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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

The vast mountain looked at me and I gazed back, scrutinising every detail about it. Its vast

space strewn with green trees and un-groomed shrubs, its virgin paths curving their way

from the bottom of the mountain to its peak – unglorified, stable, unencumbered about

their existence – simply existing as a by-product of creation and evolution.

Why have I taken birth as a human; living, breathing, working, running, enjoying, and

experiencing this world’s relationship with the soul in all its complexities and joys?

I was lost in Anamalai’s wildlife sanctuary, staring at nature in all its glory, and questioning

my existence, the very purpose of my soul’s journey when my introspection was rudely

interrupted by the assistant director’s call. My shot was ready to be filmed.

I stumbled out of this stupor, resigned to the fact that I would never find the answers to

these questions. I put aside the soul-searching that was constantly making itself heard and

re-joined my co-stars in the Tamil movie Adharmam.

Shooting at various locations always comes with its set of pros and cons. The Anamalai

Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu triggered my inquisitiveness and constantly questioned me

about existence itself. Not only did I have no answers, I didn’t know of anyone who could

help me find these answers.

This long, painful journey of yearning for the truth finally reached its fruition when I reached

the feet of my Guru, His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam. Over fifteen years

of quest, of my soul ripping itself apart in its seeking, had finally found its solace on the 6th of

February, 2009.

At the time, the concept of Guru was not at all familiar to me. I was ignorant of the

importance of a guru in a soul’s journey.

This ignorance cost me more than twenty years of separation from my own being and

understanding the real nature the self.

Undermining the importance of a Guru in the soul’s journey is the missing link between

humans and the divine.


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