How can I live a pain-free life

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

When someone dies, or when we fail, pain shafts winds itself around us, which time can never heal completely. The feeling of being lost, lonely, wafts around us and carries us through this life which makes us sad, angry, frustrated and many times hopeless. Human memories are Manya  un-predicatable, seeing someone else’s pain, our own pains snowballs deep in to our memories and leaves us feeling angry, bitter, betrayed and sometimes all alone to battle our depressions frustrations, rage, the feeling of depth-lessnessm where our very being feels that it is being swayed in midst of a furious ocean, battling uncontrollable winds, raging waves, furious showers of rain. This battle of emotions leave us drained and helpless and most of the times, we retreat in to that corner of our minds, and the society where we don’t have to face this raging battle of emotions. While we are busy with this battle, we forget that quintessential nature of Man-that nature and space which is not just our right, but our very true nature. Human beings have long strived to reach that frontier of human kind where the world and the space inside and outside of man free of all conflicts and pain.

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