Silent Meditation: The Consciousness Diet

If you want to be a stronger person,

More integrated to your commitment of life, no matter what you have taken up More resilience, will persistence,

If you want to develop better business acumen, Better relationships.

Heal your inner pains, the sadness, the anger, frustration, failure, anything in the this session and experience the shift.

Sincerity to your well being, sincerity to be your best self, sincerity to learning new things, sincerity to be open to life so it brings health, well-being to you is only required.  

Set aside an undisturbed hour and sit with the video and follow along.  Download the handbook at

Sit through the entire session.

The shakti or power of this process is extraordinary.  Drop a line to me if you have any questions or need clarifications.

Click to watch:

Do send me your feedback. Let the Grace and Blessings of my Guru HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam be with you, Ma Nithyanandamayi Swami

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