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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

God Exists is undeniable. All religions teach us about God in Variants

Some say we are “son of God”

Some Say, we are ” shadow of God”

Only Hinduism says, that we are God, and show the path to that

Human cynicism is such that the moment we hear we are Gods, we start questioning,

Why Am I born here?

If I am God, why can I live like God instead of living like Humans, and going through sufferings, conflicts

In Hinduism, there is no concept of angry God, or vengeful God or Sorrowful God

There is God, who is a principle, a principle of each man’s highest consciousness

The pinnacle of the triangular love between Jeeva, Jagat and Parmathma, is realised when Jeeva realises and experiences the love of Parmarthma.

Every Jeeva, (Individual soul) can experience the love of Parmarthma as Parmarthma (Superconsciousness) Loves Jeeva (individual soul) and Jagat (World) unconditionally and without any expectations.


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