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WHY HINDU FEMINISM? A revival of divine feminine consciousness

"The whole world is mesmerized by your powerfulness And you not by the whole world Is real Hindu Feminism" - His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

For as long as we can remember, gender has been the cause of much confusion and pain - whether it is "men shouldn’t cry" or labelling girls who like sports as "tomboys" or accepting violence against women as “boys will be boys.” Across the world, gender discrimination exists on a spectrum ranging from subtle discrimination to overt brutality. It could be watching your brother eat a full meal and go to bed while you get less food and do the dishes. It could be at the workplace, trying to negotiate family leaves without destroying your career. It could be outright, brutal violence against women or the deeply rooted belief that same-sex relationships are unnatural and deserve “punishment.”  

It is time to heal these wounds. It is time to break free from the clutches of gender imposed by society and destroy every ounce of guilt at its very root. It is time to create a life of power, a life where everything we dream of will just manifest as a gift from the cosmos. 

Modern-day feminism reminds us of the historic injustices done to us as women. It shows us the violation and abuse we are put through every day. But are there solutions beyond telling us the many ways in which the patriarchy constantly holds us all to unfair standards? And when women are finally able to conduct their lives just like men and without consequences, will it bring us the ultimate fulfillment? 

These ideas of social equality are only surface-level solutions which will ultimately create a deep divide between men and women. There is nothing to be gained from constantly reinforcing old prejudices; it will only keep women rooted in the anger and injustices of the past.  

Hindu feminism, as taught by sacred Vedic texts and delivered to us by His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, is about empowering women with the superconsciousness of enlightenment. It is about reminding them that just by their existence, they can move the universe. It is a reminder that chastity is not about the body, but about unwavering integrity. It is about ferociously burning every ounce of the violation since it doesn't belong in an enlightened body. It is a call to realize that chastity, softness, and grace are powers. And when we stop feeling the powerlessness of the past, we will be empowered to live as enlightened beings, Jeevan muktis.     

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Mother - your first-ever love story. Your first experience of life. The only person to truly give you the comfort you need - be it in the form of food, shelter, or just pure love. Whether she was kind, strict, unstable, or not present in your life, she shaped the way you relate to the world today. Even if she was absent, she is the only driving factor in all that you do today. Here is a profound truth: you are what you nurture. Whatever you create with your own energy, or whatever your mother, is who you are. You can choose to nurture violence and anger, or you can choose to nurture consciousness. Everything you experience comes from mother energy. Only feminine consciousness can give you liberation. When the pure mother energy is added to you, you give birth to yourself. You become a cosmic mother. Experience and express the divine feminine consciousness in you, regardless of the gender you identify with.   Watch this video for more:

Lifestyle Tip – Detoxify your eyes!  NETRA SHUDDHI: Ayurvedic Eye Wash Kriya to Cleanse, Detox and Heal the Eyes

Throughout the day, your eyes accumulate so much. They are fully exposed to dust, heat, and toxins, and washing your face does not fully remove them. Over time, this build-up leads to poor eyesight, cataract, and other problems – which is why it is fundamentally important to fully cleanse your eyes inside out. 

This is a very simple technique that only takes two minutes. Fill a small, clean, non-plastic cup with fresh and non-fluoridated water. Hold the cup to one eye, tilt your head forward, and clamp the cup around your eye. Now, tilt your head back, open your eyes, and look in all directions. Allow the water to cleanse every part of the eye for 30 seconds to one minute. 

Now, refill the cup with fresh water and repeat this technique for the other eye.

Netra Shuddhi is a simple technique with powerful benefits. Do it first thing in the morning and you will see that it wakes you up instantly and removes all puffiness and itchiness right away. It also removes excess heat from the body, since the majority of body heat is stored in the eyes. It has also been said in our scriptures that this technique helps relax an anxious mind. 

Take a few extra seconds in the morning and you will be powerfully rejuvenated the rest of your day!  


Go on chanting the Mahavakya – Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham – until your other false identities wither away. Go on chanting until you have only one identity: I am Paramashiva.

The physical body you operate with is like the hardware. The inner space which runs your life is like the software. If you carry the idea “I am this body” in your inner space, that is the software with which you will function. You will be a human – you have hunger, sleep, and sexual needs. The physicality of the idea “I am human” will manifest in you. 

The great thing about software is that you can upgrade it. If you decide to upgrade your inner space, you may face some incompletions as a result of past conditioning. That is the virus that needs to be cleaned out. Once you clean your inner space, insert the cognition “I am Paramashiva.” Your hardware will start functioning accordingly. You will manifest the realities of this software. 

Manifesting powers like body scanning and blindfold reading is nothing but an upgradation of your inner space. Your software is now “I am Paramashiva” and your hardware is manifesting this as a reality.  

Chant the Mahavakya and manifest the reality – you are Paramashiva. Swamiji is continuously available in his most intense form to anyone who chants the Mahavakya. Chant day and night; let your muscles become the Mahavakya. Let your breathing become the Mahavakya. Write the Mahavakya, chant it continuously through the day, make it a part of your space. Allow it to reverberate in you until the delusions you formed about yourself leave your system. 

At any time, Paramashiva is available through the Mahavakya. You don’t have to wait for an emergency to connect to him. Even in your day to day life, he is available for you. All you have to do is chant “Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham” with all your intensity.


Jijabai was the mother of Shivaji, the legendary Maratha king, and warrior who stood strong against the invading Mughal Empire.  She was born in 1594 in the town of Sindhkhed in Maharashtra. Very early on in life, she was married to Shahaji Bhosale – a spirited warrior and diplomat who also served the Nizam Shah.   The couple was happily married but there was bitter enmity within the family. Eventually, Jijabai was forced to choose between her father and her husband. Her father eventually left the kingdom and joined hands with the Mughals to seek revenge against her husband. Jijabai remained with her husband.  She was disappointed; she yearned for the freedom to live in a kingdom founded by the Marathas themselves. She prayed for a son who would eventually become an independent ruler of the Maratha clan.    Eventually, she was blessed with a son, Shivaji. She was determined to raise him to become an independent ruler of the Maratha clan. Jijabai was an embodiment of virtue and self-respect. Famous for her foresight, she was a great warrior and administrator. She passed these qualities to Shivaji and nurtured him to develop a humane and soft quality which manifested as a great love for his country, great respect for all, and a quest for freedom for Maharashtra.    Jijabai’s prayers were answered when she witnessed the coronation of her son, Shivaji, as the leader of the legendary Marathas. Shivaji owes his greatness to his mother and even today, the region of Raigarh is revered with statues of Jijabai with Shivaji, to mark the maternal force that gave rise to one of history’s greatest icons.  Jijabai was a living example of the cosmic truth: “you are what you nurture as your own creation.” She transmitted her traits of courage, a sense of duty and responsibility, and resilience to her son. By inspiring him with the right ideas, he rose to prominence and saved his kingdom from the invading forces. 


Define "mother" - You are mother of your child - You are mother of anything you create - Who is "Guru" - Your biological mother - You spiritual mother

You are what you nurture. Whatever you create with your own energy, or whatever your mother, is who you are. So who are you? What are the ideas you are nurturing? Write down 5 thoughts you are nurturing about you.

Write down at least 5 ideas that you no longer want in your system.  Consciously decide to drop them.  Chant Mahavaakya for 15 minutes to cleanse the inner space. 

Do the Unclutch process, follow the guided instructions: Record your experience in your personal journal after the meditation.  This is for your personal monitoring and self-evaluation only.  

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