Augmented Reality

Anger and hurt enginered anger.

Anger at the injustice of Life

Justified Anger

Anger l, when I feel injustice done to me ..

destructive anger -that I want to destroy everything for having being unjust -

to proove thats so destructive that I wouldn’t care what I broke as long as I could exorcise the pain

Long walks , intense workouts always helped me - as a temporary fix

i would feel suffocated and smothered whenever life serves me Injustice on a Big Platter.

I thought it’s normal and rightRoy’s

Its my right to feel anger at the injustice meted out to me

One day in satsangh, Swamiji taught anger and suffering at the injustices we perceive as experienced is powerful violence -my ground shifted

I never associated anger at injustice as violence

From wanting to be a “ Good Human Being “ i had become and Angry Human Being - angry at the injustice I suffered

But Justice and Injustice is perceptional, a perceptional reality

Any reality will not give us powerlessness

Anger +Unfairness +Injustice=Augmented Reality that life is unfair and I have a right to be “Angry “ at it and reflect it on everyone around me

I abhor Violence even in vocabulary , but I was carrying anger as it was my best friend who would protect me -

what an irony !

As I moniter my every thought and action : I am Ever grateful to my Guru for opening This road of self discovery for me

A road less travelled

A road of Self discovery

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