Root cognition, reflected pattern and their impact on our lives

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

The impact of your childhood, has an effect on us till the day we die.

Every failure you face in your life, every sickness, is due to the negative cognition in your life which each one of us have absorbed, consciously or subconsciously from our childhood.

Relieving and Completion is the only way to start a new life.

Your past can be re-written or be made irrelevant if you cognise that your future is what you can create and not a default continuation of your past.

For example: something as small as fear of ghost, dogs, chickens and fear of relating to people or phobia is a psychological response to something which is triggered from your childhood as a negative cognition of life.

Fear based response in your system towards anything is self torture, we know we have to live with it and die with it. But, now we have a breakthrough for all fears with the Science of Completion.

Only reliving and completing this irrational fear will give us a powerful space which is free from fear.

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