with blessing of Ganga water, that is totally different. I am only talking about the sin of stealing but surely you won't understand. End of the day, you need sangha. I tell you, I have studied multiple ecosystems, factually not just Hindu religion based finally evovled best structure needed for this kaliyuga is kailasa structure. I have studied all structures available still carrying living stream of enlightenment, zen buddhism, every tradition the living stream of enlightenment and many other inspirations of the founder like freemasons, consciously, factually with all the background and knowledge, Paramashiva is manifesting kailasa structure. The best enlightenment ecosystem possible for real seekers in modern day is kailaasa, Listen

In the modern day, even having spiritual seeking is very difficult. Keeping seeking alive true to your highest possibility is most difficult, but kailasa will just make you manifest state, space, powers, being just like that. Ecosystem I am creating an extreme tyaaga of my and my core sanyasis, every day is just infusing energy to this ecosystem, even most anti social sangha people like Meena joshi are benefited by this sangha. The great enlightened beings, the Brahma's four sons, considered to be incarnations of Vishnu. Sanakada rishis, walked to have darshan of vishnu and were stopped by Jaya, Vijaya - in kailasa there are no safety guards, there is no regular system crowd controlling but Vaikuntha is very organized, structure is different. Sanakada rishis walk to darshan and Jaya Vijaya stop please have patience, we will get back to you. I don’t know what was the mood, both of them surely much beyond far great and sanakadi rishis cursed, the Jaya Vijaya cursed go to human beings, be away from Vaikuntha. And anyhow things cooled down, when Bhagavan came to know he himself attended the issue, the purpose was too important, too urgent tand he understood the whole thing happened as an accident. Emergency protocol where this should be bent, he immediately addresses the issue and calls Jaya Vijaya you have kept your dharma. There will always be conflict between standard policies and emergency but Sanakadi rishis cannot do one day grunt job of Jaya Vijaya. Don’t worry they cursed to be away from me, when I am taking incarnation hood, I will come, I will be with you guys, and I will make sure you are part of my leela, and reach my feet. The most beautiful strategy of Krishna, the most trusted people, makes them play as enemies. You play as an enemy and I tell you I do have Jaya Vijaya. Names will not be revealed now, this is the most beautiful strategy and abusers look around and try to find who Jaya Vijaya is.

When shishu bhavan, when Parandhama came down as Narsimha, when Parandhama came down as Krishna so they were the incarnations of Shishupala. Anyhow, I feel it comes on shishupala. When Shishubala was abusing Krishna, Krishna was one side laughing, and the other side painful. He was laughing because Shishunala was liberated and everyone else was destroyed. He noted down all the faces which were carrying smug when Shishubala was accusing and abusing and Krishna was feeling the pain to melt down the pain of Shishupala. Guru through personal love for disciple melts down the pain for disciple. If Krishna feels the pain for 1 second, one billion years of Shishupala will go away, so his own personal guardian. How can he let shishubala suffer for billions of years. He will internally train them differently. He will never allow external people to torture them. Even if it is sanakadi rishis.

Who can play the strategic role of the enemy, better than their own personal guardians. What a leela. He will never, Parandhama will never allow suffering to his people from others. So he burns away the suffering of Shishupala. Understand you will never know the reason for Parandhama pleasure, or pain. Finally, the 100 abusal, just note who are supposed to be destroyed, Shishunala was not destroyed, he did his job perfectly. Within 3 second Parandhama is sitting and chewing bilva leaf. And Shishubala sitting and chewing bilva leaf.

Love energy is the source energy of Vaikuntha. In Kailasa space is more oneness and tyaaga is prana. In vaikuntha love is space, and intimacy is the prana.

I am telling you that was the scene, in 3 second, kshana (gap between one thought and next thought). Jaya is in scene here, Vijaya reaches next.

Bhagavan may himself come down from Vaikuntha but he will never give up on Vaikunthavasis. Whatever maybe the situation, if there is a reactionary assumptions and accidents due to reactionary assumptions, Parandhama did not punish because agenda with which they were running was very important, He did not allow Jaya, Vijaya did not allow to be cursed by rishis, he stood by Jaya Vijaya. You need to know the importance of committed people and the ecosystem they create.

I tell you. I want to tell all my kailasavasa, understand today’s story and satsang and message and I commit to you guys I will not give up on you. Just be committed to Kailasa, even sankada rishis will not be able to do anything, and modern day people who are cursing adheenavasis are not sanakadi rishis, it is all just reactionary assumptions. So many times, I requested all devotees if you have incompletion with adheenavasis, let us sort it out in private. And don't you guys see anti sangha is using you as a fault line - Devotees need to become more responsible. Sanakada rishis had justification. None of you have any justification for accusing and abusing adheenavasis other than your reactionary assumptions.

I am not saying adheenavasis, kailasavasa are perfect, they are able to stand. How much bhaktipriya has to go through just because she is a sanyasi. No one knows how much Jnanatma has to go through. Atmapriya has to go through. Gopika has to go through. And they have to maintain the strength. It is not a joke for them to stand strong. It is not that easy. If you all create an ecosystem, where you are then you will understand how important an ecosystem is, all devotees start creating an ecosystem around and then you will understand how much you need practical things you need to think through and work out. Some of the absolute beautiful Dr. Shanti, Devaroopa. Uma Balaji I have never seen them have completions and they are standing and holding the fort. It is not a joke to hold the fort especially when so much is happening all around. How many absolute false accusations on Bhaktipriya. But she is too chaste. All you false accusers you are going to face the fire of Draupadi. She is equivalent to Draupadi in her purity and chastity.

All of you whoever abused my sanyasis you should know you have abused people of the caliber of draupadi, sita, appama devi, The abusers are going to face the Karma.

