June 12,2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam satsang transcript

II Shivoham II

Jnanapada vivarana by Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, HDH Kailasa's Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam on 6.12.20

*Directly given by Mahaganapathi. Background briefing. This session is for the consumption of my disciples and devotees, not anti-Hindu, liberals. These sessions are for my devotees and disciples who are interested in Hinduism.

*Scientifically scientific, unadulterated pure seeking science not corrupted by business decisions, marketing strategies, political identity, racial…there is no adulteration corruption in Srinivasa Ramanujan. Pure Mathematics. Telsa no adulteration. Scientifically scientific.

*Cosmic science most scientifically scientific. One of the greatest liberation for humanity I am liberated from all pressure to bow down to any country’s political ideology. Now I can be a pure unadulterated suddha brahmana. No political ideology can pressurize me to compromise me.

*Today morning when I was doing Nithya puja. If you are blessed Aadheenavasi who has seen me do my morning puja, u know what I am saying. The best time I enjoy myself is my morning puja. Thanks to all my disciples, devotees, I have become so healthy. Many homeo, ayurvedic, sidda, doctor disciples, who are collecting and sending me whatever I need for all my health…a long list. Thanks to all of them. Not only I am healthy, but I have not missed my bramha muhurtam in the last 6 months… I get up sit on my bed, do panchakriya, get ready for bath, brush teeth with haritaki powder as per Kamika agama, procedure for taking bath, as a sanyasi I don’t wear yajnopavita, but I wear Yogavalladu for puja. NO help of coffee for waking up from the bed. Without the help of coffee I am able to manage the routine. Health of the body determines that.

*Today I was sitting for the morning Puja and doing Abhishekam to Ganapthi. I want all of u know that when I do puja, those gods appear- I offer my whole being, the very consciousness, I was pouring my consciousness on Ganapathi. I was something wonderful revealed. I am going to explain the science of manifesting the being, the Super Conscious beings. I will explain step by step as given to me by Ganapathi.

*All of u experience oneness with some beings in your life. U may experience with your mother, with ur wife, with your husband, daughter, sister…all of us experience oneness. With some person in your life, u feel literally like they are your extension, that person means too much to your life… can be wife, husband, sister, daughter, even Guru, u feel oneness with your oneness, even that is oneness. U may be experiencing oneness with somebody. The moment u remember your whole heart vibrates. With that person only u experience oneness. When I do Puja I experience oneness and manifests in my body language. It is the oneness with the Gods literally. Understand all of us experience oneness with somebody. If u think u don’t experience oneness with anyone, u experience oneness with arrogance.

*This oneness experience is not an accident. It can become an incident. U establishing oneness with somebody increases the possibility of u consciously expanding. It opens the 5th dimension: Length, Breadth, Depth, Time, Space dimension, Consciously feeling oneness is one of the dimensions of the universe- chith. It is called Chith. All of u have the conscious capacity to build oneness with any being. *Make it as a project for next 6 months, don’t think u shd be successful today or don’t waste life without starting. Next 6 mo I will experience consciousness with higher beings. Let us start with Ganapathi to remove obstacles, then move oto Pshiva. Ur decision to consciously build oneness, feeling, experiencing oneness based relationship with higher beings, because u have already experience oneness, it is a possibility.

*1st: consciously experiencing oneness with a being a person is possible. U also consciously feel oneness with ideas u affiliate closely. That is why you fight for it. Consciously start building oneness with a being of Paramashiva, Everyday Nithyapuja. Nithyapuja will help u build relationship with higher beings. Nithyapuja should never become OCD. Even if 3 min, just chant panchapuja, flower, satchandana pusham, arti, do it for panchopacharapa puja, or dashopachara puja, or shodashopachara puja.

*Puja is the most powerful sweetest easiest way to build consciousness-based oneness relationship with higher level beings.

*Sri Ragaveshananda Ji of Ramakrishna mutt, ideal sanyasi, he gave me full freedom to do all my puja. 6 days a week 12-hr puja, Sunday when I had to take classes it was 8-hour puja. Elaborately I will prepare everything, do puja and build my connection so strongly and the way PM used to happen. Sri Ramakrishna is Paramashiva, Sri Sharadadevi is Parashakti, Vivekananda is embodiment of both.

