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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

About ten years ago, in my pre-monastic life:

The morning sun was bright and crisp; like the sun, my mind too was sharp and ready to be

at work. I was excited to be working with a senior colleague who was well-known to be a

perfectionist and very easy to work with. While I was to talking to him, trying to learn from

him, another colleague unexpectedly came up  to me and said “I have been working

non-stop for six months. I have not taken a single vacation in six months!”

I blinked at him, in my mind wondering, “vacation? For what?”

Aloud, I told him, a little confused, “Nice to be deluged with so much work.”

I wasn’t sure if he wanted me to celebrate his busy schedule or empathise with his work schedule. But me being me, I just gave him my view of life.

I have never seen or heard my pre-monastic parents or grandparents talk about vacations, although they worked almost 24/7 taking care of all of us.

A few years later, under much duress from my pre-monastic younger sister, she and I

went to Egypt for a couple of weeks cruising along the Nile. Egypt, and especially the River

Nile was something I always wanted to visit due to the Nile’s rich culture and Egypt’s great

past. This was the only vacation I took.

Till date, I don’t understand why there is a need for a vacation. Nowadays, people plan and

thirst for vacations without understanding that it is only an escape from the mental stress.

Vacations are only a temporary solution for the stress and conflicts inside and outside of us.

Completing with our inner space, which is creating the conflicts, is the only permanent solution.

My idea of mental stress and vacations underwent a dynamic shift when I started practising

the science of completion as taught to me by me Guru His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda

Paramashivam. Life itself is a vacation!


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