Binary Feminine Face in Modern Day India

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Sexual intimidation and assault is a frightening way to terrorise and assert power over others.

The increasing number of reported rapes and sexual abuse does not reflect reality.

The reality : every other child in India is abused at one time or another, in one way or the

other; this is a reality that most of us would be averse to even believing. Unfortunately, this

is common across all genders. One of my friends, a well-known gay rights activist, very casually

told me he was violated when he was eight years old, by his ‘mama’ – his mother’s brother.

This silenced me. I never knew that male children get violated too.

As a child, while walking or riding the bus to school, I have experienced moments of extreme shame as a girl. As a woman and an actress, I have walked around with a glass shield, hoping to save myself from the more excruciating moments. A major influencer of such realities is in the movies. Men eve-tease and objectify heroines, who represents the feminine gender, through lyrics or words or actions. Such men are glorified as the heros. Stockholm Syndrome-like, the women in the movie fall in love with the very man who eve-teases them and prances around them with his groupies. This sets the premise for social acceptability of eve-teasing and shaming the feminine gender in its totality. Instead of being a pioneer and steering the evolutionary gender equality world-over, India has become the 'rape capital'.

India objectifies women, Bharata Varsha respects and reveres women. It was in Bharata

Varsha where women were worshiped, and women were powerfully stable. The superimposing

of Bharata Varsha over India is the herculean cross that Indian woman have to bear.

The #MeToo movement voices the ugly, unvoiced words of a working woman. This victory is a unique, temporary welcome relief! However, we need to look beyond this temporary pain relief and envision an everlasting andsafe society where the next generation of children will not have to be traumatized and have their innocence lost.

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