Pilgrims Progress: Me, My mind & Myself

My mind and me are oxymoronic

They both are always, at odds. An rather strange phenomena which I have been monitoring : The oddity of me and my mind.

Some days., my minds says I can conquer the world, beat the unbeatable, cross all oceans, and hills and achieve the unachievable- beat the odds just by the whisper of my decison.

Other days, my minds convinces me that I am an utter dismal failure, and the worst human on this planet

On other days, my mental pendulum, beats fast, and increases the pace of

“ Everyone hates me.”

“ Who am I ? Why am I Living?”

“ I am not my parents child, but adopted.

“ I am an extraterrestrial being, whom my adopted parents picked me up on the street.”

Some times, 
“ I hate everyone.”

“ I hate my father, I hate my mother, I hate FOOD!”

“ I am UGLY.”

When the pendulum of mind beats irrationally, and tugs you and warps you with the delusions of fear, and you are unable to dechipher, truth& chicanery , joy and love, I choose to sit back and log on to


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