Heart, Be still: We have A solution

Death of A woman: is not just an individual’s loss or a family’s loss.

A daughter , a wife , a mother ,a friend and much more to people who loved her and whom she loved -

A woman is A mother, a friend, a sister, daughter, :

Essentially , someone who loves unconditionally, emotionally.

Someone who gives birth to a new future -

the future of hope future new generation

A future which we all dream of, aspire for -live towards.

A future filled with non violence

A non violent mother , sister, daughter , can simply weave the magical world of love peace and bliss -a world where violence , bullying , harrasment, rape is not even in the vocabulary

An Utopia

A Kailasa Anger, Greed, hate have dominated and over ruled our basic humanity and made us delusional to— The Mother , A daughter , A wife : A living , breathing , feeling , human being


In Hinduism , all sacred texts revere , worship and celebrate feminism & the principles of feminism:

Sri indrakshi stotram Is a mantra on Devi to remove different kinds of fevers and diseases and for healing. It is very popular in the kashmiri shaiva sampradaya and whole of south Indian smartha and shaiva sampradaya.

What is the missing link of humaneness from The ancient Vedic civilization to now ?

Punshing the perpetrators does not seem to stem nor solve the violence against the feminine gender. Gender violence starts with eve teasing , bullying , body shaming, trolling and gossip. Without healing the raging, uncontrollable inner violence that is fermenting inside humans and boiling over, as uncontrollable violence- any other measures is cutting our nose to treat a common cold

This technique of completion, revealed by Swamiji , my Guru -HDH Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Parmashiva from the ancient Hindu scriptures restore our inner space to non violence

Non violence in Our inner space is taking responsibility for the Violence around us

Non Violence is not just in action or speech but should be our very response and reactive systems

I have shared below a YouTube link here , the one technique that has helped me regain my essential , my equipoise


Always ingratitude to Swamiji every sliver , every fragment of humanness that He reclibrates me towards every time

Swamiji is live everyday



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