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Introduction to Real Feminism

FREE  webinar will be delivered by Ma Nithyananda Mayi Swami. She will help you heal your past scars and create your desired future.

May 18, 2019 | 07:00 PM IST, 09:30 AM EST, 1:30 PM GMT


May 19, 2019 | 07:00 AM IST | 01:30 AM GMT

Modern-day feminism reminds us of the historic injustices done to us as women. It shows us the violation and abuse we are put through every day. But are there solutions beyond telling us the many ways in which the patriarchy constantly holds women to different standards? And when we are successfully able to conduct our lives just like men and without consequences, will it bring us the ultimate fulfillment? 

These ideas of societal equality are only surface-level solutions which will ultimately create a deep divide between men and women. There is nothing to be gained from constantly reinforcing old prejudices; it will only keep women rooted in the anger and injustices of the past.

Hindu feminism, as taught by sacred Vedic texts and delivered to us by His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, is about empowering women with the super consciousness of enlightenment. It is about reminding them that just by their existence, they can move the universe. It is a reminder that chastity is not  about the body, but about unwavering integrity. It is about ferociously burning every ounce of guilt and violation, since they don't belong in an enlightened body. It is a call to realise that chastity, softness and grace are powers. And when we stop feeling the anger and violation of the past, we will be empowered to live as enlightened beings, Jeevan muktis.


About Webinar

This FREE webinar will be delivered by Ma Nithyananda Mayi Swami, an initiated sanyas of the Nithyananda sampradaya and the embodiment of chastity, integrity and devotion. Having stood unwaveringly by her life's purpose in the face of some of the worst sexist abuse, she will help you heal the scars of your past and create the future you want.