Na guroradhikam | na guroradhikam | na guroradhikam |

Na guroradhikam | na guroradhikam | na guroradhikam |

There is none greater than the Guru! There is none greater than the Guru! 

There is none greater than the Guru!

This verse extolling The Guru is repeated in Guru Geetha.

Early morning fog,the greenish hue of the forest trees weaving with the yellowish rays of the sun, that manges to playfullly slip in through the fog and the age old forest trees vivdly danced in nature. Striding powerfully, ramrod straight, a young indian sadhu walked through the forest, and as he walked out of my eye line the yellow-greenish colors lingered around gracefully

Nithyananda resonated in my head and my brain- and I woke up to the thud of the newspaper being delivered early morning

Thus began my search for “young Nithyananda” in early 2008. 

“Google is showing me Bhagwan NIthyananda of Gnaeshpuri, but the person in my dream was young and tall which is not how this Bhagwan NIthyananda looks.” i complained to my sister who was one other end of the world in Pheonix-U.S.

” And further, this Bhagwan NIthyananda is not even alive. I wish people would give clear informations in my dream, now i am having to search for him and i dont even know who he is , because i could not even see his face! God has to find a way to communicate things clearly to me.” My voice pitched higher as a an Indian wedding procession was passing right outside my window in Chennai.

What is the USP of A Guru I wondered as i read and re- read and digeestd the romance of a Guru& His Disciple through  Autobiography of a Yogi and Jnanaeshwar’s Jnaneshwariwhich ignited my curiousty about A guru and life around him. Life around A Guru captivated my imagination and my seeking for My Guru intesnified

2019 In life’s daily battles, we loose the persepctive of the larger goal of life, the higher ocnsiousness which is in each of us  gets netsled away in one corner of your inner heart, and evenetually burried deep inside our complex thought currents and powerful incompletions and it is only an Avatar, A Guru who can realign and remind you of your higher purpose of Human life by example. I have understood what are the higher values ,and the highest value i have learnt from #My Guru is Thyaga: there is no english word equalant to this. Thyaga is not just a word, its an expereince.Humility & comapassion are redefined by The Avatar, My Guru.The result at each step of relationship for a disciple, is an ever new and higher perspective a broader vision, a greater awareness, a deeper and higher consciousness and ultimately Oneness 

Living around My Guru is live, real time action of changes in our perceived realities and our Ultimate purpose of life

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