How Consiousness Can Help You Improve your mental health

Rosina Schwimmer, Hungarian -born feminist and female suffragist and a pacifist had procalimed, (1877-1948)

“ I have no sense of Nationalism, only a Cosmic Consciousness of belonging to the Human Family.”

Courtesy: Wikipedia What does consciousness mean ?

Is it something we need to evolve from inside us ?

Is it something already inside us that we just need to identify? How do we recognize consciousness?

What is Consiousness?
“Your consciousness is powerful enough to manifest what ever you want from life. ” What is consiousness? I was still exploring on its existence and its operational system { for lack of better vocubulary at this moment} I came across a 4 year old article in Forbes online {Mode science has made great progress in its modern exploration of consiousnes since then- still i had a doubt after reading the below sentences :} Courtesy: Forbes "The standard materialist position is that consciousness is tied up with the brain. There is plenty of evidence that the brain influences consciousness (and vice versa!), ranging from studies of brain damage to the well-known effects of mind-altering chemicals”. Could it be possible that our brain influence our conscious, I pondered over this and flipped it through my thinking grooves- well Science did seem to be commonsensical-

Rene Descartes, { 18th century’s celebrated matementician and scientific philosopher} did say “ I think, therefore I am,” and I was among the many influenced by this statement. This was beforei met Swamiji- now as Swami’sdisciple and initiated monks, all my confusion and self assumed understandings need not stay afloat in my egoistic grease.

I asked Swamiji, "Does our brain influence the consciousness? Are we born with it.  What is the equation between our brain and our consciousness "

Swamiji, “ Consiousness is like a seed inside us. How we wish to grow it is our decision. Our very brain can be altered by our consciousness. Infact food can alter our brain and how we think. If we eat only vegetarian food an grown our brain with only vegetarian food: even when a person is extremely violent and murderous, he will at the maximum go and harm the ants and get irritated with ants—he will not grow the muscle power and strategy to be violent to kill other humans.

Power of Will - Sankalpa = Consciousness

Shastra pramana Rig Veda Aitareya Upanishad 1st Adhyaya 5th khanda (கண்டம்) 2nd mantra यदेतत् हृदयं मनश्चैतत्। संज्ञानमाज्ञानं विज्ञानं प्रज्ञानं मेधा दृष्टिर्धृतिर्मतिर्मनीषा जूतिः स्मृतिः संकल्पः क्रतुरसुः कामो वश इति। सर्वाण्येवैतानि प्रज्ञानस्य नामधेयानि भवन्ति।।1.5.2।। yadetat hṛdayaṃ manaścaitat. saṃjñānamājñānaṃ vijñānaṃ prajñānaṃ medhā dṛṣṭirdhṛtirmatirmanīṣā jūtiḥ smṛtiḥ saṃkalpaḥ kraturasuḥ kāmo vaśa iti. sarvāṇyevaitāni prajñānasya nāmadheyāni bhavanti..1.5.2.. Translation ।।1.5.2।।. It is this heart (intellect) and this mind that were stated earlier. It is sentience, rulership, worldly  knowledge, presence of mind, retentiveness, sense-perception, fortitude, thinking, genius, mental suffering, memory, ascertainment, resolution-Power of will, life-activities, hankering, passion, and such others. All these verily are the names of Consciousness

How do I know the real me? Who is the real me?

How do I find the real me( the self ) buried by layers and layers of identities I have adapted from the society?

Am I just a daughter, a friend, a monk, a disciple—i am all these and much more.

As I continue on my path of identifyng my consciousness , my pure consciousness, 

The interanaylysing exercise in the below attachment took me a step closer to discovering the real me- 

Take the first steps towards exploring your reality, discovering the core truth of yourself.

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Atmatattva is the core principle

Core truth

Core reality of any living being 

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