Assignment: External Chaos Should Not Create Internal Chaos


By our nature, we cannot be shaken by the external happenings around us - the day-to-day irritation, the physical and mental exhaustion of work, maintaining and navigating relationships - whatever it is that causes chaos within us. Swamiji very beautifully explains that we are the source of everything around us and so, the external manifestation can never be more powerful than the one who manifests.

Time and again, we forget this cosmic truth. We forget the power of our inner space. Our inner space should be so clear and so non-turbulent that no external chaos will ever create inner chaos. Reacting to external situations with anger, confusion, or depression are all signs of internal chaos. They directly rise from too many thoughts chasing after each other, throwing their own tantrums without rhyme or reason.

Engaging with these thoughts or giving in to these tantrums will never bring peace. The goal of internal chaos is never to bring you peace or fulfilment, it is simply to distract you from experiencing who you really are. The only way to discover your real, pure, unshaken inner space and free it from the internal clutter is completion. Completing with these chaotic thoughts will give you an experiential understanding of this cosmic truth: no external circumstance can cause any turbulence, chaos, confusion, anger or depression in you.

This is not just a feel-good idea or a motivational quote. It is a reality that we have witnessed over and over again in how His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam conducts himself. Over the last decade, he has been on the receiving end of countless external attacks: slander across media, online bullying, illegal attacks on his properties, misrepresentation, character assassination, attempts to hurt him physically, and more. Not once has he reacted out of confusion, or fear, or anger.

Over the course of history, celebrities and public figures who have faced slander have understandably broken down. They have had to take extensive treatment to be able to carry on with their work. Swamiji, however, has not only remained unfazed in the face of the worst attacks anyone faces in the modern day; he continues to expand every moment. He continues to enrich the world, only giving everyone endless compassion, healing, and love. He leaves no disciple unattended, and works round the clock to keep contributing to the world.

Swamiji has given all of us the gift of a powerful inner space, which remains untouched by any external circumstances. Today, we have the opportunity to free this space from the delusions of internal chaos.


For the next week, identify all the thoughts that cause internal chaos, conflict, turbulence, depression, and confusion. It could be as simple as “I have to work but I don’t want to wake up.” See how that thought causes internal conflict, resentment towards your work, feeling overwhelmed by the urge to sleep, and finally guilt at having given in to the impulse. Throughout the day, remain aware of these thoughts and write them down.

Next, complete with these thoughts using His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam’s completion technique (get the link here). Free your inner space from these delusional ideas.

Sit with the powerful cognition that you are pure consciousness, and that you are responsible for everything around you. Whenever your body, or your mind, or both, try to take over you and establish supremacy over you (by making you believe that you are a slave to your physical, physiological, mental, or hormonal ups and downs), do not engage with these thoughts. Don't fight them, don't try to suppress them, don't even try to prove that they are wrong. Simply don't engage. They may say "hey, answer this one question before you meditate." Simply don't engage. Don't follow them, don't drown yourself in them, don't fight or try and defeat them. They are simply not capable of taking over you because your true nature is Paramashiva - the source of the cosmos.

Now, for the next few days, observe how you are able to react to external happenings. Are you able to see how your inner space is more powerful than anything that happens outside? Or are external situations still causing internal chaos? Are you able to identify the useless thought currents that take away your spontaneity? Record your day-to-day experiences over the next week and share.

When you complete with the thoughts that cause internal chaos, you will be able to react to any external situation the right way. You will be able to identify the useless thoughts and disengage with them, while keeping your inner space clear and stable.

Record the changes in you after a week. 1. What did you discover about yourself through this exercise? 2. Were you successful in applying the completion technique? what is the result of this exercise in your inner space and in external interactions (with people, things, events)? 3. Has this increased the level of self-awareness? 4. Will you continue this technique on a regular basis?

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Please write to the above mailbox with your doubts, questions and/ or concerns.


Be Blissful,

Ma Nithyanandamayi Swami

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