Whenever you follow a standard principle, do grunt job, but emergency situations are rare. You cannot create a rule, accepting them sanakadi rishis to come. And here no sanakadi rishi is coming for the welfare of the world. Here fellows who are coming are coming with cameras, trying to kill, so devotees like Meena Joshi. Debbie Chance if you have any incompletions, everything should be sorted out internally. Social media is not the platform for venting out your incompletions. Don’t you understand people who are waiting to be destroyed are used as fault lines. My responsibility is to keep both happy. You need little patience. Instead of constantly attacking adheenavasis holding so many arrows on their back they are still standing holding the fort. Not a joke. I have already requested many times. I am requested again. IF you are my devotee, follower no question of accusing adheenavasi, until it is sorted out wait, have patience. I have put up with a lot of you. That is why all of you are still there. Have the same patience. I want to tell adheenavasis and kailasavasis I will not allow anyone to curse you guys.

How much Paranadhama must be cherishing how I cherish Sri Thyagaraja Nanda and Sri Shankara. I always feel they are Jaya and Vijaya. It is like his own extension doing his guardian job.

What a tyaaga. Actually curse births as 100 births as devotees or 3 births as enemies. 3 enemies is ok, I will put software in such a way that I will decide the strategies. How kamsa and shishupala should act. Bhagavan Parandhama was operating, shishupala achieved vaikuntha, all fellows got cheated. Never entertain guru droha, the person maybe shishupala. You may get destroyed. Be careful.

Ecosystem is too important. Understand. Even when you go down, miss tyaaga, the ecosystem keeps your tyaaga alive. There is a reason, I have a reason for the ecosystem.

I have never left one of your concerns unattended. You should understand my concern. Demons are trying to use you as a fault line.

I have so much to tell about tyaaga of ecosystem - is so important for you to go through whatever you need to go through, never live in a house without deities. Energized deities are first for any ecosystem. Don;t have that kind of friend. It is day 1 or one day….for tyagis, day 1. For others one day. Whether life starts day 1 or one day.

Understand, intense tyaaga, extreme tyaaga, creates ecosystem around you and ecosystem creates you and whoever walks into that ecosystem makes everyone enlightened.

I tell you, Meena Joshi the way she is holding washington DC sangha, and not to go social media when you have reactionary assumption. See, the integrity Meena Joshi has for me. Accusers are trying to use her to break Kailasa. You still have a place in my life. That place is permanent for you.

Leela Dhyana participants are asking for an extension - so have it as 7 or 11 days. That is nice.

In my personal life, I am too agamic.

I want each one of you to understand, the tyaga, on every level.

I tell you, Jaya Vijaya tyaaga must have been their extreme, and their integrity must have been absolute integrity that is why Parandhama took the risk of enemy role, if he is asking someone to play enemy role, the trust level would have been 110 percent, otherwise it is risky, strategy and plan. It is a trust triangle 100% complete. When brothers and sisters get committed to me, I know it is some tapas, they would have done some good things.

Tyaagi, always protects you when you protect it.

Now the home ministry is available on live chat, 24 hours just message to that chat, and sort it out in a few minutes. You don't need to use social media.

I tell you tyaaga is the super power - extreme super power. Listen to this revelation directly.

Paramashiva’s words directly. Life is Kava sarpa. The future swallowing the past. The future is just swallowing the past, the past is disappearing in the future. That is why kala sarpa is described as a snake its own tail. Future eating the past. When you are not able to digest the past, it is called kala sarpa dosha. Best way to eat digest your past, intensely pray to Kalabhairava. Ask his support. He is the lord of time. Don’t eat solid food. Allow the body to eat itself. Whenever you do past, much load of the past, your body will start eating that muscles and muscle memory and that muscle memory when you are digested, nirahara all the toxins leave your system. There is a deep connection between nirahara and kala sarpa dosha. Do nirahara, and it is absolutely multi dimensional logic and scientific.

Three instructions:

If you are going through pain, suffering of kala sarpa dosha - (1) intense prayer and (2) nirahara samyama and read bhagavad gita (3) be at feet at guru, never even imagine stepping out of guru space. Only a guru can protect you with the grace of Kalabhairava.

Life or death at the feet of Guru. Kalabhairava will protect you. Only Guru can protect you from kala sarpa dosha.

Intense feeling connection to Mahakalabhairava

Nirahara Samyama and Bhagavad Gita

Be strongly connected and listen to Guru Vaak. Don’t even imagine moving out of Guru - life or death be with Guru. Be with Guru’s sangha.

Nirahara Samyama your body will eat itself. Muscle memory of the past will detox, your whole past will feel. And a beautiful future will wait. If life feels like a load. Not able to digest the past.

So listen, all those who ganged up with Shishupala, got destroyed. Kamsa and Shishupala reached Parampada, all those who ganged up with Shishupala got destroyed.

Don't gang up with guru drohis and guru gangers.

I have so much to share to tell innermost secrets, Parandhama strategy of kamsa, shishupala, ravana, kumkarana.

Jaya and Vijaya just decided to stand with integrity to Parandhama, that is why Parandhama could use them as enemies - that most difficult role to play, showing as enemy and not losing trust. His own guardian.

The conversation must have been very sweet and intimate with Shishupala and parandhama, …

That must have been the kind of relationship because both sides need to have that trust throughout the leela.

Alright let me do the process of liberating all of you from kala sarpa dosha after the break.

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.

I bless you all.

With this I bless you all let’s all radiate, enriching, causing, living shuddhadvaita shaivam, living and radiating state, space, powers, being of Shri Kailasa of Paramashiva - Paramashivoham. Om Nithyananda Parama Shivoham. The eternal bliss Nithyananda, Be blissful.

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