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WHY HINDU FEMINISM? A revival of divine feminine consciousness

“Simply by existing as feminine, Stri, she can create what she wants. This is the essence of Vedic feminism” - His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

What really is woman empowerment? Is it equal pay? The same number of opportunities as men? The ability to conduct our personal lives just like men do, with no societal judgement?

Once these are achieved, will we feel like our work here is done?

Hindu feminism is an opportunity for everyone to discover their gender, outside of societal projections. It is about empowering women with the super consciousness of enlightenment, reminding them that just by their existence, they can move the universe. It is a reminder that chastity is not about the body, but about unwavering integrity. It is about ferociously burning every ounce of guilt and violation, since they don’t belong in an enlightened body. It is a call to everyone, male or female, to realize that chastity, softness and grace are powers.

This edition of the Journal of Hindu Feminism contains some of the pre-work you have to complete before you begin your mentorship program. During the program, daily homework will be posted on the Facebook page and groups. You can also check our official website for updates. Start following them today!


Haritaki, or Kadukkai Powder, is the wonder fruit from Ayurveda. If humanity knew of its benefits and took it regularly, half the modern-day diseases would not even exist!

The number of times you feel oneness with your goal and align to it can be drastically increased. The oxygen level in your blood can shoot up by 300%. The secret is this - just one teaspoon of Haritaki every night. If the pittha is balanced in your body, the number of times you remain integrated to your goal will exponentially increase.

Every night, before you go to sleep, take one teaspoon of haritaki. It has to be the last thing you take before you go to sleep. It will purify your blood cells, detoxify your system, and accelerate the thought current of ‘Paramashivoham: I am Paramashiva’ as a reality in you.


At your core, you are Mahadeva. Nothing else matters.


Shiva Sutra, Sutra 3.18 - a translation: Experiencing that this objective world is the product of subjective consciousness, he/she can create and manifest any object or matter or occurrence that he thinks or desires in this Universe, within time and space. Our thought currents and thought patterns are only a part of us. They are not who we really are. Any powerlessness you feel, any mood swing, any feeling of hopelessness or even hopefulness is simply temporary. At our core, we are Paramashiva, the source of the universe.

Whether we know it or not, accept it or not, like it or not, we have created everything around us.

This is good news! The manifested can never be more powerful than the one who manifests. Whatever is outside of you has no power to influence you. Even if you feel strongly that you are in a bind that you cannot escape, know that the bind has been manifested by you. Your liberation is in your hands. You are Paramashiva, the purest form of super-conscious energy.


Dokka Sitamma was a poor widow in a village in Andhra. She was initially married to a rich man but when her husband died, she was cheated out of her wealth until she had the bare minimum. Everyone had an opinion about her - she was seen as an omen of evil, and was asked to stay confined to her house. To Sitamma, however, her life's purpose was to feed the hungry so that they never had to beg. While the world around her abused, cursed, and mocked her, she unfailingly cooked for any poor or hungry person every day. She had nothing but compassion to offer all day, and nothing else to live for but her integrity to save the hungry.

News of her work reached the ears of King Edward VII, who invited her for a celebration of her anniversary along with a few other guests from India. She declined the invitation, explaining that she wasn’t working for the sake of publicity. In her place, the king used an enlarged photograph at the occasion. After decades of service, Dokka Sitamma decided that the time had come for her to leave the body. She found a bullock cart and left for Varanasi, the ultimate resting place of the divine.

On the way, she and her driver stopped for rest at a village. Next door, she heard the cries of a hungry family. They decided to travel to Sitamma’s house and ask for a meal, unaware that she was just a few feet away from them, waiting to rest forever in Samadhi.

Dokamma decided that she would still serve the last hungry family that came to her, even if it meant going back to her village and putting off her desire for a little longer. By the time the family reached her, she was already ready with a hot meal. She was frail, old, and physically battered from the bullock cart ride. She prepared this final meal with ingredients that she had to beg from others. Dokka Sitamma was an incarnation of Annapoorna herself - the goddess of food. Today, we are sharing her story to remind ourselves of the power of integrity. Regardless of an invitation from royalty or abuse from the people around her, she stayed integrated to the purpose of her life. Not once did she allow an ounce of guilt or powerlessness or arrogance interferes with the nature of her work. Even when she had nothing to offer, she made sure that she was enriching.

Dokka Sitamma stood as a reminder that real feminine power lies in chastity to your life's purpose. She was a symbol of the ultimate cosmic truth - that life is for others. The purpose of life itself is experiencing dimensions of higher consciousness, and when you choose this path, you are showered with the superconscious powers to manifest whatever you want.

MENTORSHIP PRE-WORK (for Hindu Feminism mentorship program participants)

Reinforce the powerful cognitions you received from watching the previous video. The best way to internalize something you learned is by enriching others with it. Share this truth with at least five people around you. This is a true test of your ability to convey what you have learned, and willingness to enrich people in the area that they need.

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