Redefining - Real Realtionship

Sweetest relations of life are the best part of our life

The relationship that makes u smile

The relationship that gives u hope

The relationship that makes u live life kings size

That Ultimate relationship of all

Is the relation- ship of a Guru

Why Guru ,Who Guru

Are indescribable, undefinable

Every man’s journey thru the unchartered walk of life with His Guru is Unique.

As voracious reader, books shaped my world and me

Some books , we remember the authors names, in some the story line..

Autobiography of a Yogi, triggered an unknown thrust in me:

Why is Sri Yogananda so in love in with his Guru?

The work of child saint of India, Sant Jnaneshwar: Jnanaeshwari seared through my being, my heart, my every bone, and every cell the sweetness of a Guru Disciple relationship:

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