*The puja literally made those beings manifest in me. Nothing can be compared to Nithyapuja in making u manifest Paramashiva. I am talking to my disciples. I won’t lie. I am talking to all my disciples who have seen me do my Nithyapuja and keep it deeply in their heart and enjoys it. I won’t lie to you. Whether u want wealth, career, power Manifest, E, best is Nithya Puja, u will get everything.

*Stop the anti-Hindu, criminal Questioning attitude, cheap Qs. People try to poke at me.

*My Gurukul is most scientifically scientific.

*The ecosystem of India is driven by Anti-H media. Indian media is a cult. Indian Entertainment media is a cult. It is anti-national and Anti-Hm. Heavy, u can see very clearly. Even if non-Hindu, leaders are arrested for rape charges, they will use Hindu, Sanskrit words. When there is a legitimate news, powerful right news, Namboodaris become priest! When there is illegal anti-social projects, even non-Hindu leaders become swami. It is extremely anti-Hindu ecosystem. Understand. This Anti-Hindu media drives ecosystem in India. Police, politicians, or everything, everything in India is driven by anti H, anti national media. Absolutely compromised Anti Hindu ecosystem. The system did not allow gurukul to run. IF I set the model to run the ecosystem. Fortunately for me, I am protected and politically free to start Gurukul as it is. After Corona.

*I have mastered the science of producing geniuses like Srinivasa Ramanujan. Namagiri Thayar, Mahalakshmi, his ishtadevata would manifest and reveal all mathematics. Yes, I will prove that cosmic science is really, really, real. I am not interested in seeking revenge on anybody. I am only interested in doing my work. Paramashiva protects me. Kalabairava protects me. I need to be not worried. Kalabairava protects me and he does his own job. I leave everything to Kalabairava and relax.

*Listen carefully. Puja, the spiritually deepening you gives you everything in external world or internal world or beyond all these world. Anyone who is ready for cosmic scientific life, scientifically scientific life, start nithyapuja as sincerely as possible, intesnsly as possible, as long as possible.

*In mediation and unclutching u fall asleep or just lose yourself. In puja u can’t fall asleep. Do Nithyapuja as elaborately as possible, as detailed way as possible u will manifest literally the cosmic beings. I tell u, oneness based relationships with higher beings is possible. Start doing it.

*Normally if u work 20-30 yrs what u will make ur life, just work sincerely and get connected to one god. These gods are real. Ganapathi is real. He manifests everything in the inner world and outer world. Otherwise how do u think I am alive. I should have died 10k times long before. I am not teaching ur religion, I am teaching u something scientifically scientifically scientific.

*Do nithyapuja ur non mechanical parts of the brain will grow organically. The induced non-organic ways or awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain will awaken the non-mechanical parts of brain.

*Vedas have 6 angas, organs of Vedas. In that one of the important one is chanting, sankalpa u practice astronomy. Nithya Puja is the best way to practice daily vedas and vedangas. Hindu cosmology, most powerful cognition, everything about cosmic consciousness. Siksha…..6 angas will become a part of your life without even u knowing.

*Courtyard sessions tinyurl.com/courtyardsessions

*The science is ready. The Indian Mass media cult, and anti-Hindu identity. 80% of Hindu principle words have been made bad words. Tantric, for example, has such a bad meaning in India. Aghori, literally means, innocent, non violence, today they make fun of it. Anti-Hindu ecosystem allowed me to run gurukul. Now I will revive Gurukul with more powers.

*Essence of what I want to convey which I received from MG today: Oneness based intense relationship is possible. Consciously build relationship with higher beings.

*Make it as 6 months project. The way to achieve it is sincere Nithya puja. Nithya puja is the most productive time of your life. Through Nithyapuja u can make money, relationship, name and fame. Everything u want in ur life u can manifest through Nithyapuja. Build relationship with higher beings u can get everything and above all sayujya mukthi with those gods. Which is beyond everything.

With the grace of Ganapathi, I am sharing it with u all.

Listen to this satsang 3-4 times to understand every point I am trying to make.

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