Piligrims progress || Me , my mind & myself

Mind is an independant commodity of myself.

I can see my mind thinking

I can see my mind making choices

I can see my mind tricking me by showing the colorful array of joy, bliss, sorrow, grief, jealousy, greed, goodness, anger, violence, sweetness, hell and heaven.

Who is the see-er who is able to see the mind walk, talk, jump, capitulate , and swim ?

If the mind is independent of the “I” , then What is the I- the I that is able see and act and live

Who is the deciding “I” who makes these choices and decisions

Who am I sounds cliched , but I am yet to find an answer to this famously infamous question

What is the I , that is outside of the mind that is able to see the mind think ? See the mind decide ?

Who is the I that has the ability to change the way the mind thinks ?

Am I the Mind or Not the mind ?

Make me muse if I am at that stage as Ogden Nash deftly penned ,

Do you think my mind is maturing late, or simply rotted early?

Swamiji’s teachings, “ You are Not the Mind,” is the lamp of hope for me and myself

Which brings me back to



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