Sanyas || The Incredible Journey of Life

I did not picture myself on becoming a sanyasi.

It does sound so hackneyed when I use this to describe my decison to become a sanyasi.

Every U turn moment in my life , was rather unexpected decisons propelled by what life mirrored to me.

In early 90’s When I become an actor , my life’s statement was,

“ I had never thought of becoming an actor..but I am an actor now.”


I am an initiated Hindu monk

I believed I was a progressive person.

Sanyas taught me, I was warped in my hypocritical selfish meaning of progressiveness

I believed I was a feminist 

Sanyas taught me , I wasn’t a feminist, I was a misandryst 

Sanyas is peeling layers and layers of selfishness 

Sanyas is which tells you “feeling hurt” is selfish 

If human beings thrive I challenge, Sanyas is the journey for life

Life is not about the cars, we own, or awards we win,

Its all about the value proposition we have in people’s life.

Its all about the responsibility we have for people in our life.

Responsibilism without an iota of selfishness: Is the journey of a Sanyasi 

Like the waves that tirelessly caresses the shores,

I will try again and again and again to be selfless Sanyasi.

With Swamiji as A role model for this highest of Humane principles, I will not fail In this epic rebirth.

In the below vidoe, I share the best principles of Sanyas as I learnt from My Guru, His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Nithyananda Parmashivam

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